Alison and the Twins Pt. 02

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tagIncest/TabooAlison and the Twins Pt. 02

This story is fiction, though parts are inspired by real events. It contains various sexual acts, including but not limited to lesbian sex, watersports, and incest. This is intended for adults, and if you are offended by such material, please do not read. For back story, read part 1.

Alison woke up the next morning, with both of the twins in bed next to her. They had slept on a pullout couch with a comforter on top, and the heat of the three women kept them toasty warm during the night. Alison was on her side, and in front of her was Becky, completely naked and still asleep. Behind Alison was Kristen, Becky's identical twin, also naked and from what she could tell, sound asleep. Alison lay there thinking about the night she had just had, quickly being introduced to lesbian sex, as well as being brought into their world of incest, and more. She'd spent so many times looking at the twins over the years back when they were in high school, but she never imaged that now she's get to know her best friends on such an intimate level.
Arms were draped over each others bodies, and Alison's hand was around Becky's hips. Legs were touching legs, and the bed smelled sweetly of the three girls. Alison tucked her nose into the back of Becky's head, smelling her hair, and in the process gently waking her up. Becky's body gave a slight stretch, and she turned to meet her friend's beautiful smile and lustful gaze.
"Well, hello there", Becky said softly, leaning in to greet her bed mate with a passionate kiss.
"Mmmmmm ….. and a good morning to you too" she replied back, feeling around Becky's firm, athletic body. Her hand moved around Becky's hips, and then around to her backside, grabbing at Becky's amazing buttocks.
Kristen was awake by this point too, and her own hands were working their magic on Alison's body, starting with her breasts. Kristen's fingers were kneading at her skin, and twisting her nipples. After some teasing, Kristen couldn't wait any longer, and began to kiss her way down Alison's body, licking at her breasts, then stomach, bellybutton, hips, and legs. Becky watched as her twin brought such great pleasure to their mutual friend. As Kristen positioned herself between Alison's smooth, sexy legs, Becky began sucking Alison's standing nipples. Kristen's tongue was finding its way inside of her Alison, licking up and down, flicking her firm little clit, and then sucking on her hood while bringing two fingers into her pussy. She rhythmically stroked the inside of the pussy she was licking, finding the g-spot and sending deep waves of pleasure throughout the college girl's body.
While this was going on, Becky could feel a pair of fingers finding their way into her own burning loins. With just the slightest amount of direction, Alison guided Becky to position herself over her face, and after lowering her hips into the right spot, was quickly getting eaten out by Alison. Becky's hips bucked and grinded into her eager mouth, while watching her twin doing the same thing to their guest. The twins' eye met each other, and the joy from watching and experiencing what was going on was apparent to all. Kristen then moved her mouth even lower, and motioned for her sister to get closer. While she took over licking Alison's pussy, putting them now in a 69 position, Kristen's tongue was wetting Alison's asshole, prodding and lapping at the tight hole.
"ooohhhh, ooooohhhhhhhhh" Alison moaned into one of the twin's mounds, and a hard, gushing orgasm coming on while being orally stimulated by a pair of hot, young twins. She was seeing spots, tensed up, and was breathing heavy while the girls continued to devour her body. After what felt like forever, she came down a little bit and wiggled her way out from under the other girls to get a rest, while they smiled back at her, and then started kissing each other. Alison watched the twins make out, which quickly moved to groping and mutual masturbation.
The identical girls were passionately putting on a show for Alison, who was still amazed as her discovery the previous night of their relationship. She'd always known that the girls were close with each other about everything, but never imagined that they were lovers too! But they knew each other so well, and had apparently matching desires, so it seemed to work well for everyone. Becky was now laying herself down on the bed, while Kristen crawled on top, but they rearranged into a sideways 69 position, each eating out her own sister. In mere moments, they were both cumming in each other's mouths, in matching motions and styles, bringing on a powerful oral orgasm to the wet pussy at each other's their tongues. After much panting and moaning, the two separated, and were laying next to Alison who was sitting cross-legged on the bed by the pillows.
