An Old Lady Visits Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooAn Old Lady Visits Ch. 02

This is a story about a muscular futa fucking her son, so… yeah.
He woke up to an old, familiar feeling. There was a body pressed into him – large, soft breasts pushing into his back, muscular thighs pressed against his, a heavy arm resting on his hip. And inside him – filling up his butt, thick and long and warm and familiar – was his mother's cock. He smiled and wriggled against her, loving the feeling of fullness inside him, the feel of the hardness and softness that was his mom's magnificent body.
She grumbled sleepily, and pressed further into him, her womanhood moving inside of him. Even flaccid, her cock was much longer and thicker than his own at full mast, and he moaned softly as it brushed his prostate. He felt the slosh of cum in his bloated belly – Jesus, she must have poured a few gallons into him, last night! They cleaned him out after the first and the second round, but then he just gave up… his mother was very gentle, the first time, holding him against her, kissing him passionately as her giant rod moved in and out slowly, almost gently, both of them coming together in a moment that he would not soon forget… her orgasm, of course, lasting much longer than his, the stream of her cum seemingly never-ending.
They showered together, afterwards, and she cleaned him out – but that only got her worked up, and she fucked him again, then and there, ramming into him with abandon as he pressed against the cold tiles, thanking the heavens that his neighbors were away.
They had a late dinner; he was anxious to show off his new cooking skills, choosing to go with some dishes he picked up during his stay in the Middle East. But his mom wasn't in the mood to taste new culinary delights, and his Umm Ali pudding dessert was left on the table, untasted, as she grabbed him roughly and carried him off to the bedroom for round three.
They didn't talk much, and at one point he felt a little afraid, as she became wilder and rougher, tossing him about and ramming him with the full force of her crazily-muscled body, silencing his weak protests with her hot lips, her tongue dancing in his mouth as her mammoth girl-cock turned his innards to mush… it was way past 3 in the morning when she rolled off of him, her giant rod making an obscene slurping sound as it pulled out of his abused hole. She laughed out loud.
"God, I needed that!"
He said nothing, curling up against her, his head resting against her ample breasts, his hand resting on her abs. She bent down and kissed the top of his head. "Poor baby… mama wore you out, didn't she? Sorry, baby, it's been so long…"
He mumbled an answer. He felt a nipple pressing against his cheek and turned his head a little, taking it into his mouth, and started to suckle. He felt his dick starting to grow again, and he jerked his head back, detaching his mouth from his mother. Dammit – he needed to get some sleep! Well, there was one sure way to do it.
"Yes, baby?" Her large hand was now on his dick, cradling it, caressing it gently. He pushed her hand away. "No, mom, I need to sleep…!" She pouted, and he leaned in and kissed her nipple. "Would you, please… you know…. to get me to sleep?"
She smiled in delight. "My baby needs his pacifier…"
He turned himself over and snuggled his butt up against her. Her cock was still flaccid after the last round, but she had no problem pushing it into his well-lubricated butthole. He wriggled a bit, pushing into her, until he felt her great, round balls pushing against his.
"'Night, mom."
"Goodnight, baby."
But it was morning now – close to 8, judging by the light that came through the closed shades – and they needed to get up, Kelly said she'd be there before 10… Kelly! He grimaced as he thought about her. What is he going to do about Kelly? What does he tell her? "Sorry, babe, it's over – I'm going back to Evanston to be fucked up the ass by my mom for the next 30 years." No, he had to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, and how Kelly figured into his plans. Didn't he love her? Or was that just something he'd been telling himself, lying to himself?
As if reacting to his thoughts, his mom moved a little, her cock sliding further in. He groaned softly. Oh, man, that felt SO GOOD!
He needed to think, he needed to talk to his mom, he needed to DO something; just lying in bed would get him nowhere…!
He moved his pelvis forward, gently moving his ass away from the impaling rod, until it came out completely, making that slurping sound that he found both obscene and exciting. He crawled to the side of the bed, letting his mother's heavy, muscular arm slide off his back. She mumbled something and turned, lying on her back, her beautiful girl-cock flopping down between her thick thighs. He got up and stood there for a moment, watching her, until a cold drizzle running down his thigh startled him. Jesus, he'd better do something about all that cum sloshing inside his belly before it all came gushing out on the floor!
