Amber’s Family Pt. 11

tagIncest/TabooAmber's Family Pt. 11

"Hi, Daddy! like my outfit?" Amber said as she did a twirl to show off her barely-their clothes covering her fit, tan body. Her large tits bounced beautifully as she twirled for him. Amber was wearing a tiny baby-blue flowery thong, already pushed aside completely exposing her cleanly shaven cunt. She had on pretty sheer thigh-high flowery stockings that matched her thong, and nothing else.
"I pulled my little panties aside for you already so that you can fuck me quickly before work. Please, Daddy? I need your cum deep inside me before you go."
"Not sure I have time, baby," said Michael, dressed in his work suit. His cock was slowly growing in his slacks as he looked at her perfect body and back to her hopeful gorgeous face.
"Daddy, I know you could use another cum before work," she said in a pouty tone. She walked up to him and pushed her tits against him. She reached down and covered his cock with her hand. She slid her small hand up and down his cock and smiled happily when she felt it grow larger through his slacks.
"I'll owe you one after work Daddy if you just give me a quick cunt-fuck now," she said pleadingly, looking up into his face.
Michael looked down at the hopeful look on his daughter's face and quickly took her by the hand and pulled her to the kitchen table. He positioned himself behind her and put his hand on her back, forcing her to bend at the waist over the table.
"Yay Daddy! thank you so much!" said Amber happily as she heard him swiftly unbuckle his belt and unzip his slacks behind her. She heard them fall to the floor and then felt the head of his large cock between his wet cuntlips.
Amber spread her fingers out on the table, bracing herself for him.
Michael didn't waste time as he grabbed his small daughter by her hips and shoved his cock straight to its hilt inside her tight pussy, emitting a shrieking moan from her, and pushing her against the table with his force.
"Oh fuck Daddy! all at once!!" she said whimpering and breathing heavily as he began to quickly fuck her with extremely fast, long strokes of his fat cock.
Michael groaned as he continued quickly fucking his daughter's tight cunt, loving the feel of her quivering channel.
Amber's Moans became louder as her cunt was invaded. He was pushing her over and over into the table with such force that it was scooting the table forward along the floor with each thrust. The table screeched loudly against the tiles in protest as Michael rammed his cock forcefully into his daughter's hot, wet channel with reckless abandon.
"You're my little fucking cum-whore aren't you Amber?" said Michael as his rod pistoned quickly in and out of his sex-crazed teenage daughter.
"Yes Daddy!" she said between moans, her tits bouncing wildly underneath her. "I need it every day now Daddy!, I'm your fucking cum-slut Daddy!!" she wailed.
Amber wailed and moaned as Michael assaulted her pussy quickly for about half a minute longer before feeling his balls begin to tighten. "Take my fucking load in your cunt then!" he shouted as his cock began to pulse and shoot his cum inside his little cock-hungry daughter.
"Fill me up Daddieee!!", Amber screamed as she felt the first hot burst of cum shoot deep inside her cunt. her orgasm hit hard, triggered by the feeling of the first shot of hot cum deep inside her.
Michael didn't slow down his frantic fuckstrokes even as his cum shot spurt after spurt deep inside Amber. Her spasming cunt around his cumming cock encouraged him to shove even deeper inside her as he came. After about 6 spurts, his cum began to drool from her cumming cunt, quickly spilling on the kitchen floor below them.
Another 6 spurts later Michael finished with his cum. He quickly pulled out of his daughter's still spasming cunt. Cum began gushing from her quivering puss to the floor as he grabbed his daughter and pulled her upright spinning her around and then forcing her to her knees in front of him. Her whole body slightly shaking as he did so.
"Open your mouth and clean it off" he demanded as his moaning daughter quickly complied. Michael pushed his cock deep inside her mouth and continued pushing until it was partially in her throat.
Amber, feeling his cum quickly pouring out of her pussy, reached down with a shaky hand and pushed her tiny panties back in place to cover her cunt, even while it pulsed in orgasm.
At the same time, she felt his large cock slide down into her throat. She relaxed it and began to suck and flick her tongue around his shaft as her own orgasm came to an end.
Michael pumped his large cock in and out of his daughter's mouth-cunt a few times as she continued to suck his cock clean, greedily sucking out the last bit of cum from it.
Fully finished he quickly pulled his cock out of his daughter's mouth, pulled his boxer briefs and pants up, zipped them up, and buckled his belt.
Amber was whimpering on her knees on the kitchen floor and massaging her tits with one hand as the fingers of her other found the cum mess on the floor. She began to coat them in Michael's spend.
Michael Walked away as Amber brought her cum covered fingers to her mouth and began to suck on them.
"Clean up the mess, and make dinner tonight and we'll call that your favor repaid," he said not looking back as he walked out the door and shut it behind him.
"Yes Daddy," Amber said quietly after sucking his cum off her fingers. "I love you," she said happily, a smile on her face.

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