Angie’s new world experience

Angie’s New World Experience.
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Angie & Bobby met as teenagers and seemed to hit it off; eventually they marry and finally Angie loses her virginity. A pledge between then says they will agree to experience everything Legal sex has to offer. This is their story.
Chapter One… Their meeting. 3
Chapter two… Married Bliss. 7
Chapter three… First time anal. 12
Chapter Four… Finally Angie loses her anal cherry. 17
Chapter Five… more unexpected experiences. 22
Chapter One… Their meeting.
Bobby was sixteen and three months and felt he was too old now for the stereotypical British youth club scene, he felt he should now be casting his net out in the older man’s world of Disco and rave parties, however on this night he agreed to go along with his mate, (Kevin) to the local Friday night youth disco. Later he was to admit he was glad he had gone along because tonight he was to meet his angel.
Bobby despite being sixteen and three months was still technically a virgin because although he had a few girls that would suck him off or jerk off his six inch prick; he had never inserted his penis into the heavenly place of a woman’s vagina. Yet his six foot frame and developing hard muscles from his job as an apprentice coal face worker; made him a favourite with the local girls but he wanted more; I suppose the correct phrases would be he wanted a trophy wife. Someone he could show off to friends and family and to impress them as to how well he was doing; stupid I know!
But in the world of teenagers, it is often the case of not wanting to be the one saddled with the dog of the group. I apologise to the ladies reading this but it was the phase boys went through.
Angie had just turned sixteen in the last few days and could never be described as a dog but then again she would not turn over any ground as a beauty model. She unlike Bobbie loved to go to these fortnightly disco’s at the local youth club because she love to dance whether alone or in a group she had natural rhythm and poise on the dance floor. She was just over five feet tall and you could almost say a bean pole appearance for she was slim to the point where you might consider her to be anorexic but she was not. Her medium bust of a 36C looked too large for her figure but her long shoulder length blonde hair framed her pretty face to a tee.
As soon as Bobbie arrived at the youth club disco he tried to put his name down for a slot on the snooker table but found it fully booked and he expected at least half these names would not get onto the table before the 11pm closing time of the club, he was a fair to good snooker player but even his matches took over twenty minutes to complete. Now feeling miffed he entered the second prefabricated building that was being used as a disco; to be fair it was just the outer shell of the prefab building with the walls and ceiling painted black; there were two rows of six foot long ultraviolet fluorescent tubes and four large lamp shade type ceiling lights for when it came to the time to close the building.
Added to this basic layout they had acquired two disco projector lamps and a selection of six psychedelic discs which created patterns on the black walls and finally there was the mandatory glitter ball halfway down the ceiling which turned on a small 12 volt motor, even without the main beam of white light hitting the globe the effect was rather good.
As soon as Bobbie walked into the disco hall he spotted this five foot tall blonde bombshell amongst the crowd of Girls whom were milling about on the left hand side of the hall. He joined some of the guys who were on the opposite side of the hall. Quickly he asked if anyone knew the blonde beauty and after initial bouts of micky taking someone told him her name was Angie and she was alone but something of a cold fish. Which as every teenage boy would tell you is plain talk for she does not put out for anyone. Bobbie never took his eyes off the girl and finally after five songs he plucked up courage to ask her to dance.
He walked towards her in a roundabout way and finally he was there within touching distance of her and he had to witness her put down of another boy who asked her to dance. Thinking quickly he decided to be more forthright with her and he cheekily said, “Grab your coat babes you’ve pulled.” Half expecting to the told to piss off he was surprised the tacky approached had worked for she took his hand and said “let’s see how you dance first?”
Just his luck, the DJ suddenly slowed the tempo of the evening with a slow smoochy number and he almost bottled out knowing he would now be holding her close. The thing now going through his mind and straight to his cock was her tits pressing into his chest; he noted how soft they felt and he could not understand why because every other girl he had managed to have a feel of their tits, they were always semi hard to the touch because of the heavy wired bra.
All to soon the dance finished and he was about to walk away when Angie said, “Would you mind taking me outside for some fresh air!” hoping his luck was in and he hoped to be able to boast to his friends that she was not an iceberg but instead a hot sensual beauty.
However once outside she walked towards a bench illuminated by the street lamp it backed on to and she sat down and simply patted the space beside her. Bobby’s first reaction was to turn round and walk away after all he was not going to be her lapdog and follow her commands willy-nillie.
But he decided he would sit beside her but tell her not to tell him what to do ever again. No sooner had he sat down, Angie seemed to read his mind and she cut him to the quick by saying, “I am sorry for telling you to sit in that way but I just did not want you to leave just yet!” Now Bobby smiled and received as he thought a very sexy smile in return.
