Allie Fullfils My Fantasy-Plus 3

It was 11:30 Saturday morning,, the twins were at their grand-parent’s house and I was in the guest bed room. I could hear the familiar sounds of Aile moans as two of Aaden’s clients were fucking shit of out Aile. I opened up my laptop and I saw two very tall and muscular dark black guy with the biggest dicks I had never seen these guys before, so they must have been new clients. Later Aaden told me they were brothers from Africa and he named them Abi and Abe, he couldn’t remember their long names. They were businessman from Africa, one of the guys in his group, Thomas, knew them, it turned out that on previous trips the had asked if he knew any white “Hot-Wives” they hear so much about in Africa. Thomas had turned on to two other slut wives Lorrie and Ana, but they wanted to fuck a new white whore wife, Thomas had also fucked Aile, so he sent them to Aaden.

As Abe sat down on the couch, I could see he had the biggest hardest dick standing straight up. Aile looked hot, in the lingerie’ Aaden had previously sent, she looked like whore she was, a black sheer nightie, crotchless panties, garter belt hooked to her light black stockings, and stilettoes that made her long legs even sexier. Abe grabbed Aile by the arm, saying, COME HERE WHORE, he spun her around facing away from him and he brought her down impaling her cunt. As Aile was going down impaling his cock in her pussy, I could see pure lust in her face, she wanted as much of Abe’s dick in her hot cunt as she could get. Aile immediately started coming, I could see Abe’s cock all white from Aile’s juices. Abe pulled her back and I got a clear shot of his huge cock buried in her hot dripping cunt. Aile was laying backward against his left shoulder as he began thrusting his huge cock in and out her very wet cunt, she began lowly moaning, oooooh, sooooo biiiiiiig, soooooo gooooooood. Abe said, AADEN SAID, YOU WERE ONE HIS SPECIAL WHORES, HE WAS RIGHT, YOU GREAT WHITE PUSSY. Aile was moaning louder, OOOH, OOOOH, KEEEEEP FUUUCKING MEEE, FEEELS SOOOO BIIIIG, SOOOOO GOOOD.

Abi jumped on the couch and Abe sat Aile up holding her head in place as Abe inserted head of his cock in her mouth, Abe said, AADEN SAYS YOU THE BEST SLUT WIFE COCKSUCKER HIS GOT CUZ YOU LIKE TO SUCK BLACK DICK, SHOW ME WHORE, PUT MORE DICK IN YOUR MOUTH, DO IT WHORE! Abi began pushing her head towards Abe’s cock while Abe held her by the sides of face guiding while impaling her mouth with his huge cock. I could her throat expand as he held his cock deep down her throat, this was the biggest dick I had ever seen Aile take down her throat. Abe held his cock deep in her throat for a few seconds and then took it out and let her breath for a second and quickly impaled her mouth again, he did this about five more times, then he stood there, saying, COME GET BITICH, AADEN SAID YOU LIKE TO SUCK BIG BLACK DICKS, WELL COME AND GET IT WHORE, SHOW HOW MUCH WHORE YOU ARE. Aile wasted no time, she started sucking and making gurgling noises, she began jacking his huge monster with her two hands as she kissed and sucked his huge balls, these two huge cocks were making her go more bananas than any other time I had seen her suck and fuck. Abi spoke out, HEY BRO, AADEN WAS RIGHT, LOOK AT THIS WHITE WHORE GOBBLE A COCK, Abe, replied, OH YEAH, THE WHORE HAS FINE HOT PUSSY TOO, AADEN SAID THIS BITCH WAS MARRIED SLUT THAT LOVES BIG BLACK COCKS UP HER CUNT, AADEN SAID HER WIMPY HUSBAND GOT ABOUT 6- 7 INCHES, WHITE MEN CAN’T GIVE HER BIG BLACK HARD COCK, they both laughed out real loud, and started high-fiving each other. Aile kept on breathing rapidly, making loud slurping and gurgling noises as she impaled her mouth with as much of Abi’s huge cock as she could take down her throat. Aile began thrusting her mouth back and forth fast and hard on Abi huge cock. Aile withdrew his cock just to say, COME IN MY MOUTH, I WANT TO SWALLOW ALL YOUR CUM and she inserted his cock back in her mouth and kept on thrusting her head back and forth fast on his big dick. Abi said, LOOK AT THIS WHORE GO, SHE PRO COCKSUCKER.
All this time Abe kept thrusting his cock in her very wet dripping cunt as she sucked off Abi’s cock. I could see more and more of Aile’s juices were covering Abe’s huge cock, it looked like a huge chocolate stick covered with very creamy white tapioca, she couldn’t stop coming. Abe and Abi held her head again and this time Abi started fucking her mouth in full earnest just like he would be fucking hot cunt. They both kept on fucking her hard, finally Abi yelled out, I’M GOING TO CUM, while holding her head still as he stuffed as much cock in her mouth that she could take and began dumping his load. Abi said, SWALLOW IT ALL WHORE, no one had to tell Aile to swallow, she loved the taste of cum in her mouth, especially black men’s seed, she was trying hard to swallow it all, but Abi was very comer, loads of cum began dripping, out of the corners of her mouth onto her tits and nightie. Suddenly Abe yelled out, I’M CUMMING, he began dumping all his huge wads of cum deep in her hot cunt. Abe was also a heavy comer, because I could see loads of come dripping down legs onto the couch and floor.

