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I am Kamal. I started journey of sex at an early age. I always converted opportunity into real fucking action. Be it my mother, sister or any outside girl I remain successful at very first chance as far as sex is concerned. In other field I was not lucky. At age of 25 I got married to a ordinary looking girl of an ordinary family. But she was sexy and virgin. She cooperated with me without any hesitation. She sucked me and even let me fuck her in gaand and at various public places e.g. open football ground, river bank, train, on open terrace etc… In due course she completed B.Ed and took a job of teacher in a girl’s school. I tried to induce her to have sex with strangers or with my friends but she remain faithful to me. Whereas I could not stop chasing for cunts. After marriage my taste changed and I found that I like dark not so beautiful girls and ladies and maids more. Beside after seeing students of my wife I developed a strong liking for unmarried & younger girls. But I had to wait for exactly 10 years to have sex with students of my wife.

I was then 35 yrs and we had a new maid Kapila. She was a lean and thin girl and very ordinary. No attraction at all. Her boobs were small compared to her age. She was under 20 though looking of 14-15 only. Only good thing in her was that she had a smiling face. Always smiling. Every day in morning 9-10 girls were coming to take tuition and I used to just watch them from other room. Knowing my nature wife had warned me against coming near to those her tuition girls. Few of those girls were really very good maal. Three months have passed after Kapila started working in our house. My eyes was on Kapila also though she had no sex appeal but she was a maid. On Saturday my wife had morning school and me and kapila used to stay alone for one hour still I could not seduce Kapila. Then one morning while my wife was taking tuition I saw one of the girl changed her sitting postures and she sat in such a condition that her deep thighs and white panty remained visible for me for quite a long time and I masturbated in the room. After masturbating I took towel and inner clothes and entered bathroom to take bath. I saw that Kapila is sweeping floor in adjacent room. Once in bathroom I decided to act now and take a chance. I undressed fully and again thought of that girl showing thighs and panty. My lund became tight like an iron pole. I opened bathroom door and there she was – kapila just opposite me. She looked amazingly at me and with wide opened eyed warned me. She signaled to girls and my wife sitting in adjacent drawing room. She moved her eyes from me to them as if telling me “what u are doing ..they will see.” I let her see my tight lund for a minute and closed bathroom door. I was sure that soon my lund will enter in kapila’s cunt. After bath I came out and dressed up for office. Kapila came with tea and gave and looked smilingly at me and whispered

“what if a girl would have seen you like that,”

I held her hand and asked “ did you like that..?”


And she went out of room. Her gesture assured me that she will not tell the incident to my wife. For next three day Kapila avoided me and nothing happened. Then came Saturday. Normally she used to come at 7.30 just after my wife leave for school . But that day she did not come at usual. I kept waiting, half an hour , one hour I thought that she will not come. I had to leave for office at 10. Then there was a knock. I opened the door and bolted it from inside after she came in. She did not even looked at me. She went to kitchen and for about half an hour she kept herself busy. I made all efforts to catch her eyes but she avoided my gaze. Then she announced that work is over and she is going. I requested her to make tea for me and herself. After 5 minutes she came with tea and started leaving. I immediately got up and stood fully nude blocking the main gate. Thanks God , I had full erection. She covered her face I lifted her in arms and took her to my bed room.

“let me go, otherwise I will tell bhabhi.”

“darling, now you tell to bhabhi or bhaiya I am going to fuck you now.” I pushed her on bed.

She did not try to get up. She kept her face covered. I looked at her. She wore a frock ,old and torn at few places.

I bent on her and pulled her hands away from her face and kissed her deeply.

“Oh kapila, I love you, you are so tasty.” I again I kissed her.

This time her lips moved but she did not respond properly. While kissing I squeezed her boobs. So far I was thinking that she has small breast but her chuchi were fleshy and very tight.

“oh kapila, your maals are very good..”

“leave me , I will tell to bhabhi”

“what you will tell “ I tried to unbutton her frock…

“I will tell’

“what” I again repeated…

“that you have …..? “ she kept quite.

“what I did…”

I kissed and fondled her breast. Now she relaxed but she changed tactics.

“I am getting late so let me go..”

“in that case let us do fast.”

I pulled her frock out of her body. She had a white bra and panty. Though she kept resisting I pulled them out and we both were nude. I pulled herself over me and crossed my legs over her waist. Her choot was just over my lund. I was kissing her nipples and soon her boobs and nipple tightened. With my hands I caressed her small hips and even pushed my finger in her ass hole and cunt from back. She shivered.

“why you want me.. You must be doing this with bhabhi every night.”

“ yes, I fuck her in front and back every night and even she sucks my lund in day time also but I love you and I want you to take my lund in your choot.” She pushed hand between our pelvis and squeezed lund.

“it is big and thick, it will pain me.”

“no ,nothing will happen , I will do it slowly . Moreover, you must have taken many lund inside.”

“I have never touched a lund before though I have seen few lunds when my sister and mother got fucked even I watch bhaiya (her brother) fucking girls in the house. I don’t know how he manages so many girls . I saw him fucking few girls from bhabhi’s school also.”