As they sat talking she allowed him to hold her hand and between them, they managed to extract lots of personal information from each other without asking direct questions; more importantly they seemed completely at ease with each other. Surprisingly Angie told him that she intended to remain a virgin until she was married and Firstly Bobby thought it a strange statement to make on their first meeting but also he felt it was sensible of her to mention this as it prevented problems later.
Ask Bobby about that first night and he will tell you his world changed that night for he had met an angel by the name of Angie and his heart was stolen before 10 pm on that same night. Angie too felt the kiss of romance on that first meeting and the quickly exchanged home addresses just in time for the club to close and everyone to begin wandering off home. Despite his mates calling for Bobbie to come with them as they had a couple of girls that had agreed to go onto a party with alcohol. Bobbie said he was going to give it a miss tonight and found himself resisting the moment to say good night to his new Angel. So he walked her home and got a single kiss on the forehead just before they arrived on the road where Angie lived. She quickly explained she was going to say good night here because the neighbours were very active of twitching front curtains. Despite them both saying goodnight neither one seemed to be making an effort to leave. Finally Bobbie took the decision and stepped forward and kissed Angie’s cheek as he cuddled her before stepping back and romantically kissing her hand and walking backwards away from her. She actually laughed when he stumbled backwards a little and she now turned to go home, with a quick call out of “Goodnight Sir Galahad!” she was gone.
Now Bobbie walked home with his feet several feet above ground, in fact he could not remember making the choices of where to turn but now he stood facing his own front door and all he could think of was Angie’s sweet delicate face so close to his. That night he slept in heaven or it felt like it and next day he skipped breakfast in order to get back to where he had left his angel the night before and it was his mother who noticed first when she told his dad that Bobbie must either be in love or he was coming down with something because it was the first time since he started school eleven years ago that he had not needed to be dragged out of his bed.
Bobbie had been waiting five minutes when he saw his beloved Angie appear and she quickly broke away from her usual female crowd in order to say morning to him. Suddenly she kissed him full on the lips and then said, “See you later, Bobbie! I don’t want this lot quizzing and taking the micky out of me!”
“Ok!” was his only reply but he walked away licking his lips hoping to extend the sweet taste of their recent kiss?
Again he was walking on air towards the same school that Angie was attending, despite it being a big laid out school he had hoped to see her at lunch time but their paths never crossed the rest of the day. Poor Bobbie was stood like a pillock waiting for Angie to come out of school but he was unaware that she had a swimming lesson last off and would be going straight home from the public swimming pool. Soon the school was empty and only the teachers began to leave the buildings now.
Dejectedly Bobbie turned and trudged his way home declaring he would never speak to her again, leaving him stood like a lemon in full view of teachers and his mates. But by seven thirty pm he found himself standing in virtually the same spot he had left Angie the night before. He was just about to give up at five to eight pm when she appeared. She seemed to be full of it whilst he was still fuming inside. He had intended to tell her that if she ever dumped him again, like earlier then he would walk away for good but as soon as she kissed him everything was forgotten.
They headed to the local public park and found an empty bench in the rose garden and what with it being secluded they began to relax. Angie made Bobbie promise that he would respect her decision to remain a virgin until she married and jokingly Bobbie said “Well maybe we should get married next week!” she responded that if that was an offer she would accept but only if he agreed they should wait until after school was finished.
Almost by way of agreeing Bobbie kissed Angie passionately and she responded in kind. For Bobbie he was unsure how far to go but Angie slid her hand onto Bobbie’s lap and began stroking his developing bulge. Bobbie began to protest that it was not fair for he to tease him so, knowing that it was going nowhere. He could not believe his ears when she said, “Who said it’s not going anywhere; after all we agreed that I would remain a virgin until I was married but that was all!”
Now their kisses seemed to take on a whole new meaning, both of them tried to get their tongues down each other’s throats and Angie just about managed to slide her hand down inside the trousers of Bobbie; even though the belt he wore was tight. She discovered that he was not exactly a virgin himself because several times she had done this before with other boys and the true virgins never seemed to last very long before cumming, usually all over her hand.
Bobbie was not exactly idle but every time he tried to slide his hand inside Angie’s tracksuit bottoms he was rebuffed but he was allowed to roam up inside her tracksuit towards her breasts. At one point Angie struggled but managed eventually to slide her own tracksuit top zip down one handed allowing Bobbie to free her breast and not only play with them but also kiss and suck on them. Several times she clamped her legs tight together as small climaxes wracked her body and almost by returning the favour Bobbie manage to undo his zipper in his trousers and was almost cock a hoop that his six inch cock poked through in all its crowning glory.
Thus there weekly ritual took place in what became their secret love garden and pretty much nothing changed for the next three years; except that Bobbie had secured a pretty good job as an apprentice on the conservation staff of Hillsboro Park, which meant he could begin saving for their wedding for he realised now he was completely in love with Angie. No not puppy love or infatuated by her but he felt an ache in his heart when she was not around him and whenever he had to be away on some residential gardening course he looked forward to their telephone chats.