He somehow made it to the bathroom, his t-shirt shoved in his butthole. He spent almost 10 minutes cleaning out his butt, his mom's baby batter coming out in a seemingly endless drizzle. He moved over to the sink and stood there, looking at himself in the mirror. The guy looking back at him was a fairly good-looking young man: dark blonde hair, cut short, grey-green eyes, symmetrical features, good build… but who the hell WAS he? WHAT was he? Was he a man, or was he his mommy's cum-dumpster, a slave to her cock? Her magnificent, beautiful, lovely girl-cock…
He shook his head violently. Goddamit, he had cock on the mind…! And thinking about it made him yarn for it… GODdamit!
He went back to the bedroom. His mom was deep asleep, snoring quietly, one hand on her abs, her legs slightly splayed, her cock resting on her ball sack, its front half on the bed, pointing at him. He smiled grimly. Well, he needed to wake his mom up, and you don't just rudely shake your guest awake, her first morning in your house…! You've got to be… diplomatic about it. He picked up a discarded t-shirt from a chair. He'd need to do something about all of that lube, first…
He lay in the valley between his mother's massive thighs, holding his upper body up on his elbows, and surveyed his handiwork. Her thick cock was clean of last night's lube – he had managed to wipe it without waking her up – and was awaiting his oral ministrations. He gulped as he imagined it going into his mouth. Sucking his mother off was one of the most exciting things he had done in his life – but it was also the most terrifying. It took some time, but he finally learned to control his breathing as pounds of girl-meat were shoved down his throat, breathing through his nose, trying not to think of the pain in his jaws, the large hands holding his head in an iron grip and the mammoth thighs crashing him as his mom lost control, bucking wildly against his battered face…
Jesus. Could he go through with this? He was out of practice, would he even remember the breathing technique he had learned? Well, he'll try to do this quick, she was probably bushed after last night – damn, the woman was 46 years old! She MUST be slowing down, right?
He sighed. Yeah, right. He crawled forward. He'd see if he could take in more than the 8, 10 inches he could usually manage… They had never gone all the way, balls in; even at her most manic, his mom maintained a sense of his limits, careful with her boy-toy son. But she had changed, since their time together. He knew she didn't have any such concerns regarding all those people she had been fucking since – she had told him about some incidents, which she had thought were hilarious, but he found to be mostly horrifying. There was no doubt about it: his mom could be a little terrifying. He prayed to god she would take his long break into consideration, cut him some slack, as it were…
But, still – he felt the need to impress her…
He took the meaty shaft in both hands, raising it gingerly. God, he had forgotten how HEAVY it was! He lowered his head and started licking the underside, loving the feel of the vein running from the base to the top, following it with his tongue. His mom's soft snoring stopped, and her body shifted a bit. He hung on to her cock, his mouth now hovering above the bulbous, dark crown. He licked it delicately, getting as much of his saliva on it as he could, and then bent farther down, taking the huge, spongy head in his mouth. He played with it for a moment, his tongue swirling around it, letting it go a bit farther up inside his mouth, taking his time.
"Hey, baby."
He raised his eyes. His mother was propped up on her elbows, her sweet, soft breasts pressing against her bulging abs, her eyes sparkling, smiling at him. He slid her womanhood out of his mouth, slowly, his tongue lingering languidly around it, his eyes never leaving hers, unable to tear them away from that beautiful smile…
Her hand came down, cupping his chin, the calloused palm gentle and warm against his skin. "Time for breakfast, already?"
He smiled back at her. "You just lay back – I'll do all the hard work."
A look of concern came into her eyes. "Are you sure you're up to this, baby?"
He gave her a hurt look. "OK, I'm not going to dignify this with an answer…". Though, god knows he shared her doubts. He felt the thick shaft grow in size in his hands, now towering over his head. And it still had at least 5" more in it…
"Don't panic," he told himself. "You have done this before. Just… relax. Breath."
He half rose, kneeling in front of the muscle-bound MILF and her intimidating meat tower, his mouth level with the dark red mushroom at the top of her oh-so-thick womanhood.
Well – here goes nothing.
He opened his mouth wide, and took the crown in, holding the thick base in both hands. He leaned further in, taking a few inches of the shaft, feeling it press against his tongue. He stopped for a moment, coating it with his saliva, breathing deeply through his nose. "There you go!", he thought. "Just like riding a bicycle…" his mom's hand was stroking his hair, softly. He sneaked a peek up at her; her eyes were closed, her mouth half-open, breathing easily. She was taking it slow, letting him go at his own pace, but he knew all too well that this could change in a minute.
