All In The Family

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By AlabamaSlamma Tom runs into an old Army buddy who is keeping it all in the family.

Tom is 39 years old and who recently just got divorced. He moved to a different state in order to start a new life. He was out at a bar and was just about to leave when he saw someone he recognized. It was Fred, a very close friend from his days in the Army. Fred was the same age as Tom.

Fred was surprised to see Tom as they had lost touch with each other and it had been 15 years since they last saw each other.

“How the hell are you Tom?” Fred asked as he hugged his friend.

“Awww man just trying to survive life!” Tom replied as he slapped Fred’s back.

They sat down and talked about how things have been since they last saw each other. Fred is married to a beautiful woman named Candy who is 32 years old and they have three beautiful daughters Wendy who is 16, Mindy who is 14 and Cindy who is 12.

Tom explained that he was divorced and didn’t have any kids. He had moved away from the ex and he was going to get a hotel room for a while until he could get a job and find a place to stay.

“Nonsense Tom, I have plenty of room at my place. I would consider it an honor to have you as my guest until you get a place of your own.” Fred said.

“Fred that’s a generous offer and I appreciate it but I don’t want to intrude on you and your family. I think that the last thing you need is a grown man living in a house with 4 women!” Tom said as he chuckled.

“Tom I can assure you that those 4 women would kill me if they found out that I couldn’t talk you into staying with us!” Fred insisted.

“Okay my friend, if you say so. I certainly don’t want your blood on my hands!” He said as he laughed.

Tom wasn’t sure exactly what Fred meant by that statement but he figured that it was more of a lie to get him to stay than it was the truth. Tom followed Fred back to his place. Tom began to wonder if they would ever get there as they were driving down a long dirt driveway for what seemed like more than a mile.

Finally they pulled up to a large house out in the middle of the woods.

“Welcome to the pleasure dome” He said as he winked at Tom.

Tom followed him up the steps and into the house. The first room was a very large living room with a large couch and a couple of recliners. There was a large wooden coffee table in the middle of the seating area. There was a large TV mounted on the wall.

There were several doors that he assumed led to bedrooms and bathrooms. There was one opening that led to a large kitchen where he saw a woman standing at the sink. She appeared to be naked except for an apron. Suddenly three young girls piled out of one of the rooms and ran over to Fred squealing and giggling.

The first thing that Tom noticed was that they were naked as the day they were born. They all ignored the fact that a stranger was standing in the room. They ran over to Fred and started hugging and kissing him. Tom noticed that Fred was taking liberties with his daughters as in squeezing their asses and slipping his hands between their legs.

The girls were actually spreading their legs so that he had better access to them. They kissed deeply and passionately as if they were lovers and not family. Candy came out of the kitchen and hugged and kissed Fred just like the girls had and Fred slipped his hand between her legs as well.

Tom just stood there looking at the spectacle that played out in front of him.

“Baby and girls this is a very good friend of mine from a long time ago. His name is Tom and he is going to be staying with us for a while.” Fred said as he introduced Tom to his family.

Candy walked over to Tom and he could see her large tits swaying under her apron. They even swayed out enough that he saw her large areolas and big fat nipples. He also could see her plump pussy peeking out as well. She stepped up to Tom and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling his face down to her’s. She kissed him just as deeply and passionately as she had just kissed Fred.

Tom was stunned by what was happening and wasn’t sure Fred was about to go ballistic. He glanced over at Fred but he was just standing there smiling. Candy pulled away and smiled.

“Welcome to the pleasure dome Tom. It’s an honor to have you here and if you see something that you like please don’t hesitate to take it!” She said as she winked at him.

Suddenly Tom had three naked young girls climbing all over him and kissing him deeply and passionately. He inadvertently grabbed naked asses and didn’t know where to put his hands. He felt small hands grabbing his cock that had begun to swell from all the naked flesh.

“OK girls it’s time to wash up for dinner. You can play with Tom later!” Candy said as she ushered them out of the room. They all reluctantly did what they were told. Candy reached down and traced her fingers along the shaft of Tom’s hard cock as she licked her lips.

“I think that they like you Tom!” Fred said as he laughed out loud.

Candy returned to the kitchen and Tom watched her gorgeous ass twitching back and forth as she walked away.

Tom looked at Fred with a confused look on his face.

“Have a seat buddy and I will explain!” Fred said as Candy returns with a couple of beers.

