An Office Encounter Concluded

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tagIncest/TabooAn Office Encounter Concluded

…"Oh… My… God! He was fucking you in the arse mummy. Double Wow!"
I retreated into the furthest corner of Jack's office, glancing around like a deer caught in headlights, frantically seeking somewhere to conceal my disgrace; there was simply nowhere to hide and with Anna blocking the doorway, no escape route either. With nothing beyond the diaphanous chemise to hide my embarrassment, I'd clamped one arm across my breasts whilst the other hand grabbed a sheet of paper from the printer to drape like a curtain before my crotch; I knew full well that the shift's hem almost, but not quite, covered my swollen pudenda, having very carefully shortened it, to achieve precisely that effect. Having my daughter Anna catch me in flagrante with son-in-law Matt could never be considered the beau-ideal of my marriage and motherhood, but it would surely have felt worse if my husband Jack, or God-forbid my elder daughter Judy – Matt's wife! – had arrived home early that day?
Anna moved from the doorway and perched herself on the desk, though short of my clambering over said desk — God how much would that display! – there still remained no avenue of escape. Anna was shaking her head and smiling, clearly amused at my plight: "Oh Mummy, stop being so prissy, I must've seen you naked a thousand times…" My discomfort moved toward embarrassment as she added: "Though that Brazilian's new." and reached a pinnacle as she ended: "And as for Matt, well I'm sure he must know you both inside and out by now?" I was mortified and felt my whole body flush red; it came as a blessed relief when Anna turned her face and attention towards Matthew, who appeared to be handling Anna's intrusion with far more equanimity than I'd managed, perhaps too much? He'd lounged in the office chair since Anna's arrival, looking cool, calm and totally unruffled; smiling amiably and seemingly unperturbed by either preceding events, or his own ongoing nakedness.
My bewilderment at Matt's composure only grew as Anna leaned forward, casually traced her fingers across his thigh and then back and forth along the length of his flaccid prick; a cock that still glistened with my own juices! "This surely wasn't the first time that you've screwed Mummy?"
Matt shook his head as he replied: "No, that was when Judy and I visited back in November."
"Of course, you were here for Guy Fawkes weekend. So where and how did you first do it? No, wait! Let me guess…" Anna's gaze returned to me, a wicked smile playing across her face during the long moment before she continued: "Matt cornered you in the bathroom, bent you over the washbasin and thoroughly rogered you; without a please, thank you or by your leave, then walked out leaving you collapsed and leaking onto the floor… I'm right aren't I?" My lowering eyes and beet-red face were all the confirmations that Anna needed. "I knew it! I'll bet you found it absolutely awesome too didn't you Mum? I still get an ache in the belly and a tingling between my legs whenever I remember."
My mouth gaped open, I was lost for words as thoughts, feelings and memories raced through my mind; not least the phrase which Matthew had harshly whispered into my ear as he'd fucked me that first time: 'I guessed right, you're a slut, just like your daughter.' That sentence had revolved in my psyche ever since and now realisation finally dawned. It hadn't been Judy that Matt was referring to at all, my 'slut daughter' was Anna; he'd fucked Anna too! My head snapped up and without thought I glared angrily at my daughter and snarled: "How could you Anna? Matt's married to Judy! Oh God, you've been sleeping with your sister's husband!"
Matt and Anna looked to each other in surprise, gave me a quizzical glance, and then collapsed in hysterical laughter; I glared for perhaps two seconds, before my own brain finally clicked into gear and I was obliged to join them. This second dose of embarrassment was at least a more light-hearted experience; the words pot and kettle, being much in evidence. As we recovered ourselves, Anna shifted the mood once more: "Oh Gosh, what am I thinking; how could I be so ill-mannered?" taking her hand from Matt's now noticeably firmer cock — I couldn't help but mark how she licked her fingers clean upon doing so! – she threw her arms about his neck, hugged him tight, then kissing him on the cheek, loudly wished him a 'Happy Christmas'.
Squeezing past Matthew to reach me, Anna and I shared a similar embrace and exchanged seasonal greetings; then having pulled back a few inches, Anna stopped, looked directly into my eyes and pressed forward to kiss me once again. Anna's second kiss was nothing like the first, nor indeed any that we'd previously shared, her lips parted as they gently landed full upon mine and as the contact lingered, Anna's tongue teased open my own lips to match. Sensing no resistance, Anna's eager tongue probed further, whilst one hand slipped from my shoulder to reappear moments later, gently teasing at the soft folds between my now trembling legs. A married mother of forty-six sharing such an embrace with a girl of less than half her age might be passed-off as unseemly, or at worst inappropriate; but when that girl is her own daughter then it's surely just plain wrong?
