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Hi Friends,

This is Vishal again with erotic story for you. I like your passion to fuck priya. I am sure you get much erection reading about her. I am even unable to control seeing this bitch doing all nasty things.

Anyway this is a cute as husband of mid 30 with nasty brain & real hardcore dick. My wife priya is my only wife of 26, 5’2” with all asset a man can die for. Sometimes she looks like a whore, sometimes like a innocent doll. Overall she looks gorgeous. Her well shaped, big voluptuous ass well developed legs with round shape thighs are her center of attention. Apart from that her huge boobs also steal the glance of people. Her pinkish skin, small waist & slightly fatty abs are the additional flavor to her body. Her face is like goddess. Big eyes, pointed nose & slight thick lips add some porn looks to her. More of it she is intelligent, caring & an easygoing girl. She loves challenges. Anyway these are all her qualities I die for. Today I am going to narrate one story about her one encounter occurred very recently. That was 10.30 in the evening. I was coming back from Mumbai. I asked her to come to airport. Because of traffic jam I was late by two hours. After landing I called her immediately. Priya are you there? I asked. Yes. Where are you? She asked.

I am still at Mumbai airport & my flight is four hour delay. Have you come to Airport? I asked again. Yes .It is showing one flight from Mumbai has landed. She was bit upset. I have not come by that one. It will be taking off in few minutes. I told her. Oh god I have been waiting since a hour. Come fast or I will kick you. This is the reply I got. What are you wearing? I asked. Nothing .She shouted. I laughed. Then you won’t be bore. I said laughingly. There was crowd near the exit point. I came out fast & didn’t find priya there. I came to a side in the dark & looked for her. Finally I saw her, standing in the distance with her cell phone in the ear. She was wearing a red white stripe sleeveless top & a red tight fit skirt which is few inch up from her knees. That skirt has the buttons in the front up to its full length. Generally priya keeps two buttons open from bottom. I get aroused seeing her thighs while she walks. She made a knot in her hair. She was looking sexy. I feel crazy seeing her standing alone in the dark, leaning over our car. She had to organize her skirt frequently because of wind it is getting open.

So is there anyone to take care of you or give you some company. I asked over phone. Yes two three-taxi drivers are having me with their eyes. She replied. I saw two men were passing very close to her looking at her thoroughly. One even brushed her boobs with his chest, so close he was. They went few steps ahead. Among them one sat on the bonnet of his tourist car & looking at her flesh. Other man stood near him & was doing same. Priya was looking at them frequently. Hey why are you silent? What are they doing? I asked. Till now they did nothing but they are planning to do something. She said. I will miss this lovely scene. I laughed. Vishal, I will kill you. She cried. I lighten a cigarette then & tried to hide myself as much as possible. They are not good guys .She said. Really? Why? I am sure they will be vigorous to you. I said. No doubt. They will tear me into pieces. She claimed. Just taste them till I come. That was my response. Ok priya, I am boarding now. Call you after reaching there. I said & cut the phone. Priya looked at them again & she holds her skirt between her thighs as it was getting spread because of strong wind. The guys were passing comments. She didn’t say just looked at them. After few minutes one guy again went close to her & said something. Priya also talked to him. I couldn’t hear it because of distance. He was talking to her continuously.

Priya was replying occasionally. Now he too leaned over our car as priya did. He spread his one hand over priya’s back & kept it on the car. I know the top priya was wearing is much deep on her back. If he wants, can easily touch her bare shoulder & back. He leaned on her & was saying something. Priya went a step far from him. He called other guy to join them. He came. That guy too introduced himself as it seemed to me they greeted themselves. Priya’s skirt was disturbing her much as it was getting wide open from her front & flesh of her milky thighs was seen. One guy dared to catch her two sides together & pushed it between her thighs. Priya pressed it hard. Other guy holds her shoulder & pulled her to him. Then priya said something with arrogance as her facial expression changed. Soon priya left the place & came near to arrival gate. One more guy was upset along with those two poor boys & that was me. Priya came near to arrival & departure board & was reading those. She looked back at them. Those guys were still standing there. Priya looked at them frequently. They too were waiting hungrily for her. I slowly walked towards the place where our car & those two guys were there. No body noticed me. As I did have only small bag so no body even bother to ask me where I am going. They thought I might have come to receive some one. Although I was tired because of hectic schedule of the day still got erection seeing my beloved sexy wife alone in the airport. I saw a lovely airhostess who displayed herself well during fly. Her effect too was there in my mind till then. I was getting angry on priya, don’t know why but I was in good mood my dick was responding well to see her getting naked. Actually those guys were tourist car drivers as their car was there near our car.

