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I never got an opportunity to discuss our encounters of November with Matthew, not even at the time; having quickly showered, dressed and cleaned-up the worst of the mess we'd made in the kitchen, Matt drove us at high-speed to the Golf Club and I was busy hanging on whilst also trying to apply some make-up. On the up-side, despite my earlier anxiety regarding breakfast, I was relieved to find little difficulty in facing my husband and daughter across the lunch table, despite sitting in a slowly spreading pool of my own and Matt's emissions throughout. We'd seen Matt and Judy subsequently, but it wasn't until Christmas that they along with our younger daughter Anna too were due to stay over once again; arriving on the 23rd and staying through until after New Year.
During the intervening weeks I must've reviewed what'd happened a thousand times, not just what'd occurred, but whether there would be a sequel at Christmas? Was I a faithful and respectable wife and mother who'd been cruelly assaulted by her son-in-law, or a wanton adulteress just yearning for more? I flip-flopped between the two a dozen times each day, until Anna finally answered the question for me: When Anna telephoned on the 20th to say that due to work commitments she wouldn't now get home until Christmas Day itself, like any loving mother I told her how saddened and disappointed I was at the news. But even in my own ear the words sounded hollow, no doubt because the little devil sitting on my shoulder was loudly rejoicing into the other ear: 'Yes, that means I'll have Matt in the house for two more nights, without that light-sleeping little minx being around!' God, what had Matt turned me into?
It was late evening before Matt & Judy arrived to share a late dinner and though we'd no privacy to speak, I caught Matt's eye on a couple of occasions through the evening and discretely signalled my availability. Jack had barely closed his eyes before I slipped out of bed and tip-toed to the bathroom and it was almost 4:00 am before I returned to our bed from my fourth and final foray, feeling dejected and frustrated by Matt's failure to ever join me. Having stayed awake most of the night waiting for my lover, it was 9:30am before I woke and made it downstairs; Jack and Judy were just finishing their breakfast and Matthew was nowhere in sight, though a third setting suggested that he'd perhaps eaten already? When I enquired, Judy explained that Matt too had some work to complete, so he'd breakfasted early and retired to Jack's home-office to finish it
We have a a family tradition of Jack going out to buy my present on Christmas Eve, accompanied one or both of the girls and today was to be no exception – I'd already told Judy exactly what I wanted including the size/colour and where to find it – Judy as ever would subtly steer Jack into the right store and ensure that he made the right choice; with trepidation I enquired if Matt would be joining them and was relieved to hear:
"No, Matt'll be slaving over his laptop for a good while yet. We thought that we'd perhaps go to the shops, then on to the golf club for nine holes; perhaps you and Matt could join us there for a late lunch at around 2:30pm?"
It was hard to curtail my delight, I couldn't have suggested better myself! I made small talk until they left at about ten and was then in the office barely two minutes later, passing off my intrusion as a casual enquiry into whether Matt 'would perhaps like another coffee?' As expected, indeed intended, I was utterly transparent.
The conversation developed along a similar vein, though sadly it would take many pages including pictures and perhaps even videos-clips too to relate it here. Sorry, but I honestly doubt that anyone not born and raised in middle-England could follow the allusion, innuendo and inference of the words spoken, never mind the nuanced glances and facial expressions that went with them; it was all so very 'English'. Of course we unearthed a few definitives: Matt had been well aware of my nocturnal visits to the bathroom and yes, he really did have some work to complete this morning; exactly how much work remained a grey area and he casually suggested that multi-tasking might be a viable option? This subtle, verbal dance continued for perhaps ten minutes, concluding with Matthew notionally returning full attention to his laptop, whilst I settled submissively on my knees beside him and began to unbuckle his belt.
Oh, how I'd ached for this moment, having realised weeks ago that despite Matt having twice penetrated me, I'd never actually 'seen' his cock. As Matt lifted his bum allowing me to slide both his jeans and boxers off his hips and down his thighs it sprang free and we both gasped in pleasure at the release; even semi-rigid it proved to be every bit as large as it'd felt, dwarfing my husband Jack's prick in both length and girth. The moment had finally arrived to put my expensive education to good use and I was quivering in anticipation; I might've left college with a somewhat second rate degree in history, but I'd graduated summa cum laude in fellatio; in my final year I was crowned 'The Blowjob Queen' by the rugby, cricket and rowing team too! I was reputedly the first and perhaps still remain, the only student to achieve that trifecta; though until today it'd been for nought. I met Jack shortly after leaving University and having initially affected the persona a rather diffident virgin, I'd thereafter felt unable to ever discard that image; any demonstration of my full bedroom repertoire, would've undoubtedly revealed my true history.
