An Adventure To A Lost Village

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By Courtney Mary Blythe was not like most women of her time. Where most women in their early 20’s were married or getting married, serving their husband’s and having children. Excitedly building their homes and lives, cooking and cleaning, Mary was following in her late father’s footstep’s by exploring the African continent that her native England had colonized so much of. She had too much energy to be contained by a house or even her home village. She wanted to go trekking through the wilderness where no one had ever gone before. This was 1884, and while she wasn’t the first woman to do these things, she certainly was in the minority. Trading in her corsets and elegant dresses for more masculine attire, suitable for her adventures, she was ready to travel to wherever Africa would take her. To those that weren’t close to her, you might ask why her parents would allow their only daughter to take such risk.The answer is because her mother died in child birth, and her father of malaria when she was 19. With no motherly figure to help raise her other than the occasional maids that came and went, she was with her explorer father most of her life. Undeterred by her father’s passing, she ignored her friends and families advice to grow up and find a husband and instead chose to head out on a trip to central Africa.

Following up on her father’s research that suggests ruins of some long lost ancient civilization in the jungle, she wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she wasn’t the one to find them. To everyone around her it was a shame, Mary had her mother’s elegance, an effortless beauty that is hard to describe with looking. She had long wavy brown hair, blue eyes and freckles but there was something more. Something you can’t describe, can’t touch, but can only see. Paired with her lovely body made her the envy of most women and the desire of so many men. There was a rumor that she had been secretly sleeping with a man and got caught which is why she was always leaving on trips around the world, but those were unconfirmed and without any evidence. The truth is she was more excited to be in the untamed outdoors than with a man. Her ship whisking her away on another adventure. This was no ordinary adventure however, because several Lords in the Royal government had invested in her father’s voyages, she would be carrying on that work. Her job was to find these ruins, and if they really exist, map them out and return to London so that they can be secured and studied. The colonies in Africa changing hands between the European powers one way or another, no one in London wanted to give away relics of a lost civilization to the French or Spanish, least of all the Germans. But they also didn’t want to give money to a fully equipped expedition so instead they gave the job to Mary.

Three weeks after landing in the port city Victoria (Limbe) of the British Ambas Bay Protectorate (Cameroon), Mary found herself in the deep Jungle. Her father laid out a detailed and well researched map that she was following. Her journey through the jungle was difficult and everywhere she went the people from every village she encountered were stunned because she was the first white woman they had ever seen. To them looking at her was like looking at a ghost, and most children were afraid because of it. In each village, she spoke with the locals asking if they knew the location of her goal. No one gave her the answers she sought, only telling her avoid at all costs traveling through the narrow mountain valley beyond the winding river. When she asked why, and why so many different villages were so afraid, she got no answer at all. To male matters worse, her map lead her to a point through a valley after crossing a river. She sensed the fear of these people but without any reason for this fear she continued on, further and further into the jungle. She made the assumption that they were afraid of a local superstition and that reality would be much more tame.

The most she got from anyone about this mystery was a little girl who told her, “There are men that come in the night, some say they are spirits, that come from the valley and steal the women. My mother and sister were taken by them. They’ve not come back.”

“Has anyone seen these spirits? Can you fight them off?” Mary asked the girl.

“They use the darkness to hide, our only defense is fire. If we can see them they don’t attack.” the girl replied.

“I’m going to find out what i s really happening, I’m going to enter the valley.” Mary said.

“Please be careful, no one who goes beyond the river returns. Especially a woman.” the girl said.

Mary was frightened but continued on the next morning. She knew that these “spirits” were just men who were likely taking the local women as slaves. She would need to be careful, but she had sent a letter documenting her travels back to London. So, should anything happen to her, someone could come and save her. She went to the banks of the river with three of the men of the village she stayed with, once across the men went back, leaving her by herself. All she had was a pack, a rifle, and her wits. She made her way through the dense vegetation and climbed up the hill between the two mountains to her left and right. After several hours she was in the valley that caused so much fear amongst the locals. She saw in the distance the rising smoke of a fire, and knew the village wasn’t much further. Carefully now, going slow as to not make as much noise, she traveled closer and closer. The closer she got the more it felt like she wasn’t alone, as though she wasn’t actually sneaking up on whoever lived here, but was being watched by those very same people. Then without warning, five or six men jumped out at her, grabbing her and hitting her head. She was in and out of consciousness as they dragged her back to the village.

When she awoke she was tied to a branch inside a thatched roof but with mud walls alone, and without her clothes or belongings. She had never been so afraid in all her life and was wishing she had listened to all the warnings she received, if her letter made it, by the time someone would come for her it would be months away. After waiting in fear for what felt like hours, two men came in and untied her. They were the tallest men she had ever seen. Easily 6’5″ tall and huge muscles, she was only 5’1″ tall, they were like titans compared to her. They took her by the arms and dragged her outside. It was then she realized that no one was wearing clothing, except for jewelry and necklaces that seemed to act as clothing. The men of the village watching her made no attempt at covering their penises, the women had their breasts fully exposed and some had nothing to cover their vaginas. The children running around had no clothing of any kind, but seemed unbothered. She was dragged through the village and brought to the steps of what appeared to be some kind of temple. An older looking woman, covered in gold jewelry unlike the beads the others were wearing stepped towards her and ordered her to follow. Mary covered her breast out of embarrassment as she followed the woman into the structure.

“Tell me who you are, pale woman.” the old woman said.

“What is this place? Where am I? Who are you?” Mary replied.

“None of us have seen a woman so pale skinned as you, tell me who you are. Are you a spirit?” the woman asked.

