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Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.
What a lovely city Amsterdam. The canals, the government buildings, the smoke shops, the dance clubs and the brothels.
I arrived on holiday on the Friday and settled into a routine of rising at noon, an afternoon of sightseeing, then early evening was smoking time, late night was the clubs.
On my third night the crowds were much smaller, it was Sunday night after all.
In my third club, Metro Verdi, I was drawn to a beautiful woman at a table with two other women, so I bought them all a drink, and waited for the waitress to indicate where their bounty came from.
I gave them a nod and a smile, hoping.
Yes, I was waved over.
I don't know how many thousands of dollars I've wasted on women in bars, but these ones would at least show their gratitude with some conversation.
Greta actually showed interest in me, which was fantastic.
She told me that she was a resident of the city, and managed a club herself, but it was a male strip club, and some of the girls she liked to drink with didn't like to go there, so here she was.
I had to wonder why she would want to spend time with me, maybe it was the accent of an American, which everyone says we have, but, of course we don't. I carried an extra 30 pounds (some said 50) and I never lifted weights or jogged. My hair was good, if I got any points for that, but otherwise I had to count on my personality or my paycheck to get any pussy.
The other friends drifted off, or were picked up by other guys, until it was just Greta and I, so I invited her for a late meal and she suggested that we could pass on that and hit the sheets instead!
I was thrilled by the idea of course. Greta carried some extra weight, maybe 20 pounds, but her breasts looked perfect.
She was at least 40, but her face was that of a 20 year old.
We went back to my hotel room, and it got hot right away.
Greta removed her flowing gown with care, explaining that it was quite valuable, she lay it gently on a chair.
Wearing a thin white lace bra and a white thong she looked like a dream come true to me.
She insisted on undressing me, so I stood for her ministrations.
Greta was gentle, though I would have been okay with more speed.
When she was down to my boxers, I was tenting the front well enough that she smiled and showed me with her eyes that she was pleased.
With two hands she snapped my undies to the floor, causing my tool to bounce for her enjoyment.
I may be on the tubby side, but my 8 inches of cock stood out firmly. The gentle curve upwards was a point of pride for me, but the girth caught the eye of most women. Often the lady's wrist was not as thick as my dick.
Greta reached behind and un-clipped her bra, then pulled it off of her shoulders.
The points stayed firm and high while she literally peeled it from her chest. She certainly had some work done here, but I was not complaining.
She left her garter and stockings, but the panties were another matter. She pushed them quickly to the floor, impatient to get to my magic wand!
She pushed me back onto the bed, and relieved me of hanging boxers, then knelt next to me.
She took me in her hands, and popped her mouth onto my dong.
Very few women had even tried to give me oral, but Greta was able to move me the four inches to the back of her mouth, while her hands did the rest.
With her tits bouncing, and her well trimmed snatch only a few feet from my mouth, I could not hold back. She started swallowing and didn't stop until I was done.
As my penis deflated, she moved to put her clothes back on.
"Wait, what about your needs," I whined.
"Oh, you are cute, but you won't be ready for at least 20 minutes would be my guess," she explained, "and I would like our next round to be me riding that monster until I burst," she concluded.
"So I want to hit a club, have a drink and a laugh, then ride you hard."
"Can you handle that," she asked.
I can usually get it back up in 5 minutes, and normally I would push for that, but the prospect of an ongoing fuck with this cougar, was too much to resist, so we headed out.
Just across the street was a Unisex Strip Club. Of course I checked it out the first night, but the swinging dicks were distracting, and not in a nice way.
If the atmosphere kept Greta hot, I was happy to try it again.
We started with a lap dance for Greta, delivered by Carlo.
"How is your husband doing," Greta asked him, proving that she knew at least one stripper.
She tipped well, but didn't get handsy as other women were doing.
After the dance, the manager came over and hugged Greta, then kissed both of her cheeks.
This woman was one of the other girls that were sitting with Greta when I first saw her.
A young stripper came over to dance for me.
She had long blonde hair, full breasts, and a thin waist. Her clothes came off, as they all do, and her body was as good as I've ever seen, but my mind was still thinking about the woman next to me, whom I actually expected to fuck!
I gave this one the same tip that I saw Greta offer, and we left, heading back to my suite.
This time I stripped myself, and met Greta in the middle of the bed. She still wore the stockings, which I found to be silk.
My hands could not have been kept from those tits, short of chains, but I was gentle.
One nipple cried out for my lips, so I bent in to comfort her.
Greta surprised me, with a tube of sex lube. I saw the manager pass her some small packet, and now I knew what it was.
