American sex stories | With Jessica

Fred was 21 and now working in I.T. He had met Jessica a year ago at a booking fair, and had immediately fell in love with her since. Her figure was beyond sexy, with pearly skin, blond slightly curled hair, deep blue eyes, and, which was completely luck, very rich. Her measurements must have been 36 24 36 or something, but they don’t usually thought about that stuff. They had developed a gf bf relationship since and there was never anything shitty about it, like the old “bang me like a whore” stuff, just romantic and usually chaste development. They figured they wanted to go slow and gentle, and the fact that both of them were virgins added up to their views in sex. Since both of them weren’t aristocrats you’d seen in Revenge (at least he wasn’t) so they lived a pretty normal life.
This day, they hanged out as usual at her house, a nice three floor condo, not the very large kind, and Fred sat on the living room floor, typing in his laptop. The ground was with warm carpet, white and clean just like everything Jessica owned. He was writing an important letter to his boss, a manuscript explaining the development of their new project software. Jessica walked in from the bathroom, a bathing robe wrapped around her. Fred looked and up and admired her beautiful body. She saw him watching and went over and gave him a deep kiss. He kissed her back and her mouth opened and they played with their tounges. He relinquished a hand on the keyboard and touched her arm, feeling the smoothness of his skin. She pulled back after a few second and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“You want to go to the bedroom?” she asked. This was new. Completely new, and took Fred by surprise.
“Now?” he asked in disbelieved. normally, this would strike a man trembling with “lucky me”, but Fred’s email couldn’t wait. But at the same time…getting a kissed by someone as beautiful as Jessica…everything could wait.
“Yes,” said Jessica, touching his cheek. “We know each other for a long time, I figured we know what we want.” She kissed him again more passionately and he kissed him back. Of course, it was impossible to not get aroused when she kissed you, but it was usually the hot, unbeatable lovely kind, not the cock throbbing “want-to-have-sex-with-you-now” kind. He felt something different this time though and he slowly slid the robe off her. Her beautiful body exposed completely to him and he gently caressed her lovely tits. She moan delightfully. It was not the first time he touched her breasts, but definitely the first foreplay they had. As is they ever had anything that followed. Everything was completely new.
He carried her to the bedroom (that stupid boss email long forgotten) and placed her on the bed. She stripped off his clothes and touched his muscles. Fred did a 3 hour workout everyday and had quite a fit body. He bend down and kissed her, gently rubbing his palms against her brown, soft nipples. He went on top of her and they kissed, her legs bending around his waist. His cock was now a hard, but a long way to go to max hardness. He licked her neck and she gently kissed touched his abs with her fingernails. It was probably because they spent a year exploring each other’s want but when it actually came to it, they knew what to do and reacted almost as if they had did this many times before. They rolled, Fred with his back to the and her on top of him. Her sweet blonde hair cascaded on his chest as she kissed his stomach and went lower to the place they never had a chance to use.
She felt him tremble with anticipation and perhaps nervousness and gently caressed his stomach, her fingers exploring his groin. She sat back, shaking back her hair and took his hard cock in her hands. Her fingers were amazing, going slowly up, squeezing at his head, and Fred’s face contracted with pleasure. Her strokes gradually became faster and his cock finally swelled to max size. She knew he was ready and gently inserted his cock into her mouth. A moan escaped from Fred and he watched as her head went down, completely swallowing his cock with her lovely red lips. She looked back up at him with her blue eyes and went up then down.
He moaned and stroked her hair as she gave him this wonderful blowjob. Her fingers cradled his balls as she sucked her manhood gently and lovingly. Her movement became faster and her hands were on his stomach, her head working up and down on his shaft. he took his breath deeply, because if he wasn’t, he felt like he was going to cum, and he did not want that to come so soon on their first sex. He quietly told her to stop and slid his cock out of her mouth. He rolled her to the bed and whispered “My turn” in her ear. She giggled and snuggled with him. He touched those soft nipples gently with his thumb and index finger and slowly, his mouth went down to her private. It was the first time he had seen her lovely tunnel, shaven clean for him, apparently throbbing with anticipation also. He gently licked her pussy hair and gently gripped the outside flaps of her clit and pulled gently. Her moans were happy and he fondled her vagina. Pulling harder, he worked his tounge in her pussy, gently lapping up her clit, pulling on both sides.
“Uh-uh-uh!” her cries were ragged and her thighs tensed, only to make her legs spread more apart. “Oh yes, Fred, yes you’re making me cum!” He licked harder and he nearly fainted as he saw her silvery pearl love juice flowing out of that hole. Her first orgasm came, and yelped with pleasure and her legs suddenly closed around his head, her whole boy jerking violently with the sensation. He carefully licked her hole clean and gently caressed her hair until her breathing became normal. He went up and went on top of her, and whispered, “Are you ready, babe?”
She told him she was and she kissed him and he kissed him back. Her hands guided his cock to the entrance of her love tunnel. He rubbed his cock against her entrance, not going in, just rubbing it up and down. Her moans were stifled through their feirce kiss and he could feel her ass going down, as if wanting to get him inside of her. He finally gave her his wish and inserted his 7.5 inch cock in her tunnel, slowly and gently. He went as deep as he could before his cock hit her hymen. She moaned in pleasure and pain as he slowed penetrated her barrier and hit the end of her passage.
Both of them stopped their movement, just to feel the pleasure ripping through them. Her hand gripped his arm in pain and he gently kissed her to reassure that everything was alright. Cautiously, he went back and forth only a little, and their strokes accelerated with pace. Their united moans came involuntarily and he gradually pulled his cock out to the very end and inserted it inside her again. She threw her head back in wild pleasure and her moans gradually became yells. His hand went to her breasts as they went up and down, in rythm, the whole bed rocking back and forth.

