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(This story is part of Amorous Goods, A Lit Anthology Series.)
A lifelong collector of goods and objects from far and wide has passed and left the entire collection and the business built around them to the only remaining relative, a niece on a career path of her own. Vikki has taken on the task of administering the estate and liquidating the business and collection. However, she has come to find out that many of the goods have been cursed or enchanted with amorous powers that affect those who encounter them. These are the stories of some of those encounters with objects found at Amorous Goods.
Funny how much the preparation centered on my friend, Marie, and choosing a date when her husband was out of town at the same time my husband was traveling. Then the excuse to have her sleep over was not forced. Falling in October, I was incited to try the third gaudus, the last adventure, the forbidden.
"The box is ornate," Marie said. "Very unusual. Where did you get this?" She hesitated but I encouraged her to trace the delicately carved design with her fingers. I perceived a small shudder and a momentary loss of focus before she fixated on the illustration, very similar to my reaction the first time I touched the motif and then all sorts of symbols and figures within the pattern seemed obvious. Hearts and circles with lines symbolizing classical gods of love, serpent-like marks fitting tribal archetypes of fertility, an arc pierced by an arrow from the occult, and more of the phallus and sexual feats.
"I found this odd little shop in the city," I answered her question. "You'd probably call it the shady part of town. It was mixed in with smoke shops and sex boutiques and other stores selling incense and tarot cards and touristy kind of voodoo paraphernalia. I don't know why this shop seemed more authentic. As I entered, the owner led me to a back room where I could examine this box. She was like a gypsy, telling me small things about where I lived and my marriage that she probably guessed from my clothes or my words or my facial expressions to the things she was saying. She told me of her vision, of how I would visit and this box was meant for me, and it all became very convincing that somehow by fate I came to unite with this artifact.
"And how does all this work?" Marie wanted to know. "Why do you light these candles around your room and place these crimson towels beside of your bed?"
"I make it a ritual. Maybe it's my own doing. I wipe them lightly with the towels when I'm done and then I won't erode the natural oils with soap. The experiences guide me, like each time I do the gaudus I learn something new. I let my feelings guide me. For this occasion, for this third gaudus, I bought this special robe, this black satin robe. And I ask you to watch over me, to make sure nothing bad happens. Because I'm nervous. I'm anxious but more, I'm afraid."
"What do you call them?" Marie wanted to know. "Each one is a gaudus, or a gaudu, or all three are gaudi?"
"I don't know, the woman said 'Experience the gaudus' and I called each one a gaudus."
I opened the lid and showed Marie the three wooden objects laying in their molded berths of velvet. Three small knobs like shoe horns or the neck of a bow that could fit in your hand and nest with your palm and the crook of your thumb. The shape and etchings evoked millennia of women seeking gratification. I touched the chestnut colored horn in the middle, and then the dark mahogany horn on the left. But not the light birch horn on the right.
"They don't look like much," Marie commented, but her tone was friendly and light.
"I thought that, too" I agreed. "But after you encounter one and you appreciate the way it grows on you, you won't look at them the same. The first one I experienced was this caramel colored piece in the middle. I was seduced by a bronzed Italian stud on the Riviera. It's crazy, but I think it happened."
Marie looked surprised and also concerned for me.
I continued, "This dark piece on the left took me to a wild adventure in the jungle, where I was forced to submit and yet I woke with rejuvenation. If you watch you will see, I know. But if you can, I fear what this third journey will bring, and I want you to safeguard no physical harm comes to me."
"What makes you worried?" Marie asked. "Why is it different?"
"There's a symbol on the bottom of it," I explained. I lifted the piece and showed her the end. "It's faint but that looks like a Christian cross, and roughly hewn. I feel a strange mixture of emotions when I touch it. And the color is pale, like death."
"Let me touch it," Marie suggested.
"It will be safer if I go first. You'll see how quickly these pieces transform. I'm certain of that. There are many aspects still unclear, as to what took place and what was imagination, and I questioned if I was losing my mind. But you will see the transformation. Watch."
I rolled the pale wood in my fingertips and rubbed my thumbs up the smooth shaft of the bow. Instantly it was larger in my hands. I rubbed it across my chin and smelled the ruddy mix of blood and dirt and sweat. I brushed my cheek flush against the tip. I kissed the soft surface and let the round head nestle on the inside of my lips.
