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tagFirst TimeAlpha – Rise of Rakta Balii Ch. 03

The Dive
12:45 am
Night was over, and in the infant hours of the morning the wolves split, leaving the Talons to deal with the blonde who took up dancing outrageously on the rickety tables, swaying to and fro to whatever passed as music at that hour.
Clasped to her chest, yet held loosely by her small hands, was a bottle of Jack while she crooned out…Uh…maybe Adele's Rolling in the Deep?
Whatever it actually was, she did it with mournful intensity.
Rafe slipped outside with Jordan to call for reinforcements, when he had an odd feeling as morning crept in that, they'd need it soon.
Points for being astute to the Talon…
Kimoi scanned the crowd in the bar from beneath her lashes while working past her boredom, the place was still packed to capacity, though midnight had come and gone.
Didn't these losers live anywhere?
Naturals were arriving from various jobs and found The Dive a place to kick back and unwind, so they kept pouring in.
Kimoi on the other hand, found her surroundings… lacking.
She poured whiskey onto her hand lazily, then casually lit a fireball, artfully rolling the fiery mass of multicolored flames of blues, reds, black and purple in her palm as if it were a snowball.
Some were's occupying the table she stood on, enraptured by her performance, vacated when the barkeep roared.
"Hey! Put that out! No playing with fire in the here damn it!" Guy was pissed.
Casually she tossed it at the bar, noting him leaping away.
"Oops did I do that?" Yeah, no shit Kimoi.
The second ball of fire took out half the bar's counter top itself, in an explosion of charred wood, acrid and biting. Kimoi hopped nimbly to another table.
"You know, I think there's a song…"
She crouched low to peer at some shifters, sniffing at them while they stared back in absolute horror.
"Never mind the damn song. You things smell like food."
She informed them mainly because… she was hungry.
The mouth of the bottle slammed onto her lips with more force than necessary, this was the only way to avoid biting some sweaty Natural, she chugged for dear life because that would be a whole, 'other level of ick'.
Sloppily wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
Behind her, Naturals scrambled to help the bartender smother the flames.
"Hmm no wait… If you know this one, Sing it with me!"
No back up wanna be vocalists stepped up when Kimoi launched into a loud off key rendition of some shit she felt like yelling, and shook her ass for them before roaring out.
And a blast rocked the entire structure of The Dive while she smirked, eyeing her captive audience. Kimoi narrowed her eyes as she surveyed the faces with little interest.
"I really hate this realm. I hate all you Nat's, that act like you're so much better than those poor wittle UN's."
She spat the words out like they lit her mouth on fire and smashed the bottle on the floor almost casually.
"Ah, I feel better. Had to get that off my chest, should've said it sooner."
Kimoi slipped off the table, absentmindedly wiping her hands on her dress, making a beeline for the back door and without breaking stride, kicked any 'Body' barring her exit.
Talons were camped like Guard dogs at the entrance, so naturally, she went the other way and nothing made a move to stop her.
Wistfully, she wished someone would. It would make her morning.
Kimoi threaded through bodies, then stepped out into the alley at the back, well that went rather—
­­Lavender and honey suckle on the wind.
She paused, sniffing at the air in the alley delicately.
Hmm… what do you know?
And humans said lightning never struck twice. Why, it was that—screw angular face.
On a whim she decided to go with, 'hatchet face' human.
That was still screwing her pool boy mind you. Kimoi smirked and fingered her Skinner, while Cora Gresham stepped from behind a dilapidated dumpster.
Training a shiny little gun, with the cutest little laser, which placed a dot right above her heart.
Oh no… gasp. The ab-solute terror.
When she smiled, this time it was with full fang, head tilting to one side as the air itself went still.
"Hiya Cora, wanna know a secret?"
The human female's thin lips twisted, as she smiled a self-satisfied smirk of sort's, eyes smug and cold.
"Sure Ms. Peterson go ahead, it'll be the first of many secrets you share with the A. U. N .N."
Oh, so matter of factly. Human's and their ability to see the upper hand before anything else. Someone was counting them chickens before they hatched.
Bet this bitch didn't know shit about Louisiana either.
Kimoi nodded her head agreeably while holding up the blade so it caught the light just right. It wasn't needed for their play date, but it came in handy for the… delicate aspects of her art.
