All she needed was a good fuck

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My niece lacked confidence, she was very shy and had low self-esteem, so I made her feel better about herself by having sex with her.

I helped my 12 year old shy anxious niece regain her confidence.

We were on a family trip and stayed at a caravan site, my brother, his wife and their children had a big caravan, and I had a small one to myself.

We went down to the beach the day after we arrived and we were all in our bathers, the kids were running around the sand and splashing in the water, all except one, Lexi, she spent most of the day sitting on the beach wrapped up in a towel with a sun hat on.

Lexi was a very shy girl who suffered from anxiety, she had no confidence at all and she didn’t like herself much, which was heart-breaking because she was such a beautiful girl, long curly red hair, slim figure, pretty freckles all over her face, and when she smiled which wasn’t that often, she glowed, she was so beautiful.

“Lexi! – Come and play in the water.” Her mom said to her.

She just sat shaking her head.

“Come on it’s a lovely day. Try and enjoy yourself.” She said.

“I don’t want too, Mom.” She replied.

“Lexi, stop being so grumpy. Take off your towel and come have some fun with us.” Her mom demanded.

Lexi stood up, “I told you I don’t want too.” She snapped at her mom, then she ran off up the beach.

Her mom and dad didn’t seem too bothered about her running off, but I was very concerned for her, no little girl should ever be upset like that, I couldn’t sit there and do nothing, “I’m going to go grab some sunscreen from the caravan.” I said to them, then I headed up the beach following her.

She went in to her caravan, slamming the door closed behind her, a few minutes later I caught up and went inside, “Lexi? – Are you alright?” I asked.

I found her laying face down on her bed crying.

“Lexi.” I said.

“Go away.” She replied.

“What’s wrong, darling, why don’t you want to have fun on the beach? – It’s a beautiful day.” I asked.

“I just want to be left alone.” She said.

“Well, I’m sorry, I can’t just leave you like this.” I said.

“Why do you care? – You hardly ever come round to see us anyway. Just leave me alone.” She said.
“I care because you’re my niece and you’re upset. I don’t like a beautiful girl like you upset.” I said.

“I’m not beautiful I’m ugly and I’m fat.” She said.

“Why do you say that?” I asked.

“Because I am. People said so.” She said.

“What people? – Who said you were ugly?” I asked.

“People at school.” She said.

It was clear the kids at school had been giving her a hard time and making her feel bad about herself.

“Kids can be cruel sometimes but you shouldn’t pay any attention to them. You’re beautiful, you really are.” I replied.

She sat up and wiped away her tears, “You’re only saying that because you’re my uncle.” She said.

“No I’m not, look at you, you’re gorgeous darling.” I said, “Stand up.” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Just stand up, come on.” I said.

So she reluctantly stood up.

“Take off your towel.” I said.

“No.” she said, holding it tight.

I slowly reached out and held on to the top of her towel, she clenched it tightly to her chest, “It’s alright. Just let me see.” I said, her grip slowly loosened and I was able to open up her towel, she was wearing a nice yellow bikini top and bottoms, and her figure looked incredible, her proportions were perfect, flat stomach, small round breasts lovely hips, complimented by her curly red hair flowing over her shoulders and her back and the cutest freckles on her skin.

“You see. You are soooo beautiful, Lexi.” I said, genuinely taking back but just how good she looked under that unflattering towel.

She almost smiled for a moment but then grabbed the towel and closed it again, “No I’m not!” she snapped, “I’m fat and I’m ugly – Leave me alone!” she shouted, pushing me away.

The people who had called her fat and ugly had seriously emotionally damaged the poor girl, she believed what they were saying about her, but it just wasn’t true, and I had to convince her it wasn’t true, she needed to feel beautiful, and the only way I knew how to do that was to kiss her.

“Damn it, Lexi.” I said, then I grabbed her arm and pulled her in to me and planted a big kiss on her beautiful lips.

“What did you kiss me for?” she asked.