My tongue tasted the underside. I made it wet with my saliva yet savored its own moisture. Heavy and masculine and aggressive. I was offended at first but became accustomed to it. Like the first time when that boy, Jared, kissed me. I wasn't expecting it and I could smell his breath and he must have eaten something like meat. The smell put me off but then I accepted it and learned it like coffee or liquor, and I could anticipate the depth of the kinship like knowledge itself.
My thumbs and fingers worked the shaft, firm and full and slippery from my saliva. The slickness helped the shaft swell. I created friction through a circle of thumb and forefinger. It swelled in in my mouth as I pushed down to receive its length. I felt the ridge of the helmet bump my lips on each pass. I tried to extend my tongue to simultaneously tease the meaty underside and the tender skin along the middle ridge.
A bright light pierced the darkness. The light shone in my eye and made me squint. I could barely discern the pale tip of the penis before my face as I held it in my hands. Above, the dark silhouette of shoulders and hood eclipsed the beam of light but I saw no facial features.
"Do not hesitate," he commanded me. "You will accept the sacrament."
I tried to catch my breath. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue to receive. He pushed into my mouth roughly, forcing to the back of my throat. It made me gag. At the same time I felt my vagina clench and send a tingle through my pelvis. His hands on the back of my head held me down.
I pressed my hands against his thighs to hold him back but he moved my hands one at a time to his testicles. "Feel the weight," he commanded me. They were large and hairy as they hung in my fingers. I looked forward to the time I could make them retract and yield their juice.
"You will stand and be naked before us," he said sternly. I stood as he raised my hands. He untied the front of my robe and pushed the collar back off my shoulders. I pulled the robe off the rest of the way and let it fall at my feet. Though the air was warm, I felt a chill on my nipples.
"You have sinned," he yelled sternly.
"No," I screamed. "I have done nothing wrong.
"Do not tell us the lame tale that you are a victim! We are not ignorant of your ways and the methods you young girls use to tease men. You led him to defile your body!"
"No, I never asked for that," I said. "He forced himself on me."
"Do not lie to us! We can make you tell the truth."
"I said 'NO' yet he forced himself."
"Did he force himself in your mouth or in your womb?" The man's voice shook within my head.
"First in my mouth," I answered. "We were kissing in the back of the car as any teenagers do. That is not a sin. He grabbed my head and forced me into his lap. I had not even seen in the darkness that he unzipped himself and his penis was hard. He shoved my mouth onto his penis. He smelled bad. I don't think he had showered in days. And his friends in the front were laughing as he fucked my head."
"You enjoyed it!" the man demanded.
"I did not want it," I protested.
"When it happened, you took him in your mouth and you enjoyed it." I did not deny this. "And you led him to take your maidenhood?"
"No, he stole my virginity. I never consented. He pushed me back on the seat and ripped my panties off. His friends leered at me over the front seat and one took my panties as a souvenir. He was too strong for me and I could not stop him. He pushed his penis inside of me and it was all I could do to withstand the sting as he took my virginity."
"Do not lie to us!" he commanded again. "You did not close your legs or try to stop him. You did not scratch him or punch with those little fists of yours. You wished the others would have fucked you, too, that night."
"They did not," I asserted.
"You wished it," he insisted. "You wished as he thrust his manhood in your vagina and squeezed his hot sperm in your body that the others would follow."
"I could not stop my body," I argued. "I was young but my body was disposed to mate. When he took control of my vagina and he stimulated my genitals then my mind could no longer stop it."
"Look how wet you are," he demanded, shoving his fingers in my pussy. He pushed two fingers inside, sliding deeper in and out. Then he put those fingers to my mouth and made me taste my stimulation. "The devil has possessed your womb and makes you lead young men to sin."
"They force their will upon me," I protested.
"You will atone for your transgression." My hands were lifted roughly above my head and back, forcing me to fall back on the bed. I expected to feel the soft cushion of my mattress but it was hard and firm, a wooden plank to angle my body elevated and vulnerable. My hands were tied to the upper corners and I could not defend myself. The strain on the sinews of my shoulders sent a rush of adrenaline through my body. Standing between my legs, he opened his robe completely and revealed his erect penis at the edge of my vagina. It was not large or attractive, but he rubbed the tip on my lips and made them swell and open to want him.
