American School Girl

Hi everybody I really love this site and especially this section of erotic stories. I really read this story every time I freak out on the net. I thought let me share my experience with you the one which has introduced me with this wonderful world of sex where there is no boundaries of age, nationality, cast, religion there is only love where even the perfect Strangers become greatest lovers. Before that let me introduce you with myself.
I am a tall, 5-11 form US return  handsome guy with a good personality, 30 years old with a 7 in Hyderabad working for a very large US based firm. I used to freak with many girls and fuck around with them but I never got a chance for very wild sex which I always wanted. I still remember that day when my company offered me to come over to US for a big project which will last for some years.
It was an opportunity I can never think to miss so I was ready to go and very excited too because I know that I will have a time of my life because of those beautiful blond chic’s are calling me in my dreams now. Finally the day arrive when I was in US it was a fantastic place and I loved it the chic’s were really hot and sexy there was an altogether different culture there you will find couples making love kissing, smooching in public everywhere. 
I really started thinking of my girlfriends and making love the way others were doing. You can’t ever think of this kind of public performance of love in India for a month nothing has happened since I was a complete stranger and always take precaution not to get into any trouble but one day I met with the person whom I can’t forget. It was a lovely Wednesday morning I was going to my room I use to take a public train before 
I bought a car for me to reach my office place when I stepped out of the station I saw a school going beautiful girl smiling at me. The look was absolutely killing it was something like as if she was waiting for me for centuries. I was stunned with that look and kept on wondering for some time then I collected my sense and started looking to that girl she was in her school dress with a blue mini skirt viewing a great look of her lovely legs and a white shirt from where her lovely boobs were poking out to be sucked. 
She was an absolute English beauty I just start wondering that why she is looking at me and I got the right intuition that today is my day so man just go for it, I gathered some guts and started talking to her I got an introduction her name was Catherine she told me about lot other things too I told her lot about myself and India and in no time we were friends like we know each other from ages this is what the power of sex is for taking about 15 min I asked her to come to my hotel which she smilingly accepted.
She must have understood what I want now this is what she was also waiting for. Reaching there I asked her to wait outside because I had to ask my room-mate. He said me go ahead and asked if he could also have some fun with this sexy blonde I told if she agrees then why not without even asking the babe I had taken her to the room. We were face to face now looking into each other eyes I was taking warm breath now all of a sudden.
I started French kissing her in a wild way making her drop on the bed while my tongue was busy exploring her mouth my hand started exploring her round boobs then after that course of action I started taking her clothes off she was responding very well for a faster result. She was all naked exposing her beautiful body to me there was a great plea surly smile on her face now it was her turn, she started hunting for my hard rod like a cat for a mouse she grabbed it and with a heavenly light in her eyes.
She put the full length in her fucking mouth I was shouting in pleasure angrezi rand choos mera land, aur tez aur tez. I comes in her mouth she drank my all cum she told me I enjoy the taste more than anything else now I again started kissing her all over her white body and by now my penis was ready for the real thing opened her legs exposing her pussy clearly firstly I put my finger in her to get the feel of her from inside, since it was my first time I don’t want to leave any chances for any mistake. 
She was really hot and wet waiting for my rod so she asked me common man fuck me don’t tease me like that. This was the moment I had waited ever since my penis started erecting. I glided my hard rod in her hot pussy she was not a virgin so there was no problem to get the full length in her heaven starting with slow I raised the momentum giving her lot of fun 7 to myself also she was screaming in pleasure when. 
I was about to come I take it out and empty my load on her breast. She was very pleased and rubbed everything on her body. We were tired with fun now; we remained sitting naked touching each other parts I stated giving her lesson in Hindi about what is land, choot, gand, and momey playing with these parts. This fore play makes us excited again now I thought to fuck her in doggy style I had seen this in lot of movies and this was the time for the practical. 
She bends in that position and believe me friend her ass was looking as the best monument of marble I couldn’t stop myself to kiss her ass. I started fingering in her ass to get the feel of working place it was tight so I put some cream on my tool and started the work. It was a dam laga ke haisha” scenario with some difficulty I penetrated the battle field this was too much for her also she started screaming in pain and then pleasure this time.
I thought to come in her ass only so there started a river of semen from her ass. She was satisfied so we put on our clothes. I straightway asked her that she must give some fun to my friend and roommate since he has helped us in successful completion of our love game she told me that she will come on evening with a friend of her and together we 4 will enjoy her plan was admitted by him and me so we waited for evening.  
She kept her promise and did come in the evening with an equally sexy girl. We had some great experience but that some other time. I am back in India but that one thing has lead to many other great experiences so have fun friends. Long live sex.