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tagIncest/TabooAnd Step Daughter Makes Three

I have been dating Sandra for about 12 months now, we are both in our mid forty's and of late we have talk about moving in together. Sandra has a daughter Melissa, Melissa's father left soon after Melissa was born and has never been in touch. She had Melissa when she was 19 and they are very close, before making any commitment she wants to talk it over with her.
Melissa has been away at school, I have met her briefly on a couple of occasions when we have gone to visit her for a weekend. She is coming home over the holidays and Sandra sees this as a great opportunity for us to get and know each other. She feels if we are going to have any sort of relationship it will include Melissa and we must get on together for it to happen.
Melissa was driving down and would be here around lunch time tomorrow, Sandra had a meeting and asked if I could stay at her house and meet Melissa when she gets here.
I agreed.
I'm waiting in the lounge room when a car pulls into the drive, the driver steps outs, it's an attractive blonde wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tank top, stretching as she gets out of the car her tops slides up showing her firm, taunt stomach.
It's Melissa, I watch as she gets herself organised. She has blonde hair like her mother except hers reaches half way down her back, Sandra's is shoulder length. Both are petite, just over 5" tall with slender legs and pert asses, they don't have hourglass figures their waists flow into their hips. About the only thing noticeably different are their breasts, Melissa's are a lot larger than her mothers and as the rest of Melissa's body is so small they really stand out, I can't help but stare at them swaying as she bends over to pick up her bag.
I walk to the door opening it, my eyes are automatically drawn to her breasts, bouncing up and down as she walks up the driveway.
"God you men are all the same". Melissa said, "If you're finished staring can I get pass?'
Shit not a good first impression I thought.
"Hi Melissa, nice to see you, good trip?" I asked.
"I'm going to my room while I wait for Mum!" she said.
I watch her pert little ass wriggle as she stomps up the stairs, then hear the slamming of her bedroom door. Shaking my head I return to the lounge room to watch some television, thinking I couldn't have fucked up more if I tried.
Sandra gets home, rushing into the lounge room. "Where's Melissa, where's my baby?"
"She's upstairs resting after the trip," I say.
Sandra turns around and rushes up the stairs, watching her go I nod, yep her ass wriggles like her daughters.
I hear Sandra say, "My baby girl, I missed you, it's so good to have you home."
I hear "Mommy" from Melissa before the door closes.
They are up in Melissa's room for ages before they both come down the stairs, broad smiles on their faces, laughing. There bodies and faces are so similar, it's like looking at sisters rather than mother, daughter.
Looking at me, Sandra says. "Ted we're just going to have lunch and then head to the shops, would you like something to eat?".
"No thanks Sandra," I reply "I'll leave you girls to catch up by yourselves, give me a call later."
As I get up to leave I can't help but stare at their asses as they head to the kitchen, Melissa's trying to bust out of her tight little shorts and Sandra's in her tight pencil dress hugging every curve. God these girls know how to tease and make your cock hard.
That night Sandra came round to my place, she said she didn't want to embarrass Melissa or make her feel awkward and thought it best we get together here to start with. That was fine with me, we made out on the lounge before I took her to my bedroom and fucked her. When we were finished, she got dressed and went back to her house.
Both Sandra and I have high sex drives and generally have sex once or twice a day, everyday. So for the next week Sandra would come over to my house and we would have sex, then she would get dress and head home. I must admit I felt like a naughty lover, sneaking about and having sex with someone else's wife. I told Sandra this and she found that extra exciting, that night she stayed for longer and I fucked her twice.
On Saturday morning the phone rang, it was Melissa. "Ted, Mum said to tell you we're picking you up in about an hour for a picnic." With that she hung up.
I heard a horn toot, looking out the window I saw Sandra's car with both girls sitting in the front. I headed out the door walking towards them, they were both laughing and smiling, as I got in the car in unison they said, "Hi Ted."
We arrived at a quiet picnic area on the banks of a little lake, Sandra and I have been here several times before. It's my job to be the pack horse carrying all the picnic supplies, this isn't all bad as it means I get to follow behind the girls. The weather is hot and they are both wearing light summer dresses, which are see thru, as I follow them I can see that neither of them are wearing underwear. I can feel my cock bulging in my shorts, I position the picnic gear to hide it in case either of the girls turn round.