Any vestige of guilt dissipated with that first pass of Anna's searching hand, one finger-nail scraped slowly and lightly along each soft fold of my swollen labia, whilst a third dipped gently into and dragged through, the damply yielding channel between; the animalistic growl of pleasure which Anna's touch elicited seemed to echo within both of our opened mouths. As my mind reeled it also spooled backward, it was no longer just Anna's face before me, but also that of Diana with whom I'd shared a house at university; it was she who'd been the first and indeed last, to touch me in this dissolute way. Neither of us were lesbian, indeed I had barely qualified as bisexual, but there were more than a few nights when either Diana or I had eased the other's heartaches — both real and imagined — with a hour of sapphic distraction.
It took just four passes of Anna's inquiring fingers to bring me to orgasm — not one of which had even touched my clitoris! – and had she not then steered me onto Jack's desk, I suspect that I'd have collapsed to the floor. I could hear Matt and Anna speaking during the languid minute it took me to recover, though their words were beyond cognition; when Anna turned back to me, I dreamily enquired as to what she thought she was doing, stimulating her own mother in such a way? Anna's answer was a flippant: 'Well, I couldn't possibly allow Matthew to give you a better Christmas present than me?' — and that was undoubtedly the moment when I ought to have brought our scandalous romp to a halt, but by then I'd crossed the Rubicon and wrapping Anna in my arms, I delivered a kiss that was every bit as carnal as her own. As we parted I smiled wickedly and reminded Anna that Matt had given me more than the one orgasm; the wanton smile which spread across Anna's face in the few moments before it sank from view, was all the answer that I could've wished for.
The next thirty or forty minutes were amongst the most shameless I've ever enjoyed. Anna's hands were already gently parting my thighs as her head passed from view and the first ghost of her hot breath touching upon my womanhood, avouched for the pleasures to follow. This time around there were no delusions of long-ago lovers to assuage my conscience, but neither did I need any; yes, it was my own young daughter between my open legs, but Anna's adeptly dancing mouth and fingers amply attested that she was no stranger to the task. Anna's lips and tongue teased unceasingly, whilst her fingers ravished me by degrees, searching deeper and pressing further into my slick and willing gash with each chapter; even Matt's majestic cock had never distended me like this.
Juices flowed freely down my thighs, my temperature and heartbeat both soared and whilst there was some discomfort, even a degree of pain, the overriding sensation remained one of dissolute yearning and I loudly voiced that desire. A second orgasm built and whilst it would no doubt have been achieved regardless, it was clear that Anna shared my own lewd desire com of achieving the most scandalous of penetrations. Anna was by now thrusting — almost punching — her fingers into my slick channel, each blow to my pussy drew a grunt of consent as it pulsated onward to my belly and then throughout my body. The end when it arrived was overwhelming, though whether my body unlocked due to the climax or was it perhaps my pussy's surrender which permitted the orgasm, even now I'm unsure. But at the end there was scant resistance to Anna's pounding fist, my pussy seemed to open like a flower, her whole hand slid easily into the depths of my snatch and I screamed in approval whilst my whole body quaked with the release.
I resurfaced from that climax to feel Anna sliding the chemise up my body, raising my hips to assist allowed its gossamer fabric to scrunch up to my shoulders and as Anna followed it north I realised that she too was now naked; how had she achieved that with both hands occupied between my legs? Had I been oblivious for longer than I'd imagined, or perhaps more likely, had Matt's eager hands assisted? As Anna slid upward, her lips caressed their way across my belly, then in the moment when her breasts and taut nipples began similarly teasing my midriff, Anna's warm mouth settled firmly around my right nipple. Anna had been there before of course, but whilst my daughter suckling at my breasts generated feelings of a similar intensity to those of twenty years ago, today's feelings were of a far baser nature, centering around my groin rather than my heart.
Anna slid higher, until we were face to face, her's glistening with moisture, most of which I realised was my own; as we pressed together, I felt the hard pellets of Anna's nipples digging into my sensitive breasts and knew she must be enjoying a similar sensation from my own. When Anna leant forward to kiss me, I could taste my own secretions on her lips and as the kiss lingered I felt her pudenda begin to gyrate and grind against my own, Anna's russet curls scraping evocatively across my recently shaved and oh so sensitive mound. I was already wildly re-inflamed and as our lips finally separated, I found myself frantically kissing and licking at my daughters cheeks and chin; the taste of sex seemed irresistible. The lascivious grind of Anna's pubis against my own had now stilled, instead she gently bumped her mons against my own; it was even more alluring than the circular rasp of pubic-hair against flesh, but how on earth did she manage the movement? It appeared to defy anatomy.
