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After our night of fun at my local pub a couple of weeks ago Annie, Emma and myself wanting to do something similar but with more interaction the guys.
I chatted with Bill the landlord a few days later as to whether it would be okay if we arranged to do something one evening after closing hours. Bill was completely in agreement to my request, extra bar sales no doubt being a great incentive.
We decided on Easter Sunday as it suited us girls and also Bill whose lady wife was away in Spain. So, it was all systems go and the night soon arrived.
The three girls along with Annie's younger sister Amy were staying with me for the weekend so on Sunday night it was a matter of getting ourselves prepared.
We popped over to the pub early in the evening for a light meal and to make final arrangements with Bill and my good friend Sam who was co-ordinating the whole evening.
We returned to my place around nine to prepare, a nice leisurely soak in the bath and then pamper ourselves. We had made a point of getting our cunts and other bits waxed on the Thursday as they would have a lot of exposure!!!
Bill had kindly put aside his guest bedroom upstairs for our final preparations. The show was due to start at half eleven approximately so just before regular closing time we made our way across to the pub. We wore track suits and put our gear in holdalls.
Once at the pub Bill and Sam greeted us and showed us up to the guest room where Bill had thoughtfully left us a very welcome bottle of chilled Sancerre. Sam stayed to run through the agenda. We changed into our 'costumes' Sheer mini dresses with quarter cup bras and thongs, although we are not normally great underwear lovers. Black fishnet hold-ups and stilettoes to complete the outfit.
Bill had decided to make a small charge for entry which would go to a local charity, plus any other monies we managed to extract from the punters.
At eleven forty-five Bill reappeared to escort us downstairs. Amy wasn't taking part so she joined Bob ( Emma's ex) to view events.
We entered the main bar which was heaving with guys and a few girls too. Fuck me I said to myself, what have we let ourselves in for. There was a spontaneous roar from the assembled audience which helped settle us no end. We made our way around the room greeting the waiting crowd. Many I naturally knew including my next-door neighbour, now that will be an interesting next meeting!!!
Music was playing in the background, it became much louder, time to begin. It was the music 'The Stripper' very apt I thought. We retreated into the centre of the room and starting gently dancing sexily. One by one we slipped out of our sheer dresses. The MC Bill invited the guys to make cash donations to us by way of our bras and thongs. We edged around the room collecting notes of all denominations, occasionally having to transfer some to the wine cooler on the nearby table as the tiny thongs were overflowing. This was going oh so well, all nerves disappeared. We toured the room inviting guys to remove a garment from our bodies, each accompanied by a lingering kiss in the relevant area.
Finally, we were completely naked apart from our stockings and heels. Emma started to dance very close to Annie sliding her body up and down hers, I sidled up behind too. Emma was licking and slurping at Annie's beautiful cunt whilst I concentrated on her arse. We changed positions this time Emma in the centre, this was fun. Finally, my turn, I spread by legs, so Annie could insert her tongue deep in my arse. We moved around the room hugging our friends and strangers alike. Three long oak tables were brought into the centre of the room.
We were invited to lay on one table each, which we did. Then ropes were attached to our arms and feet and tied to the table legs, our heads laying back over the table edge. We were completely helpless ready to be used.
Three guys stepped forward and started teasing our clits and cunts. More guys appeared alongside us and started sucking and chewing our tits. Three cocks appeared behind our heads. Soon we were moist and ready to be fucked. The guys quickly shed themselves of their clothes and the ones between our legs started to insert their cocks, and cocks were rammed into our mouths I glanced sideways firstly to Emma then Annie, both smiled back so obviously happy to be there. My guy started to pound away at my pussy, slowly at first gradually building up speed. The guys working on my tits continued, occasionally slapping and tweaking them. Faster and faster he went, this was amazing. To my right Emma was shouting, then screaming then climaxing. Annie too was not far behind, yelling obscenities and screaming, soon to orgasm. I was holding on as long as I could but then I couldn't contain myself any longer. 'I'm a fucking whore' I screamed as his balls emptied inside my grateful cunt. The three guys were replaced by three fresh cocks as were the guys on breast duty.
My new guy started to pound away at my pussy, slowly at first building up speed. The guys working on my tits continued, slapping and tweaking them much harder. Faster and faster he went using my cunt. Again, Emma was shouting, screaming finally climaxing. Annie too was not far behind, screaming soon to orgasm. I again held on as long as I could but just couldn't. screaming as his balls emptied inside my cunt.
Three more guys replaced them soon to start again on our cunts, I looked up and to my delight Big Al was entering me. He smiled as I beamed back at him. And god did he fuck me, all my Xmases rolled into one. I was fucking enjoying the evening. Again, Emma came first screaming her way to a climax. Annie too soon to orgasm. I again held on, but it was proving impossible I just couldn't stop myself. Al came with an almighty grunt emptying his balls inside me.
Sam and two others came over and untied the three of us. A break was needed, and we had a quick slurp of wine and mingled with the audience.
Now the tables were replaced by three leather armchairs. We were asked to drape ourselves over an arm each. Of course, we willingly did.
Once in position Sam applied a liberal amount of lube to each of our arses as we bent over the arm of the chairs legs apart. Three guys approached and slowly slipped their cocks in our waiting arses.
In it went filling my arse, slowly he started to drill me. Then a little faster, I was getting more and more turned on again. Faster still, pounding my arse. Deeper and deeper I was going to cum, again. He grabbed hold of my tits squeezing my nipples as he fucked my arse. Pulling my breasts really hard, drawing them apart away from my chest. Faster and faster, harder and harder he fucked me. Then I came, shouting obscenities at the top of my voice and collapsed forward, well and truly fucked.
That wasn't the end of it, his cock was replaced by a willing substitute. Same again fucking my now tender arse but I was loving it. On and on until yet another orgasm and arse overflowing with cum. Then another cock, when would it end. More fucking and yet another orgasm, this was amazing.
Finally, Sam said enough. I thought that was it, but no. Bill appeared with a large soft blanket and laid it on the ground. Okay girls make yourself comfortable on the rug lay on it, your heads next to each other's.
Down we went and awaited the next episode of the night. We were surrounded by maybe six or so guys, cocks in hand. We lay there anticipating the first shower of cum. They worked their cocks furiously then one by one they unloaded their semen on our faces and chests. Quickly they were replaced by another load of guys, again wanking until they too sprayed our bodies. Then a third wave, then a fourth apparently no end in sight. On and on they went until surely every guy there had covered us. I literally couldn't see through my cum covered eyes.
Four of the girls present in the audience including Amy eagerly stepped forward and proceeded to lick the cum from our faces, a mammoth task but they persevered until at least I could see again.
Finally, we stood up on our very wobbly legs to a rapturous round of cheering.
Show's over guys said Sam, another soon I'm sure.

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