An Exotic Family Ep. 01: "Sofia"

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tagIncest/TabooAn Exotic Family Ep. 01: "Sofia"

Jacob would wake up on the cool fall afternoon to the smell of bacon and syrup coming from the kitchen. It was likely his stepmom Kiara making breakfast just before heading into work. Slowly Jacob would rise to his feet and would throw the blanket off of himself, before walking over to bathroom which was connected to both his and his sister Amaia's room. His manhood was about at half length currently, in its full glory as he had been sleeping in the nude. He walked into the bathroom and would look at himself in the mirror. He was 6'4", with a muscular build, highlighted by his 6-pack abs and chiseled jawline. He had dark skin, and short black hair, along with, at his full length, an 11 inch cock. Jacob hadn't always lived in this house with 4 gorgeous women.
For the first 18 years of his life him and his dad lived by themselves. He never had really met his birth mom, as she had left him with his father around when he was 6 months old. Eventually, his father remarried, and they ended up moving in to this new house with his fathers new wife and her daughters. It has been 2 years since that happened and a lot has changed since then. Jacob, now 20 had finished High School on time, and had decided against going to college, now having landed a comfortable job, allowing him to work part time at home. Soon after he started his job, his father ended up passing away in a car accident, leaving his step-mom as his legal guardian. Today though was a Friday though, and as he finished looking himself over in the mirror, he heard the door open as Amaia started walking in.
She stopped in her tracks when she saw him before throwing a hand over her eyes, saying, "Fuck sake Jacob. Lock the door next time." Before slowly backing out of the door, taking a sneaky look before closing the door.
Embarrassed, Jacob half attempted to cover up his cock, would reply, "Shit! Sorry. I just going to take a quick shower ok?"
Amaia would yell back, "Yeah whatever. Just hurry up. I have to go in 30 minutes."
With that Jacob would quickly hop into the shower, cleaning himself off and, despite efforts not to, his mind kept wondering back to his stepsister. Amaia is a mix between Hispanic and White with long, wavy light brown hair. More on his mind though, was her loose, large ass and C-cup tits. Not wanting to take too long though, he would push the thoughts aside for now and would finish his shower, quickly getting out and letting Amaia use the shower.
He would swiftly get changed before heading downstairs to the kitchen. When he got there his older step-sister, Imani, was already there eating breakfast, as well as his step-mom Kiara. Kiara, a mixed between portuguese and latina, was wearing a shorter pantsuit, barely covering her massive ass, while also showing plenty of cleavage, due to her huge double E tits. Imani, on the other hand a lightskin due to her mix of hispanic and black, worked as a nurse and was currently in her scrubs, yet her tight, heart-shaped ass was still visible, along with her own DD tits. Jacob, now in jeans and a white t-shirt, would take a seat and talk with Kiara and Imani while he ate his food. Kiara would smile when she saw him walking in, saying "Ah! Jacob! You handsome man. How did you sleep?"
Jacob would shrug, saying "It was alright. How about you Kiara, Imani?"
Imani would chime in, saying "I didn't get home until late last night, but I did sleep fine."
Kiara would speak after, saying, "Wonderful honey, I have to get to work though, so I hope you both have a wonderful day."
She would walk over and hug him, with her massive tits pushing against his chest, and she would kiss him on the cheek before pulling away. She would then hug Imani as well before turning away and walking out the door. Imani would follow suit too, leaving soon after. Eventually Jacob would finish his food, and would go to the living room, in order to watch some tv before the start of work.
When he got to the living room, his younger step-sister, Sofía, would walk in at the same time. She was 18, yet that didn't mean much as her D-cup tits and large tight ass along with her petite yet fit build made her appear more mature. She was purely hispanic, a product of one of Kiara's flings years ago. She was wearing black booty shorts and a white crop top. When she saw Jacob about to sit down, she tried to snatch the remote before he could get it, but was unsuccessful as he grabbed it just before she could. "Ugh! Jacob! C'mon gimme that!"
Jacob would reply maliciously, saying, "Why should I? I was here first after all."
"You don't get it!" She would say back. "I need to watch my show before my classes start. Me and Kailyn are supposed to talk about it later."
"Fine." He replied back "I'll only be using it for half an hour."
"No! I have to leave for school in an hour and a half. The show is like, an hour long on it's own. Please, please, please. I'll do anything."
"Really, jeez ok. Fine. Under one condition."
"Yes! Anything!" She said smiling.
"Well…" He said maliciously, "I've been a bit pent up recently so… just make me cum and it's all yours. Deal?"
"What! Ugh. You fucking pervert. Fine. You're lucky I'm desperate." She said, rolling her eyes as she did it.
"Great! Oh yeah by the way you don't get the remote until after I cum so… get to work." As he said that he would put the remote in his pocket.
"Fuck you."