Only once I'd finished feasting upon Anna's face did I notice the shadow in my peripheral vision, this rapidly took outline before fully forming to answer my silent question. Matthew was now behind Anna and that mysterious pulsing against my sex I now realised wasn't being generated by Anna at all, but by Matt's rigid cock pistoning inside her; whilst penetrating Anna, he was also fucking me at one remove. Having grasped what was occurring I discovered that I could feel each stroke of Matt's cock, gently swelling Anna's pudenda to press against my own and conclude with that sexy little 'bump' as he bottomed out. Anna' must've been feeling it even more? Her labia and clitoris would be squeezed between my pubis and Matt's rigid prick; I pressed down in time to Matt's penetrations to increase that pressure and Anna's sighs of delight soon began to eclipse my own.
Anna turned her face away and I sensed rather than heard her speaking to Matthew, his penetrations shortly ceased and a moment later Anna rolled away too; I mewled in disappointment as the pressure of her sex against mine was lost. Mercifully my deprivation proved short-lived as Matthew quickly replaced Anna between my thighs and with a single stroke buried the full length of his again tumescent cock deep into my pussy. As Matt began slowly driving into my abused channel once again, Anna reappeared beside me, one hand going to my breasts whilst the other played with her own. It was incredibly arousing, both to feel and indeed see, but my maternal instincts finally made a belated appearance and I chided Anna for not having let Matt fuck her to conclusion; she was the only one of us who'd not yet orgasmed. Shaking her head and smiling saucily, Anna replied: "Oh, he can finish me off afterwards, this is my Christmas present to you, remember."
Our luncheon date with Jack & Judy was approaching and with Matt soon likely to expend his third orgasm of the morning into me, it seemed unlikely that there would be yet another for Anna? In compensation, I slipped a hand between her legs — they were as lubricious as my own! – to toy at the soft folds of her pussy; Anna's response was immediate, a groan of delight as she bore-down to intensify my tentative penetration. Taking her response as invitation, I pressed deeper; Anna's reply was continued pressure and a gasped 'Oh God, Yessssss'. Recalling Anna's so recent assault upon my own cleft, I pulled my fingers tight together, forming a cone — a spear-tip almost? – and thrust upward once again using all the force that I could muster, or at least all that I dared to employ; still Anna bore down and called for more. I had an advantage of twenty-four years and two childbirths over my daughter, surely she couldn't be seriously attempting to…, or at least not all of it?
No doubt incited by our sideshow, Matt's penetrations also intensified, he pounded into me with a passion and as the fury of our scandalous troika accelerated toward denouement, its volume also rose. Grunts, moans and squeals of delight being interspersed with spoken exhortions, which turned ever more shameless as our climax approached; Anna even used the C-word! I was appalled. Consummation when it arrived was magnificent: Matthew roared like a lion as he disgorged stream upon stream of semen into my plundered snatch, whilst a final thrust of my closed fingers was met with the best synchronised and perhaps most vigorous yet of Anna's descents. Her vaginal muscles finally yielded and my whole hand drove deep into Anna's cleft, the breach being heralded by her euphoric scream and a veritable deluge of fluids running down my forearm to drip from the elbow.
My own climax was equally superb, Matt's cock pulsed within my dissipated gash, as Anna's violated pussy clenched repeatedly about my hand and wrist, whilst each of them chose that moment to maul at one of my breasts in harsh punctuation of their own orgasms. I wailed like a banshee, as my well-used body convulsed in a final and glorious release, whilst both Matt and Anna collapsed across me in a tangled, sweat-soaked and satiated heap atop Jack's desk. I'm not sure how long we lay there, fighting for breath and composure, but as we disentangled and Matt's limp cock slid clear of my hard-used pussy, I heard him speak: "So Anna, are you going to suck this clean for me now? I know how much you love to."
Anna's reply bewildered me: "No, mummy can clean that up for you, I'm going in search of the mother-lode." Despite feeling exhausted, my fluttering tongue beckoned Matt's' glistening prick toward my open mouth once more. A moment later understanding dawned when I once again felt Anna's eager tongue teasing open those soft folds at the very centre of my womanhood.
Matt had 'guessed right' about both my daughter and I, Anna was a slut…as indeed was her mother.

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