“Candy and I have a special relationship that we share with our children. We don’t see sex or nudity in a negative way. We have taught our girls that sex is a showing of love for others who feel the same way. We have home schooled the girls and they know that they are welcome to play with each other and with us. They also know that everyone has a right to not play and they should respect that person’s decision. They have a right to decide what they will or will not do and they respect that of others.” Fred explained.

“I still don’t understand why I am here. I am not your family and I am a stranger to everyone except you!” Tom said.

“You Tom are definitely a part of my family and as you are my family that makes you not a stranger to them. Do you think that they would be treating you like they were if you were a stranger? They know that if I bring someone into my home that they are very special to me and they will treat them just like they treat me.” Fred continued.

“When Candy said that if you saw something that you like please don’t hesitate to take it, she meant that in every way possible. Of course they have a right to refuse but I can assure you that you will never be turned down in this house including with the girls. They are quite knowledgeable about sex and all 4 ladies are basically nymphomaniacs. I am hoping that you will help take some of the pressure off of me as trying to keep 4 nymphomaniacs satisfied is taking it’s toll on me!” He said as he laughed.

“Are you saying that you don’t have a problem with me having sex with your wife or daughters?” Tom asked.

“I am saying that I hope that you will have sex with all of them as it would help me out greatly. Of course you don’t have to if you are not comfortable with the situation and I would understand if you don’t want to.” Fred said.

At that moment Candy came back into the living room and sat down on Tom’s lap and leaned over to whisper in his ear.

“Tom I can assure you that you will not regret taking Fred up on his offer. Us girls are looking forward to servicing you with all of our holes. I can’t wait to feel your hard throbbing cock pounding my holes!” She moaned as she nibbled his ear.

Tom’s cock instantly stood up at attention and poked Candy in her ass.

“I’ll take that as a yes!” She giggled as she ground her ass against his cock.

Candy grabbed Tom’s hand and pushed it between her legs right against her soaking wet pussy. Tom groaned as he felt her hot wet pussy. She moaned deeply as he pushed his fingers into her depths.

“That’s your dessert after dinner!” Candy said as she stood up and walked into the kitchen. She looked back over her shoulder to make sure that Tom was still watching. She blew him a kiss and finished setting the table.

“Well buddy what do you think? Is it something that you want to be a part of?” Fred asked.

“FUCK YES! I would have to be a complete idiot to refuse such an amazing opportunity!” Tom replied as he sucked her juices off his fingers.

“Now you are officially one of the family and a member of the pleasure dome!” Fred said as he walked into the kitchen stripping off his clothes. Tom followed him and he stripped off his clothes as well.

“When in Rome!” He thought.

They all sat around the table naked and Tom noticed that the three girls were very interested in his cock. They were glancing under the table and giggling.

“Okay girls that’s enough of that for now. It’s time to eat. There will be plenty of time later to see and play with Tom!” Candy said with a wicked smile.

After they finished eating dinner Tom and Fred went back to the living room while the girls cleaned up the kitchen. As they sat there talking Cindy the 12 year old walked up to Tom and was staring at his cock.

“Cindy is there something that you want?” Fred asked her.

“Daddy I want to play with Tom’s cock!” She replied.

“Well what are you supposed to do when you want to do something?” He asked.

“Tom can I please play with your cock?” She asked with a pleading look on her face.

Tom looked over at Fred and Fred nodded his head.

“Sure Cindy you can play with my cock!” Tom replied.

Cindy squealed with delight as she wrapped her small hand around the shaft as far as she could.

“OH it’s so hard. I love when they are hard like that!” Cindy said as she began to stroke it up and down.

Tom groaned deeply as he watched this 12 year old nymph playing with his cock. She moaned slightly as she felt his cock throb angrily in her hand. She watched as a glob of pre cum appeared at the slit. She looked up at Tom just for a moment before leaning over and running her tongue across the tip to collect her prize.

“MMMMMMM YUMMY!” She moaned as she savored the feel and taste.

Fred was smiling as he watched his daughter tasting his friend’s cock. Mindy the 14 year old came bouncing into the living room and wrapped her hand around Fred’s cock and started stroking it. Mindy leaned over and took Fred’s cock into her mouth and sucked on it as she continued to stroke it.

Cindy saw this and decided to suck on Tom’s cock too. Tom groaned again as he felt the hot wet mouth close over the head of his hard throbbing cock. She moaned as she swirled her tongue expertly around the head. She could only get a couple of inches of Tom’s 7 inches in her mouth and she wrapped both her hands around the rest as she continued to stroke it.

Tom glanced over at Fred and saw Mindy pushing Fred’s 7 inches into her throat as he grunted and held her head in his hands.