"That was amazing!" Alison said, beaming with joy, and looking at the wet faces of her friends. She bent down to kiss both the girls.
"What shall we do now?"
"Well, I've got to use the bathroom. Anyone want to join me?" Kristen offered, while standing up on the bed, and finding a pair of her panties that were lying on the floor, and pulling them up to cover her landing strip trimmed pubic hair.
Both Alison and Becky stood too, and this signaled to everyone that they would yet again be taking part in another taboo that Alison was introduced to the previous night; watersports. Alison had never considered involving pee in sex, but found herself instantly fascinated with how it added to the intimacy and trust in everyone involved. It was as though this made for all involved to be their most bare and exposed selves.
However, it was odd to her that Kristen would put on panties only to, she assumed, drop them when they were going to get into the shower. Seeing the puzzled look on her face, Becky then chimed in asking Alison, "want to try something a little more dangerous today? Put on your thong, and then join us in the shower."
Alison did as she was told, and Becky too found some underwear, though it seemed both of the twins had picked pieces less revealing than her own pair. When they got to the bathroom, they stayed covered and stepped into the shower and tub, explaining that sometimes it's even more wild if rather than just pissing on each other, they peed into their underwear, as a different type of stimulation. Becky added a warning that is actually harder to do than when fully naked. Alison agreed to try, though as like last time gave some uncertainty that she'd be able to perform, even though she desperately need to pee.
The twins sat down in the bottom of the tub, while Alison stood in the middle, with one twin in front and one in back of her. Now that she was in there, she could feel the pressure on her bladder, and hoped that it would come out quickly, but having the thong on made it harder to go. She closed her eyes, scrunched up her face for a minute, and after much concentration was able to start going. It came out slow at first, but once the first trickle started it was easier. She felt her thin, lacy panties start to soak up the liquid, and after a moment more drips formed on the outside as it began coming through, and a stream was coming down one of Alison's legs.
The twins attacked, spreading her legs, licking at the front and back of Alison's legs, and of course trying to suck her piss through her thong, which was by this time completely soaked through. She strained, trying to force out as much and as quickly as she could, which was still slower than if she was normally relieving herself on a toilet, but the girls were loving it. Kristen was in front, and was able to gather the bulk share of urine spraying down through her triangle shaped fabric, while Becky was trying to lick at Alison's inner thighs where much was pouring out from both sides of the string that split her butt cheeks. The girls got several gulps of hot piss before it subsided, and their faces were both very wet with their actions. The whole shower smelled of piss, which Alison noticed about half way through going.
"ohh, I'm so sorry it smells so much. It always seems to be darker and more smelly the first time in the morning. I'm not sure if that's just me." She apologized to her friends, neither of who had complained or seemed to mind. There was a dark yellow puddle at her feet in the tub, and much had splashed onto the bodies of both the other girls. It looked very different from last night's games, and she wondered if it would taste stronger too. Now that she had stopped peeing, she sat down in the plugged up tub with the other two, and they leaned in to form a three-way kiss. Alison could easily taste her urine on the lips and tongues of her best friends, and did indeed notice a stronger and more acrid taste, but not at all unpleasant as she feared it might be.
They broke the kiss, and Becky said "see, not too bad, eh?"
"Actually, I might even say it makes me hotter!" said Kristen. "Getting to fully taste your piss, and not just water down and clear… mmmm, getting me extra wet just thinking about what's on my lips."
They all kissed again quickly, and then Kristen said it was her turn and stood up while Alison and Becky remained seated. She was facing the other two girls, and wearing a pair of briefs designed to look like a pair of boy's tighty-whities. She swung her right leg up on the side of the tub, so as to spread her legs over her friend and sister smiling below. She concentrated for a few seconds, and then began to let flow her first morning pee. It started slow, and a wet spot appeared in the crotch of her white briefs, but soon enough it was spraying at full force from her underwear, and down her legs, onto the girls below. With mouths open and tongues out, Alison and Becky tried to catch and lick as much as they could from her crotch and legs. Hers too was a stronger smell and taste compared to last nights, but Alison quickly found herself wanting more and loving the dirty, taboo, and sensual liquid spurting from her friend's body. The panties were now fully soaked and changing color, and the excess that Becky and Alison didn't drink up was pooling at their legs. Upon finishing, Alison noticed that Becky had saved a mouthful of urine from her twin, and when Kristen joined them sitting on the tub, she poured about half of the golden nectar into Kristen's waiting mouth, and then with the rest spit it in a burst onto the faces of the other two.
