All In Holi

Like to inform friends the names have been changed here for safe identity. I was in the 9th STD and Kajol was in 12th Std. It was the month of February or March and the day of Holi. I had just completed playing holi with my cousins who had come to my place and we all came up to have bhel puri (as we can have it with spoon so the colour doesn’t go in our mouth) and I saw Kajol standing in her old school uniform at our landlord’s balcony looking at peopel playing holi on the road.
She was not playing holi as she had some skin problem. I had the bucket of colour water in my hand and straight away went behind her and poured the entire colour water over her and shouted Holi Hai. Kajol turned around and shouted fuck you’ to me. Don’t know from where I got the courage I replied her fuck me if you can and laughed away. 
She ran behind me to my home and complained my mom who scolded me and asked Kajol to join us for the bhel and she joined us happily as it was time to take bath and we had 1 bathroom all were to take bath turn by turn and being the host I was the last 1. So it was me and Kajol talking and I apologized her for my act and she laughingly said u don’t have to apologize as you have not coloured me and with, look I asked her what you mean. She told me lets go to the terrace and we will talk there. I said ok and we went to the terrace.
Our building is just 2storied but still there are no big houses around us as we are surrounded by a Busti (slums) after reaching the terrace she told me you don’t know how to colour ppl I was still in? She showed me her elbows and inner legs saying this is how you colour anyone? I said ok I’ll colour u properly and I took out the colour box from my pocket and started applying colour over her hand, face and neck and told her and I hope you are satisfied now.
She pulled her skirt up and showed me her legs high above her knees and said see I ‘m not yet coloured completely and I said ok and started to colour her inner legs and Kajol closed her eyes and I too was enjoying this as I was able to see her blue panties now. I continued my colouring which was now turning onto a massage to her legs I kept on raising my palm and took time to cover her entire leg the moment.
I reached her panties with my figure she kept her hand on my head and called my name yes Abhi yes keep on doing this I’m loving it. I put my palm on her crotch it was really on fire and a bit wet to I had seen in the porn movies and just squeezed it lightly and her breathings started getting deeper and deeper and her grip over my hair was on a full tight and she was pulling my head on her crotch.
I took my face to her crotch area and smelled it and it was intoxicating and I kissed her on the panties. She arched back pushing my head deeper in her pussy so hard that I was not able to breath after some time I could see the panties getting wetter and wetter. I stood up and squeezed her boobs lightly with my 1 hand as my other hand was squeezing her pussy over her panties and planted a kiss on her lips.
She opened her mouth like a wild cat and started to eat my mouth as if there is no tomorrow while kissing she started playing with my dick which was hard by now over my pants and I was overjoyed with this act as it was my first time (any females touch my dick) and squeezed her boobs hard and she screamed a bit.
Abhi: Kya hua didi?
Kajol: ahista se daba dard hota hai!
Abhi: sorry didi pehli baar hai na
Kajol: Kya matlab tu vargin hai?
Abhi: haa didi khali muth marta hu!
Kajol: thik hai chal maza aayega tab to
Abhi: didi dikhao na?
Kajol: kya? I pointed to her boobs (34) and she laughed and said khud hi dekh le.
I slowly started to unbutton her shirt and pulled it aside as she was in bra I started to squeeze her boobs over her bra and she unhooked her bra and I pulled it from front those were the two globes in front of my eyes and I was just staring and got lost in it Kajol called my name and I came back to my senses and touched her bare boobs with my hand.
Slowly I again I started to squeeze 1 boob while suck the other 1. This continued for about 15 minutes while her hand was on my dick squeezing it. Kajol told me to stop and she kneeled on her knees and opened my trouser and pushed it down, now I was in my underwear she slowly pulled it down and popped out my then 5 inched dick in front of her eyes.
First she just kissed the entire length of my prick and then she opened her mouth and took the head in her mouth wow what a feeling that was for me first time any girl had touched and now was sucking my dick I just closed my eyes and was enjoying the blow my hand were holding her head firmly and I tried to get to the deepest in her mouth within 5mins I started shooting my load in her mouth.
She spitted it out and I could see anger in her eyes and she shouted on me for not warning her about my cum I said sorry and told her this was my first time she realised this and told me now you will have to take a punishment. I said whatever you order. She raised her skirt and said lick me now I kneeled down and pulled her panties down and saw a hairy bush in front of my eyes she guided me by separating her pussy lips with her hand.
The moment I touched her pussy walls she let out a big sigh of relief and closed her eyes and I just kissed her pussy and she started to shake as she was standing. I pulled her down and she slept on the terrace with her legs apart and again I kissed on her pussy while kissing her pussy I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and she arched she was really hot in there and tight too.
I inserted my 2nd finger and started fucking her hard within 5 min she cummed over my hand and I saw a great relief on her face I showed her erect dick and she told me we will do this some other day as someone might come up in our search and the session ended there only. How and when I had my first sex with Kajol will write to you in my next update,