Alayna Gets Broken into Society

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By LRS 13 yo Alayna’s Father and Uncles show her what it takes to be a woman in society. #incest #gangrape #virgin #unsuspecting

Alayna waited in her room with the instructions that she would be called when it was time. Her hazel eyes were bright and shined even under her glasses. Her mother had taken her to get her hair done the evening before along with her nails. Up until that point she had never been into a salon. She had enjoyed being in the salon along with her mother and several other girls who were being made to look beautiful. Alayna remembered thinking that being out was going to be amazing. After the salon she was taken shopping and allowed to purchase things that she had never even seen before. Shirts that exposed her belly button and dresses that barley covered her just purchased lacey panties. They even stopped at Sephora’s where she was allowed to purchase make-up.
Alayna had watched her cousins who used to be her playmates at one time disappear slowly over the years after their 13th birthday. Smaller girls were not to see nor socialize with woman in society. There were three categories of girls. The little girls, the married women and the girl new to society. The little girls were only exposed to their married mothers, aunts and cousins. The married girls were homely women. They were settled women. No make up, no bellies exposed and certainly no need for a salon. Alayna was only ever able to steal a glance at a cousin who had been in society for a few weeks because the cousin had showed up at their house late one night unexpectedly. Alayna had opened the door to a pained face girl with the top of her breast exposed in a white statin dress. Alayna’s father had order Alayna to her room seconds later when he realized that his daughter was having an forbidden experience.
That memory made Alayna glance down at her own clothes. She was wearing much less than she typically would be wearing. Her belly was exposed, and her pleated skirt just covered her new black underwear. Her lips were painted red and her freshly straightened hair was pulled into a long ponytail that bounced around on the top of her head. Her skin was covered in the new lotions and perfumes she had been given by her mother the day before. She nervously waited for her father to call for her so that he could show her uncles her new look. Alayna imagined that they would be proud of her new look. Alayna did know that a girl who was in society purpose was to tempt a man into marrying her. Her mother had shared that with her yesterday and explained. Alayna’s mother had told Alayna that she had worked hard to become good at tempting men and she wanted the same for Alayna. Alayna’s mother had told Alayna that Alayna’s father and uncles would teach her all she needed to know and to not worry.
“Alayna” …
Alayna’s Fathers voice pulled Alayna from her thoughts. He was calling to her from downstairs.
“Alayna, come down now it is time now.”

Aaron, Alayna’s father had been watching the clock as he and his brother discussed old times and drank Burban. The conversation covered everything from childhood memories to what each of his now married nieces was up to with their husbands and families. Most of his brothers were now grandfathers.