She pushed at least an ounce of the thick lube along the length of my rigid member, then used both hands to spread it in.
Not wanting a surprise eruption, she quickly moved to mount me.
Slowly she pushed down until the head was inside, then two more inches.
She popped back up for those two inches, and then came down four.
When she had it all in, I helped to hold her weight by lifting her breasts to enjoy, and she started to pump me up!
Even though I came only 40 minutes ago, I still only lasted ten minutes.
Greta had managed one good orgasm in that time, but I was still disappointed for her.
"You will do better next time," she informed me matter of factly.
"Let's go tiger," she said, and got to work getting dressed.
Again I could not resist, even though I had cum twice, I had an eye for more!
This time she said she had to check in at her bar, so we got a cab and quickly found ourselves at "The Colosseum."
This was a high end establishment. The men and women working there were all gorgeous.
All of the staff were topless, with the men well muscled and oiled, and the women with modest sized breasts, but firm bodies and beautiful faces.
I could see that other women would not be overly intimidated by these nubile babes, but they perked me up right away.
We went to the main floor, where a dozen tables held at least a hundred guests.
The dancers stood on platforms next to their clients, just like the strip clubs that I had frequented, and they offered their bodies to their patrons, just like the ladies would.
Greta had words with the staff, then motioned for me to follow her.
There were lots of curtained back rooms, and she peeked in a few, talking now and then, until we reached a door at the back, which I figured would be the offices.
With the light on, I could see that it was actually a party room, with comfortable seating around the perimeter, and a well cushioned, oddly shaped bench in center stage.
Greta started to remove that special gown, so, not wanting to be slow to the party, I started to disrobe myself.
As I pulled off the boxer, I realized that Greta had stopped after the gown.
She motioned me to her, next to the bench.
"Take this pill, it will keep you hard for longer," she informed me. She did not need to explain any further.
"I am going to strap you to this bench," she purred.
"Sure," was all I could say.
I lay down naked on the soft bench, and Greta brought straps from hidden spots below, and started to buckle me in.
The belt that went below the belly pushed my stomach up, and gave a lot more room for someone to plunge down on my pecker. There was an excessive number of straps, but I only got harder as they were tightened.
When I was secured to her satisfaction, Greta went to a wet bar and made herself a drink, while overlooking her plaything.
Returning to me she pulled out that tube of lube, and spread a liberal amount on my penis.
She swung her leg over me, just as a side door opened and a young lady stepped into the room. This one also went to the bar and made herself a drink.
"Hmm, you found a good one," she murmured, with eyes full of cock!
"Yes, a bit plump, but we can take care of that," she replied as if I was not in the room.
Greta then swung her leg over me and without preamble, she lowered her pussy down onto my cock and didn't stop until she was resting on my thighs.
This was a first for me, fucking in front of someone else, and I didn't expect to last very long.
With two feet planted on the floor on either side of the bench, Greta was able to slide my full length in and out of her grabbing pussy.
She had to hold her own breasts, but that was not a problem.
She had a nice orgasm within two minutes, while I didn't join her until just before her next one.
She rode me for five minutes after I came. Taking advantage of my engorged dick until she was done.
Wow, I thought maybe the other woman was going to have a ride, but she came over with a damp cloth and wiped me down.
Greta stood and used the same cloth to wipe herself down, including a shameless dip into her sopping vagina. She pulled her panties on, then her gown, and without a word, she went to the door and left.
Hmm. Should I worry? Was the other lady going to go for a ride on my dick that wouldn't quit?
I didn't say a word, I just lay there, confident that my luck had not run out.
There was a commotion outside, and the door burst open, allowing a crowd of patrons into the room.
There were 2 male strippers and six women of various ages.
The women were happy to see me, and they all had a touch of my stiffie.
"Can I suck it," one woman asked the young lady that had joined us earlier.
"Help yourself," Mrs Peltier, "you get whatever you want Dear."
Mrs. Peltier had a good look at it, then bent down, and using two hands she brought me to her mouth, where she tickled me with her wicked tongue.
Then she pushed herself onto me. Just like Greta, she pumped me with both hands, but, while I stayed hard, I wasn't about to dribble out an orgasm for quite a while.
"Nice," she said, when she came up for air.
Music was turned on, and the strippers started doing their thing for the ladies.
After the dance, the young lady obviously running the room came over and lubed me up again, while some of the patrons watched. Then an older woman, perhaps 50, and just as plump as me, came over, lifted her skirt to reveal a totally bare and hairless vagina, and stepped over me to mount me.
Not someone I would normally try to pick up, but hey, why not.
She had no trouble pushing right down on me.
