An Evening with Obsidian

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tagFirst TimeAn Evening with Obsidian

She took him by the hand and led him out of the ballroom and down a dark hallway. It was dark and he started getting butterflies in his stomach. At the top of the stairs, they paused on a small landing. A large stained-glass window hung over the landing and two black doors glared at them as they stood for a moment on the landing. She turned the crystal doorknob to the left door and led him through the doorway into the dark room.
She turned on a soft, dim, lamp that was the whole source of light in the entire room. Inside there was a circular low platform bed with black silk bed linens on it. On the ceiling above the bed, there was a large mirror to match the size and shape of the bed. A large black rose was in the center of the mirror.
The carpet was silver with a black damask pattern in the fibers. He had not ever seen this side of Obsidian before, but he could very much tell by the décor that it was all hers. She smiled at him warmly as she led him to the bed.
His legs felt like they are moving through thick liquid as he walked. She sat him down on the edge of the bed and let go of his hand. He had never been so nervous before with any woman, he was in a state of confusion and surprised nervousness he had never felt in any situation. He wondered if she knew the impact this was having on him, as he sat there lost in her eyes for a moment.
She pushed him back onto the bed as she crawled on top of him. Her eyes met his which only turned up the dial on his already loud nerves. He could feel the intensity starting to awaken his loins. She began to kiss him gently at first but becoming increasingly hungrier. It felt like insanity and bliss all at once to him. He let out a little moan into her mouth and she began to move to his neck. He felt his erection throb against his body still in his pants, as she started on his neck. He thought to himself, "Is this just lust?"
She unbuttoned his shirt and nibbled at his neck ever so slightly. He pulled off his shirt with ease. At that point, he knew he was going to stop thinking about it and just give in to her. He had wanted to be with her for so long it was almost unreal that he was finally getting the chance.
He loved feeling her soft cool hands on his bare chest. He ran his fingers through her fine florid hair; the whole length of it. It felt like velvet more so than the silk beneath him.
She sat upright and slipped off her dress to expose her nude body to his shock she lacked undergarments. He ran his hands from her neck down her sides to her hips. Her body was soft, cool, and firm. He had never wanted anyone so badly at this point. He looked into her eyes and saw his reflection in the black pools of her iris and pupils.
She unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down his muscular legs. She loved how warm and sleek his body felt to her. He shuddered at her cool touch as she first started to kiss his stomach. He ran his hands back up her body and grasped her breasts firmly in each hand. He loved how firm yet delicate each breast was in his hands and could feel her hardened nipples in each palm.
She then began lowering her focus to his fully erect penis; licking the shaft up and down then taking him into her mouth so deep he blocked the airway in her throat. She felt him breathe in deeply as she took him in her mouth. She released him and grasped him in both her hands and caressed his hot throbbing manhood. He lay in the bed unable to believe that he was with Obsidian.
He had wanted to be with her for years, but because she had been his friend since childhood, he never actually pursued it. It was like a fantasy unfolding in his mind. He felt her take him in her mouth deeply again, and it caused him to moan in pleasure and surprise.
She loved knowing she was the reason he was in ecstasy right now. she gazed up at him never losing eye contact as she continued thrusting her mouth on him.
She could not take it any longer she had to have him inside her. She released him then crawled forward onto him, her labia felt like a wet lawn in the morning sun as his cock made contact. She sat atop him and slowly he made entry.
"Feels like someone has been keeping his big stick to all to himself." She said softly into his ear after bending over to kiss him. "I'm happy to share Sid, just never thought you'd go for it." He replied smartly despite the feeling of euphoria that overcame him.
She laughed in a low tone quietly as she began the rhythmic passion that made her loins feel as if they would burst from the overflow of sensation. He loved watching her breasts bounce as both she and he intertwined like the ebb and flow of an oceanic tide. She arched her back and both of their chests were heaving heavily as their passion intensified.
All at once Dorian took charge and pulled her to him as he rolled her over. He was not one to let a lady take charge for very long, if she wanted it he had no problem giving it.
She loved seeing this side of him, manly, strong, and in charge. Men rarely took charge in her bed, which she knew maybe her fault for being so intimidating. She raised both her legs over his shoulders as he gave her his all. She moaned with pleasure and came closer to orgasm with every thrust. She was on the cusp of cumming and she knew it. Her body was lit with fire and electricity that not many others have been able to ignite in her. All it took to finish her off was his soft nibbles on her toes as he was thrusting.
She was put over the top and driven into delectation. Right as she hit the apex of climax, she laughed a low evil laugh that took Dorian by surprise and also brought him to climax. He moaned, stiffened for a second, and then collapsed onto the cool skin of the front of her body. He lay silently on top of her for a few minutes unable to think.
He thought to himself, "Never has a woman laughed, let alone so darkly." He smirked at his thought.
She ran her hand through his blonde hair with one hand and traced her nails up and down his back with the other. That was far more intense than she thought it would be. Especially for something so vanilla to her.
He finally came to life once again and spoke softly "Sid that was amazing." She smiled and asked, "Can you stay for the night?" He replied, "Of course I can Sid." And with that, they got more comfortable in the bed and fell into a deep slumber.

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