“To show you…” I said, then I kissed her again, she pulled away, “Show me what?” she asked, I pulled her back in, “…That you are beautiful.” I said, and kissed her continuously for several minutes.

She relaxed while I was kissing her and let go of the towel which then dropped to the floor, she put her hands on my waist while mine were wrapped around her body and the back of her head as I was kissing her with passion.

Her body was like putty in my hands and kissing her aroused me, I was so caught up in the heat and passion of our kissing that I forgot who she was and how old she was, I picked her up and took a few steps towards her bed before we fell on to it.

I unknotted her bikini top and removed it, her small but perfect breasts were round and firm, I kissed her cleavage and then her breasts in turn, and I unknotted the sides of her bikini bottoms and pulled it out from under her then slipped my hand down between her legs and rubbed her moist pussy with my palm, god it so smooth.

My cock was growling in my shorts, eager to get out, so I pulled them down to my knees and then fell on top of her between her legs and almost immediately I was inside of her, “Oo – Uh.” She gasped.

I pinned her hands down on the bed and thrust in to her repeatedly.

I can’t tell you what her young pussy felt like because it is indescribable, I can say it was very tight, very warm and felt heavenly.

“You’re so beautiful, Lexi.” I gasped.

“Uh – No – Uh – Uh.”

“You’re beautiful.” I said.

“Umph – Uh – Uh – Ooh.”

She leaned her head back with her eyes closed, arched her back and licked her lips while I fucked her sweet pussy and kissed her breasts, she was loving it.

As I was fucking her I just happened to glance out of the window and I saw her mom appear at the top of the hill near the beach, “Oh fuck.” I gasped.

“What – Uh – Is it? – Ungh.” Lexi asked.

“Your mom is coming!” I said.

So I fucked Lexi at full speed, “Uh – Uh – U – HH – Uh!” she moaned.
Her mom was half way to the caravan when I finally ejaculated, “Ooooaah – Ooah fuck – Oooh wow – Oooah.”

Lexi was breathing heavily, I looked down at her and she giggled and smiled widely, “Please tell me you feel beautiful now?” I said.

She nodded, “Yeah.”

“Good. Now fucking get dressed, you’re mom is almost here.” I said in a panic as I pulled out of her and we both scrambled around looking for our clothes and putting them back on.

We were dressed and Lexi was just finished tying her bikini top back on when her mom opened the door, I quickly hid in a very small cupboard, “Lexi, are you in here, love?” she called out as she stepped inside.

“Here, mom.” She replied.

“Listen love, I’m sorry if I lost my temper with you earlier. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.” She said.

“It’s okay, Mom. I was just on my way back actually.” She replied, “I just need to use the toilet then I’ll come down.” She added.

“Oh – Okay – Great. See you there then.” Her mom said, and she left heading back to the beach.

The cupboard door opened and she laughed at me seeing me all bent and twisted inside the cupboard, “She’s gone.” She said, then I fell out of the cupboard.

“That was a close one.” I said.

Then I took her in my arms and pulled her close and gave her a big long kiss.

“Listen, Lexi…” I said.

“Don’t worry, I want tell.” She said, interrupting me.

“Oh, good. But I was going to say that – well – I really do think you’re beautiful – no I don’t – I KNOW that you are beautiful.” I said.

“I know.” She replied.

Then she slowly turned her head and looked at the bed, then turned to face me again and smiled.

“What?” I asked her, she was giving me a funny look.

“We’ve got a few minutes.” She said with a smile.

And with that we were back on the bed, she was giggling, I was laughing, our clothes were flying all over the place and we had sex again.

After that we got dressed and headed back to the beach, Lexi left the towel behind, and we all played a fun game of beach volleyball.

My beautiful niece felt fat and ugly and low confidence and self-esteem, but she soon felt better about herself and all it took was a good fuck…well…two good fucks.

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#Abuse #Incest #PreTeen #Virgin