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It is Saturday so I am in no hurry to wake up and get out of bed. In fact, when I wake up, I get up to go to the bathroom and then crawl back in bed and snuggle up to my wife. I wake my wife up and see is in a good mood this morning so we start making out for a while. We enjoy kissing each other and it does not need to lead to anything else. We kiss each other on the lips and neck for a few minutes. I ask her if she has any plans for the day.
She responds that she does. When I ask her what her plans are she hands me one of my boyfriend cards that says 'stay naked at home all day.'
I thought, we can do that. I have no issues staying naked all day but she is not a big fan of walking around naked so it usually is just me.
She asks me if she can have breakfast in bed to which I reply that I would be happy to do that.
I head into the kitchen and put on an apron, because I usually cook bacon and eggs for breakfast. While I am cooking all that I can think about is delivering breakfast to my wife in bed and watching her eat while she is naked. This causes my dick to start bouncing and getting semi hard. I try not to think about this because I am going to end up masturbating and if I orgasm now it will not be ready when I deliver breakfast. It is not going down but I keep working on breakfast and finally everything is done.
I take off my apron, and my dick starts to wake up. I tell him to stay down. As soon as I walk into the bedroom I see my wife who has sat up and her tits are visible. My dick decides that it is going to wake up again and I can feel it start to get harder. My wife notices this and smiles.
She says 'I am glad I can still do that to you' pointing at my dick with a smile.
I respond, 'You always do that to me, you are beautiful.'
She takes the tray with breakfast and puts it in front of her. She has to move around a bit and her tits bounce and swing while she is adjusting herself and the tray. She looks at me and says 'come closer please.'
I get as close to the bed as I can and she lightly strokes my dick while she starts eating. She starts with the buttered toast with jelly then takes the toast and breaks it enough to wrap it around my dick and uses it to stroke me a few times. She stops stroking and starts to eat the toast. After the toast is gone she looks up at me and licks her lips to tell me that she enjoyed it. Next, she grabs the bacon and wraps it around my dick. She first starts to tie it but quickly realizes that is not going to work so she wraps it around and uses a toothpick to secure the bacon to itself. She goes back to her eggs and enjoys them slowly. While eating the eggs she keeps slowly stroking the bacon on my dick to keep me mostly hard. After the eggs were gone she pulled the toothpick out of the bacon, slowly moved it to the head of my dick and then put my dick in her mouth with the bacon still wrapped around it. With her tongue she removed the bacon from the tip of my dick and then pulls out until the tip of my dick is between her teeth and lips. She chews up her bacon while keeping her lips wrapped around my hard dick.
After eating she wiped her mouth and wiped off my dick with the napkin. I grabbed the table, napkin and all the dishes and walked back into the kitchen to clean up. My wife followed me and grabbed my butt most of the way to the kitchen and kept playing while I was putting everything away.
We went back into the bedroom where my wife got dressed. She decided that she would wear something very skimpy because she was going to enjoy the day with me naked, hard and frustrated. We went outside in the back yard and were enjoying the warmth when the phone rang. It was my mother in law. My wife talked to her for a few minutes and then said we would head that way. That peaked my interest.
I said, 'How are we going to your mothers, neither of us are dressed to see appropriately to see her.'
She responded, 'Well, I guess I am going to get dressed and I will find something for you to wear.'
Off to the bedroom again, she got changed into nicely fitting jeans and a casual blouse. I thought, well okay, I guess we will dress normally. Then she went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts that were short and ratted. I asked where the underwear was, and she told me that I did not need underwear. Then she went back to the closet and found a white shirt. When I figured out that is what I was going to wear I started to protest.
I said, 'Honey, I can't go see your mother dressed like that. '
In turn she said, 'it is fine, mom will not mind, I mean you are dressed.'
This was not an argument I was going to win so I just resigned myself to this and put the clothes on. there was nowhere to put my wallet and keys I had to give those to my wife to hold while we drove down there.
We got in the car and took the top down on the car and headed off. We decided to stop at a local drive thru and get some drinks. The young woman in the drive thru giggled when she saw the short pants but did not say anything else which made my wife a bit perturbed because she wanted more of a reaction. We decided to take the back roads so it was going to take almost two hours to get to her mothers house so my wife asks why don't I take my pants off and drive with my stuff hanging out. Knowing that the back roads are not crowded I decided this would not be bad because any cars passing would not be close enough long enough to see anything.
Once my pants were off my wife grabbed them and jokingly held my pants out of the care like she was going to drop them. I told her that she needed to bring them back in before I ended up with no pants. Casually she said you don't want me to do this and dropped my pants out of the car. What the heck was I going to do now, I could not go to my mother in laws without pants. My wife just kept laughing and said, don't worry I will get you new pants, you just need to pull into the next store we find.
It was about ten minutes before we came into the next town but it felt like hours. I pulled into the store and she hops out of the car and heads into the store. She comes out after a few minutes and I did not see a bag in her hand so I wondered what she was doing. She got into the car and said, okay we can go. I asked where my pants were and she pulled out this swimsuit. Swimsuit is not the word for it, it was the smallest swimsuit I had ever seen. I did not see much of a choice so I took it from her and put it on then drove out of the store parking lot. This was going to be embarrassing.
When we arrived at her mothers house I started to feel self-conscious but I kept telling myself that this is still at least clothing. I got out of the car and no one around even looked over at us which helped me feel better about walking in looking like I was naked from the waist down. This was enhanced when we walked in and her mother came around the corner and stopped for a second to look at me. I think she thought I was not wearing pants either and then when she saw the speedo she said 'I see that you dressed up today', laughed a bit and stared a bit longer than I thought she should.