When I wrapped a hand gently around Matt's swollen cock my fingers barely reached, it would surely get even larger and I was eager to see by how much. I slid my hand slowly down the length of Matt's shaft, his foreskin peeling back in tandem, to reveal a bead of pre-cum already formed at the eye, this I removed with a lightning-quick flick of my tongue, before drifting below the head and teasing around the whole circumference of it's crown. When my hand and Matthew's foreskin returned, I stroked that too with my tongue, before gently teasing the soft folds between my teeth; a second stroke revealed another bead of pre-cum, just begging to be whisked away by my ever-eager tongue. I remained patient, one hand stroking unceasingly back and forth along Matt's now rigid shaft, whilst the finger-nails of the other hand played an unceasing tune upon his thighs and scrotum; the whole while my lips, teeth and tongue danced across and around, but without ever actually enveloping the swollen head of Matt's cock.
I'd risked glancing upward several times and knew that Matt's nonchalant, 'just getting on with my work' facade had soon collapsed, he was now sprawled in the chair, head tilted backward, eyes glazed and breathing hard. With an inward smile I artlessly enquired if Matt was enjoying my ministrations and that smile widening when I received the response for which I'd been aiming: Matt emitted another deep groan of pleasure followed by a strangled entreaty:
"Oh God Sarah, suck it; suck it now, I can't wait, p…" Leaning forward to fully and finally envelop Matt's engorged cock-head within my opened mouth, that ending tailed off into a protracted whimper "pleeeaaasseee, oh God yeessssss" and in that moment the dynamic had changed; I was the one now calling the shots.
With the crown of Matt's cock ensconced in my warm and accommodating mouth, there was barely room to continue teasing it with my eager tongue; he was even larger than I'd anticipated, which for a few moments had me wondering if I'd perhaps literally, 'bitten off more than I could chew'?
Discretely taking a few deep breaths and hoping that fellatio proved to be 'just like riding a bike', I pulled Matt's stiff cock down to almost the horizontal, relaxed my throat and pressed forward; in a single smooth, steady motion the whole length slipped past my lips, across my tongue and deep into my throat. Matt initially gasped, then when I began the swallowing action which I'd perfected in college, he sat bolt upright, grasped me by hair and bellowing like a bull, he began ejaculating like one too. Less than ten seconds and Matt had erupted like a volcano, unleashing stream upon stream of molten-semen directly down my throat, his hand clenching ever tighter in my hair, pressing my face tight into his groin. I was fortunate that deep-throating had proved to be 'like riding a bike', Matt might've choked me otherwise; nevertheless, I still pulled back the instant that his grip on my hair relaxed and slumped hard against him as we both gasped to recover our breath and composures.
Once equilibrium was regained, I gently toyed with Matt's now flaccid, though still pleasingly substantial shaft, re-applying my lips and tongue to clean-up any last traces of leaking semen. I garnered a twitch or two of response, but little more, for the moment at least, Matt was spent. Despite the sub ordinance of my position, I was confident that I still held the upper hand, so rising regally to my feet, I nodded toward Matthew's computer and suggested with a wicked smile that he'd not done too well with his multi-tasking, before heading toward the door declaring that I needed to clear the breakfast dishes. I paused at the threshold, looked back over my shoulder and threw Matt a raunchy smile along with a parting quip:
"By the time that you've finished typing-up your report, I'm hoping that you'll have also breathed some life into that exhausted cock? If you do, then give me a shout; but remember that it'll be my turn to have some fun when I come back."
It was almost an hour before I heard Matthew's call: "I've finished, I'm ready for you now."