“had he fucked any of the girls coming to my house “

“no , I have not seen any one of them getting fucked.”

“you know any of those girls” I parted her legs and lund knocked at entrance of cunt.

“I know three of them Purvi, Rupa and Sonam . I earlier worked in their house and now my mother goes there.”

I kissed her and said “Kapila I will give any thing you say but can you any one of them to me. I want to fuck them . I never fucked any of such girl.”

“first complete what you are doing now.” She wanted to be fucked.

I pushed her down and positioned myself between her thighs. I squeezed cunt and played with clit. She moaned and lifted her hips. I ran finger on cunt petals and finger fucked her for few minutes. I bend down and sucked clit and chewed cunt petals . She was making loud hissing sound. She moved her fingers in my hair and pushed my head on cunt. I pushed tongue inside cunt and encircle it..

“I cant tolerate now..”

I positioned lund on cunt and gave push. About 2 inch of lund went in smoothly and then I experienced some resistance. She was virgin. I kissed her and held her waist firmly.

“Kapila, now it will pain a little but thereafter you will enjoy.”

“I know, push your lund hard and fast”

I gave a mild thrust. Lund did not move.


I again pushed harder and hymen broke.

“ohhh….. O.. Ma…”

I kept applying pressure and lund slipped in fully. I remain still on her body. I kissed her and massaged breast. After few minutes I observed that her hands are caressing my hair and back. She had relaxed. I started fucking her first slowly and then faster and harder.

“you want to fuck those young girls…”

“yes, kapila..”

“ What about me.. U will not fuck me.”

“dear, You are so tasty . I will keep you fucking regularly even when my wife is around..”

Ok , next Saturday be ready to fuck one of those girls. First I will bring Sonam, She is real maal and I think she also wants a good chudai.”

We continued fucking . Then she said that her elder sister talks about me often and that she likes me very much. She said that some time she will send her to my house and I can fuck her also. This virgin girl was enjoying her first fuck and she wanted to keep me happy . We fucked for quite a long time.

“Kapila, since it is your first fuck I am filling your bur with my juice. Take precaution that you don’t get pregnant.”

“my dear , I knew today you will fuck me so I already had the contraceptive before coming here.

I crushed her and we climaxed together.

She wanted to go home but I held her back and before leaving for office I had her second time and this she also cooperated fully and enjoyed. She was refusing but I gave her one thousand and she went home happily.

For next one week while my wife taught students I fondled and kissed maid and three time during the week I fucked her in doggy style though she was afraid that my wife or some girls should not see her in that condition. I made a point to recognized all three girls whom maid has mentioned and three or four time I succeeded in attracting there gaze and I smiled at them .

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In night my intensity of sex with wife increased and I started talking vulgar about those girls. First she objected but when she saw that I am not stopping she also started calling those girls kutia and randee. I wanted to fuck them all and I waited for Saturday.

Immediately after my wife left for school Kapila entered house along with a girl. It was the same girl whose thighs and panty I saw and had masturbated. Kapila said that out of those three girls two are on period and third one is having fever. She introduced girl to me and that her name was Pallavi. She was around five feet tall , very fare, round face shoulder cut hair and thickly set thighs and good size of breast visible from white blouse. .I already had ice cream and some eatables in fridge. I told kapila to finish her work. I took Palavi’s hand and made her sit beside me on sofa. I had a lungi and banyan. She was quite. I gave her ice cream which first she refused and took She started sucking ice cream cone . I made her comfortable by chatting about her family, her friends and school.

In half an hour she became comfortable and started talking freely.

“your papa loves you much, Pallavi.!”


“he even kisses you very often.”

“yes, whenever, he comes back from office in night he kisses me. But..”

“but what..” I put my hand on her back and began caressing.

“normally, he kisses my cheeks but when mummy is not around he kisses my lips..”

“you like it when he kisses you on lips.” My hand was moving over her bra strap on her back.

“I like it and some time I ask him to kiss me again and again… I feel a unique sensation which remains till I go to sleep.”

“that’s nice, can you show me how he kisses you.” I continued moving my fingers on her bra strap and with some difficulty I unhooked bra over her blouse itself.

She looked in my eyes and kept quite. We looked in each other eyes for sometime then I moved my hand across her back and pulled her to me. I pushed my hand between her arms and body and my finger touched side of her breast.

“let me show you, how your father kisses you. Correct me if I am wrong.”

With free hand I held her chin and kissed her deeply.

“was is like that.”

“something like that.”

I pulled her further and she fell on my chest. My palm was on her breast. I again kissed her . This time I squeezed her lips. I felt sensation in her body. Her hand moved on my chest.

She was first to speak “ this was much more like that and I have the same sensation.”

“lets try once more” I took her breast fully in my hand and squeezed it twice .I kissed her again .We chewed each others lips and I pushed my lips inside her mouth. While kissing I kept on pressing her breast. After some time she pushed my head away. We parted but I let my hand cupped her one breast. She was breathing heavily.

