An Army of Cocksuckers

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"I have gone on and told you 1000 times already," she replied.
"So what? Tell me again," I brushed her back.
Then I clarified. "Tell me again why you like to suck dick."
"'Cause I like to suck it. Because it's cute. Because it's fun. I like to make my man feel good."
"That's such a great answer!" I replied.
Kimmy and I had been friends for around two years. We found each other on a dating site, and we took kindly to one another, right away.
We were never "officially" together but we were always the best of friends. Although a proper relationship never materialized, we always knew we had each other's backs.
We had dated off and on, fooled around, had dinners, smoked together, watched sports, slept together, made love in the shower, met at home on lunch breaks for fuck sessions, and the like.
I loved the way she dressed too. Kimmy was a pig. She wore super, super, super rippie jeans whenever we went out in public. She wanted everyone to know she was a fuck-pig and she was my fuck-pig.
But first, let me start at the beginning.
My friend Melissa, lived out of state. When it came time for her daughter to attend college last year, she had a little trouble getting into school at first. My good friend Melissa, with the ever-entrepreneurial spirit of a lion, paid the dean of students a little visit.
Fully prepared to suck on a dick to get her daughter into college, she met with—without her knowing—an ex-boyfriend! As it happened, this ex was one that her only daughter—the same trying to get into school—had always had a crush on. As you can probably imagine, nothing good came of this—unless you are the proud grandparent of Averie, a newly minted student of Bald College, in sleepy and foliage-laden upstate Massachusetts.
Averie entered the dorms ithat fall, and last year had a fantastic first two semesters as an undergrad. Her new roommate, Morgan, was a lanky bookworm who had never spent any real time away from home. It took weeks and weeks for Morgan to come out of her shell—and pants! She refused to wear anything but full clothing and acted as though it were skivvies. She was so shy in the beginning.
By the middle of the second semester, Morgan had completely opened up she had told me in confidence, and that she was even now walking around the dorm quarters in the nude.
Morgan was pursuing a career in television, or more specifically, broadcast television. She had flirted with the ideas at one point of being a tv programmer, radio host, tv host, and even a news anchor. Ever the shy type, she had officially come out of her shell. Averie had told me in confidence that Morgan slipped her the pink on a particularly cool night in the second semester. Without warning, Morgan had come over to her big bed and climbed up into it with the little wooden stool Averie got for her graduation gift.
Morgan—who always had been shy—was now finger fucking her roommate—my long time friend's 18-year-old daughter, and what's more, they both were confiding in me this was happening on separate levels. I never told Melissa and still haven't to this day. Both young girls had confided in me, and I wasn't about to break that confidence. Melissa, who had gotten boring even as a female partner who sucked cock, it was a welcome change for our slower days as an on-and-off-again couple for years.
Needless to say, at Easter when Averie had pulled me aside to tell me that her college friend had stuck her finger up her ass, I was a little astounded. I knew that Averie was wide open on things, but I also knew that she was finding herself as well. Now she was telling me she was finding herself perched on her roommates set of slim fingers formed into a fleshy spike and pistoning in and out of her. Hearing the story from both perspectives, all while hiding the entire thing from my own cum dumpster in Melissa, it made me boil up two twin paint buckets of goop. Averie told me every filthy detail—from the way Morgans finger spike felt up her cunt's hole and how she wished it happened every night. I offered that I was there to listen, and she could confide in me however she saw fit.
To my delight, Morgan, who I had become friends with on social media after a few college visits with Melissa to see Averie—had also began to send messages the second semester as well. This led to texting, which led to Morgan sending me utter filth, and confided her side of the story. Morgan saw it that Averie had curled her finger at her and invited her into her bed, and Morgan agreed. She also said that she was finger-banging her roommate with her fist, but wouldn't admit that it wasn't her idea. No one wanted to lay claim to the fact that they were enjoying each other's bodies, they just wanted to do it.
I jerked myself off to the texts that Morgan sent me, and when Melissa wanted to have sex that same night, I had to invent an excuse so she wouldn't see how empty my balls were.