This broad held her breasts, just like Greta, but they were not exposed for me. She rode me much the same as Greta though, and soon had what I could only describe as a great orgasm. She finished with me totally embedded, and her, grinding her clit into my groin, while she shuddered and cried out, "Yes, Yes, YES!"
An hour later I had been used by every woman in that room, except the cute attendant.
Surprisingly, I hadn't cum since Grata got my meager load over an hour ago.
Greta came back and I thought it was all over, but she sat with Mrs. Peltier, and laughed with her, while she heard about the ride that she had enjoyed.
"Would he make me cum with his tongue," she inquired, like she was asking for an accessory on a car.
"Certainly Mrs. Peltier, although he is not a professional, and I can't say how good he is," she replied.
"What if I don't want to," I sputtered out, but I was a bit late as the large woman squatted on my face.
I thought about giving her a bite, or nothing, but she started to suck on my still engorged cock and she ran her hands up and down the shaft.
Well, "When in Rome," I thought, and set about servicing my new friend.
She certainly helped herself, by her vigorous licking and kissing of my dong, although I still didn't move very close to ejaculating.
When she started to orgasm, I did my job, and darted my tongue even faster.
The taste was just as I remembered it, salty, tangy, and hot.
She did not rise fast, but I was proud of the job I had done, so I wasn't going to ruin it by yelling, hey tubby, get your fat ass off of my face!
When she stood, she turned and gave me a deep kiss with tongue.
Yuck, I thought, but it wasn't all that bad since I still hadn't cum.
The entire group, less the strippers, went to the ladies room.
Greta came over with another drink, then showed me that there was a drinking tube to my right that I could reach with my mouth, just like a hamster in a cage!
"How are you doing stud," I realized that Greta couldn't remember my name!
"I'm ready to go home now," I said hopefully.
"Oh, dear me, we have only gotten started!" "We are open until 4," she said and laughed.
"I won't be able to perform for much longer," I begged.
"You will perform fine darling, that pill will keep you hard for 6 hours, without a headache!" she claimed, "…the other side effect is that you won't be able to cum, until it's effects fade."
"We do not offer lip service normally, but Mrs. Peltier is a favorite of ours, so we took advantage of your situation," she claimed, "There won't be more than two or three others tonight, I promise."
Over the next three hours my room monitor, Julie attended to my needs, but not before she satisfied our customers.
She filled my water bottle with juice, to keep my electrolytes up, and wiped up any messes that were left on me by our clients.
Through the rest of my adventure there were few occasions to relax.
The women that came here (pun intended) were of all descriptions. They were young and gorgeous, old and fat, middle aged and saggy, but they all enjoyed my prick.
At four in the morning there was a chime, which announced the pending closure for the night.
"Take your time Mrs. LaFontaine," we certainly would not presume to rush you dear," my cute associate offered.
Mrs. La Fontaine sighed and resumed her play.
Soon she was down to grinding while enjoying the aftershocks of a good lay!
I could feel a little tingle myself, so maybe the drug was wearing off.
"Is Greta coming back," I wondered out loud, "is someone going to release me?"
Julie came over, and ran her hand lightly and gently along my thigh and onto my cock.
"I can unstrap you," she said, and proceeded to do just that.
Upon full release, I swung my legs to the floor, but she cautioned me not to rise yet.
"Greta went home an hour ago, leaving me in charge," Julie explained.
"We have a shower next to the men's locker, would you like a shower?
Realizing that this pretty young girl was smelling me, after I had been cum upon by at least 20 women, some of them … No, Most of them had enjoyed multiple orgasms, I had to say yes to the shower!
Julie led me through the club and into the dressing room. A few of the Adonis were showering and welcomed Julie warmly by name. I went into the shower stall and lathered up.
In less than two minutes, Julie added her hands to the soapy frey.
She had removed the skirt and whatever had been beneath, but to my horror, my penis was slipping into a comma!
"Don't worry, you will be able to use it again, in about an hour." she said, as she wrapped a hand around it.
She got down on her knees to make sure I had cleaned the business end thoroughly.
"Maybe, it won't take an hour," she mused, as she stuffed as much as she could into her mouth.
My best friend was just stiff enough to slide down her throat, and just flexible enough and slippery enough to not get stuck.
Julie started bobbing her head, but soon my head wouldn't go in her head nearly as far!
She turned off the water and took me by the hand, out to the now empty locker room.
She lay herself on the bench and directed me to mount her.
"I have been staring at that big juicy cock all evening," she said, "I know I have no right to ask, but would you fuck me sir?"
What is a man to do?

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