Akila makes an amazing night

Hello ISS Lovers! Thanks for those wonderful mails and thanks to ISS for its support. This time around, I have attempted to narrate another couples story, believe it, true story again. Hope you will enjoy and comment.

As it happens, monsoon is at its furious best in Bombay this year too. Sitting alone at home, peeping out of the window and watching the ferocious downpour flooding the streets, invariably takes me back a few years ago. It was during one such monsoon that I was blessed to have a sexual encounter with Akila, whom I fondly used to call ‘Akka’ as she was at least 5 years older to me. Akka was happily married to one gentleman who practiced as a Company Secretary in Bombay. She was staying in Dombivli, almost a couple of hours drive from where I am staying and hence we rarely met each other, although both of us were born and brought up in the same village and our families had always enjoyed close relations. However, it so happened that once we had boarded the same train while returning to Bombay from our hometown. In fact, her parents heaved a sigh of relief seeing me in the same train as they thought that their daughter can travel safely. None of us, including me and Akka would have imagined that the journey shall change my relationship with Akka for ever.

Of course, we were traveling in two different compartments although I ensured that I met her at every major station to ensure that she was comfortable. It was well past midnight when the train arrived at Pune Junction where a shocking news was awaiting all the passengers. We were informed that the train was being terminated owing to line flooding between Pune and Bombay due to incessant rains. Being a normal phenomenon during monsoon, we had none to blame and hence all the passengers had to alight to look for alternative arrangements to reach Bombay.

There weren’t many rest rooms available in Pune railway station and I suggested to Akka that we could relax in the waiting room till the next day morning or till any alternative arrangements are made. To my surprise, Akka suggested that we should try to get some accommodation in some nearby hotel and leave Pune the next day immediately after dawn. It wasn’t difficult to find a decent lodge although it was somewhat far from the station. Although there were plenty of single, I nonchalantly booked a double room as I thought Akka wouldn’t prefer staying alone in a single room. I must confess that till the time we reached our room, I had no ulterior motives. However, it was only while I had to wait outside to let Akka change her clothes that I suddenly felt an opportunity unfolding before me, although I was aware of the risk involved if the adventure misfires.

Akka was not gorgeous, but she was nice to look at. She was about 5’4″, slightly on the bulky side, but still looked curvy. Her extra large pair of tits somehow looked as though age is catching up with her. Defying her age, she had firm and round butt. With curly dark hair typical of south Indian women, hanging well up to her waist her glowing eyes always added to her gracious face.

I had to abruptly stop thinking about Akka as she opened the door and let me inside the room. I suddenly realized that Akka, might be feeling embarrassed to be in a double room with me and wanted to make some amends.

“Akka. I hope you won’t mistake me for having booked a double room,” I said apologetically.” I thought you wouldn’t prefer staying alone in a single room in an unfamiliar place.”

Akka turned around, flashed a friendly smile and said, “Not at all. I would have screamed if you had sent me to another room.”

The room had just enough light to let us see around and I must admit that she did look like a sort of an angel. She was wearing a thick dark nightie which went down to her heels and she had loosened up her dense hair which looked like swaying in the breeze of the ceiling fan. The pleasant feeling of watching her was soon punctuated with her query which almost startled me.

“But, was there any other reason for you to go for a double room?” She was smiling as she asked me this question while I had my heart in my mouth.

“Err. What does that mean?” I stumbled for words as she got on to the bed and winked at me.

“ I watched you at the railway station,” She continued with her smile showing no sign of letting up.” Your eyes weren’t the same. We were drenched in the rain before we got into the rickshaw and I knew you were stealthily watching me till we reached the hotel.”

I was dumbfounded and couldn’t think of anything; not even making an attempt to refuse what she had just stated. Akka unmindful of his silence continued speaking in a tone which at best sounded inviting.

“I don’t blame you. In fact, I used to have a sort of a crush on you even while you were a school boy,” Akka didn’t even bat her eyelids once while she spoke. ” I used to wait near the window to see you return from the football practice in your shorts. I have loved to watch your strong thighs and biceps. I am not sure how strong they might be now.”

She began laughing mischievously while I have gathered courage by the time she finished talking. Unbelievable; I am going to get her without much fuss.

“I have still strong thighs,” I said smilingly.” You want to check it out?”

“With pleasure,” She laughed although her face showed signs of blushing. I quietly moved towards the door to latch it and stretched my hands towards the switchboard.

“Hey. Don’t put off the lights,” She smirked. “ I haven’t seen anything as yet.”

My prick had grown unimaginably and I was in no mood to waste any more time. I pulled off my pants and removed my shirt in a flash and jumped onto the bed just a couple of inches away from her. Her hands traveled over my thighs sending a few electric waves in my body. As I closed my eyes feeling the touch of a woman on my skin for the first time, my left cheek felt as if a moist rose flower was pressing against it. As I opened my eyes, I realized that Akka had kissed me while I had closed my eyes. I leaned forward to reciprocate her kiss on either sides and after a momentary hesitation planted my lips on hers gently. My arms went around her for a brief hug and I couldn’t resist bringing my hands to cup her breasts.

“Mmmmm. That’s inexperience,” She laughed again. I felt elated to hold her breasts in my hands as if I had won the world.