Wendy the 16 year old came into the room and climbed up onto the couch and straddled Tom’s body with her ass in his face and bent over completely bracing herself against his legs. Tom was looking at at perfectly pink pussy that was soaking wet and a tiny little rosebud of an ass that winked at him.

Wendy pushed her pussy back onto Tom’s face and moaned as she felt Tom’s tongue begin to lap at her wetness.


Candy came into the room and saw that everyone was busy and didn’t want to be left out so she climbed up onto the couch and pushed her soaking wet pussy against Fred’s face. She began to moan and whimper as Fred kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on every part of her pussy.

It didn’t take long before Tom’s orgasm built up and he pulled his mouth away from Wendy’s pussy long enough to warn Cindy that he was about to cum. He figured that she would pull her mouth off his cock just before he cum but she only sucked harder and stroked his cock faster.

Tom’s ass lifted off the couch as he growled into Wendy’s pussy which set her off and she screamed out in pleasure as her orgasm slammed her body. This pushed his cock deeper into Cindy’s sucking mouth as it spewed his cum into her sucking little mouth. She moaned as she worked to swallow every drop. She obviously wasn’t a novice at sucking cock as she never even hesitated taking everything he pumped out.

Tom slurped up Wendy’s sweet nectar that poured out of her pussy. He reached out and grabbed her cantaloupe sized tits and pulled and twisted her nipples. She squealed loudly as she experienced another orgasm.

Cindy continued to suck on Tom’s cock and it stayed hard. Wendy pulled her pussy from Tom’s face and pulled Cindy’s mouth off his cock. Cindy protested but Wendy immediately dropped down onto his cock and drove it balls deep into her tight little pussy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE WHAT A PERFECT COCK!” Wendy moaned as she felt his cock stretch her open.

Cindy climbed up onto the couch and pushed her pink bare pussy against Tom’s face. He immediately began kissing, licking, nibbling and sucking on her tight little pussy as she orgasmed all over his face.

“YESSSSSSSS EAT MY PUSSY PLEASE!” Cindy screamed as her orgasm slammed her young body.

Tom was in absolute heaven. He was eating a 12 year old pussy while a 16 year old pussy was slamming down onto his cock. He had a death grip on Wendy’s hips and shoving her down onto his cock. Cindy had a death grip on his head as she ground her pussy against his mouth.

Candy had dropped down onto the floor and was riding Fred’s cock as Mindy got her pussy against Fred’s face. The sounds of wet slurping and bodies slapping together loudly filled the room. The smell of sex filled the nostrils of everyone in the room.

Wendy’s pussy was tighter than anything Tom had ever experienced before. She knew how to pleasure a man with her pussy as she worked her muscles around the shaft. Cindy had pulled her pussy away from Tom’s face as she had gotten too sensitive and was sitting between his legs watching Wendy riding his cock.

Tom stood up with Wendy still planted on his cock and spun her around so that her head was down against couch back and her ass in the air. She squealed loudly as she knew what Tom was about to do. Tom began to pummel her pussy into submission properly from behind.

His balls slapped her clit with every thrust. Wendy’s ass cheeks jiggled from the intense pounding. She started screaming out in pleasure as wave after wave rushed through her body. The rest of the group watched as Tom tore Wendy’s pussy up.


And fuck her Tom did. Tom felt his cock and balls getting lapped at and he realized that Cindy had pushed her head up under Wendy’s pussy and was lapping up the combined juices from them both.

That was the last straw. “I AM GOING TO CUM!” He groaned deeply.


Wendy screamed out “FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM PLEASE!”

Tom’s eyes rolled back into his head and his whole body shuddered uncontrollably as his cock exploded deep inside of Wendy’s hot wet tight little pussy. He flooded her womb with his seed as she thrashed around on his cock. It started running out around his shaft and dripped down into the sucking mouth of Cindy.

“OMFG YEEEEESSSSSSSSS SOOOOOOO GOOOOODDDDDDDD!” Wendy yelled as she felt his cock throb angrily pumping stream after stream deep into her hot little pussy.

Candy announced that she was cumming as she thrashed around on Fred’s cock. Mindy was thrashing her pussy against Fred’s face as she announced her orgasm.

Tom’s cock finally slipped out of Wendy’s battered pussy and plopped into the mouth of Cindy. Cindy immediately sucked the last few drops of cum into her mouth and then sucked the cum from Wendy’s pussy.

Tom staggered back into a chair as he watched everyone come back to earth. He now realized how the house got the name of pleasure dome.

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By AlabamaSlamma #Exhibitionist #Group #Incest #Lesbian #Teen