Also aesthetics…Instagram taught her all about aesthetics, it was wonderful.
"When I was a little girl, my mama told me, if life gives you a human stupid enough to face you twice, rip their face off."
Well, not really.
Her mother actually spat out in her superior God Queen tone, verbatim.
''If anyone opposes you, rip their fucking face off.''
Then she proceeded to rip the face off the dumb human on her knees.
It was a fond memory of mother-daughter bonding.
Mere semantics though, Kimoi reasoned, and took two, very precise steps forward.
"Now you're supposed to ask what else my mama told me, go on. I can tell you're ''dying'' to."
Emphasis rested heavily on the 'dying' part.
Cora felt herself go stiff and saw her hand lowering the weapon.
No! Impossible…
This was not supposed to happen, she was shielded with special wards against this kind of control…
"What else did your mama say?" Cora dutifully recited through numb lips.
The words automated and stiff to her own ears as the monster circled her.
A sigh from the Blonde.
"Well…" And those blue, blue eyes pierced her.
"Mama said it usually hurts like hell… for the human that is."
Then there was this, curious burn of pain just at her jaw line, as Kimoira Alana Peterson fully focused those eyes on her, for the first time, chewing thoughtfully on her full lips.
Cora screamed.
Well the sound was only in her head. Kimoi made it so. There wouldn't be anyone or anything coming to Cora's rescue.
Not tonight.
Tonight was all about pain and misery for this particular human.
Humans were so… dramatic, it gave her the heebie jeebies.
Good Naturals didn't go around killing the weak humans! Blah, blah, blah.
Some idiot do-gooder inside The Dive said that to her…the audacity.
It was a source of pride that she was Neither, 'Good' nor a 'Natural', and they were all going to be shit out of luck when that became apparent.
Talons watched from above as the blonde inhaled another cigarette, then left the alley up to her wrist in blood.
Took her all of ten minutes to skin the human, and she did it with a smile.
The blonde had fucked shit up, real good.
Wings tucked close to keep them hidden in the shadows they drew to conceal themselves, they followed her warily.
She turned down Targee St, humming loudly, as if inviting someone or something, to jump out of the dark, to smack her silly for making that much noise.
She had no common sense.
Singing out loud purposely, she turned sharply onto Richmond, then began picking up the pace.
Rafe got the impression she was late for something, as she hurried along, chatting animatedly with herself. They followed overhead, tracking her onto Vista.
Where was she going? Duchess Avenue was a dead end.
Then it started to click for Rafe, the most recent UN death occurred there.
A male, brutally beheaded by the humans and left to the elements.
A male… with, blonde hair and blue eyes… just like her.
The media had a fucking field day with that story.
Serial Killer, Bloody Butcher. Nat's knew better.
It was a warning from the A.U.N.N to the other UN's and Nat's alike, they were at war. Was she planning to pay her respects?
Hell of a time to do that though, considering the shit storm she just kicked off, when she mauled that female.
Jordan bristled beside him in the air in warning, even before the sound of squealing tires came to them in the early morning, like the shrieking of the furies in rage.
A brown nondescript van came into view, tearing its way to her with intent, shit…
The humans, right on time for a snatch and grab.
Rafe guided them down onto the nearest roof of a building, with the best vantage point for cover and observation.
Below, the blonde looked at them until they were right on top her, before clapping her hands over her mouth, eyes bugging. His eyes narrowed.
It was like, watching one of those ancient silent movies humans made way back when, but she spoilt it by making a face.
On the ledge to his left, Anthony one of the Talon's he called for backup settled, White wings folding in neatly.
"Why does she not run?"
Yeah, why didn't she though?
Beneath them, she waited almost patiently for the human's in tactical gear, they leapt out and surrounded her in some sort of pyramid formation.
Almost was the keyword there, her glee was barely suppressed her when they advanced. Dropping her hands from her face, her head flew back, as she laughed wildly up at the dark sky.
Rafe heard her say. "So they came."
She was launching herself at the men next, punching and kicking her way through their bodies, as if they were made of fluff.
He crouched on the ledge above, a frown settling on his brow.
There she went again. Doing the expectedly stupid things that landed her on everyone's shit list.
How was it… that she subdued a full grown wolf with one hand in an arm wrestling match, as though he were a five year old getting out of hand.
But… not some humans?