We set up our picnic, the girls have made some fresh salad sandwiches and cakes, Sandra also brought a bottle of wine for Melissa and me, she wasn't drinking as she was driving.
I was trying to be careful, after my first day blunder I didn't want to stuff up again. I resisted as much as possible from looking at Melissa, I knew her dress was clinging to her breasts and I didn't want to risk getting caught staring. Melissa was obviously aware of this and started putting herself in positions to catch me out, she would regularly lean over in front of me offering me a view down the front of her dress and as I quickly looked away I would her a soft giggle.
"I'm off for a dip," Melissa said, "Coming Mom?"
"Yes I will," said Sandra "You joining us Ted?"
"I don't have any swimmers," I said.
"Neither do we," Sandra laughed.
"No, I'll wait here in case any perverts come along, I can chase them away" I said.
They laughed as they headed to the water, dropping their dresses as they went, two gorgeous naked asses dancing together, slowly disappearing as the girls waded out into the lake. They splashed around in the water for a while, occasionally I would glimpse a breast as they jumped about.
"Don't look we coming out," Sandra yelled.
I covered my eyes with my hands, peaking through my fingers I watched as they slowly left the lake, the water on their bodies glistening in the sun as they stand on the edge of the lake shaking their hair. As they move towards their dresses I can see they both have neatly trimmed bushes above their pussy, my cock is getting hard.
"We're just going to lie here for a bit to dry off, make sure you keep those perverts away." Melissa said.
Both girls laid down so their legs were pointing towards me, they are only 10 feet or so feet away from me and as the ground sloped away towards the lake I had a perfect view of their bodies. I stared at their legs, my eyes running along them to the tuff of hair above their pussies, over their firm stomachs to their breasts, both of them had hard perky nipples sticking up.
My cock was rock hard, I adjusted myself in my pants, trying to get comfortable and trying to hide it in case the girls suddenly decided they are dry and come to join me.
Sandra rolls overs on to her stomach, spreading her legs slightly as she does, showing me her sweet pussy. Melissa has also adjusted her position, bringing her knees up she has spread her legs, her hand moves between them rubbing her pussy. I don't know if she's forgotten I'm here or doesn't care, but she lies there masturbating as I watch. As she starts sliding one then two fingers in and out of her pussy my cock is like a raging bull, I'm desperate to jerk off but also want to ensure the girls don't see.
There is a bush to my right, high enough to hide my body but still allow me to see over the top, I move behind it, my eyes fixed on Melissa pussy. Standing behind it, I take my cock from my pants, stroking myself in time with Melissa's fingers, imagining it's was my cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy. I can see the wetness on her fingers glisten in the sunlight. While she fucks herself with one hand her other is playing with her breasts, massaging them before fingers grip her nipples, pulling and twerking them. Her hand is moving faster, her whole body is moving, suddenly I come, my cum shooting over the leaves of the bush hiding me, I continue jerking my cock, squeezing every last drop out of it.
Rushing back to my seat I get there just as it appears Melissa comes, her body jerking with an orgasm. Taking her fingers from her pussy she moves them to her mouth, her lips closing around them. Her legs lower to the ground, I watch her breasts move up and down under her heavy breathing. Sandra turns her head towards her and says somethings, Melissa nods and they both start to get up.
I lie down, pretending to be asleep in the hope they don't realise I was watching Melissa.
"Look at our brave hero, fast asleep, lucky no perverts came along," Sandra said with a laugh.
"Yes, you never know what they might see from behind a bush." Melissa added.
I could feel my face blush, quickly packing everything up I hustled the girls back to the car. The girls chatted in the front seat but for me it felt like a long trip home as I pondered over Melissa's comment, did she see me?
That night Sandra said I could stay at her place, I was feeling horny, I couldn't stop thinking about their naked bodies and the sight of Melissa masturbating.
Now Sandra is quite noisy but tonight she seemed louder than normal, moaning, telling how to fuck her. The image of Melissa was stuck in my mind and as I fucked Sandra's pussy and ass all I could see was Melissa's legs spread apart and her fingers fucking her pussy. My first load came in Sandra's pussy, she was riding my cock, bouncing up and down, screaming that she was cumming and she wanted me to cum inside her, but all I saw was Melissa's big tits bouncing in time with my cock moving up and down in her pussy.