“it was much better than papa’s kiss. I liked it very much. “

“ok so let me kiss you again.’

This time we kissed for much longer period and while kissing I unbuttoned her blouse and cupped her breast over bra.

“uncle some one may come and see us like this..”

“don’t worry dear , no one will come…”

I looked at her breast . She had white bra but as hook got opened bra cups have fallen down and boobs were almost bare.

“Dear you have a lovely breast let me love it.” I pulled her bra and blouse away . She really has a 34” size very well shaped round breast.

I cupped and licked the nipples. Her fingers were playing with my hair.

After enjoying her breast for first time I asked whether any one else has fondled it before.

“few persons have fondled it before but over the clothes. When I move in bus or trains despite my all precautions many people put hand on it and squeezes it.

“ yours maal is such a lovely , it is difficult to control.”

I was eager to fuck her fast so I straight way came to point. I took one of her and placed it on my lund over the lungi. She wanted to pull away her hand but I held it firmly over my tight lund. Finally I found her encircling lund with her fingers. She was topless. I took her in right arm and with left arm I caressed her thighs. I pushed skirt up.

“you know any thing about intercourse.”

…. She kept quite but I felt pressure of her fingers on my lund. I was fondling with one breast and with left hand I pushed skirt further up. Now her white panty has visible.

“Do you know what your father does with your mother in night behind closed door.”

She smiled and giggled.

I again asked “ what happened in fuck?”

This time she replied “ I have seen photo and saw dog doing that with the bitch..”

I made her stand between my thighs facing me. She has a good height. I pulled down skirt and her panty. She tried to cover her cunt but with my thighs I parted her thighs wide and made her hold me by her hands.

I pulled my lungi and remove banyan. I pulled her holding her waist and lund knocked at her cunt . I ran my fingers over her cunt petals and inserted one and then two fingers inside. Hers was the cutest cunt. I wanted to suck it. I lifted her up on sofa and began licking and sucking her choot. I chewed clit and cunt petals. She was moaning and shaking. I held her firmly and rubbed my mouth on her choot . I don’t know when kapila came and took my lund in her mouth. While sucking again I fucked pallavi with my fingers . She was shaking her hips fast. I pushed her down on carpet . I let her one leg fall on ground . I pushed her other leg up and gave a hard push. She cried but kapila started kissing her and I gave three more push. Entire lund went deep in tight cunt. We remained still for few minutes .

“why u stopped, fuck me” pallavi shouted.

I fucked her and fucked till she became still and I filled her choot.

She caressed my back and kissed me. We parted . I asked maid to bring home milk for her. She was ready with milk. We drank and after she went to toilet. I saw lot of blood stains on sofa cover. This was to be cleaned and dried before my wife comes . I told kapila so. She cleaned and put it to dry within five minutes. Again kapila sat between my thighs and took my limp lund in mouth and sucked. I pulled Pallavi on my lap and fondled her mercilessly with this double effect lund began tightening and soon it came to form. Pallavi watched me fucking the maid and after about 7-8 minutes I pulled lund out of kapila’s bur and pushed in Pallavi’s mouth. To my surprise she did not try to push lund out but held it firmly and sucked like kapila. But kapila was still not satisfied and she wanted more. I pull lund out of girl’s mouth and fucked kapila again till we both climaxed. At around 9 Kapila went out leaving girl behind. We had another round and then we had breakfast. We took bath together. I soaped her body. It was a great fun and enjoyment to soap such a silky and smooth skin . I soaped her cunt and ass hole also. While soaping ass hole I decided why not break virginity of back hole also so I applied soap again and again in her gaand till her gaand got loose and opened up. I pulled her to my bed and turned her on belly. Without making any delay I pushed my lund in her gaand. It went smoothly . It was slippery with soap. I don’t remember when I last fucked my wife or any other girl in gaand but that day I fucked that girl in gaand with full enjoyment. I held her breast from behind and kept stroking till I discharged in gaand . After some time when I pulled lund out she turned and took my lund in her mouth and cleaned it by sucking it thoroughly. Then we slept for some time. When we got up it was one and my wife was to come in another half an hour.

“pallavi, darling you have made very happy tell me what you want.”

“uncle, in fact you gave me a new pleasure and I must thank you. “ She kissed my lund.

“you are my first man and given me full satisfaction. I feel totally empty inside. I want to have your feel every day. Tell me how it is possible. “

I felt nice that a young girl around twenty years younger to me complimenting my fuck.

I kissed and fondle her. “ it is easy dear. You tell your teacher that you have some problem in math and she will send you to me.”

I wanted to give her some money but she said she will take it when she need. She left after kissing my lund.

I looked around to see that everything is ok. And when my wife came back we had lunch and then fuck before we slept.

When we got up she fired a question,” why you did not go for your work?”

I smilingly told her “I fucked whole day One of your kutia student.”.

“My dear, they are so afraid of me that in dream also they will not think of getting my husband’s lund in their choot. You might have fucked Kapila and I don’t mind…”

She was half right half wrong.

I took her in arms made her nude and pushed lund inside her bur. “Darling this is why I came early “.

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