This made me self-conscious and I unconsciously moved my hands in front of my crotch to shield my dick from my mother-in-law. She recovered much quicker than I did and asked us in. She needed some help with tasks around the house.
She did not need help with daily tasks but for some reason whenever I am there I always empty the dishwasher. I started doing this while my wife and mother-in-law went into the living room and started talking about what needed to be done today. The first thing was to put up a shelf.
I climbed up on a foot stool and help my wife hang the shelf. This put my crotch closer to eye level with my mother-in-law who seemed to enjoy herself. Once the shelf was up we added the nick knacks. Again I felt like this was intentional on my mother in laws part.
Next we went to the kitchen to hang up a few items on the wall for her. This time I had to climb a ladder and stand on the counter which made we feel like I had a spotlight on me so I kept trying to pull my shirt down but it was not doing any good because I would have to raise my arms which caused the shirt to come up and expose my lower body. I tried not to think about it but my wife was saying, move it here, move it there. It was like she was trying to keep me up there. I looked at her one and the way she was smiling I knew she was doing it intentionally.
I was starting to get more comfortable and we started cooking dinner. My wife would walk by and brush against my backside or run her hand across my crotch so I would not get too comfortable. This was causing me to stay horny but not hard so at least there was no physical evidence for my mother-in-law to see. I had to grab some spices and in doing that I ended up brushing up against my wife's mother. I said excuse me and was very embarrassed but she seemed to take it in stride. I made a point to not brush up against her the rest of the time we were cooking.
We set the table for dinner and I started to sit down when my MIL said wait, let me get you a towel since you are naked. All I could think was 'WOW, that was embarrassing.' But my dick seemed to like it and twitched a couple times.
My wife defended me by saying 'Mom, he is not naked, he has a swimsuit on.'
I wanted to crawl into a hole and die, I could not believe the conversation so I just sat there when my wife said, 'honey stand up and show her that your speedo covers everything.'
I slowly stood up when my wife said, 'pull your shirt up and spin around.'
I pulled my shirt up and spun around. By this time my face was so red and my heart was racing, I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Finally she said, 'see he is not naked' and told me I could sit down.
I sat back down and noticed that my MIL's face was also flush which was a turn on. Since my wife was obviously okay with all of this I decided that I was going to just go with it and whatever she said, I was going to do the rest of the time we were there.
During dinner my wife was rubbing on my leg and putting her hand on my crotch to keep me turned on. She moved her hand into my shorts and was just being playful. She was pulling on my shorts and letting them snap back a little causing me to wince. She pulled on my shorts on more time and I moved just right causing me to spill on my shirt. Quickly she got up and said, take your shirt off and I will get it in the washer now. I pulled my shirt over my head and handed it to her so she could go wash it.
She came back, sat down and we continued the conversations we were having while she continued to play with my shorts under the table. After dinner I started cleaning up the dishes and putting everything in the dishwasher. My wife came up behind me and grabbed my shorts. She said, 'I want to give my mother a thrill, please go with it.'
I was thinking she was going to pull my pants down so I grabbed them and tried to stop her from pulling them down. Instead she grabbed one side of my shorts and cut it with a pair of scissors. I just looked at her with shock thinking what are you doing?
She said to her mother, 'Mom, his shorts are torn, can you sew them?'
Her mother said 'Sure, take them off and I will sew them.'
I said, 'Okay, but I am going to the bathroom and I will hand them out.'
I went to the bathroom, took them of and handed it out to my MIL so she could sew them. I stayed in the bathroom while she sewed it up quickly. Since it was a quick sew job she wanted to make sure it would hold so when she gave it back to me she said, 'put them on and come out so I can verify it will hold.'
I put the shorts back on and walked out so she could look at it. She pulled me close so my dick was inches away from her face and inspected the sew job smiling the entire time. Why does my dick have to start swelling? She is inches away from my dick and it is growing and there is nothing I can do about it. She said it all looked good and as I turned to walk away she swatted me on the ass and said, 'looking good.'
Of course this did not help my erection and when I went back into the living room my wife noticed and said, 'Hmmm, someone had a good time with mom.'
I said, 'You started this' and went and sat down next to her.
He mother came out and we talked more and my wife started to rub my crotch in front of her mom which caused the erection to get harder than it had in a long time. Finally my wife said, 'I guess we need to get going home.'
I said, 'Where is my shirt, did it ever get dry?'
Her mother said, 'Oh I forgot to put it in the dryer, I will make sure you get it back next time you are here or when I am there.'
We got up and I thanked her for everything. She replied, 'it was my pleasure.'
Then she whispered in my ear, 'It really was my pleasure. I think I will end up playing with myself tonight.'
I thought my dick was going to explode right then and there. I am not sure how it did not.
When we got into the car my wife said, 'Okay we are alone again, you know what that means.'
I said, 'Yes, and I pulled my shorts off, not that they ever covered much, and handed them to my wife. We pulled out of the driveway and she threw them out of the car and yelled to her mother, 'Have a souvenir.'
It was nighttime so we decided that we would take the Interstate back. This would save us a lot of time but would expose me to a lot more people. On the way home my wife kept playing with my dick so that I would stay hard but not so much that I was going to orgasm in the car. She wanted to get home safely.
I know a lot of people saw me because I had a few cars that came up and stayed along side my car for a minute and then moved on. I hope that this was because the wives in the passenger seat saw and maybe even got a bit horny.
We got home, raised the top on the car and walked in. Dang that was a night I will never forget, and I wonder what my MIL thinks of me now.

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