"hahahahaha, hey, I didn't know we were doing that!" exclaimed Alison, giggling and laughing at the unexpected action of having one twin spit the other's piss at her. Of course though, she loved every moment of it.
Now it was Becky's turn to go. She had on a pair of grey, cotton boy shorts, which everyone could tell right away would probably soak up the most piss. Her soft underwear clung to her firm, sexy body, and they were already wet on the waistband and bottom where the first two's pee had landed or pooled where she was sitting. Standing up a few droplets of pee fell from her body, and her legs were a bit wet. She stepped over Alison, who had been seated between the twins, and stood facing her twin, with her backside near to Alison's face. Becky needed to go badly, so she wasted little time in straining to go. Kristen brought her mouth right up to the crotch of her twin's underwear, and as soon as she began to go, was sucking as much pee as she could through the material which was changing color as it moistened. Alison, for her part, was also trying to suck dry the undergarment, though from the back end and directly under the college girl. Becky's pee, like the other girls before, was also quite dark in color and with a strong, acrid taste, but one that the girls were lovingly swallowing as fast as possible. Her boy shorts were completely drenched now, and she was moaning with pleasure of both having her body licked by a pair of sexy girls, and relieving the pressure on her bladder. Her pee was mostly being consumed by the girls, but some was leaking down one leg, adding to the smell in the air and yellow puddle on the floor of the tub.
Her piss subsided, but the girls didn't let up with their licking, and once it was clear that no more was going to come out, Kristen and Alison began pulling down her underwear to give them access at her very wet body. The girls licked and sucked at Becky's sexy body. She stepped out of her sopping wet boy shorts, which had gone from a light to very dark grey color with the pee. Even though through the morning games much of their piss was being swallowed, there was a substantial amount collected in the bottom of the tub, where the girls were seated and Becky's underwear lay. With her twin Kristen at her clit and Alison eating out her asshole, it was no time before Becky's body was shaking and quivering with orgasm. Kristen had stuck a couple of fingers up her sister and was messaging her g-spot, and as she started cumming. Becky was hopeful of what was about to happen, and was rewarded with Kristen having a squirting orgasm into her mouth and over her face. Three noticeable spasms shot a clear liquid out as her twin shook.
"aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh my god!" she screamed, echoing in the bathroom, and scrunching up her face with ecstasy. She had her eyes closed, and whole body was tensed and then relaxed as the pleasure came over her.
"Wow, looks like you weren't entirely empty, eh?" said Alison, marveling in her friend's show.
"Oh no, honey. That wasn't pee. It was squirting!" she explained. "See, sometimes we have such intense orgasms from g-spot fingering that (gasp) my body just takes over and it shoots out!" She was panting a little bit to catch her breath.
"Hmm, well, I'm not sure if I can do that, but I wouldn't mind trying someday." Alison responded, smiling with joy at how the twins looked and smelled. Again, the girls came together for a three-way passionate kiss, lapping at the various flavors that covered each other's mouths and faces.
All three stood up, tossed their variously soiled and stained panties into the bathroom sink, and turned on the shower. They got the water warm quickly, and set to soaping up each other's young, firm bodies. As one would help another get to their hard to reach spots, finger and palms would linger on breasts and nipples, or hips and ass cheeks. The water was incredibly refreshing, and they spent longer than normal washing and rinsing. Normally there might have been careful shaving of legs and pubic areas, but the three quickly refreshed their legs and pussies trying not to dwell too long on it.
They turned off the water, grabbed their soft and plush towels, and patted out of the bathroom back to the finished basement where they had spent the night. Towels were wrapped around hair to try and quickly dry off, and they laid about on the pull out couch bed. Their hands were playing with each other's bodies gently.