As soon as she climbed off me her hand grabbed my cock, slowly massaging it as she kissed my chest. "Oh that was wonderful, I love your big hard cock inside me," Sandra said, "Did you enjoy seeing me naked at the lake, as I lay there my pussy was getting wet for you, I wanted you to come over to me, taking me, forcing your cock inside me and fucking me."
The image I had in my head was not me climbing on top of Sandra fucking her, but of climbing on top of Melissa.
My cock was getting hard as I felt Sandra's mouth close around it, her tongue was magic, she knew where to lick to arouse me, in no time at all I was rock hard again.
Getting on her hands and knees Sandra told me to fuck her ass, moving behind her I entered her ass to more loud groaning, as I was pushing myself into her Sandra was shoving her ass backwards, swallowing as much cock as possible. She was like a wild animal, her body rocking back and forward against my cock, her ass muscles squeezing my cock.
"Fuck me, fill my ass with your cum," Sandra said as she shoved her ass against my cock and body. I could feel my ball tightening, my cock swelling inside her, I'm about to come. Grabbing her hips I pulled her back towards me as hard as I can, thrusting my hips forwards driving my cock into her, with a groan I come, my cock throbbing inside her as I pump her ass full of cum.
I collapse on the bed, Sandra gets up, "Just going to grab a drink," she says as she leaves the room, naked, I hear another door open and close but don't think anything of it as I drop of to sleep.
The next morning at breakfast Melissa came into the kitchen, smiling she gave her mother a kiss on the lips, turning to me, "Amazing the sounds you hear at night isn't it, every noise sounds so clear and close." With a giggle she continues, "Actually I believe all your senses are heightened at night, everything smells and tastes so much better."
I stared at her blankly, I don't understand, nodding my head I return to eating my breakfast. Melissa laughs as she makes herself a cup of coffee.
Sandra is now happy for me to stay in her house, but it's getting harder for me not to stare at Melissa, each time I see her she seems to be wearing less. Each night is the same, I have wild sex with Sandra, most of the time thinking of Melissa and the clothes she wasn't wearing during the day, and as soon as we finish Sandra's out of bed to get a drink or go to the toilet, always naked and never back before I drop off to sleep.
Saturday morning started with morning sex but again as soon as I came in her Sandra hopped out of bed to make coffee for us, to be honest I was starting to get a little paranoid. Was she going off to masturbate because I wasn't satisfying her, I'm sure she wasn't faking her orgasms or was she?
While I laid in bed waiting for Sandra to return Melissa walked past, glancing in she stared at me blankly and kept going. She was wearing a skimpy see thru nightie that barely covered anything, she had a towel under her arm heading for the shower. My mind wandered as I imagined her standing naked in the shower, the water running down over her body as she rubbed soap over her big tits, her nipples hardening.
My cock was getting hard thinking of her as Sandra walked in the door, naked and holding two cups of coffee, looking at the sheets she said, "I'm glad someone happy to see me". Putting the coffees down she pulled down the sheet, taking my cock in her mouth she expertly worked me until I came, my cum dribbling out of her mouth on to her breasts. Ideally sitting there looking at my cock she scooped up some of the cum with her finger and rubbed it around and over her nipples. "Have you coffee, I'll just clean up, be right back," she said as she walked out the door but instead of turning towards the bathroom, she went the other way.
I needed to know what was going on, why did she always disappear after sex. Climbing out of bed I went to the hallway, following her direction I started down the hall, Melissa's door was slightly ajar, I glanced in on my way pass, I froze, my heart must have nearly stopped, there was Sandra sitting on Melissa's bed naked with Melissa also naked licking her breasts and sucking her nipples. I staggered back to my room, my mind numb. When Sandra walked back in I didn't know what to say or do, I just sat there drinking my coffee, trying to process the thoughts and emotions I was feeling.
Sandra and Melissa went off to the shops leaving me at home, that suited me, I needed to think. To be honest I do watch porn, I enjoy lesbian porn, I enjoy incest porn especially all female, but this is different, the porn is make believe, this is real, it's hot but it is also very wrong. Should I tell Sandra I know, end our relationship now or do nothing, Melissa goes back to school in a couple of weeks than it's over and everything goes back to normal.