He bent in, letting the enormous shaft go in deeper, felt it growing inside his mouth, his hands at its bottom pushed further aside by its inhuman girth. It was starting to go into his throat, and he felt a stab of panic, but he pushed it back. He was still breathing, he could do this!
His mother moaned as her son's throat welcomed her meat, the walls tight around the gigantic girl-cock. She was moving her pelvis, now – short, gentle thrusts, her womanhood moving slowly into him. Her hand was playing with his hair, touching the nape of his neck, and he knew how much she wanted to grab him, push herself all the way into him, ravage him… but, instead of filling him with terror, that thought excited him, and he felt his own cock stretch to the max, sliding against the mattress as he serviced his mom's cock. Dammit – he would take it ALL in! His mother deserved nothing less!
"FUCK, baby… this is so GOOD!"
His mother's hand tightened on his neck, as her thrusting became more pronounced, her cock pushing ever faster down his gullet. She had 13" in, and was moving further in with every thrust. She was breathing hard, and both her hands were now holding his head, her fingers caressing him, holding him immovable as her pelvis now did all the pushing.
'Good boy… We're almost there…"
His throat constricted as it instinctively tried to stop the invading monster. His mother squealed with delight as she felt the silken tunnel squeezing her cock, milking it. He gagged, losing his balance, but her mighty thighs closed around him, muscles bulging in a crazy dance as his mom shoved the last inch in, all 16" of her magnificent womanhood now inside of him, her massive balls slapping against his chin in triumphant cacophony.
"You did it, baby! Oh… this… feels… like… heaven!" Each word accentuated with an emphatic thrust. Jake groaned. He was terrified – his windpipe almost blocked by the pressure from his mom's enormous girth, he had serious trouble breathing; but he was also elated, the whole world swirling around that monstrous girl-cock – his mom's cock! – slamming into his body like a piston. His hands crept up between her thighs, grabbing hold of her giant balls. He fondled them, squeezing – as much as he could, each being almost as big as his fist – feeling the heat, imagining the gallons of baby batter sloshing inside, ready to come streaming into his body.
His mother was now moaning out loud, her upper body twisting above him, her pelvis thrusting her battering ram into him, driven wild by the tight love tunnel that was her son's throat and by his hands, playing with her balls. With her thighs holding him in a steel vise, unable to budge an inch, her hands went down to the sides of his head, stroking him lovingly as her cock pounded into him mercilessly.
"Almost there, baby… almost… there… mommy's got… your breakfast … right… here!…"
His eyes rolled in their sockets, and he exploded, his cum shooting up his torso, sprinkling the underside of his mom's mighty thighs. She grabbed his head on both sides, holding it tight, her pelvis pulling back – and stopping.
"Ready or not, baby…"
He could literally feel the wave of cum rushing up her long shaft, but he was not prepared for the monster wave that came rushing out of it, exploding directly into his stomach. No matter how many times he had been fucked by his mother, he could never get used to the sheer force of it – or for the volume. She pumped her seed into him for long moments, his belly distended almost to breaking point. Just as he felt like this would never end, that he would die here, in this foreign land, with his mom's cock exploding into him – not such a bad way to die, really! – he felt the stream of cum slowly die down, and he closed his eyes, exhausted, and let himself slip away.
He was startled awake, his cheek burning, a ringing in his ears. He was lying on his back, his mom's gargantuan frame blocking out the room as she straddled him, her hand held up, ready to strike his face again. He coughed, strings of cum flying out of his mouth. "Jesus! What the fuck, mom?!"
She smiled in relief and put her hand forward, gently stroking his forehead. "Oh, baby… you gave me quite a scare!" His torso was locked by her mammoth thighs, and he could feel her hefty cock lying on his belly, heavy and reassuring. He raised his hand from his side and stroked it lovingly, enjoying the smoothness of its cum-coated shaft. "Man, I really thought I was done for… this baby was almost coming out the back door, and you just won't stop cumming…!"
She bent down and kissed him, her large breasts mashing against his chest, her lips soft and hot against his. After a moment she lifted herself up, her face now hanging above him, her arms like two steel columns at his sides, her beautiful breasts dangling tantalizingly just out of reach of his mouth.