Angie too had noticed her feeling for Bobbie had changed and no longer was it a one night a week date but she longed to be with him every day and when they were together the time simply seemed to fly by; so much so that on several occasions she had only just beat her curfew set by her parents. So now it just seemed inevitable that she would take him home to meet her parents and she was wound up tighter than a clock spring fearing if her parents did not like him would they prevent her seeing him.
She need not have worried though for within five minutes of meeting her parents they were giving her beaming smiles and secret nods showing their approval; of course it could have been the large bunch of flowers he took for her mom and the half bottle of scotch he had chosen for her dad but in reality he need not have bought them anything for they saw a decent young man sat before them and it was clear he was deeply in love with their daughter. It was only six months after this meeting that unbeknown to Angie, Bobbie has sounded out her parents by asking them both for permission to take their daughter’s hand in marriage.
After a few reservations about how two such young people would manage financially they both gave their blessing and now on their special bench in their secret love garden Bobbie finally went down on one knee and producing a 1 carat diamond engagement ring he asked Angie to marry him. Without hesitation she agreed and they hugged each other both having tears of joy streaming down their faces. For those whom like to know these things the ring was a perfect fit for Bobbie had borrowed one of Angie’s dress rings and got the jeweller to made the engagement ring to that size.
Chapter two… Married Bliss.
It had been Angie’s well to do parents whom had arranged the honeymoon and although Wales in November was not everyone’s cup of tea, Bobbie and Angie were too much in love to really notice the bad weather. On their very first night as man and wife; they had not been in the preverbal rush to consummate their marriage, no they put their cases in the Bridal Suite and wrapped up like Eskimos before taking a long leisurely stroll. They chatted about the wedding guests mainly both having humorous tales to tell about eccentric aunts or uncles.
Upon returning to the hotel they had decided to take a late evening meal before finally retiring to bed, it seemed everyone was aware that they were newlyweds because as they enter the restaurant portion of the hotel they were met with a round of applause from the other guests whom were mainly old enough to be retired. Almost blushing the two of them took a corner table out of the way and spent more time looking lovingly into each other’s eyes than scanning the menu for the food options.
Eventually the chose the food and seemed oblivious to the waitress bringing to their table. I suppose you could say they were too excited about breaking Angie’s cherry that they only picked at the food not being really as hungry as they thought they would be. So at 9.30 pm they signed the tab for the food and walked hand in hand out of the restaurant and into the lift.
As they approached the door of the bridal suite they were a little surprised to find a chamber maid standing outside their door. She introduced herself as Mia and she was their maid for the whole week they were staying there. She informed them that she had lit an evening fire in the grate in the bridal bedroom and it should by now be all cosy and warm. Suddenly Bobbie burst out laughing and as Angie wondered what he found so humorous, he blurted out that he had a sudden thought that the chambermaid was going to stay all night with them, Angie tapped his hand like a naughty schoolboy before adding “yes and I bet you would like that too, would you not; two women to ravish you on your wedding night!”
The Chambermaid must have heard the conversation because she too blushed, before explaining that she was going to be in the floor housekeeper’s room at the end of the corridor all night and if they should need anything at all just dial “0” on the telephone and she would pick up. With that the chambermaid opened the suite door and Bobbie scooped Angie up into his arms and carried her over the threshold as tradition demands.
The chambermaid closed the door after they passed through it and wandered gaily of down the corridor to the Floor housekeeper’s room. Going over and over in her mind was the words staying all night and Mia could not help but admit that Bobbie looked alright but Angie looked ravishing for Mia knew she was clearly bi-sexual with an erring towards the females. Once inside the room Bobbie gently placed Angie onto her feet and they stood looking at the shag pile rug nestling just in front of the grated fire which was crackling away merrily. They both simply removed their coats and sat side by side in front of the flickering flames, it was Bobbie who spoke first as he softly said, “I love Mrs Watkins!” and Angie responded and I love you too Mr Watkins!
Cradling her head into the crux of his shoulder, she said this couldn’t be any more prefect than it is right now. He giggled and replied and we have not even gone to bed yet! Another playful chastisement came his way and then seriously Angie turned to him and said, “Darling would you think me bad if I told you my secret?”
Bobbie almost shrank back as he digested those words fearing some all mighty calamity was about to strike and he gingerly said “That depends on what you are going to tell me!”
Angie smiled and said, “It’s nothing really bad like I am a serial killer or anything!”
Bobbie laughed again and replied, “Oh I know you’re not one of those!”
Angie fell a little silent and then leaning forward towards Bobbie she whispered it’s about sex. Bobby was intrigued now by this and promised whatever she told him right now would not alter his love for her. Now feeling more at ease, Angie began, “It’s just that I want to try everything there is to try legally about sex!” Bobbie breathed a sigh of relief and told her he too felt the same way and did not want to taboo anything as long as it was legal.