He increased speed, doing best to control his breathing, a technique he learned to prolong his ejection with masturbation. She held on to his waist, her mouth opening wide to scream, her thighs rubbing his abs through their hard strokes. He sucked on her lovely tender tits, feeling his balls gently slide against her groin. It was not long before he had to slow down, the sight of her lovely pearl body under him was well enough to make him cum. She kissed him passionately and they rolled over. They stopped for a minute, kissing, his cock still in her vagina. She was panting, whispering in his ear as he massaged her boobs, telling how amazing he was.
His hands went to his ass, slowly rotating her body on his cock. This action made her trembling with pleasure and his hands moved the meat on her ass up and down, without rubbing his cock in vulva. She sat back and threw back her hair, and slowly, she went up and down on him, her hands on his chest. He moaned with pleasure as she rode his cock and she bent down to kiss him. He licked her mouth as his cock went out completely and her hand guided it back in the pleasurable warmth of her vagina. Her pussy was extremely tight and it contracted violently on his cock, squeezing at the head, only to pull it in harder.
They breathing accelerated and they knew their time was up. They looked down to see sticky strands of their precum connecting their privates, half of his cock in side her, her milky white untanned ass, sliding on his shaft. Their strokes became hard and fast, his hands on her milky ass, her tits banging gently against his chest.
“Oh yes, do me, Fred, do me,” she squealed, her sweet hair cascading down around their faces, her blue eyes wide with pleasure. Her hips moved forward and backward, her knees at his waist, his cock bouncing insider her, going deep then completely out. His hand rested on the behind of his cock to keep it from sliding out because they were going up and down so hard. Fred took great deep breaths to control himself, but it was no use. Her brown nipples was all he could see and he sucked her, wanting her. She screamed as her second orgasm of the day spammed, and with a groan, he came as well, his seed shooting upwards in her tunnel.

They trembled as stream after stream hit then end of her passage. They locked in the position, her yelping and him panting, the pleasures completely wiping out the strength in their body. They felt the juice coming down and washed onto his cock and balls. He slowly took his cock out of her contracting pussy and watched as the creamy gunk spilled out on the sheets. She smiled, in pleasure of their first sex. They kissed and snuggled together, and they could only imagine what was to follow.