Beside him Anthony bristled, the Talon was dying for a taste of the action beneath them, evident when he tossed his head and rocked forward energy swelling, pushing outwards.
His name was torn from the Talon's mouth, nearly spat out in fact.
Rafe held out a hand staying him. Damn.
Anthony always went feral in situations like this. Rafe was wholly unwilling to risk the male's tenuous hold on sanity for the blonde.
"No, let them take her. I wanna see what happens next."
Anthony sank back obediently, yet Rafe could feel him seething beneath the surface.
Seconds ticked into minutes, and the fight kept going to its own beat, the loud sound of bones being broken and spewed curses from below, had a weird rhythm to it.
The blonde was one hell of a brawler. He'd give her that.
But her defense was getting sloppy, slow jabs here and there, not as much heat behind them as before.
Oh, she ducked and weaved as expected, but slowed her moves and reactions significantly.
The damage she was inflicting on the humans though extensive, wouldn't kill.
After seeing what was left of the human female minutes ago with his own eyes, he wasn't buying it.
What the fuck was going on?… Did she?
It hit him with the force of a bullet. She wanted to be taken.
One human landed a blow to her middle with a baton, sending her over.
Game change.
He gave her the point, the little blonde was smooth, so smooth he nearly missed her look of triumph.
They subdued her with electric prodders, almost like what they used on cows, these seemed to pack more of a punch though.
Even after she fell to her knees, they zapped her again and again, pumping her full of the stuff, until she was left shaking on the pavement with little electric flashes coursing through her body, visible to the naked eye.
Anthony stiffened up beside him and drew more shadows which shielded him completely from view. Even Rafe's.
Shit… the male was on the edge right now.
He should've never brought him along, not for this. It had been a bad move bringing him.
Below, two humans took her by the arms, and dragged her to the doors of the van while she laughed wearily.
"You guys, mean. I was only trying to have fun! If you don't let me go, there'll be all kinds of hell to pay."
Clearly the blonde was having fun.
One of the men crouched down snapping out. "Shut your filthy mouth!"
He slugged her hard in the gut, so hard in fact, Rafe winced when he heard one of her ribs snap in the darkness.
Anthony vibrated at his side like a heated tuning fork, and gritted out.
"Rafe, please!"
He stood, mouth set in a grim line watching the scene below dispassionately.
"No, it's done." Whatever the hell that meant.
They dragged her roughly the rest of the way to the idling van, while she spat out blood and glared up at the men, her voice projecting up to him.
"Want a lawyer ape-dick… that was totally abusive! I resent your treatment of my person!"
This time she got a boot to face, and was tossed into the back unceremoniously.
In short order, the humans clambered in, the doors slammed shut, and off they sped into the night.
Rafe remained in place looking over the ledge of the building. Well then.
Things were well and truly becoming more… interesting by the minute.
His thoughts were interrupted by the vibration of his phone. More good news?
He retrieved it, opening the message with a thumb swipe.
''Meet at Dive. Aiden.''
Huh, he could just about scent it in the air. Big bad trouble.
The turn of the tide just as the UN's predicted.
And the little blonde Kimoi stood at the very heart of it, fanning the flames of an all-out war with the human's, while wearing a shit eating grin.
Rafe led Jordan, Anthony and Nathan into what was left of The Dive. Which wasn't much, and groaned inwardly at the destruction.
The place was cleared out, and smelt as if someone had put a torch to the inside. That someone in this case had a name, Kimoira Alana Peterson.
Lucas, Michael and Aiden stood together at the burnt out bar, faces serious in a heated convo which they killed, the second he walked over.
Oh God now… was this an intervention? That would be funny.
He nodded his greeting while surveying the scorch marks, realizing just how badly she'd thrashed the place, when he got up close and personal. And fuck.
That female did nothing by half measures.
Tables lay over turned, chairs were destroyed beyond repair… nope… obliterated was the word.
The place looked as though a mini tornado had ripped its way through it.
The natural disaster was blonde and about 5"0 tall, not that anyone would believe that from looking at the aftermath.
Aiden looked stunned and weary when he relaxed his stance to massage his neck, eyeing the smoking ruins. The words came haltingly.
"Don't even know…where to start."
The wolf's eyes made a sweep of the carnage, wincing as the bartender shot him an evil look from behind the counter. There went his membership most likely.