With that Angie wrapped her silk covered arms around her man and kissed him deep on the lips and pushed her tongue as a wedge between his lips. Bobbie fell into the kiss feeling the swell of his prick telling his body that he liked being married. Slowly there in front of that roaring fire they slowly undressed each other savouring the exploration of each new bit of flesh that became exposed.
Angie had changed from her ivory silk wedding dress at the wedding reception and now work more practical travelling clothes which comprised of a white blouse and black mid-thigh length skirt, although she had kept on the silk panties and matching bra; after all her new husband had to be able to remove something of her wedding attire, she argued.
With trembling fingers, Bobbie began to unbutton her blouse, whilst smiling at his angel’s face, he started at the top button and Angie equally trembling with the forthcoming promise, began unbuttoning his shirt from the bottom button. With part of Angie’s shallow cleavage beginning to appear, Bobbie glanced from her face to her breasts and back again before saying with a considerably dry throat, “Angie, can I ask you a favour, please?”
Angie smiled at him as she answered, “You can ask me anything, I want no secrets between us and I want nothing to interfere with our love for each other!”
Bobbie now coughed and said, “My beloved, will you undress yourself to your underwear and allow me to take personal pictures of you?”
Angie was taken aback by this and paused for a second or so before answering, “Of course I will but tell me are they going to be our private pictures or will you be showing them around!”
Instantly Bobbie responded, “No, my love, these will be for us to treasure alone and when our 50th wedding anniversary comes round, we will look at these and remember this was where our love began!”
Angie immediately leaned into Bobbie and kissed him passionately and when she broke from that kiss she said, “Only a sweet man as yourself, darling, could have thought of such a wonderful idea, let’s do it!” and then she added that why should we start with me in underwear, grab your new digital camera that was my wedding present to you and I will pose for you and then you can pose for me!” Angie changed back into her wedding dress and veil before allowing Bobbie to snap away with his new camera.
Pretty soon Angie was just down to her silk panties, bra and by some quirk of chance the navy blue frilly garter around her thigh. She was so glad that the something new and something blue of the traditional attire for weddings had been this dainty garter her mother’s sister had given her on her last night of freedom. Not that Angie saw it that way.
Bobbie found his cock straining to be released from his trousers as through the viewfinder he continued to take pictures of his new wife. Encouraging her to pose this way and then pose like this. He even asked her to pose open legged with her silk panties just below the blue garter and Angie willingly oblige. Bobbie knew from his cunt licking episodes during their ‘no penetration courtship’ that Angie had taken a new step for her cunt was now bald and those tight little blonde curls of pubic hair were long gone.
He made a mental note to ask Angie why the change but that could wait till tomorrow. Soon it was Bobbies turn and he took posed as Angie requested until the point where he struggled to get his stiff cock untangled from his pants and of course Angie found it so amusing, she even kept clicking away at the camera.
Now the naked figure of Angie’s new husband pulled Angie towards him and whispered shall we go to bed Mrs Watkins or would you prefer the fuck here on the rug in from of the fire. Let’s get a sheet off the bed and let’s fuck here by the open fire for our first special fuck. Inwardly Bobbie was glad his bride of seven hours was not offended by brusque talk and even liked to use it herself, when the time was right, of course.
They laid the sheet over the shag pile rug to prevent any staining to the rug mainly but also to reduce possible friction burns to their knees ETC. Bobbie kissed his way down from his beloved Angie’s ear on to her neck and across her collar bone before trailing a saliva trail following his tongues journey down on to Angie’s left breast. At the nipple he circled his tongue around the areolae before sucking the nipple in between his lips and nipping the end lightly with his teeth. Angie squirmed under this sensation and she cradled his head tight against her breast encouraging him to continue.
He manage to break away gently from her grip and left little butterfly kisses all the way down her abdomen until he reached the crux of her hip and torso, then once again he trailed his tongue down between her legs and he felt Angie shudder as his hot breath blow gently over her cunt lips and catching as it did the clitoris just beginning to awaken to its own impending onslaught. His lips now pressed against her cunt lips and as the clitoris head finally revealed itself that too was sucked gently into his mouth and his tongue danced like a ballerina on it creating multiple waves of ecstasy coursing through Angie’s veins.
When he thought she was suitably aroused he began the return journey with his tongue but up the right side of Angie’s body. Then when he was sucking and nibbling lightly on her right nipple he adjusted his cock until its plum coloured head was nestled between her flowering cunt lips. Slowly not wanting to hurt her he began to press his cock home, he pressed until her hymen prevented and further easy passage and he paused; scared to press on home and hurt his delicate wife and yet eager to possess her;
When he felt Angie’s hands on his arse cheeks and suddenly she pulled him onto her and two things happened instantly; his cock tore past the hymen and entered her cunt fully and he noticed Angie register a split second of pain on her face.