“How do you feel like?” She queried winking at me.

“Great,” I replied while my grip got firmer on her globes. She swung her head slightly backwards as my grip on her breasts became tighter. I kissed on the silky skin of her neck and placed my right leg on her left. I wanted to tease her and make her blush as it looked like it was she who was calling the shots till then.

“Am I tingling your pussy while pressing your boobs?” I hissed into her ear.

“Not yet,” She continued laughing.” May be some more dirty talking like that, you could make that happen.”

“So, you like my thighs?” I smiled. ” See what’s happening up in between?”

“I know,” she whispered. “You are having a huge bulge.”

“Yes,” I let her breasts free and hugged her making our bodies press against each other. “ I want my dick to plough your clit.”

“Ok. Young man,” she agreed.” Take off your bonnet.”

My brief was thrown to the corner of the room within seconds. Akka blushed like a teenager as though her entire blood rushed to her face.

“Quite long,” She admired.” My husband has a long one too. But his perception about fucking is primitive. He always climbed on me, squeezed my boobs as though they were made of maize flour, pumped my clit like a mad horse, exploded into me and slept snoring like a sick donkey.”

“So, what do you like?” I asked her while my hands started lifting her nightie upwards. Her thighs weren’t bad either as they shined in the dim light inside the room.

“I do have fantasies, but he is so conventional. I resorted to masturbating.” She laughed uncontrollably.

“So, you play with your clit. Don’t you?” I asked mockingly while my fingers got into her panties and explored her mound.

“Aah, I like that. Rub it! Keep rubbing your akka’s clit,” She closed her eyes and chanted. “Rub it.” All the time, my dick was getting hardened and lengthened while I could feel her body shaking as I continued to tease her pussy.

“I was always afraid that some day I would betray him. That’s exactly what is happening now. My own body is betraying me.” She kissed me on my forehead and took off her nighties in a flash to reveal her wonderful breasts under the captivity of a dark tight bra.

“I know,” I clutched her tits again.” Your heart must be beating very fast. I can feel your nipples getting hard and stressed in your bra.”

“Yes. They are,” she murmured. “If you keep pressing them for long, the strap would burst.”

I buried my face in between her breasts and she let a gentle moan emanate from her lips as my hot breath fell on her cleavage.

“You are an akka who deserves more fucking.” I said with a managed grin. I was cupping her huge breasts and squeezing them together. My hard cock was pressing against her pussy which was getting wetter by every second. She swayed back as I kept squeezing her enormous breasts. Her prediction became true soon as her bra strap soon burst unable to hold her bulging breasts giving me a wonderful view of her naked globes inches before my eyes. I grabbed each one of her nipples and twisted them a bit with my fingers as she started letting out a few gasps.

“Don’t stop.” She pleaded as I kept having a go at her nipples and breasts for a few minutes while my cock was grinding against her clit. I lowered a hand down her belly while the other hand kept teasing her breast. My hand went further down till it reached between her thighs which she opened gleefully. It was now Akka’s turn to grab my throbbing cock as she started stroking after wrapping it around with her hand.

“Akka. Shall I fuck you?” I asked.

She nodded her head in agreement while she kept moaning all the while. Soon, I lead my cock at the slit and started thrusting it inside her wet clit. Akka moaned aloud. I began motioning my hip smoothly while my fingers pinched her nipples and squeezed her tits.

“Ohhh. I don’t believe this. You can make a woman feel so good,” Akka almost screamed.

“Can you feel my cock in your pussy?” I asked while gasping for breath for which she again nodded.

I withdrew my entire cock almost and drove it back harder. I teased her by withdrawing again only to thrust it back even harder. This went on and on while I was gathering the maximum momentum. Akka kept biting her lips to stop screaming while her face was glowing in joy. She had loosened up her waist and was motioning her waist in tune with my thrusts.

“What are you doing?” She started murmuring. “You are driving me crazy.”

Akka was equal to the task pushing hard against me each time while I was feeling something extraordinary as I kept fucking her hard and fast.

Akka was soon reaching the peak as she screamed in joy. I felt as if all my nerves were being pulled up like a bunch of strings as I could feel my explosion getting imminent. Akka’s muscles tightened as my entire cock was rigging inside her pussy as if it was digging a bowl with warm cream.

Akka gripped my waist with enormous power as every stroke of my cock was sending mild shocks through her pussy. Immediately after I realized her orgasm I could feel that I was about to cum imminently. I held her waists harder and pumped her pussy harder and faster till I felt the explosion being triggered. Within seconds, a few thick loads of my cum spilled inside Akka.

Akka’s hands pulled me over her perspiring body as we lay there still for a few minutes. It took us a few minutes to let our breathing settle down to normal after which we kissed each other with passion like real lovers. We smiled at each other while cleaning ourselves in the bath together and returned to the bed holding hands together. It had been a couple of day’s journey and also a frantic fucking in the wee hours of an early morning. We relaxed for a couple of hours before managing to catch a bus to proceed to Bombay. Since then, I meet Akka at least once in a month and you know what I mean by meeting.

‘Thanks to the monsoon’, I keep telling myself every time it rains in Bombay.

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