Ambika aunty’s heaven

Hi everybody,

This is rajeev nair again, you must’ve read my previous stories (Paru and Horny Granny).This is about my rich, sexy aunt, She desperately needed it and how I helped her.

Her name is ambika and was aged 52yrs. She maintained a figure that would put any lady around 30+ to shame. She had a lovely pair of tits, round and hardly sagging, a smooth belly, a big belly button, lovely rounded arse, smooth and tight thighs. Her cunt was great so was her arsehole.

She had worked in Germany as a nurse and was there for about 25 yrs, her husband was an engineer and was about 15 yrs older than her. He had great brains and he used that to make lots and lots of money, sadly they had no children. He died about 5 yrs ago due to heart attack at an age of 59. They had shifted to Kochi a year before his death. They had bought a great piece of island in the backwaters facing the Sea. From the sky it would look like a spanner end kept in the sea. Its like any of the resorts you find in Thailand. It was a high security area too, no one could reach the house without the main gate or entering the Sea.

Aunt was 47 when uncle died, I used to love talking to her, she was frank and very forward in her thoughts. She had no inhibitions in talking about sex. When she knew that I had just finished my 12th and was having a long vacation, she sent my air tickets and invited me to her place for a couple of weeks. I reached Kochi airport and she was waiting to receive me. She was in black trousers and white Kurta. She couldnot identify me as she had no met me for about 7 yrs. I was about 6’2″ tall and had a solid body of an athlete. She was still looking beyond me as she hadn’t recognised me. I went past her and then tapped her shoulder, she turned around and only then realised it was me. She gave a bear’s hug and wept. She said you have grown so big, lets have all the fun and then went to the car park.

While driving she placed her hand on my thigh, squeezed it and said its over 5 yrs since uncle died and haven’t had a man since then. I knew she was straving, she needed a good fuck. She rubbed her hand on my tool it started to wake up. good let him wake up, i need him badly. When we reached their home, we left the main rd and turned left into a drive way. there was a massive gate. She pressed a remote like object in the car and the gate swung open, after we entered the compond, she closed it by the press of a button. The drive from that gate to the island was about 700 mtrs, again another gate and the same procedure. At last we reached the garage, she drove into it and stopped. I was about to open the door, she held my hand and pulled me towards her and planted a kiss on my lips. The hunger was seen in her eyes and actions, we smooched for about 5 minutes our tongues darting in and out. Then we came out of the car and into the house, the door was opened by a maid of about 25 yrs, she too had a stunning shape, she wore a nighty without anything inside. Aunt introduced her as her partner in everything, that clicked somewhere, they were enjoying lesbian relationship. Her name was geetha. Aunt told her that I am their specil guest for the next 14 days and they should take good care of me.

Geetha took the suitcase and went to the master bedroom.Aunt said you should be with me always, I need you with me. we went into the room and aunt came into my arms, I held her tight and rubbed my hands on her back. She kissed my chest and then looked up, I placed a kiss on her lips and then opened her mouth, my tongue went in and reached her tongue, she responded well, my tongue was exploring inside her mouth, it tasted nice, i sucked her tongue and the the lower lips, my hands were caressing her back over the kurta, using both my hands i broke the kiss and lifted her kurta over her head, wow what a beauty of breasts, held by a knitted white bra. they were pointing forward. I slpped my hands behind her and removed the hooks of the bra, took off her bra and the boobs were standing erect. Thats great for a 52 yr old. Her Nipples were pointing out by about 3/4″, they were erect, I slowly bent and took one nipple while kneading the other softly. She was moaning, I started to suck the nipple and knead the other with the fingers, she was reaching heaven. Her moaning increased, I sucked both the breasts and they were turning red. Aunt had milky white skin.

I slowly made her lie down on the bed and pulled off her trousers, she had smooth hairless long legs. Her white panties were wet, i pulled them off and now she lay stark naked on the bed. I removed my clothes and knelt down and lifted her legs over my shoulders, her cunt lips opened to show a neat pink cunt with the clit coming out, her juice were already dripping out, I placed a finger on her clit and suddenly she jerked and her cum started flowing out. She had her first orgasm. I kissed her cunt and started to lick her clean, she was enjoying it and was moaning, she held my head and pushed it towards her cunt, my tongue was going deep inside, she was pushing her hips towards my mouth, the rhythm was set, I spread the cunt lips further and went in deeper, I took the clit between the lips and pulled them, I blew air on to it, she was going to cum again, i licked and sucked her harder for about 5 mts and her flood gates opened, she came the second time. I cleanly licked her cunt not a drop of juice was seen.

i took her legs off my shoulder and kept them down,aunt sat on the bed while I was still kneeling, her toes touched my prick and she looked at it, the monster was 8″long and 5″ thick, The foreskin had gone back and the pink knob was shining with the veins shown brightly. Aunt asked me to stand and fondled my tool, she looked like a child who got a nice toy, She kissed the head, licked the tip, the precum was cleaned, she held it in her hand and slid the skin up and down, she looked into my eyes and said this is a great organ that i have seen, just like the blue movies, its all mine, she said selfishly and started to suck it. The knob went in and out,it lookd well oiled, she was licking it up and down, her hands were running up and down, she was getting totally into it. Her tongue was lapping up everything, She was an expert, I was enjoying it. She continued for about 10 mts. I pulled her head away and told her that I can hold on for a long time, so lets get it in.

My tool stood rock steady, waiting to break down anything in its way. I told aunty to lie on the bed, I lifted her legs and placed a pillow below her bums and then I entered her keeping her legs on my shoulder, It went in smoothly, I started to pump her, she came in no time at all, she wanted sex so badly, I started to increase the speed and I held on for about 15 mts, she must have come about 3 times in that span, The shaft was drilling deep inside and it also filled her sides, it was a thick cock that was pumping her. I pulled out my cock after her 3rd round of cumming and pushed it into her arse, it was so well lubricated that it just went in, her arsehole was tight, i pumped for about 3 mts and told her that I am cumming and shot into her arse. My cum was overflowing from her arse it slowly started to go limp as I pulled it out. She had the fuck of her life, she was so tired that she held me tight and we slept in each others arms completely naked.

This was within the first 1 hour at aunts place, There is more to come about my stay, the rest will follow.

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