I became restless & couldn’t understand why this fucking bitch was avoiding these dicks. I was standing there in the dark under a tree. One of those guys went near to arrival point & stood near priya. Priya saw him. He tried to say something. Priya went to a distance where crowd was less. He followed her. He said to her something again. Priya listened to him then saw her wrist watch. She told him something. That guy came back to their car. After few minutes priya too came back to our car & stood leaning on it. Now she was seeing her wrist watch frequently. Priya’s skirt was getting up & her thighs could be seen between the gap of her skirt again. She did not bother about it just looking at them & arrival gate occasionally. Priya was wearing a red high heel. When her skirt was getting up. Her thighs looked wonderful in white halogen light though they were far from light still she was clear from the distance we were standing. Her skirt wrapped her hips tightly. Her top was hanging from her neck with two straps leaving her cleavage open. Those two guy came to the opposite door of their car where no body could trace them. Actually that place would be around hundred meter from the airport building. One of the guy opened the back door & called priya. That was around 11.15 pm & airport was getting empty slowly. Priya again looked at her watch & murmured something. She didn’t come.

One guy was very impatient to get her in the car. He went to her & hugged her from her back, wrapping his hands over her boobs. Priya pushed his dick with her butt. He too grinded once on her ass. He kissed her ear. Priya released herself from him & said something. He came back to his place & was waiting.

Hey madam idhar aaiye kholke dikha deta hoon. Pasand naa aaye toh chali jana. Aaogi ke udhar jake dikhaoo. Other guy shouted. Priya couldn’t resist herself anymore. For the final time she looked at the arrival gate followed by watch. Then she walked towards them. She too came to this side of the car. Bhitar chaliye .He ordered. Nehi jo bolna hai yahan boliye. Priya replied. Priya’s skirt again got up & left her thighs open. He immediately grabbed her one thigh & started kissing her chicks & chin. With other hand he holds her ass & pulled her. Priya kept her hands on his chest & pushed him. By that time other guy who was standing beside, hold her chin, pressed over her gum .Her mouth got open. He licked her mouth, kiss her hard. Priya pushed him too. Saali mithi hai. He passed comments while wiping her lips with his tongue. He brushed her boobs with his finger. Bra nehi peheni hai. He shouted.

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Nahi main aapki gaari mein nahi jaungi. She cried. Other guy came close to her .He slide his hand between the gap of her skirt & pulled her skirt up to her pelvis. He rubbed her pussy mount. Ouch Priya moaned in pain her skirt was tight enough. She spread her legs unknowingly. He rubbed her cunt faster. Priya felt something unusual between her thighs & started moaning slowly. While doing so he leaned on her mouth & kissed her passionately. He sucked her mouth well. Priya too responded. He took her panty down in one strong pull. He continued fingering her naked pussy. Priya’s moan was increasing slowly. She started enjoying his finger inside her cunt. He slides his one finger inside her cunt. Priya moaned again aaah. He was giving her firm stroke while sucking her mouth. Other guy started rubbing her ass on the road. They choose the place where no body could trace them if not with proper intention. The other guy was playing with her ass keeping her skirt up. Priya kissed both of them one by one & rubbed their dick. One of them tried to push her inside their car. She didn’t enter. She released herself from both & went again to that place where she was standing.

She shouted, my hubby could come at any time. That was enough for now. Please leave me. It was impossible to stop then . One guy went close to him stood in front of her & started threatening her. Priya didn’t say anything, opened the front door of our car & sat inside. She immediately locked it from inside. She was sitting there. These two guys were trying hard to get the door open. They didn’t want any sin too. Priya looked at them & smiled. Bhitar baithke haas rahihai. Ek baar bahar aa dikahte hai tujhe. Those two guys got real frustration. Priya slide herself to the driving seat & drove to around 50 meter far towards the cargo section where tracing them is next to impossible. They too sat inside their car & followed them. She stopped the car & unlocked the door. They too stopped behind our car. I moved to the place slowly & hide in the dark. One guy noticed that.

He immediately opened the door & priya brought her one leg out, spreading it wide. That guy sat outside spread her thighs before his mouth. He started licking her cunt. Priya got sensation immediately. She rested her head on steering wheel. He eats her cunt firmly. Other guy was standing & pressing her boobs, keeping his hand inside the car. His pant zip was in front of her eyes. She unzipped him immediately & took out his dick. She licked the tip of it with her finger & pushed the skin to the base. He felt pain & gave her hard pump on her breast. Priya pulled his dick close & started licking it with her tongue. The other guy too was giving her good suck. He was completely engaged between her thighs. Priya started jerking her hips. Priya too started giving him a good blowjob. Taking his full length inside her mouth. He was pressing her head over his dick & was saying yes yes keep it inside like that. Priya kept it fully inside for around three minutes. His dick must reach to her throat. She started panting .he unknot her strap on her shoulder. Her tops fall on her lap. Now both were squeezing her boobs. His dick was enough erect in her mouth. Priya came out & asked him to sit on the driver seat. He did so. Then priya slide herself between steer wheel & sat on his lap facing the steer. He spread his hand wide & pulled her skirt up. Now airport was almost vacant. Some cars were there in parking space. That’s all. Hardly few people were there. He pulled her skirt up to her waist. Her big bare ass was tightly pressed on his dick. Priya lifted her hips lending on steer wheel. He slides his dick inside her cunt. It went inside in one shot.