Despite this she now urged him on to take her cunt that he had waited so long to possess; he now saw a different side of Angie, no longer the virginal girl showing great restraint from surrendering her maiden hood to now a full grown sexual woman with the handbrake released so to speak. Not only was she bucking back up to meet his thrusts but she was verbally encouraging him to fuck the hell out this horny cunt of hers. His desire to fuck her had been with him since the early days of their courtship but now able to do just that he did not want to; no that’s not right, he did not want it to be over too soon so he fought to fuck her and yet tried desperately not to cum too soon.
Unfortunately that first fuck he lost the fight but not the war; for he knew now that he would be able to fuck this sensual woman as often as he liked and things would only get better. They lay before the crackling fire bathed in its heat and the sweat of their endeavours. Angie lying with her head now resting on Bobbie’s shoulder, she tried to look him in the face without lifting her head and asked him, “was it how you hoped, my love?”
Bobbie return her gaze and kissed her forehead as he said, “it was out of this world, my dear, far better than I ever imagined but did I cum too soon for you my beloved?”
Angie smiled and nudged him, “You know it wasn’t you must have felt me cum seconds before you did!”
All too soon with the fire dying the reluctantly stood and after checking the blanket for blood stains from her deflowering they breathed a sigh of relief, they made for the bathroom and what a bathroom it had everything just right for a newly married couple to explore their sexuality together. Angie almost giggled as she invited Bobbie to join her in the ultra large double shower, Bobbie jumped at the chance and just before they did so he nipped back into the bedroom and dialled ‘0’ on the bedside phone. There was a click and then Mia’s voice answer, “Yes how may I help you!” Bobbie quickly explained that they had been an accident and something had been spilt on the bottom sheet of the bed could they please have a replacement and could Mia let herself in and change it as they would be in the shower.
Mia wondered if this was a ploy to get her back into the room but she had to go just in case it wasn’t so and when she got there she could hear the shower running and was almost tempted to open the door slightly and take a peek at the two lovers but she resisted, quickly changing the bed linen she was about to leave when she saw the digital camera on the far side bedside cabinet. This she couldn’t resist, so she moved around the bed and clicked the on button of the camera and went to the gallery icon, what she saw in those pictures made her wish she had been asked to stay overnight.
Suddenly she heard movement which seemed to indicate they were coming out the Bathroom so she reluctantly switched off the camera and placed it back just in time for Bobbie to open the door and begin to step through it. He froze for a split second and then realised he was stark naked so he retreated quickly and then grabbing a towel and with much laughter from his new wife he returned to the bedroom. He apologised about earlier and then asked Mia to pass him the camera just by her left hand, he was unaware that she had just been looking at the self-same camera.
After taking some pictures of his wife showering he then allowed her to take pictures of him as he walked around naked. Mia for her point made a mental note to try to get another look at the camera before these guest left. Now both properly refreshed by the shower they dried each other before exiting the bathroom and now went to bed as husband and wife knowing that from now on there were going to be no more kissing goodnight on the doorstep and Bobbie having to leave.
Once more the nearness of his beloved Angie stirred his loins and he gently traced a finger around her right breast before capturing the nipple between forefinger and thumb, Angie seemed to purr at his ministrations and cuddled even tighter to him. She slowly began to slide down beneath the covers, her hot breath searing a path towards his manhood and Angie knowing she had plenty of practise in the past of sucking cock wanted so much to turn her new husband on. Bobbie threw the covers aside and watched as his wife of only a few hours now reached his rampant cock. She licked up its underside until she reached his cock head but instead of taking it into her mouth as she had down fairly regularly over the last four years, instead she lovingly flicked her tongue out in little spurts always just barely touching his crowning glory but enough contact to turn him on and soon he was begging her to suck it fully. Reluctantly she did so and opened her mouth and craned her neck before taking its entire length into her mouth and throat. Never in those four celibate years had she ever attempted a full cock suck but boy the feeling he was experiencing now was out of this world.
After just a few seconds of this Bobbie began to fear for his wife, how was a=she able to breathe with his cock blocking her airway but he need not have worried for before they met Angie had been taught to take a fully erect cock into her throat and for her to breathe through her nose. But that was a secret from the time before she met Bobbie and despite her being under the age of consent she now saw its value as a useful skill to have learnt.
Bobbie eased his stiff cock out of Angie’s grasp and eased her on to her back but she whispered, do me doggie style my love. Bobbie looked at her and she smiled as she said take me like the horny bitch I am be my alpha dog my lover. Bobbed nodded and Angie turned over on to her hands and knees, parted her knees to what she thought would be an appropriate width and waited. Bobbie eased himself behind her but instead of plunging his cock into her sweet wet cunt he dipped his head and probed the cunt opening with his tongue dragging the cunt juices up over her anal ring. Several times he did this and every time he did Angie pushed back against his probing tongue. Suddenly he held her hips and instead of locating her cunt he pushed hard against her sphincter muscle with his tongue; Angie froze for she had never experienced anything like she was right now, it felt like a baseball bat was pressing against her anal opening but at the same time it felt like a butterfly was walking around her anal ring.