I'd prepared myself well and waltzed back into Jack's office like a queen, albeit a scantily clad one; the smart opening line which I'm sure Matt would've had prepared, was lost on his lips. He stared open mouthed as I sashayed across the room on spike heeled sandals, wearing nothing but a translucent, powder-blue chemise; I would've preferred to have gone completely naked, but at 46 even the trimmest of girls needs a little help and that gossamer-shift blurred the edges nicely, whilst still leaving nothing to the imagination. Perching coquettishly on the edge of the desk, I threw Matt my sexiest smile, pleased to notice that his erection had grown during the few seconds that I'd been in the room, before enquiring: "And how would Sir like me this time?"
Matt's answering grin was cheeky, but his eyes betrayed a hunger which made me quiver, whilst his erection, now appearing every bit as potent as it'd been earlier had me licking my lips in anticipation: "Not Sir; this time around I'm just the humble sex-slave Ma'am, ready to serve in any way that Madam might request."
Looking around, I cleared Matt's laptop and a few other items from the centre of Jack's desk, before tracing the length of his rampant cock with my fingers and throatily whispering: "Let's keep it simple: Right here and right now; just fuck me as has hard and fast as you like."
I turned and lay face down across my husband's desk Knowing that the action would raise the hem of my slip high enough to reveal the curve of my buttocks and perhaps more importantly, with only slightly parted legs, openly display the moist, puckered lips of my freshly shaved pussy. When I heard Matt's appreciative gasp, I knew that I'd pitched things just right; feeling his fingers begin to trace back and forth along the line of my pussy whilst his erect cock pressed hard into my thigh as he leant across me simply confirmed his arousal.
Gently fingering my labia, occasionally dipping them inside my dripping gash, Matt's lips were close to my ear when he began to whisper: "Your position does still leave one question unanswered Ma'am; do you want fucking here, or…" whereupon Matt suddenly stabbed a fluid-soaked finger deep into my bum! "…here!"
I gasped at the sudden intrusion, so it was a moment before I managed to turn my head and offer my most salacious smile, whilst holding up my left hand and slowly opening it to reveal the small tube of lubricant secreted therein: "Having already unloaded once, I was rather hoping that you might be up to satisfying them both?"
A lewd smile and nod of the head from Matthew, as he took the lube from my hand were all the answer that I needed and just a few seconds later, the head of his cock nuzzled momentarily at my pussy entrance, before sliding to its full depth in a single, smooth thrust; a 'hot knife through butter' sprung to mind, God I was dripping wet!
It proved to be a much mellower experience than our previous encounter, though perhaps that was in part Matt maintaining self-control? Whichever, I certainly wasn't complaining. Over the next ten minutes Matt's slow, deep and deliberate strokes twice brought me to the very edge of climax, before he tipped each over the edge by the simple expedient of adding a finger-thrust into my sensitive bum. As I peaked for the third time a few minutes later, it was two fingers which Matt rammed into my now well lubricated rosebud and the orgasm simply exploded; my knuckles were white from clutching the far-edge of the desk for support as I screamed at the release.
Only after that climax was spent and I'd returned to reality did I realise that it was now the head of Matt's tumescent cock rather than his fingers that were lodged, albeit passively, in my sphincter. When I turned and looked back, Matt raised a single eyebrow, I responded with a single nod and then gasped in delight an instant later as he drove his rigid shaft deep into my bowel. Matt pressed his swollen cock all the whole way home far quicker and indeed more easily than the last time, no doubt the lubricant helped, but perhaps more germane, was that my bum was now far from virgin; I'd spent many a happy hour toying with this newly discovered orifice of pleasure during the intervening weeks. With unspoken consent, the pace and intensity of Matt's penetrations rapidly increased and soon our squeals and shouts of delight were matching the protests from Jack's sorely pressed desk beneath us. I achieved only one further orgasm, but it was enough; the strongest yet, given added spice and protracted by coinciding exactly with feeling the first spurt of Matt's climax explode inside me.
We still lay entwined, sweat-soaked and exhausted across the desk when I heard the noise; a steady, monotonous slapping sound? Looking around for the source, I was horrified to discover my younger daughter Anna, leaning casually against the door frame, with a smile on her face, softly applauding our performance. As our eyes met, Anna's smile changed to a wicked grin as she said: "Wow mummy, that looks like the sort of Christmas Present we all want."
Crashing back to reality, I threw Matt off me – where did I find the strength? – stood up from the desk and ran…where? There was simply nowhere to hide and as Matt and I separated, Anna spoke again: "Oh… My… God! He was fucking you in the arse mum. Double Wow!"

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