With that she would start getting to work, beginning with taking off her crop top, her massive D's being flaunted despite her bra. She would start with her hands, seductively unzipping his jeans, before pulling aside them, leaving only his boxers, which could barely contain his massive member, though now yet near it's full length. She would pull down his boxers, now exposing his cock, currently at about 7 inches. "Pffft I've seen plenty of cocks bigger than this one." Jacob would keep his mouth shut for now, just looking at her and waiting for her to start. Soon she would slowly start working his shaft with one hand, and fondling his balls with the other, she slowly moved her hand up and down his shaft, stimulating the head, while working on the shaft mostly. As she did this her facial expression changed, as his cock grew to its full length, and her hand couldn't fit around it anymore. With that Jacob would smirk.
"Yeah, ain't got a smart remark now huh? I'd suggest something more than your hand, after all, time is ticking."
Sofía would stutter for a second, still shocked at what is it front of her, before saying, "Y-yeah, fine, whatever"
With that she would seductively brush her brown hair away from her face, making her big red lips the center of attention. She would again start slowly, still not convinced that it would take a lot to make him cum, using her tongue to do circles around his tip, licking up some precum that started coming out. After she finished this, she would begin, putting her lips over the large head and onto the shaft of his cock. Then, only going about two inches below the head, she started to move her head up and down on it, expertly using her tongue to stimulate it. He leaned back on the couch and allowed himself to let out a soft, masculine moan. As he did though, they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Thinking quickly, Sofía dove behind the couch, out of sight from the stairs, and Jacob would throw a blanket over himself to cover up. It was Amaia coming down the stairs, not even bothering to give Jacob a goodbye as she darted out of the house.
Sofía would jump up as the door slammed, saying "Jesus fucking Christ Jacob! She almost caught us!"
Jacob would reply after throwing the blanket off of himself, "Jesus Christ Sofía. She didn't though did she? Now. If you want the remote you better get back to work."
She would sigh before getting back on her knees in front of him, continuing from where she left off. Slowly, her bobs up and down on his cock would increase in speed, and as the speed increased, so did how far she went down. 3 inches down, 4, 5, 6, 7, eventually reaching 9 before she would try to go even lower, but would gag. This didn't deter her though, as she continued her expert usage of her tongue, stimulating his cock as she went up and down. Although he was reaching close to his climax, he wasn't quite ready for it to end just yet, so he would push her off of him and would sit up. "Fuck sake Sofía. I'm never gonna cum at this rate."
She would sigh before saying, "Well I don't know what the fuck you want me to do."
He would smirk before speaking up. "I think I do."
With that he quickly stood and pushed her onto the couch so that she was flat on her back. As he did that he swiftly took her bra off. That didn't get much of a reaction as Sofía mostly accepted it, and her massive tits, along with her big pink nipples were now exposed to the fresh air. He wouldn't stop now though as he started kissing her breasts, his hands moved down to her booty shorts, pulling them off of her legs, before taking a hand and sliding it under her panties, before starting to finger her with it. This was enough to get a reaction from her, with her saying, "Wha… what the hell Jacob. I- I know we were messing around but… I'm… I'm your stepsister." As she said it she struggled to hold back her moans of ecstasy, and Jacob would take advantage.
"Yeah, exactly. Step Sister. Come on, it's not like you aren't enjoying it."
Sofía tried to protest briefly, before giving in. "Ah fuck it. Just hurry this up."
This brought a smile to his face as he pulled her panties off of her and positioned himself, before entering into her tight pussy. He would start slowly, as she already moaned loudly as he slowly moved back and forth inside of her. Of course he didn't stay at this rate for long, as he started moving faster, maintaining 7 inches of deepness, they continued this for a while, and Sofía started letting out louder moans.
"Aughhhhh. Fuck yeah, fuck me… holy fuckkk Jacob. Your cock is amazing…"
Now, Jacob was ready to finish, so her turn her around into a doggy position. Now, he stopped holding back, as he pushed his full length deep into her pussy, and started at full speed. Her massive tits would sway back and forth quickly as he fucked her. Both of his hands were on her hips though, as with every full length going inside of Sofía a loud clap occurred as his balls slapped against her ass. Her ass rippled with each stroke inside of her, her tan bubble butt even started turning red from the pounding. Eventually she would reach her tipping point, as she yelled.
"Anhhh. Anhhh. Anhhh. Fuck me harder Papi! Fuck me harder! Oh fuck! Cover my ass in your cum Papi. Oh Shit! Oh I'm fucking cumming!"
With her pussy tightening around his cock he would reach his climax as well, pulling out last second and cumming on her huge ass, covering about half of it in his semen. At the same time, Sofía would squirt in her own climax, sending her juices onto the couch. Eventually when her orgasm ended, she would turn and be shocked at the sheer about of semen that was covering her ass.
"Oh wow." She would say. "You really were pent up huh? Well, at least that was fun for both of us. Fuck your cock is huge."
Jacob would smile, satisfied with the outcome. He gave Sofía a kiss on the lips before saying. "Yeah you were definitely one of my best fucks. Anyways though. You have a lot of cleanup to do, and a show to watch before your class, so I'd get on that." Sofía would laugh as she heard that, nodding as she started to cleanup. Meanwhile. Jacob headed to his room to start his own work day.

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