He pushed his penis slowly inside of me and the strength of his dick felt good against the tight cincture of my cunt. As he cleared the rim of my entrance and lubed my vagina, I felt wetness spread through my pelvis. I relaxed to take him and ease him deep within. The silhouette of his hooded frame hovered over me before the dancing flame of a torch ensconced on the wall.
"You consort with the devil," the man breathed heavily in my face. His pelvis bumped my clitoris as he thrust completely inside. The electricity running up my spine prevented me from thought or speech. "He has chosen you and he will possess you."
The man withdrew and left a hole of want and loss inside of me. I whimpered for him not to stop. My hands were taken and turned to force my body over, my nipples rubbing against the hard grain of the wood. I tried to press up on my elbows so my swollen nipples would not be scraped. The man pushed my legs apart sternly.
"You wish to yield your anus," he commented.
"No, I've never done that," I denied him.
"You wish it," he corrected me. "You desire to take my penis and lose your anal virginity." He pressed his penis at the entrance of my anus. It was wet and firm and it set all of the tender nerves in my pelvis on fire. As he forced the head of his penis in the tight cincture of my ass I was powerless to relax but I could enjoy the friction of his strength within the trying rim of my muscles. My ass was struggling to stay closed and at the same time desiring him to push further. When he more fully entered my ass and fucked it as he had fucked my pussy, I appreciated the tight swish of his gnarly stick firing impulses all around my pelvis. Slick and tingling while tugging the sphincter. I wanted him to cum in my ass.
"You will prepare him," the man commanded. I did not understand him. I was lost to his penis.
"You will prepare him," the man repeated. I opened my eyes and saw the small dark knob before my face. It was the mahogany gaudus now brushing my cheek. I smelled its musk. The deep, meaty odor of animals rutting in the jungle. I opened my mouth and sucked on the head and then the shaft of this black penis. It was instantly swollen, much more quickly than I had experienced before. The foreskin protecting the helmet retracted and I could run my tongue on the edgy rim of the head. It tasted earthy and scorched like burnt wood or incense. I licked more eagerly to understand the complexity.
The black penis was full now and impaled in my throat. I relaxed my esophagus to deep throat the shaft. Bigger than I remembered but pushed slowly without coercion to allow me to swallow. When I choked for air he withdrew. He pressed his testicles to my face and I kissed them. I snaked my tongue under his balls and teased the meaty bulge between his scrotum and anus. He lifted one leg before my face to let me lick this area and taste the nasty, dirty ooze of his sweat and filth. I longed to lick his testicles and suck his penis at the same time.
The man stopped fucking my ass but held still within me. He rolled me over and now I lay back against his chest with his penis fully up my butt. His legs wrapped around my ankles and held my legs spread open. He grabbed my wrists and forced my arms behind me to the small of my back, clutched in one of his hands, arching my frame and tilting my hips.
"You will receive his wonder," the man commanded in my ear. "You will take the darkness and feel the utter glory of his power.
The black penis pushed into my vagina. I had never felt two at once. The pressure within was unbearable as the man in my ass pressed my muscle wall against the black penis. The black man sensed the limits of my body and slid slowly. Contortions flashed across my face. My pussy melted to a river flowing on his shaft. When he was completely inside, and the crux of his groin bumped against my clit, then he increased the pace and hit all the ribs of my vagina in cycles of fire.
His body was so hairy over me. I saw the hair shooting from his head before the fire of the torch. There may have been smoke from the torch or incense burning that made it hard for me to focus. I could smell the obscure and foreign aroma of incense mixed with his sweat as he grunted close to my face. I thought for a moment those might be horns or was I imagining shapes from his spiky hair in silhouette? His hands were rough like paws on my shoulders to hold me down as he thrust inside and bumped my cervix. Fortunately, the man behind laid still within my ass to let the black man dictate the progression, but he teased my nipples with his free hand. His fingers were normal and soft enough to titillate me without harm.
"That's so beautiful," the woman whispered in my ear. Her voice surprised me.
"Is that your disciple?" the man behind asked me gruffly.
I tried to see her face to understand who. Her hair was darker, straighter and a little longer than I remember Marie's. Her eyebrows were full and thick, but sharp above her eyes. Her lips were red with a tint of lipstick between rose and blood. And she wore my robe, or she had found a satin robe almost identical to the one I had been wearing. By the way her nipples pressed the fabric, I perceived she was not wearing anything else.