"She nearly burnt the place down, ripped the face off a female… a human female in the back alley, and left a message for you guys with the witnesses. 'Went out with a bang'—fucking hilarious."
He laughed it up, but Rafe got that it wasn't funny.
"Now, it seems the little UN has gotten herself captured by the A.U.N.N, I have a catatonic wolf and two more incapable of little more than babbling incoherent nonsense because of what they saw her do!"
That statement alone, proved that wolves were little pussies, Rafe didn't say that though, from the corner of his eye Jordan sniggered loudly and nudged Nathan, who dipped his head and smirked like an asshole.
Even Anthony cracked a mini smile, so he knew they all thought it at the same time. Pussies! Ah the solidarity of Talon's.
Aiden tossed a flash drive which Rafe caught on reflex and tapped his head with his index finger, claw sliding out, he scratched his head, eyes on the ceiling.
"Am I forgetting anything? Oh right, since you birdbrains lost her, you get to play fetch! God it's good to be on the giving end of that joke for once."
Anthony snarled and his entire frame bristled when Aiden turned away, Lucas bared his teeth and growled in low warning, his body dropping into a defensive stance at the clear threat to his Alpha.
It was the 'Birdbrain' dig no doubt. They flew, But they weren't birds. But Nat's had the market cornered on derogatory insults for everyone.
Anthony's monstrous energy snapped out in a burst of violent intensity the second Lucas showed teeth.
Aiden seemed to freeze for a nano second, then slowly turned to face them again, Pinpointing Anthony, head cocked to one side like a dog listening to a far away sound, yet daring him to make a move with watchful amber eyes.
Rafe stepped in front of Anthony ignoring Lucas though his teeth were on display, at least it wasn't his fangs.
"Stand down." His words were calm and precise.
Aiden blinked once, twice, and smirked before meeting Rafe's eyes.
"Job well done boys, losing her…that little bit of fluff."
It was a taunt to trip Anthony but, Rafe already held him in check.
Aiden's teeth, then his fangs flashed when he met Rafe's eyes.
The wolf wanted a fight.
He took one precise step forward putting himself within touching distance of the Alpha and his Beta, staring him down without breaking the hypnotic gaze.
It was a challenge and the wolf saw it as such when he closed the distance, a growl rumbling out from his throat into the air.
The Bartender shot out from the back room, "No! Hell no! Take it outside!"
He roared. Neither acknowledged the male.
After the shit that went down earlier, Aiden was woefully out of his depth if he thought Rafe meant to search his soul, for that good ole 'forgive and forget' shit humans ate up.
As if! His part in the duplicity! Was something Rafe could ever…forget.
That he wouldn't snap his fucking neck like a twig, rip his Pack into confetti, starting with his overgrown fluffy Beta, then directly after, sprinkle them all like pink salt from the Himalayas, over- Aiden's- corpse.
The only reins that mattered, were the ones he kept on himself since he figured out which side the wolf was actually on. If Aiden so much as twitched.
Aiden bitched out, dropped his eyes and stepped back. For an Alpha that had to sting. Not that Rafe cared.
"Hey, maybe when you're through, you boys can do us all a favor and go die before the council guts you, just a thought."
It was pathetic the way he tried to get a rise from Rafe. When that didn't work, with one last disgusted look around the place, the wolves took their leave.
Anthony grabbed his arm and whipped him around.
"What the fuck Rafe? First you leave them to take her, now you take orders from dogs!"
Rafe patted him on the shoulder.
"I take my orders from the council not them. You forget. Us against them, ain't exactly a fair fight. If even a fight at all."
Anthony met his eyes briefly, before fixing his on the floor, Rafe saw when the words penetrated. It was fact. Talon's kicked wolf ass, any day, all fucking day.
Rafe clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth thoughtfully, then blew out a breath.
"Go home Anthony, Bobby needs help."
When the hot blooded Talon left, Rafe shook his head when he glanced around, damn, but the wolf was right. They were in deep shit.
Did that female use her brain cells? Did she actually think before doing anything?
Nathan, A Talon with a buzz cut and little to care about in the realms muttered.
"He seriously said she traumatized the wolves?"
His tone at best, was clearly confused.
Nathan looked around, with pale grey eyes that saw everything and shoved his hands into the pockets of his Bdu's, pockets that were stuffed with all manner of weapons.

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