“I’m not a spirit, I’m a woman from England, it’s an island far away from here. Who are you?” Mary answered.

“I’m the village mother, the sacred leader of my people. For many years we’ve been told that pale skinned people would come to us, then disease came to us and many of our women died. We prayed that the pale skinned people would come and save us, but none ever came. In our desperation we stole the women from other villages to bring back as new mothers. We believe that the pale skinned people will come to us and give us new life, and now you come to us alone, as a sign that our beliefs were true. With your arrival comes the hope that more will come, and that fertility will be restored.” the strange woman said.

“I came hear hoping to find ruins, not to save your village. No one knows you’re hear except a small group of people who fear you. No one else is coming, now will you let me go?” Mary asked.

“According to our traditions, you must give the village new life. We cannot allow you to leave before then.” the woman said.

“So you expect me to let your men impregnate me just like that?” Mary asked.

“Yes, it’s the sacred marriage. The pale skinned woman will come to our village and the men will give their seed as an offering and in return she’ll give us life.” the woman told Mary.

“And where do you expect this to happen?” Mary asked.

“The men of the village who have proven themselves will join with you, one by one, until you give us life.” she said.

Mary looked down, confused as to what was going on. Hoping this was somehow an elaborate joke. She asked the woman, “How have the men proven themselves? How many are there?”

“There are 7 men, our greatest warriors, who have proven themselves by joining with their sacred mother on their 13th year.” she told Mary.

“You mean they’ve had sex with you on their 13th birthday?” she asked.

“Yes, as the sacred mother, I provide relief to the men of the village, and give life as much as possible. Many men are my sons, strong men who in turn give me strong seed. Now they must give their seed to you.” The woman answered.

Hearing no more of Mary’s questions, the Village Mother led her back outside to the crowd that had formed around the doorway. “The pale skinned Goddess has come to restore life to our people! Let all the proven men join with her in the temple and make their offerings to her.” she shouted to the crowd. Meanwhile Mary stood behind her, totally naked, covering her breasts and pussy, as she was not used to nudity as these villagers were. At once she was brought back inside the temple and the men followed with torches. The room, now illuminated, was made of stones, with a bed made of leaves and straw. A fabric lining covered the top and she was brought in and placed down on it, laying on her back as the men surrounded her. The woman, who also returned inside stood behind Mary in her apparent nudity and held her arms down above her head. The woman was much older than Mary, in her 50’s at least, with very large breasts and wide hips. Her skin, like the men, was darker than Mary had ever seen. Mary’s skin was so soft and supple, her breasts full, but much smaller than this woman’s. She had never had sex, let alone a child, and her first time was a gang rape in an African village. The men surrounding her stroked on their cocks, making them grow larger than Mary had expected them to.

Eventually the strongest looking man stepped up and pushed his way into Mary’s pussy without regard for her comfort. Her delicate white pussy stretched around this monster of a penis. Her hymen ripped open and blood flowed around the man’s penis. As she screamed, the man fucked her harder and harder. He was excited by how tight Mary’s pussy was around him. The man became like an animal and grabbed her breasts, sucking on them before dropping his enormous weight upon her much smaller body, kissing her to silence the screaming. As he was fucking her, the woman continued holding her by the wrists as two men held her by the ankles. Within minutes the man was ejaculating inside Mary’s virgin pussy. He pulled out and gave each of her nipples a kiss before stepping back. The next man in line stepped up in his place and entered her pussy with a cock just as big. Her virgin pussy was now lubricated with blood, cum, and her own juices that flowed through her without her consent. She never imagined as a little girl ending up like this. One after the other, the 13 men took their turn inside her pussy, each one leaving their seed deep against her cervix.

She cried throughout the experience, knowing no one was coming to save her, not her mother, or her father. She was trapped here, forced to be nothing more than a womb for the men of this village. All her adventures to see the world, including her mission here in Africa were over. If there were ruins like she was searching for, she’d never find them, not so long as these men kept her impregnated. At 21, she had a long time before she lost her fertility. So many babies she would be forced to birth, she only hoped she could conceive them in a more intimate one on one setting rather than this group rape she was experiencing. Finally, the last man stepped up, the youngest of the group. He looked like a boy rather than a man, no more than 15 by the looks of him. He entered Mary’s pussy and began fucking like a wild horse bucking against the saddle. His black penis was coated white with the amount of sperm in Mary’s pussy, no doubt she was pregnant from this.

“AAAAggHHH, AAAAggHHH, AHHH!” he grunted after he raped Mary to the brink of ejaculation.

“P-Please! N-No more! I can’t take this, Please!” Mary begged through tears.

The young boy exploded into her pussy, holding himself inside as he caught his breath. His sweat dripping down on Mary’s face and breasts. As the last man had given his seed away, the men were ordered to leave and only Mary and the woman remained.

“All men must join with you when they reach their 13th year, as they have with me. Our duty is to accept their virgin offerings and guide them to maturity. Once they make their offering, they can pick a wife, but they will always be allowed to join with you. Even your sons must join with you, as they have with me. Now remain in this bed until you have given us life.” the woman said.

Mary remained in the bed, only because her pussy was too sore to move, her body to weak to flee, and her mind to broken to know where to run to anyway. She sought ancient ruins but found herself as a glorified whore for a tribe of incestuous African villagers who intend to breed her repeatedly. By the time help would arrive, it would be far to late. As difficult as it was, she had to accept her knew life in the village…


I hope you enjoyed this one, I might make more parts in the future but for now I think it’ll be a one off story. If you want more than I’m open to the idea.

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By Courtney #Group #Interracial #Rape #Virgin