They went up to the kitchen and ate breakfast, though by this time it was more like lunch. They had yogurt and fruit and dry cereal in bowls. Loving glances were sent from one to another, who were still naked and damp from their shower. Each had nearly completely dried their hair by now, though not brushed or styled.
"So ladies, what should we do today?" Becky chimed in, smiling at her companions.
"Ohh, want to go to shopping? We could go into the city, or to the mall" Kristen suggested. The others agreed, and after they finished eating went about picking out clothes to wear while out. First though, the stepped into the bathroom to pick up their assorted soiled panties from the morning's adventure. By now, they were still damp with piss but were no longer dripping wet. To be extra dirty and daring, they each ended up wearing those same panties they each had on in the shower, meaning they'd risk spending the day in public smelling slightly of urine. Alison pulled up her stained thong, feeling the wet material cover her pubic area, and the string slide between her butt cheeks. The twins followed her lead, putting on their respective undergarments. Since Alison hadn't really brought clothes to change into for the day, the twins insisted on all three of them wearing skirts. They each grabbed short skirts and cute t-shirts for the warm weather, and got into the car to drive into the city.
They parked and got iced coffee at a cafe, and then moved on towards a sex toy store they knew of. It was a medium size store, with a good variety of high quality vibrators, books, DVDs, lubes, and other bedroom accessories. In the back, they had even more products, such as crops, handcuffs, strap on harnesses, and other bits and pieces of equipment for sexual experimentation. Alison felt slightly nervous entering the store, almost worried she's recognize someone, but after a few minutes loosened up, and talked with some of the all female staff. The twins showed no such hesitation, and visibly enjoyed picking up and feeling all the different sample products on the shelves.
After looking around the front of the shop, they headed for the back, checking out some of the more risqué products. Alison didn't actually own a sex toy, so she was quite interested in picking up a nice vibrator or dildo. She felt the different options, and then settled on a bright pink basic vibrator. The twins were together looking at a few things themselves, but by the time Alison brought her new toy up to the counter they had already paid and were ready for her, so she didn't get to see what they got just yet.
They left the store, and Alison asked, "So, what did you two pick up in there? It looks like a larger bag."
"Oh, you'll see soon enough." Kristen answered. They swung by the car to drop off their bags, and continued on to a cute little lingerie shop.
The girls entered the shop and swarmed around the various racks of intimate clothing. There were silky bras, tiny panties, and a variety of other lounge wear. Each grabbed different options, in bright and sexy colors. They checked out, and walked to a small bakery to get a few snacks for lunch. They took a couple of cupcakes, a piece of coffee cake, and a diet soda each.
They walked across the street to a large park, with some slight hills, plenty of trees, and sidewalks for people to ride bikes and jog. They found a sunny, warm spot, and sat in a row to sunbathe a bit and eat their snacks. They shared bites of each other's food, smiling and laughing while thoroughly enjoying the beautiful weather. They hiked up their skirts a little more, and pulled down the colors of their shirts to show a little more skin, and laid back talking.
"Ahhh, this has been the perfect weekend so far, girls!" Kristen chimed in, her eyes closed to the sky. Her twin and best friend were on either side, and looked over at her, nodding in agreement.
"Yeah, this was amazing. I've had so much fun with you guys, and your little plan sure went off without a hitch!" Alison said, tucking herself in a little closer to Kristen body, leaning her head on Kristen's arm. From here she could slightly smell her friend's natural odor, and it was intoxicating. Lust for her and her twin once again took hold over Alison, and she started to feel a twitch in her loins.
"Yep, nothing quite like enjoying the great outdoors, even if we are still within eyesight of tall buildings" added Becky, who was now sitting up and looking down on the other two, and around to see how many people were in the area. She spotted a jogger alone, and some teenage boys playing with a Frisbee, but no one was within earshot.
"Hey girls, wouldn't you believe it, but this coffee and soda has gone right through me. I hope you don't mind if I relieve myself somewhere in the park. Of course, if that were to be the next dare, we could continue our game from last night" said Becky, giggling at the end, and knowing that they would agree.

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