He then grabbed her waist & priya started jumping. Priya was riding him. I was satisfied again. Priya was moaning high aaah aaah. He was kissing her back, hands, neck & running his lip everywhere on her back. He grabbed her both boobs firmly then & pressing with her each stroke. She was getting high & high. She increased her speed of riding. She turned her face back & kissed him. Now her all assets were under his control. Her cunt was filled with his dick, her both boobs were in his grip & her mouth was inside him. Priya wrapped her hand over his shoulder & pulled his head to his mouth. Till then other guy too opened his pant & took out his dick. He was standing there holding it in front of her face. She looked at it & grabbed it. In no time it was growing inside her mouth. The guy who was fucking priya left one boob for him. He started caressing it. Priya was moaning high & high. Priya unlocked the back door & asked him to enter. He went inside keeping his dick open. Priya extended her left hand & stroking his dick. Then priya came out & sat again on the dick of same guy facing him. This time priya leaned on him completely as there was not much space because of steer wheel. They both hugged tightly. She started riding him faster. They were sweating like anything. In no time I saw the man tightly hugged priya rested his head over her boobs & started groaning. Priya understood he was coming .She started kissing his chicks, chin, ear & all over his face. Priya took his tongue inside her mouth & sucked hard. He ejaculated inside her. Priya felt his hot semen inside her cunt hole. He took much time to unload himself. Priya helped him in his every release, squeezing her cunt lips & grinding on him. Finally he looked at priya satisfyingly. Then priya leaned back on the steer wheel. Looking at his eyes she gave her few firm grind & left his dick empty inside her cunt.

Priya came out & opened the back door. She entered immediately. She sat on her four hands & legs in doggy style & started sucking his dick. The first man’s semen was dripping from her cunt lips. She was squeezing her pussy mount with her hand to get his semen out. This man didn’t take much time. He pulled her on his chest & kissed her lips. They kissed for a while. Priya sucked his tongue hard while taking his dick inside her cunt. It went in second inside her lubricated cunt hole. This man’s dick was thick enough. Priya was enjoying riding him. They did fuck very passionately. They kissed each other thoroughly & hugged themselves tightly. I was sure priya want this episode finished as early as possible. She looked straight to his eyes & giving her long stroke. She was lifting her hips only & squeezing her cunt lips when her rest part of the body was fixed on him. Priya too came in that position. She was moaning yes fuck me oh yes ,yes fuck me. His dick was going inside fully in each stroke. He grabbed her ass & pulled wide. Till then other guy got erection again. I saw him coming out of the car & went inside from back door. Priya understood it. He kept one leg on the floor & other on the seat inside priya’s leg. He holds his dick & firmly pushed it inside her ass. He took out both of her skirt & top from her head. Now she was naked, only in her high heel. She didn’t oppose his new action. He pushed a little. It went few inch. Priya stopped shaking her hips to get this other dick inside her ass. He started stroking slowly & priya absorbed it keeping her eyes closed. Now her hair was hanging over her face. After few stroke his dick was completely inside of her ass. Now she was serving two dick in one time. They both increased their speed while sucking her front & back wild. Another 20minutes priya was in heaven. They both fucked her brain out. Priya moaned high & high. The guy who was fucking her cunt came first. He released inside her cunt. The other guy pressed her over him till he released all inside her ass.

Finally that was over. The guy who was on the top, fucking her ass came out & put on his jeans. Priya put on her dress sitting inside the car. I went back to arrival gate by that time. Those guys left her & went inside their car. Priya wiped herself & got dressed. She saw me & smiled. She got out from the car & ran towards me. She hugged me tightly.

Anything happened? I asked. She nodded her face. Who are they? I asked again. Those two guys came out of their car & came towards us. Do you need taxi? One asked. No we do have car. Priya replied. Priya looked back twice to thank them. They followed her till she got into. How were they? She said nothing took out my dick & started sucking. What happened? She asked. Your underwear is wet with your pre cum. She shouted. Nothing .I saw a live sex show. That’s why. You cheater. She started beating me. She sucked me till we reach our home.

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