Bobbie could not wait any longer so he straightened up and taking his hard aching cock in his hand he guided it to Angie’s cunt. As soon as his plum coloured head felt the wet folds of her cunt he let go of his cock and pushed it quickly and firmly into his wife’s overheating cunt. Angie looked back over her shoulder and told him to fuck his bitch hard with no mercy. Ever eager to please Bobbie began slamming his cock into his wife just like a horny dog would do a bitch in heat and every forward thrust caused Angie’s head to bounce off the bed a little but her verbal encouragement continued unabated.
Once more like newly-weds do, they seemed to climax together, not an Earth moving nerve shattering eruption of passion, but a warm contented glow that emanated from their loins and made them feel peaceful inside.
Outside the hotel door, Mia pressed her ear against the wooden door whilst her hand worked feverishly inside her panties and she also had to keep a wary eye open for other guests moving around the hotel. A couple of times she had needed to bite her lip to stop her own noises from attracting attention and once she had to drop to the floor grabbing her duster mop and make out she was cleaning the mid height Dado rail. Unfortunately for Mia she had not managed to cum and as she walked back to the floor mother’s room she began to wonder if she ever would climax again for Mia had developed her past-time, especially on the late shift, and for the last six months she had been eavesdropping on various guests sexual escapades, not always the Bridal suite though. In that time she had begun to find it harder and harder to gain her satisfaction, she had just about put it down to the break up between her and her long standing boyfriend.
Once cradled together in bed it was surprising how quickly the lover found a peaceful sleep, each dreaming of their new life together. As normal Bobbie woke at six thirty am and he lay looking up at the ceiling until a slight movement beside him drew his attention. Then looking down at his beloved Angie he recalled their night of passion and he leaned forward and kissed her forehead, “morning my beloved.” He whispered. Angie stirred then stretched out her arms and legs causing the sheet covering her to slide down the bed exposing her pert breasts. Bobbie laughed as he said, “Now that is the best site a man could wake up to, a beautiful sexy naked woman!”
He casually asked if she wanted him to order room service for breakfast or did she want to dress and go down to the restaurant for something to eat. Still in her semi dreamy state she smiled, “I would like to eat that wonderful sausage I had last thing last night!” she quipped.
“You really are trying to be a wanton whore aren’t you?” he enquired smiling as he did so.
“What poor little old me!” Angie teased, “where do you get such ideas, beasts me!” she added.
“Come on I’ll nip through the shower whilst you come round and then after your shower we will go down like respectable guests for breakfast!” he said.
Angie pouted her lips and sat like a naughty sulking schoolgirl, but she was nodding also. Bobbie thought I am really going to like married life if this anything to go by.
Thirty five minutes later, the pair walked into the restaurant amidst cheers from the six staff on duty and the small crowd of hotel guests numbering around twenty. Clearly the word had gone round that there was a newly married couple in the hotel. Both Bobbie and Angie smiled and thanked everyone but asked that they just be allowed to have their breakfast like any other couple. Once they had served themselves from the side buffet table and ordered their hot food, Angie and Bobbie found a corner table to sit at. No sooner had they sat down an elderly woman came over to them and wishing them long life and prosperity she confided that she had been married for 45 years until husband passed, “May you have half the fun and love me and my Bertie had and you will be doing alright!” she said before walking away and out of the restaurant.
Chapter three… First time anal.
On the third day of their honeymoon, Angie seemed to be on edge, but every time Bobby asked her what was wrong, she would simply say “Nothing”. Finally alone in their hotel room he asked, “If I have done something to offend or disgust you, my love, please tell me so I can at least apologise properly!”
Angie walked up to him and putting her arms around his neck she kissed him tenderly and promised him it was nothing he had done but instead something she wanted to do but did not know how to ask. Instantly Bobbie thought he had underperformed somehow and she wanted to try sex with another man; when he said to her, “Darling, in you think it necessary then of course I would allow you to do what you fear to ask!”
Now Angie was confused, “what do you think I want to do? Babes.”
Bobbie looked like the fox in the hen coop, he spluttered out the words, “Have sex with another man!” Angie laughed and cuddled even tighter to him, “Why would I want another man when my man satisfies me so completely!” her smile dropped when she said, “Please don’t judge me too harshly but I would like to try anal sex, my love!” Bobbie breathed the biggest sigh of relief and smiling he said, “Whatever you want is ok with me, just so long as I am involved!”