The girls came home, I wasn't in the mood for talking, I sat quietly as the girls talked over dinner. Afterwards I said I wasn't feeling well, excusing myself I said I was going to bed early and would see them in the morning. When Sandra came to bed I pretended I was asleep, I wasn't in the mood for sex, I was still trying to process my feelings about what I saw this morning.
Next morning I woke up still not knowing what to do, I was in bed by myself, Sandra was gone, I thought she's probably in Melissa's room again but then Melissa walked by. Stopping in the doorway she turned to face me, "Mom said to tell you she had to pop out for a while and will grab breakfast on her way home". Turning she headed down the hall toward the shower, today she was wearing a small satin dressing gown, it wasn't done up and when she turn to face me I saw her naked body. She gave no indication that she was aware that it wasn't covering her, she just stood there passing on the message, my cock growing as I looked at her.
I was still lying in bed as Melissa came back down the hall after her shower, she had a towel wrapped around herself that covered her from her nipples to her pussy. She stopped in the doorway, then stepped into the room, "You enjoy your little perv before?" Letting the towel fall to her feet she stepped toward the bed, I stared at her body, her firm round breasts, perky hard nipples, the perfectly trimmed bush, stopping beside the bed she spread her legs revealing her sweet pussy lips. Her hand stretched down gripping my hard cock thru the sheets as she leant forward, "You can suck my breasts if you like".
"No, I can't, your mother!" I struggled for words, I wanted Melissa but I was with Sandra, "We can't do this, it's wrong."
"Mom won't mind, she wants us to get on together and I can't think of a better way." Melissa said.
Oh god this can't be happening I thought, I knew I should move her hand away, get up and leave. But it felt so good, here hand holding my cock, moving up and down the shaft as I stared at her breasts coming towards me.
Melissa keeps leaning forward until her nipple is touching my lips, I couldn't stop myself, I'm going to fuck Melissa, I ran my tongue around her areola, then flick her nipples with it, they are like little rockets sticking out, my fingers play with one as my tongue plays with the other. Opening my mouth I enclose my mouth around her breast, sucking on it as my tongue flicks her nipple. Her hand has pushed back the sheet and she is slowly stroking my cock.
Climbing on to the bed Melissa straddles my face, a knee either side of my head, looking up I see her pussy is already wet, I didn't think anything of it, the only thing I was thinking about now was sex. She lowers her pussy just above my mouth, my tongue stretches out running along her lips, her smell and taste take over my senses, I strain my neck trying to get my tongue between her lips into her hole. Lowering herself she rubs against my face, her pussy sliding from my nose to chin, spreading her wetness over me. She positions herself so her clit is above my mouth, I run my tongue around it, biting it, I pull on it, sucking it as Melissa begins to moan.
Melissa moved her pussy along my face positioning her vagina above my mouth, pushing my tongue between her lips I push inside her. I feel a hand take of my cock, at first I thought it was Melissa but then both her hands grabbed the back of my head, pulling me up tighter against her pussy. A tongue started licking my cock before a mouth closed around my nob, sucking my cock. I tried to move but Melissa pressed her weight against me, trapping me between her legs.
The feeling of a mouth working my cock was exhilarating, I locked my mouth around Melissa's pussy, I sucked on it as my tongued explores the inside, Sandra loved it when I ate her pussy and I wanted to give Melissa an experience she won't forget. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," Melissa moaned, Her thighs squeezed my head as her body trembled with an orgasm, I could taste her cum running over my tongue as I licked and sucked it out of her pussy.
The mouth holding my cock disappeared as Melissa climbed off my face. Suddenly Sandra appeared over me, she lowered her face, tongue sticking out, she licked my face, her tongue running over my lips and chin, licking Melissa's cum off me.
Looking at me as she finished licking my face Sandra said, "Fuck my daughter, I want to eat your cum out of her pussy,"
I turned my head, Melissa was lying on her back, her knees raised, a hand between her legs. "Yes fuck my pussy, Mommy says you give her the best orgasms."
I wasn't thinking I was being driven by animal cravings, there were two naked women telling me to have sex and that was all I wanted. Moving between Melissa's legs I press my cock against her pussy, rubbing it along her lips and clit as I watched mother and daughter kissing, their tongues wrestling with each other as hands massage and squeeze tits. Melissa moans as my cock rubs her clit, pressing down against it I move in a circular motion over it, I could feel myself getting even harder as I watched them.

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