“Yes daddy” …. she
Aaron looked up and could not believe his eye. His little girl stood at the bottom of the stairs looking like an absolute slut. She was gorgeous. Aaron knew that she had taken after her mother and had larger than normal breast for a preteen. Alayna’s 32 DD’s and the way that skirt lifted in the back to accommodate her round ass immediately made his dick hard as fuck. Aaron was proud of his daughter.
Aaron noticed that the room had fallen silent. No doubt the other twelve men in the room was just as “proud”.
Come here baby Aaron was now standing and reached out for his daughter. He could tell she was nervous. Each of his nieces had been nervous as well. Their culture did a good job on concealing how a woman are to come out to society.
“Yes, daddy” Alayna answered as she walked to him. She noticed all twelve of her uncles looked at her but in a much different way than they had ever looked at her before. She thought that it must be the drinks in their glasses. Alayna had never seen this brown drink before that her dad was pouring into a clean glass. She read the label as Aaron pulled her down onto his lap. His arm wrapped around her waist locking her there in a way that reminded Alayna of when she once rode a roller coaster, and the bar held her in so tight. She had sat on her father’s lap many times before, but something felt different. There was something hard under her butt that seemed to be in her father’s pants.
“Daddy, there is something hard that’s under me” Alayna started to say.
Aaron interrupted her with a raised glass. His voice called everyone to his attention.
“Today, my first-born daughter turns 13…she has officially left her childhood behind and have come to us tonight to get her first lessons of being a woman” … “Just as we welcomed her into this world 13 years ago at the hospital it is our responsibility to welcome in to the world of society” … “I have helped you all welcome your daughters and now it is my honor to have you all here tonight to welcome mine”
Aaron kissed the side of Alayna’s face and asked her to stand before her uncles so that they could see her properly.
“Just as your daughter were, my daughter is innocent…She sat on my lap and felt the “pride” I have for her in my pants and thought she had sat on something strange.”
Aaron paused and the men erupted into laughter. Alayna looked around trying to figure out what the joke was scared she had done something wrong.
“Alayna, come here.”
Omar, Aaron oldest brother motioned for Alayna to come to him. Still trying to figure out what the joke was and if she had done something wrong she was hesitant which abruptly started her first lesson. Her uncle grabbed her and forcibly pulled Alayna to him.
“In society when a man calls for you, you go to him.”
Alayna was shocked and even more confused.
I wanted to show you how proud I was of you. Uncle Omar took Alayna’s hand and guided to the hardness in his pants. His hand still cupped hers and moved it around in a circle motion.
“As a woman you must appreciate this pride that a man has for you” … “Go to your other uncles and see how proud they are”
Alayna was harshly push away into the direction of the uncle to the left of Omars direction. Alayna stumbled. She was confused still but after feeling the hard object in each uncles’ pants and then her own fathers again she understood that this was a sign that a woman had made a man proud. With that realization she was excited to continue touching each of the men’s hardness she was excited that they were so proud of her. She ran her hand across each man’s crotch until she started to feel changes in her panties. Alayna finally moaned which shocked everyone in the room.
She looked at her father… who now motioned her over to him.
Aaron was now standing and extended the glass he had poured earlier to Alayna.
“Being in a room with this many proud men you are going to need this” …
Alayna smelled the brown liquid, and the scent burned her nose. She nervously put the glass to her mouth and took a sip. It burned her throat.
“Daddy, I don’t like it” …
“I said drink it” Almar responded, he wasn’t yelling but his tone let her know there wasn’t an option.
“We want to see how you have changed over the last 13 years. We want to see what mother nature has given you to use to tempt your way into a man’s heart” …” Finish your drink and remove your clothes Alayna” … “We will then teach you how to use those things to be successful.”
Alayna wanted each man to continue to be proud of her, so she did as her father told her. She almost threw up trying to force the rest of the Burban down and then slowly removed her red crop top and white skirt to reveal the black lacey thongs her mother had purchased her and the matching bra that cradled her 32 DD breast. Her stomach burned as the Burban finally reached the pit of her virgin stomach. Alayna placed her right hand on her flat exposed stomach and Almar finally noticed her fire engine red nails. His cock tightened and push against his zipper of his well-tailored pants. Aaron knew as the father it was his place to show Alayna what exactly it was that she has sat on earlier.
“Get over here” Aaron ordered as he pulled on Alayna’s arm.
The force from his pull made Alayna’s hair swing back and forth in the high ponytail and her glasses slide down her nose and fall to the floor. Her hazel eyes were wide as she stumbled forward into her father’s body.
Aaron looked down at his daughter and her young body and wanting nothing more than to teach her an advance lesson in taking his cock in her firm ass. He imagined ripping those thongs off Alayna and forcing every inch into her asshole. Aaron knew that if he started with such a advance lesson that the men in the room would follow and Alayna may not survive what would be done to her. Instead, He lean down and ordered his daughter to kiss him. Alayna went in closed mouth like she has always done, and Aaron objected.
“No, Alayna…kiss your father like a woman” … “Open your mouth”
Alayna listened and her uncles watched as Aaron kissed her like a woman while cupping her breast. He massaged her breast and pressed against her firmly.
Aaron whispered in to her young mouth “ I want you to feel how proud of you I am again”
Alayna reached down to do exactly what she had done before and to each of her uncles however Aaron forcefully pushed her hands away
“Unzip my pants first” he said just as forcefully.”
Alayna pulled back and turned her head to look at her uncles. She had not realized it but at some point, they had all started to remove their clothes. Alayna looked away. She was now scared and off balance. Her mind was foggy, and she wasn’t sure why. She stumbled back falling onto the couch. Aaron didn’t wait for Alayna to unzip his pants he had done so himself. Aaron stood over Alayna with his cock in his hand. He placed a knee on the couch and lowered his cock near her face.
“Touch my cock, feel how proud I am of you”
Aaron pulled Alayna’s hand towards his waiting cock.
Alayna wanted to pull away. She had never seen a cock before but made the connection that a man’s hard cock equaled him being proud of a woman. Alayna grabbed it and rubbed it. She loved how proud she had made her father. Her father thrust into her grip and grabbed her hand to show her how to stroke his cock. He looked down at his daughter and commanded that she opened her mouth. He needed to fuck his daughter mouth. Teach her how to properly suck at man’s cock. Aaron grabbed a fist full of Alayna’s pony tail.
Alayna wondered if her father was going to kiss her again. She glanced around and saw that her uncles were stroking their own cocks. She was happy that they still appeared to be very proud of her. She must be doing a great job and would be out in society before she knew it. Alayna opened her mouth and screamed as her father forced his cock into her throat. Alayna’s back was now pushed against the back of the couch and Almar thrust hard as he could in to her mouth. He gripped Alayna’s pony tail hard not caring if he ripped it off.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” Aaron yelled as he ignored Alayna’s cries as she fought for air to enter her lungs where her father’s cock was currently resting.

Alayna cried.
“Daddy” she managed to cough out between her father’s thrusts into her mouth “Please” she begged.
Aaron yelled out as he filled his daughter mouth and throat with his warm cum.
Alayna gagged as the warm thick liquid filled her mouth and escaped down the sides of her full lips and landed on top of her breast. Aaron pulled away and like a well-timed clock each of Alayna’s uncles where line up waiting with their rock hard cocks in hand ready to enter Alayna’s young mouth.
The proud father announced that she had the mouth of a slut and that each of them should fully enjoy filling it with their cock. Alayna’s face was red, wet with both tears and cum but that didn’t stop Uncle Omar from slipping his cock into her mouth and down her throat. The line behind him was long and Alayna now understood that each of the men would actively participate in giving her each lesson. She was exhausted from the thought of having all her uncle’s cocks in her mouth.

It seemed like an hour or two had passed… each man’s cum now dripped from the sides of her mouth. Her tears had dried. Her father had removed her black bra while Omar was taking his turn with her face. The men who had already finished fucking her face now took turns sucking her nipples and touching her body. Her father had now made his way down to her panties. A few of her other uncles slipped their cocks into Alayna’s hands for her to stroke as her throat was getting the last shot of cum from her least favorite uncle. He seemed to care the least about her comfort as he didn’t pull out enough for Alayla to get any air into her lungs.
Aaron lifted Alayna’s lacey panties to the side and placed his tongue on her pussy. Alayna wanted to yell out, but her mouth was still full of her uncle’s cock. Her father pulled her at the waist which forced all cocks, tongues, and hands from her body. Aaron wanted to teach his little girl how raw cock felt inside of her pussy.
Aaron ripped the lace panties from Alayna and grabbed her by the waist as she tried to pull away.
“Daddy” Alayna pleaded.
Alayna was upset because she liked her new panties and hated to see them ruined. The Burban had her completely relaxed so her legs just seemed to fall open. Nonetheless, an uncle stood on both sides of her pushing her legs apart so her father could enter her deeply.

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