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By ES This is a story of a woman named Alexis. She is 25 years old, has blonde hair, and she works as a prison guard. She’s also 5’2″ and she likes to go out on the weekends.

This is the story on how one bad day turned her life around.


I woke up to the smell of coffee and when I went downstairs I saw my roommate Cassandra was making breakfast.
“Good morning sleepy head.” She said

“Good morning Cass.” I groaned as I sat at the kitchen table.

Cassandra and I have been friends for a long time and when I heard she was moving to the city I took my chance and invited her to come live with me. “Last night was crazy wasn’t it Alexis?” Said Cassandra as she made herself an omelet.

“Yeah I guess, but I don’t remember much about it.” I said as I took a sip of coffee.

“Oh my god, how much did you have to drink!?” Said Cassandra

“Not much.” I said

“Girl, I think maybe it’s time you broke your one rule. I’m tired of seeing you walk out of your room alone.” Said Cassandra

“I just haven’t met the right guy, Cass.” I said

“I’m not saying you need to get married, I’m just saying you need to go out and get fucked.” She said

“I gotta go get dressed for work Cassandra and you should too.” I said in a playful manner.

I went up to my room and I went to collect my clothes but I realized that my normal work uniform was dirty so I had to find the one that was a little smaller. I also forgot to wash all my other clothes so I didn’t have any bras or panties to wear but I did find one clean pair of panties. I almost cheered because that meant I’d at least have more covering.

I sighed out of relief and gathered my clothes and I went to take a shower. After a few minutes I got out of the shower and went to put my uniform on and I had forgotten just how tight my pants and shirt were. When I finally got my pants on I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and the shirt showed quite a bit of my braless chest. Luckily the pants didn’t look abnormal because I usually wear thongs to work so no one can see the outline of my panties.

I made my way out to my car and on my way to work. When I got to work I punched in and I looked at the schedule.

“Fuck.” I said

As soon as I said it, my coworker Francine, walked up and punched her time card.

“What’s wrong darlin?” Said Francine.

“I’m on kitchen duty today.” I said back to her.

“Well if it makes you feel better, Tom and I are dining room duty. So if anything happens to you, we’ll be in there fast.” She said

“Thanks Francine.” I said

I continued on with my day, morning roll call, breakfast, cat calls from the inmates. Same shit different day. Then finally lunch time when the rest of my shift will be spent watching the inmates as they make food for the rest.

At the prison I work at we have these inmates we call “trustees” and they’re essentially inmates that don’t cause trouble for any of the other guards or inmates.

One of our trustees is named Reggie and he gets along great with the other trustees but sometimes he’s a little wild when cooking.

“Hey miss Alexis, can I tell you something?” Said Reggie

“Yes Reggie.” I said

“You’re my favorite guard to watch us because you let me do some stuff that no other guard does and I appreciate you for that.” He said

“Well thank you Reggie.” I said

After that Reggie and the rest continued on with what they were doing. Then after the last of the inmates were done eating I had to stay with the trustees as they cleaned the kitchen. So it would be ready for the second shift to make dinner.

I went on with the rest of my day and it was getting closer to quitting time. Then my supervisor Todd walked up to me in a rush. When he reached me he said “Hey Alexis, would you mind staying for the second shift tonight? Robbie said he’d be late tonight.”

“Sure thing Todd, I can stay until he gets here.” I said a little disappointed

“Thank you Alexis.”

After Todd left I was doing my rounds and I ran into Reggie, who was going to get some medication for a toothache.

“Hey Reggie, what’s going on?” I said

“Oh nothing much, just going to get some ibuprofen for a toothache.” He said

“Alright, you have fun now.” I said

After a while of doing my rounds it was finally dinner time and still no sign of Robbie, as I stood in the kitchen watching the trustees, making sure nothing bad happened I heard a bag fall off of the counter behind me.

I turned to pick up the bag and as I knelt down, I heard a rip sound and I stood up instantly and I turned my body around to hide the fact that my uniform pants had just ripped. I stood there with my hands covering my butt making sure nobody had seen what just happened.

After a while of standing there dinner was finally over and the trustees were still in the kitchen cleaning. Then Reggie walked behind me to put something up and then I heard Reggie say “Uh miss Alexis, you know you have a split in your pants.”

I squeaked in embarrassment and I tried to cover myself up before Reggie could get a good look at my panties. Then I started getting angry at Reggie.

“Don’t look at it Reggie, you should be working instead of gawking at me!” I snapped

After that Reggie kept his distance until the trustees were done cleaning. It was time for them to head back to their cells but they all stood there just looking at me.

“Well come on guys, what are you doing?” I asked

“Well I got to see your panties a little bit earlier, and I told the boys about it. Now we all want to see them better.” Said Reggie

“You’re crazy, I’m not showing all of you my panties.” I said getting embarrassed

Eric, another trustee, said “if you don’t show us your panties, we’ll beat the shit out of you and strip you completely naked.”

I realized the situation I was in, if these four men wanted to rape me they could, and they could also say I threw myself at them. So picking the lesser evil, I unhooked my duty belt and set it on the counter next to me then I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I pushed my torn pants past my hips and over my thighs. I tried covering my crotch because my panties had ridden up a little giving me a camel toe. As soon as I tried to move my hands to cover myself, I heard Reggie say “don’t you dare cover yourself Alexis. We want to see your cute little camel toe.”

I heard them all murmuring then Kyle, another trustee, said “put your hands on your head.”

I could feel their eyes burning into my crotch as I stood there completely embarrassed. We all stood there for a few minutes when the radio on my belt startled us all. It was Robbie. I heard Robbie say “Alexis, are you alright in there?”

I went to grab my radio and as I reached for it the last trustee, Bert, grabbed my hand and said ” before you answer him, we want to see your ass. So turn around and bend over as much as possible.”

I grabbed my radio and turned around, I answered Robbie as I bent over as much as possible and said “yeah, I’m fine, the trustees are taking a little longer tonight.”

I heard more murmurs from behind me, then I heard Reggie say “okay miss Alexis, you can stand up and put your pants back on. We’re ready to go back now.”

“Good.” I said as I pulled my pants back up and hooked my belt.

I walked them back to their cells and when I put Reggie in his he turned around and said “I know you liked that a little, when you bent over, we could see a little wet spot on your panties.”

I got red with embarrassment and I shut his cell door. I turned to leave when Eric grabbed my arm and said “when you go home tonight, take some naughty pictures of you in your bra and panties and copy them so all of us trustees can have copies and make sure they have color.”

After said that, he reached for my nipple that was sticking out through the fabric of my shirt, and he pinched it a little. I lightly moaned and left their cells. When I made it back to the locker room I hanged into my civilian clothes and clocked out for the day.

When I made it back home I noticed that Cassandra had started a load of my laundry before she went to bed. I walked to the laundry room just in time too. My clothes were done in the dryer so I pulled them out and put them in the basket. I carried them to my room and set them on the floor, then stood there for a few minutes thinking about what Reggie and Eric had said.

Reggie was right, I was getting a little turned on, showing those guys my panties. Then I picked out the sexiest pair of bra and panties I could find and I put them on. Then I proceeded to take pictures of myself in my underwear for a group of inmates. After I was satisfied with the amount, which was only five, I copied them all and made sure they weren’t black and white.

After that I laid down in my bed and began massaging my breasts at the thought of them stroking their cocks to me right now, then I ran my hand down my flat stomach and into my panties. To my surprise, I was really wet and I came almost instantly. After that I fell asleep.

Thank you for reading the first chapter of my new story, let me know what you think.

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By ES #Exhibitionist #Rape #Voyeur