Amrapali my sweet sis

How can I even begin to describe it? I arrived here at home yesterday from College. My parents were gone for the weekend, due back tomorrow, so only my little sister Amrapali was here to welcome me. She had just turned 18 and I hadn’t seen her in a few months. Wow…she had changed dramatically. She was no longer my shy bookish little sister, in the space of three months she had blossomed into a gorgeous, sexy woman. Long black hair, green eyes, and from I could tell great breasts. I know brothers are not supposed to notice that kind of thing, but I am only human!!

Anyhow, I woke up this morning, took a shower and on my way back to the bedroom, wearing only my bathrobe, I hear my sister calling for me from her bedroom. I knock on her door and she opens it. She is only wearing a towel around herself.

“Hey Lucky bhaiya, would you mind telling me how I look in a couple of dresses I bought yesterday for my big date tonight?”

“Sure…no prob.”

So I sit on her bed as she walks into her walk-in closet. She emerges a couple of minutes later wearing a tiny red dress, showing off an amazing amount of cleavage and barely covered her ass. Taken aback, I am not sure what to say at first.

“So…what do you think, bhai?” she says, turning around, acting like a model.

“Uhhmmm…well…you look very nice.” I reply, not knowing what else to say. These crazy thoughts running through my head, wanting so badly to see her naked. My little sister.

“Nice?? That’s all…you have nothing else to say?”

And before I have time to reply I realize that my cock has suddenly grown erect. I pray to god she does not notice, that it is not showing through the bathrobe.

“Well…yeah…you look very nice.”

“I see. So why don’t you tell me what you robe seems to be moving up around your crotch?” She replies, a smirk on her face.

Embarrassed, I quickly move my arms to cover my erection…and decide to deny.

“What are you talking about, Amrapali…you must be seeing things” but knowing as I was saying that she was not buying any of it.

Still staring at me, she moves towards me and sits down on the bed right next to me. Her dress is so short that I can see her panties showing in between her legs. Lace. Purple.

“I don’t believe you, Lucky…” and she quickly knocks my arm away and grabs my swollen cock through my bath robe.

“Seeing things, hey? What is this?”

Blushing furiously I don’t know what to say. I am trying to look everywhere else but at her when I feel her slowly moving her hand up and down my shaft. “What are you doing?” I ask.

“You don’t mind, do you? It sure seems to need it” amrapali replies, a grin on her face. She then unwraps the robe from around my leg, setting my shaft free…and once again wraps her hand around it. The feel of her skin on my cock sending shivers down my back.

“Wow…impressive Lucky dear. I always suspected you were hiding a large dick…but I never thought it was this big.”

“Thanks…I guess. By the way, you look incredibly hot in that dress.”

Unable to resist any longer.

“I know.”

Her hand slowly picks up the pace.

“Touch me, dear” she asks me.

Unable to say no, my hand moves to her thigh. Squeezing it. Moving up and down her leg. Squeezing in between her legs, feeling the moisture through her lace panties. I slowly start to rub her pussy through the fabric.

“Mmmmhh…That feels good.” She whispers in my ears. “Would you mind if I tasted that massive cock of yours?”

I shake my head, not believing I had just heard those words.

She let go of my shaft and slowly got down on her knees in between my legs. She looked up at me, and ever so slowly wrapped her lips around my cock. She started to move her mouth up and down the shaft, her hand cupping my balls. “Oh god, Amrapali…that feels so fucking well. You might want to stop soon though…I might cum any second.”

My cock still in her mouth, a grin spreads across her face and she picks up the pace. Moving up and down. Suddenly, unable to hold it backs any longer me cum in her mouth. My entire body in spasms. She pulls out my cock and lets it shoot its load all over her face and mouth, swallowing what she can. By this time I am lying on the bed, exhausted. I turn my head to look at Amrapali and see my cum dripping from her face…a big, wolfish smile on her face.

“Did you enjoy that, Bro?”

Out of breath, I whisper: “God…best damn blowjob ever.”

“Good…now it’s my turn. But I need you hard again…and I know exactly what will work.”

She stands up and slowly starts to take her dress off, having to wiggle out of it, the dress being so tight. She pushes it down her body, exposing herself to me. First, her D-cup breasts, then her cute belly button and finally her legs. Once it is off she stands back up, and does a flip again. Showing off her body in her purple underwear. Once again staring at me, she begins to remove her bra, setting her tits free. She then slips her panties off, leaving her completely naked.

I stare at her naked body, knowing she wants me to…that she needs to be admired. “What are you doing this, Amu (amrapali)?” I ask, my cock growing harder by the minute. “To prove to myself that I can seduce anyone. Don’t get the wrong impression, bro…This is the last time this is happening. So enjoy while it lasts.”

She is still standing in front of me, her hands exploring her own body…and again knowing that I am doing exactly what she wants me to do, I wrap my hand around my swollen cock and start to stroke it. She slips her fingers inside her wet pussy…moaning as she does so. My eyes are glued on her. And once again, just by looking at her, I know what she wants of me.

I get off the bed, down on my knees in front of her and gently part her legs. She moves forward slightly so that her dripping pussy is right above my face. And so I get to work. My tongue in and out of her hole, my fingers rubbing her clit, Amrapali encouraging me. “Oh yes, Bahanchod…stick that tongue deep inside of me…god that feels good…” And as I am tonguing her, my hand is still wrapped around my cock, stroking. After a few minutes, her whole body tenses up and she yells out loud. I feel the extra juices flowing from her orgasm, swallowing everything up. Loving it.

Suddenly she picks me up and throws me on the bed. Surprised at her strength, I watch her climb over me and straddle me, my cock sliding deep inside of her pussy. She starts to move her body up and down my shaft yelling my name, telling me to fuck her deeper. So I comply by raising my lower body, so that my cock reaches as deep as possible. I cannot believe how good it feels to fuck my sister, best damn experience of my life. And as I feel her pussy contract around my cock, my sister yells out my name in the throes of another orgasm…and I cum deep inside of her. My whole body feeling it. As if I had just ran a marathon. I lay back spent, my sister looking down at me, with a huge grin on her face. She raises her pussy off my shaft and lies down next to me, casually sliding one of her fingers in her pussy and pulling right back out, then wrapping her lips around it, tasting the combination of my cum and her juices.

“So…was that the best fuck of your life, bro?”

And knowing she needed the endorsement, and not having to lie, I reply: “It’s a day I will never forget, sis….thanks.”

She smiles as I slide one of my own fingers inside of her and pull it back out. I slip it inside of my mouth and suck off all of the juices. I don’t think I will ever taste anything quite as good. Is any puneri girl would like my service pls write meat [email protected].