Melissa went to the extent of shaving her twat bald for my benefit and when she came into the bedroom, pulled her towel down to show me this fresh new feature. As delirious as her buffed and puffed labia get my balls in simmer mode, I had already shot everything I had for the evening. The idea of Averie and Morgan scissoring each other had made me blow everything I could possibly dream of.
Melissa even tried to suck my dick to get me in the mood, and when she had my tip on her taste buds, she looked up at me and shot me a look. "Did you just shoot your cream?" she asked, cocking her brow as she looked up at me and processed the taste vibrating in her mouth.
"Not that I know of," I fibbed, letting her work her mouth on me. She shoved my cock back in her mouth and sampled my taste some more.
She pulled my cock back out of her mouth. "It tastes like you came a little bit ago," she said, tossing the flavor around in her mouth, swishing from side to side like she was sampling wine.
I let Melissa have it. My cock was getting hard again, as she knew exactly how to get me off. She wrapped her fingers around the base of my thickening prick, the base expanding and pulsing in her hand. The head began to widen as well, and puff up, filling with fluid and dark colors. From a light pink hue to a deeper purple, and a new fresh dollop of pre-cum materialized at my flickering eye. Melissa reached down and like a nimble frog, extended her tongue to scoop up the flavor. She sighed in delight at my taste and forgot to ask me any more questions.
She stayed kneeled in front of me and I was standing before her, hanging onto the walls around me for support, trying to manage my energy, and control myself at the same time.
Melissa took her time to suck my dick. She was a perfect sex partner over the years, and although we had never officially graduated to being a "full-on" couple, we acted the part, without the red tape. The thing that had never flagged however, was her ability to suck dick. Most women start to get lazy with it after a few years, but the fact of the matter was, when Melissa and I started to see each other we were in our late 30s. Now both of us well into our 40s, we were still going strong, no matter what we were.
And as I said, we were both still very sexual. Whenever I wore sweat pants and work boots, even if it was just to tool around the house—she would call me over to fix things when she needed her pipes inspected, or she needing some digging done, or she needed some poking in any region she saw fit.
Little did she know, I was potentially coming from Kimmy's house. A few times there was a dew drop or two on the front of my stained sweat pants from leaving Kim's house and getting my D sucked and shooting a billowy load down Kim's throat to the tune of a dinging of my cell phone which was usually a text from Melissa that she wanted the same exact treatment.
But Kimmy needed the same things from me, and as it turned out, so did Morgan.
Keeping up with Kimmy (off and on) Melissa (girlfriend in disguise) Morgan and Averie separately (and neither of them knew it) and yet another ex-lover in Megan, who I referred to as Meg most of the time, I certainly had my hands, mouth and cock, full.
With three full time women who were eager to make my cock go off, it was almost difficult to catch my breath. And when you figured in the fact that two college girls were also showing interest in wrapping their mouths around my cock-head, it was starting to build up too fast.
Megan would text me throughout the day, sometimes sending me nudes and tip-toeing around her boyfriend, and recently I'm told—fiancé—she was still eager for all the hot cock she could get. Namely, mine. She loved to swing her pony tail forward and backward with authority as she sucked a cock, ramming me down her throat as hard as she could. "The stress planning a wedding is almost too much. It plays havoc with my anxiety" she would reason. The only thing that calmed her down, was dick.
She texted me last week that she was horny as fuck, and that her fiancé was working double shifts to help to pay for the wedding. Megan didn't talk to her family the entire time I knew her and I knew that her wedding was going to be all on her and her future hubby alone.
Her and I split up years back, but had always had a solid connection. Our sexual relationship was a thing of the stars, and something we always had shared. Years after we split, she had reached out to me to see if I missed her. Of course I did.
The next thing I know, she was texting me and asking if she could come over to suck my dick. It didn't bother me any, and since I was officially bored with Melissa, and Kimmy was just my part time dick-sucker, I saw no reason against it.
Short minutes later, Megan was on her knees and had her tongue extended with my cock up against it.
"Ah, Ah, Ahh" she cooed, emitting a broad deep growl deep from her diaphragm as I thrust into her mouth for all I was worth. As soon as I realized what she truly wanted, we got along fine. At first I thought she was looking to reconnect with me, but it was only that she wanted some release from her boyfriend, and to relieve some much needed stress.