Now kissing each other passionately, they reluctantly had to part as they had arranged to go water skiing in the local bay. Walking hand in hand from the hotel to the arranged meeting point the paused and Bobbie said, “When we retire to bed tonight we will try anal sex but we must make sure we have everything we may need for it!” a confused expression crossed Angie’s face until bobby explained, “Well you anal opening works in direct opposite to your cunt, Your cunt when excited produces its own lubrication but I am not so sure the anal ring would do so, as its main function is to keep things in or dump things out!” Angie squeezed his hand a little tighter and she said in an admiring way, “Trust you my love to think of my comfort, no wonder I fell in love with you!”
For Angie the day of sightseeing and dining out at little café’s seemed to drag to the point of almost time standing still. Strange thing was that as the day wore on Angie was becoming more uptight just thinking about what they were going to be doing upon retiring to bed. Eventually Bobbie said, “I think it time to make our way back to our hotel!” now every single step seemed to send delicious tingling sensations all the way up her legs and direct to her anal rosebud.
Angie was a little surprised when Bobbie suddenly dragged her into a shop, a shop that turned out to be a pharmacy, and he led her through the aisles until he found the items he was looking for. He picked up a jar of Vaseline and bizarrely a pack of suppositories. Angie actually blushed as they paid for the items at the checkout and rather brazenly Bobby enquired if there was such a thing as a sex shop in town. The young male assistant looked from Angie to Bobby and then smiled. It was the type of smile that said, I know what you are up to and one bordering on a look of lust, but he leaned forward and in a hushed voice told Bobbie, try Cauldron Street!
Having paid for their items Bobby slipped his and around Angie’s waist and led her out of the store, just as he reached the door he saw in the shop’s door mirror that the assistant was still watching them leave, so he slid his hand down on to Angie’s arse and slipped her dress hem up until her panties were on view and then he patted her arse gently. In the mirror he saw the assistant firstly smile and then give him a thumbs up.
Now the found their way to Cauldron street and sure enough there was three sex shops, one looked really seedy and undesirable but the other two looked well-kept and had blacked out windows. Choosing the first of these two well-kept shops Bobbie almost had to drag Angie into the shop, he whispered “it will be alright my love, just stay close to me!” inside the shop the door opened onto what appeared to be an alcove of stacked shelves containing pornographic books.
Bobby followed the side labels until he located books on anal sex, he chose one and flicked through its pages, he saw what he was looking for amongst the photographs; a woman taking a butt plug up her arse and he quickly decided not to show this to Angie; instead he told her to select a book she liked the look of. Meanwhile he scanned the other alcoves inside the shop he saw they were suitably designed and segregated into sections, Books & Magazines, then there was an alcove featuring sex toys, one covering sexual wear, and the final alcove seemed to be sexual films. He turned back to Angie and she held out a magazine and without looking at its title Bobby simply led Angie into the sex toy section. Angie seemed to have overcome her shyness about being in a sex shop for now she stared at the sex toys with wide open eyes full of glee.
Over the next hour Angie selected two toys and bobby located the item he was looking for although he was a little worried about the size but nothing else was said. Finally they looked at the films section and as it was at that swap over time they found a collection of both VHS format and DVD format titles. Again Bobby selected an appropriate DVD title and hid this from Angie.
Now they made their way to the checkout and apart from Angie blushing the salesman never commented on anything the couple had bought, Angie expected him to give them their items in a plain brown paper bag and therefore was surprised to see a royal blue bag with discreet advertising of the shop address but no hint of what the shop sold.
Now it was getting on to almost a late evening meal, so the horny couple quickly headed for the hotel they were staying at. Walking straight into restaurant they chose a table away from the main area and ordered a light meal. After dinner Bobbie told Angie it was time to retire to bed and Angie actually shook as she stood to make her way out of the restaurant. Bobbie almost had to hold Angie up as he honestly thought she was going to fall over. Now in the lift, Angie began to have second thoughts about actually trying anal sex and almost began to ask Bobbie to wait before carrying out the act tonight but just as she was about to speak the lift doors opened and an elderly couple entered the lift and for some reason they rode up in the lift to Bobby & Angie’s floor before taking it back down they assumed to the ground floor.
No Angie really was nervous and she could barely hold the hotel swipe card steady enough to use it properly. In fact Bobby had to take it off her in order to open the door. Once inside the room, Angie asked if they could have a break before beginning her first adventure into anal.
Bobby smiled and then explained his plan; first we will look at the magazine together and then you will go and have a hot steaming bath, after thirty minutes you will present me your rear-end and I will apply some Vaseline to your anal ring. Then you will dry yourself and I will apply a second application of Vaseline. Then and only then will I begin to stretch your anal ring until believe you’re ready to accept my cock. Bobbie never said anything to Angie but he liked the feeling of power telling Angie what was going to happen and when. Angie said nothing but showed her approval of his forethought by wrapping her arms around his neck and covering his face in kisses.