"I couldn't believe it when you just kept going… this really blew my mind! Last time I went all in was with your father, when… well… "
He raised his other hand to her face, stroking it, lost in her smile. "I wanted to surprise you, mom. I'm glad you liked it."
"'Liked' it?" She laughed happily. "Yeah, I guess you can say I 'liked' it!" She bent down and they kissed some more, his hands now exploring her magnificent ass, as her girl-cock, trapped between their bodies, throbbed and twitched. Her hand went back, taking hold of his own, spent cock, and rubbed it gently. He let himself ride the moment, enjoying the feeling of his mom all over his body, ready to jump right back into it again…
She lifted her upper body, feeding him a hard nipple to suckle on. Her womanhood was gaining in size, crawling up his torso, and she moved her pelvis, gently, rubbing the growing shaft against him, her hand on his cock smooth and firm. She smirked as she saw the look of rupture on his face.
"So, can that girlfriend of yours do all of this for you?"
His eyes opened wide. Kelly! He had forgotten all about her! He disengaged his lips from his mom's nipple, and pushed at her massive body with his hands. "Com'n, mom, we gotta go! She's gonna be here in half an hour!"
His mom didn't budge. She looked incredulous. "You mean to tell me that you are going through with this? After tonight? After this morning?!"
He tried to push her again, to no avail. He laid back, resignedly.
"Look, mom, I'm not gonna lie, OK? I want you, I fucking NEED you – but I also want to have a life, OK? What kinda future do we have together? I want to have a family of my own, I wanna have kids – you said you want to have grandchildren, didn't you?"
She grumbled, shifting her great mass, her face sour. "Families are overrated. And kids SUCK. You don't want kids."
"Yes. Yes, I DO!" Beating his fist on her rock-hard abs for emphasis. "Mom – you're the one who sent me away, remember? You told me I needed to create something for myself!"
She looked away. "Yeah, well – that was dumb. I missed you. I don't wanna be stuck fucking Mr. Coleman or whatshisname, that clown from accounts…"
"Well, there's always that Bears offensive line guy…"
She winced. "Goddamn Bears… now we know why they suck. Yeah, I don't want anyone else. I want you. I want my son!"
He looked at her steadily, saying nothing, until she turned her sullen gaze back to him."You know how insane that sounds, right?" He asked.
She grimaced. "Don't care. I deserve some happiness. We BOTH do!" She laid a heavy palm on his chest. "Be honest: do you love her?"
He fidgeted. "Look, mom, it's only been 5 months…"
"Cut the crap: do you LOVE her?"
He thought for a moment. "I love being with her, I LIKE her, she makes me feel good about myself…" She opened her mouth to speak again, and he put his hand on her mouth. "Yes! Yes, I think I love her."
She nodded. "OK…"
He was dreading her next question, which sure enough came after a short silence. "OK. So – what is all THIS?" Her hand waving, moving between his face and her cock. "You love my cock. You can't have enough of it. I'm not talking about you and me; what does it say about you? What does it mean? Can you even enjoy plain old sex anymore? Are you just lying to yourself? Are you lying to that poor kid?!"
He looked away, embarrassed. "Look, when I'm away from you…" he looked back up at her. "Yeah, when I'm with her I love it, I enjoy it, I enjoy HER…! I feel like a MAN, OK? And it feels good!" She snorted in derision, and he pressed on. "No, seriously! I love this, and I love THAT! OK? Why is that a problem?"
She sighed. "'Why can't I enjoy the best of both worlds', right? Sorry, sweetie, it doesn't usually work out like this…" she shrugged, straightening up, looking down at him from over her sloping breasts. "You're a big boy, Jake, you're the only one who knows what's best for you. I told you I want you, I want us to be together. You decide what you wanna do."
She rose off the bed, standing in front of him, hands on her hips, her giant cock drooping between her thick thighs. "But – if you decide you want to stay with her, you've got to tell her the truth."
He looked up at her, started to speak, thought better of it.
"I'm serious, Jake. If you want to have anything meaningful with her, you've GOT to tell her."
His hand massaging his brow forcefully, almost violently. "Fuck. I KNOW I need to tell her, yeah… I'll do it. It's just…" he grimaced. "I tell her the truth, she leaves for sure…"

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