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Introduction: Exploere sexual fantasies.

The wife and had decided that it was time to put one of our fantasies to the test. This particular one involved her taking control and using a strap-on while I was tied down. We had shopped around and done some research and finally purchased a kit that had a harness and a couple of smaller dildos that could be used since this would be my first time. I was nervous about it, but it was something that I wanted to try. I had fantasized about taking something up my ass and was anticipating a good time.

We booked a hotel along the ocean for this experiment. The hotel was nice, it had an ocean view, a little seating area and a small kitchen, with a fireplace in the corner. The night of fun began….

She started by making me help her get into her harness. We had to adjust the straps so that it fit right. There was even a little pocket that held a small vibrator that would be centered on her clit. After we got her set with the harness she took me over to the table in the room and forced me to bend over, allowing my growing cock to hang between my legs. I draped my arms across the top of the table and she used straps to tie them in place. With her standing behind me now I felt her begin to lightly slap my ass. She is telling me that I have been a bad boy since I want to try something dirty like this. As she talks and slaps my ass I start to feel my cock grow even more and I start to move my hips. About this time she walks around in front of me to show me that she bought a whip to use on me too. I let out a slight moan. She walks back around me and begins to lightly whip my ass. As she whips my ass she asks me if I like it. When I don’t answer her she strikes a little harder and asks again. This time I say, “Yes,” but I didn’t answer correctly. She whips me again and asks to get the right response, “Yes mistress.” She tells me that was better and then to make her point lightly whips upwards against my hard cock and balls. This elicits another moan of pain/pleasure.

Now it’s time for more fun to begin. She starts by uncapping lube and lubing up my ass. It’s cold but it feels good. Then I hear a vibrator start. She brought along one of our small vibrators to get me started. She strokes it along the outside of my ass with it vibrating, getting me ready for more. Then she pushes it in, a little at a time. My breath catches in my chest with the feeling of being penetrated by a vibrator for the first time. It’s not big, it’s only meant to get me started, so it doesn’t go very deep, just deep enough. Then she steps back and pulls the vibrator out. I never thought I would miss having something in my ass, but now I’m in the mood for more. She walks around in front of me and shows me the next object that will be occupying my ass, our butt plug. Again, this is not big, but it’s a start. She gets it lubed up and places the tip against the entrance of my ass and asks if I’m ready. All I could do is nod yes as she starts to push the butt plug into my tight ass. The plug sinks deeper than the vibrator did and fills me up even more. I take the plug all the way into my tight ass. She steps back, leaving the plug in place as she sets up the rest of her harness.

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With the smallest of the dildos now in place in her harness she walks around so I can see her lube it up. I watch as she strokes the dildo like it was her own cock, smearing lube on it so she can easily enter my tight ass. I can hear the small vibrator that is now pressed up against her clit buzzing away as she walks back around me. She pulls the plug out of my ass now and I can feel the heat of her body getting close to me. Then I feel her hands guiding my tight little ass down just a touch so she can reach it with her dildo cock. Again she asks if I’m ready, but doesn’t wait for a response as she presses her hard dildo into my ass. I can feel my tight ass stretching to accept it and only feel a little pain as my body gets used to being entered by something. She slowly, at first, begins to move back and forth as she penetrates my ass with her dildo cock. I start to really enjoy the sensation of being fucked in the ass by my wife and start to move my hips to take it all. She is really enjoying fucking me and tells me so as I’m breathing heavier and moving my hips with her.

Now she wants to untie me and move me over to the small couch in the room. She walks around in front of me with her dildo cock hanging out for me to see as she unties me from the table and pulls me over to the couch. She forces me down over the arm of the couch so my ass is in the air and waiting for her to enter me again. She gets more lube and presses into my waiting ass. As she is fucking me she asks me if I want a cock to suck right now and I tell her yes. I can envision a hard cock right in front of me and mouth wrapped around it while she is behind me fucking my tight ass with her dildo.

After a short time we decide to move to the bed and she makes me laydown on my back. She pulls my legs up into the air and gets close to me and I watch as she aims her dildo right for my ass. She presses in again and starts to fuck me while holding my legs up. As she is fucking me this time I can hear her starting to breath faster and she starts fucking me faster. I can tell that she is getting ready to Cum and cum she does. She lets out low moan and starts panting and fucking me harder as her orgasm spreads through her from her clit all the way through her body. My cock is aching for attention but I dare not say anything since she is in charge tonight. As her orgasm subsides she pulls her dildo out of my ass and starts unbuckling her harness. She wants to jump on me and make me cum now. She gets out the harness and climbs on top of me and sits on my hard cock. She doesn’t have to ride long before I cum in her drenched pussy.

She got down off of me now and laydown beside me, putting her head on my shoulder. She asked if everything was alright and I responded by saying, “Yes, that was great.” We fell asleep for a short while before we got up and cleaned up our experiment. We will definitely have to do that again.

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