Abi said, LICK MY DICK AND BALL REAL CLEAN WHORE, Aile quickly began licking Abi’s cock and balls, he said let out a sigh, AAAAH, that’s a good whore, you’ve been trained really good to service black cocks. Abe lifted Aile off of him and stood up, he pushed down her down to his dick and said lick me clean slut. Aile began licking the length of his shaft and balls. When Aile finished, Abi was hard again and knelt her on the couch doggy-style, and told her pull those ass cheeks apart, I’m putting this black dick up your ass, real deep whore. Abe said, here some lube bro, he lubed his cock and her ass then he positioned her sideways and knelt on the couch, he quickly inserted his cockhead in her ass, she yelled out, IT’S HUUUUGE, TOOOO BIIIIG. Abe got on the couch and put his dick in her mouth, saying this will keep you quiet, then out loud he said, COME ON BRO FUCK THAT ASS! Abi started driving his big cock in Aile ass while Abe was thrusting his cock in her mouth, saying, DRIVE THAT BIG SNAKE IN THE WHORE’S ASS, SHOW THE SLUT WHAT BIG BLACK SNAKE CAN DO. In a short time, Abe was fully thrusting his huge cock in and out of Aile’s ass. Abe suddenly withdrew his cock and made sure Aile’s ass could be seen by the video camera, while pointing to her ass, he looked at the camera laughing and saying, look how big my snake is gapping your whore wife’s ass, then starting laughing along with his brother. Abe made sure I got a good view of her ass, let me tell you her asshole was very round and wide. Abe said, LET’S TRADE PLACE BRO, they traded and Abi didn’t waste time he quickly was driving in and out of Aile’s ass. Abi started inserting his cock in Aile’s mouth, saying, HERE YOU CAN HAVE A TASTE OF YOUR ASS YOU FUCKING WHORE. Abi started driving his cock in and out her mouth, while Abe was now fucking her hard and slapping her ass. Every time Abi slapped her ass, Aile fucked backwards harder, and harder, you could hear his balls slapping her ass hard, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP. Abi said, LET’S SWITCH AGAIN, he put his cock in her mouth saying the same thing as Abe, HERE TASTE SOME MORE OF YOUR ASS YOU FUCKING WHITE MARRIED WHORE. It was not too long that Abi yelled out, I’M GOING TO NUT, HEY COME ON BRO LET’S TRY TO FILL UP THIS ASS AND MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME! Abe yelled out, I’M COMING, he started dumping loads of cum in Aile’s mouth while Abi was dumping his load deep in Aile’s ass. If there was any question about Aile becoming a whore, there was none now, I could see it in Aile face she really loved for black men to use her as their whore.

Abi said, Aaden told us you were a whore for black cock that’s why he tattooed your ass with a black spade, you might be married, but you were his property, you’re his best white whore. Hey bro, let’s talk to Aaden, we been wanting some kids without getting married, let’s start black seeding this bitch, she would make us a good breeding whore. They called-up Aaden to come over, meanwhile Aile got up and said she was going to take a shower.

While they waited for Aaden, I followed Aile into the bathroom and asked her if she was O.K. with her to be used to breed black children. She replied by taking her birth control pills out of the cabinet and threw them away, saying, I haven’t been taking these for over a month, I’m sure I’m pregnant anyway, so many men have fucked me I don’t know who the father is. I am sorry Fred, but, I can’t lie to you, I am addicted to fucking black men, I get so hot when they fuck me like a whore and call me whore, you know why, the plain truth I love being whore for black men, I can’t stop and won’t stop. She continued, I love to suck their big black dicks and swallow all their cum, I like it a lot when they take my ass and fuck it hard. If you want to still stay married to me, It’s O.K., I still love you, but I like for lots of black men to fuck me. I can understand if you don’t want to stay married, but the truth is I am going to let any black men that wants my married white pussy fuck me anyway they want, they can gang fuck me if they want, they can breed me, I don’t care. I want my hot pussy to be full of black men’s seed, I’m their whore. This was what I wanted and I did love my whore wife Aile, so we remained married no matter how many black men used my wife as a come dump throughout the years.