"Did you bring a disciple to assist your breeding?" the man behind asked further. The woman only smiled at me and brushed my cheek gently. The lightness of her nails barely touching my skin contrasted how vigorously the black man thrust in my pussy. She leaned down and kissed me with those red lips. It was wrong and I tried to turn away. She held my chin and edged her tongue between my lips and tried to fuck my mouth with it.
The woman withdrew. She traced the caramel gaudus down the bridge of my nose and poked my cheek with it. Then she leaned back slightly with a smirk and inhaled the tip of the gaudus. I tried to focus, to understand if it was Marie, but she seemed more like a relative, perhaps Marie's younger cousin. She slobbered on the gaudus and then turned it sideways before my eyes, sliding her tongue under the length to tease me. As it grew, the woman sucked it within the O of her lips. She let it pop out with a distinctive smack and touched it lightly to my lips. I tasted the rich Tuscan sun that I knew so well but mixed now with the woman's slaver. I tried not to react so it would not encourage her but I knew the waves of vigor from the dark penis that owned my pussy overwhelmed me and sent ripples of submission across my face.
The woman smiled and formed her lips to an O again, yet overly demonstrative to make me watch. She sucked the penis deeply. I saw her tongue poke out to tease the tender bulge, as I had done, and letting her spit pool to a drop running down to his balls. He stepped close to my head, which blocked the dim light of the flame, and I could only see shadows of his testicles near my forehead and the massive curve of his thigh and the intricate curve of her lips sliding on his penis. It seemed that he wanted me to watch the penis I loved being sucked by another.
The man in my ass started to hump slightly. Just a subtle counter movement to the large, black penis stuffing my vagina like a piston. My eyes rolled back as I lost control.
The caramel penis pushed at my lips now. He was standing over me and I saw nothing. I tilted my neck back to take the length of his penis directly down my throat. I enjoyed the familiarity of his shape. But I also tasted the unusual saltiness of the woman. Or it could have been a mix of the woman and his pre-cum. I was swimming in the simultaneous fucking of my pussy, my ass and my mouth.
Fingers playing lightly over my nipples. It completed the sensation on all parts of my body. Delicate fingers pinching and rolling my nipples, and barely brushing over the tops like wind. Small, graceful touches. Not his fingers but hers.
The proctor stated in my ear, "You like her touch."
I mumbled on the penis, "No, I did not seek sex with another woman."
"Yes, confess it!" he countermanded me. "You have fantasized about a woman touching you." My Italian lover withdrew his penis, now dangling over my face. The woman leaned forward and slurped at the tip, as though trying to taste my sex with him as much as to pleasure the penis itself. As she leaned over me, and her robe fell open, her breast was pendant by my face. Her breast was ample and younger than I knew for Marie. The nipple was engorged and protruded near my lips. I turned my face slightly so her nipple would not fall to my lips as I watched her suck on him. She swept her hand down my belly and fingered my clitoris. The tingling was extreme with the penis filling my pussy and the penis filling my ass. She knew how to alternate between pinching my labia against the penis and flitting her fingers over the hood of my clit.
She relinquished her oral grip and the stud reinserted to my mouth. He coaxed the first half of his penis in my lips so I would not choke. She used one hand on my nipples and one on my clit.
The proctor stated, "Yes, you enjoy her touch. You want her to lick you."
I could not argue because of the penis in my mouth, but I whimpered against him. Proctor repeated his insistence of my desire. The woman kissed down between my breasts to my navel. I felt her bare breast against my shoulder. She drew a twisted, crimson rope down my torso to run across my leg and add to the friction. The black man sat back, his penis pulled out halfway, and his pace slowed. I felt her breath above my pubic mound and she laid her cheek there. She let the crimson rope fall against the outside of my labia and wrap around under my butt, moving all of my flesh around my vulva while rasping my skin with the subtle fiber of the rope. The proctor sensed the transition and quickened his pace in my ass. He maintained the pressure around my pelvis and vulva. The black man popped out and I felt the fat shaft of his dick sliding up and down through my labia. I knew that he was pushing his penis into her mouth and she was tasting me. The proctor tried to compensate with his fucking but it would not fill the void. I needed the fat black penis in my cunt.

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