When I realized that she simply wanted to suck my dick, it made things so much simpler.
Her checkerboard Vans slip-ons were crunched in half as she crouched in front of me, sucking dick.
"Ahhhh" she whined in protest as I backed off her and slithered her approval as I slapped it on her tongue. Kimmy also liked when I did that to her tongue, too.
All these women that were taking turns sucking my dick on different days liked it the same way, which made it super convenient for me.
They all liked when I took control. As explained, Megan was letting me use her mouth as I saw fit, as a place to dump not only my load but my frustration, and she was eager to greedily accept and eagerly swallow every sticky drop of frustration I had to offer.
I always warned Kimmy, Megan, and Melissa too, when I was about to shoot a load, it was the proper and gentlemanly thing to do. And if I started fucking Averie soon, I would have to warn her as well.
Some of them liked the surprise of it, others liked a dramatic warning. Other women of the past varied in this way as well, most of them loved me spiking their throats and little bellies with my manly cream, knowing full well that unloading jet after jet down a willing, hollow throat was always my favorite way to shoot off.
Megan was no exception. I have proof, because when I gave her my warnings, she would simply increase her suction on my prick, whipping her ponytail back and forth on me and sometimes even suggesting using it as reigns or a loose guide.
Kimmy was more of a tentative cocksucker, and would take her time nipping and lipping my balls, nibbling at my tip and tasting the ridges around the head of my cock, almost treating my dick like it was in her mouth for the first time, every time. It was exquisite. She really studied me as she sucked dick, and I was extremely thankful for her nuanced style.
Melissa was a go-getter when it came to head as well, putting her hair into a ponytail half the time, the other half obscuring her face with her own hair so I couldn't see the naughty act she was performing while servicing me.
All three women liked me to bang at their tonsils. All three of them wanted my cum whenever they could get it. Melissa still liked me to fuck her regularly as well. In fact, she would invite me over for such reasons. I wouldn't say she lost points, but I could feel my attentions diverting to the women that simply wanted to suck on my dick for me.
Megan's wedding was only a few months away, so she was starting to freak the fuck out. And by that I mean, she wanted to suck my dick even more often than she was before. And what's more, Kimmy was newly engaged. This led me to believe I was going to be fucking back to back engaged women, more than likely overlapping them and simultaneously, using my body as their tool to relieve them of their stress.
So if you are scoring at home, in the horse race of whores that was women that wanted to suck my dick, Megan was pulling into first, Kimmy was a close second, Melissa was falling behind, and Morgan and Averie, college roommates, and daughter, were fresh out of the gate.
Quite recently, Morgan and Averie had sent me flirty and dirty messages about some dreams, and feelings they had both been having. Even more recently, last night in fact, Kimmy had got her southern girl knees all dirty and sucked my dick in the back porch of what would become her marital home.
I called her "Kimmy Rippies" because while ripped jeans were extremely popular when we met and had started fucking, I had never heard the jeans described as "rippies." She coined this term in my mind, and hence forth she had been known to me by this name. She was very gracious about my fascination with ripped jeans, and she had a fabulous collection of rippie jeans in her repertoire, often taunting me with them, slipping her wine glass base into the ripped holes in the knees of her jeans while we were hanging out, or putting my hands in the holes of the jeans. In fact, we had a running joke about me "fingering her holes" but this double entendure was not lost on anyone. She'd also recapture my attention periodically by sending me cute photos of her beautiful legs in those jeans as well.
I often teased her that her jeans earned the holes in their knees because she spent so much time on her knees sucking dick. She simply laughed and reached down and grabbed me by the dick. She ripped open the flaps of my jeans and opened my fly so hastily it was barely to my liking.
"Easy!" I barked. This was unusual for Kimmy as she was my usual "tentative cocksucker" but tonight something had her charged up. Apparently she had been fighting with her fiancé about flower arrangements and pricing, for the wedding that was still a year away. She was going to suck my dick with authority to show her fiancé who was boss.
Fine by me. She pulled the pole out of my pants and went to work. Lucky for her, my soldier was already saluting. She wore rippie jeans of course, and knew that my slime was just percolating in my ball bag. She was eager to find out.
She went right to work on me. She licked up and down my cock, laving me in licks and covering my entire tool and bolts with her saliva spit. She reached down to chomp on my balls, poking the skin between my heavy eggs. I was manscaped to the nines so she had no problem attempting to stuff my entire crotch down her throat.
Kimmy's frizzy and crudely-dyed blonde hair was like a large puff of fluff in front of my waist. Her head began to bob back and forth on me, working in and out. She slid my entire cock into her mouth but didn't let it touch her tongue until it tapped the back of her throat. Then she rested my long prick right on her tongue. It was an interesting technique, and one only implemented by the most talented of cocksuckers.
She made gagging sounds, and her hair puffed up further in awareness. The back patio light went on, and I half wondered if her fiancé had looked out the kitchen window and saw his live-in girlfriend sucking my dick.
Kimmy just kept at her task, bobbing filthily on my meat which was now twitching in her drooling mouth. Another thing I have learned about keeping a stable of cocksuckers, is that you are pretty much always hard, and you pretty much are ready to fuck at any point, because you might need to. So because I'm either getting my cock sucked, or in a trance from recently getting it sucked, or planning to get it sucked, or know I'm getting it sucked tomorrow, I was pretty much always aroused. For this reason, when a talented cocksucker like Kimmy who was chewing on the end of my dick for the last 18 mintutes, it was hard to say how long I could last in her mouth.
Sometimes Kimmy wanted me to fuck her, but again, tonight wasn't one of those nights. It almost seemed like she planned to suck my dick when her soon-to-be husband was going to be home and see it. Which is why the light had turned on, then off after a short time. She wanted to get caught. She wanted to spite him.
I knew she would want me to deliver the final punch that was the bitter taste of payback for their argument. Unable to control my emotions or my energies any longer—hey at least I gave her a warning—I clenched my fists and tried to give her a bellowed yelp but not one to intercede the quiet southern night well under way.
I barked out to Kimmy Rippie— "Oh fucking bitch..I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" And guess what she did?
She must of taken a page out of Meggie's master book of cocksucking. She directed my hands to her hair and conveyed she wanted me to hold her hair and ram at her throat until I finished.
And finish I did! One more mini warning for my perfect little cocksucker who could only hear ringing in her ears I figured as she thirstily waited impatiently for my sperm to fire down her throat.
She didn't have to wait long. She gagged on the tip of my prick poking the back of her throat, and it was perfect timing.
I threw my hips with each and every gooey spurt my body was desperate to fire. Yet again, shooting off into another mouth, and there was probably a pile of mouths waiting tomorrow to take another round of my cum. It was an endless sea of coming in mouths, in faces, on titties, on tummies, cunnies and sometimes heinies!
Even if Kimmy was my tentative cocksucker, she was still a very good cocksucker. When she used her fist to jab my cock toward the back of her mouth I lost it.
She emitted a deep "Mmmm" mumble of approval as she welcomed my cream. She tilted her head slightly and checked toward the kitchen window where the light had gone on. She groaned again.
I thrust into her mouth and unloaded everything I could, directing it down her throat. "Ah fucking heaven," I muttered, and even though I was getting my dick sucked regularly, it never, ever got old.
I jammed my evening's load down Kimmy's throat and she gobbled every ounce of my sloppy offering. "Fucking take it girl," I cheered her on, looking down at her. She gargled on my come as her frizzy hair vibrated. I thrusted into Kimmy's mouth until I was empty. She was in no hurry to disengage from my just-emptied prick either. She let her tongue lave my length as I pulled it free from her mouth and she begrudgingly felt me exit her mouth, while she placed a few feathery licks and kisses on my fat shiny head.
"Thanks baby," she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.
"Thank you?" I knew I sounded surprised, "Thank you!" I corrected her.
Melissa may have been sensing some distance growing between us, maintaining separate residences, now having her daughter in college, and us having our loose relationship for years.
As I said, of the things that flagged in our relationship over the years, her ability to suck my dick was not one of them. And she knew this was truly the way to my heart, up through my fly and into my pants she would go, every time.

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