Soon Bobbie and Angie, sat side by side in front of a freshly made fire courtesy of Mia; when they were alone again, Bobbie produced the magazine and he and Angie began to read the stories of others adventures into anal. Angie paused several times as she scrutinised the pictures pointing out the finer details of the objects seemingly hanging out of these anal recesses. She was particularly shocked to see it was males and females depicted in the photographs and was keen to point this out to Bobby.
Bobby closed the magazine and remembering the feeling of power he had experienced earlier, he ordered Angie to undress on the spot. Any other person at any other time and any other place Angie would have blown her top and fucked off the guy in an instant but today right now in this situation she sudden felt a strange sexual feeling coursing through her veins and seemingly coming directly from her cunt. She immediately stood up and slowly undressed, allowing Bobby to appreciate the new bit of nakedness she was exposing.
Soon she was standing naked in front of him and subconsciously she had her arm across her chest and her right hand covering her cunt mound. Suddenly in a tone of authority Bobby demanded she place her arms by her side. Angie was about to tell him to piss off when almost without her consent her arms went to her sides like she was told. She felt a strange sexual rush, not nasty or of danger to herself but like a surrendering of her decision making ability.
Again when Bobby told her to open her legs, Angie did so without question. He now told her to bend over and hold her ankles, he unscrewed the top of the Vaseline and he scooped a moderate amount and applied it into the crack of her arse. Then working it in slightly he suddenly slipped his forefinger up her anal opening, her sphincter muscle proving to be a great deal of resistance.
He pulled his hand away and then applied the remainder of the Vaseline on his fingers to Angie’s cunt making sure to dip all his fingers into her steaming honey pot. Angie let a gasp of lust escape her lips as she felt her hot cunt being filled with Bobby’s fingers. He slowly worked his fingers around her cunt until Angie’s thighs were trembling. The pair were so engrossed in their pleasure that they failed to hear Mia’s knock on the door, receiving no response back she quietly opened the door an walked in.
The scene that met her made her stop dead in her tracks and she stared at Angie’s swinging breasts. Without thinking her hand was up her short skirt and her fingers had moved the gusset of panties to one side, now she stroked her cunt paying particular attention to her clit, several times she had to bite hard on her lip to stop the amorous couple hearing her presence. She was clearly beginning to excite her to the same sort of level as Angie. Then just as she was preparing to leave without being seen; the whole room erupted in raised voices, namely Bobby and Angie spotting Mia in her compromising disposition. She did not have time to pull her hand from aching cunt before Angie called out her name. Mia immediately began apologising saying she did knock but received no answer, she assumed the room was empty and she was just coming in to turn down the beds ready for their return; but when she saw what they were doing they looked so sexy that it instantly made her feel horny as her boyfriend had been gone for over a month and she had not enjoyed herself since.
Bobbie suddenly let out a belly laugh, both women asked him what he was laughing at and he smirked as he reminded Angie of what she had said on their wedding night. Angie pretended to be unaware of what she actually said, so Bobbie repeated it for her, “You said you did not want to miss out on any form of sex as long as it was legal!” Angie blushed and to be honest so did Mia.
Booby feeling cocksure of himself now said, “Well here is a perfect chance to do something totally new and it is most definitely legal!” both women played hard to get and pretended not to know to what he was referring. “Ok I will spit it out plain and simple, Angie you made a promise to try anything as long as it was legal so Mia is over 21 and from what I have seen she is as horny as a bald coot badger!”; “so I figure if you are true to your word then you have the perfect opportunity to prove it by eating this horny sluts cunt and for that matter having her eat yours too!” Both women now looked at each other and it Mia who moved first.
Not as one expected to get out of the room as fast as she could but instead to remove her clothes to the same level as Angie. Now Mia walked slowly forward and ran her hand over Bobby’s semi stiff cock and she almost purred when she said, “If I go through with this I want to sample this thing too!” she tapped lightly on his trousers over his cock but making it clear in return for a lesbian show she wanted to be fucked too. It was Angie who spoke next, “Very well but and listen clearly to what I am about to say! It will be a one off event, I have not married this guy to share him with a chamber maid no matter how good she looks!”
Mia turned to Angie and smiled as she said, “Believe me, I don’t need a reason for this fucking manager to fire me and besides he has been trying to get into my knickers for almost a year now; so I am well aware that if you complained then he would blackmail me in order to achieve his lust!”
Angie now softened towards Mia and asked her to come to her, once in range Angie reached forward and lightly touched her right breast, with feather light contact she almost tickled her way to the right nipple which was already responding to Angie’s delicate touch. Mia continued her move towards Angie and took her face gently in her hands and then leaned in for a passionate kiss. For Angie the sensual kiss became a raging fire as Mia forced her tongue into Angie’s mouth and then she seemed to test out each of her teeth individually, then Angie felt a suddenly rush of exhilaration as the two tongue made contact, Angie knew at this point she was gone and Mia would be able to do whatever she wanted with her body.
Now the pair slid to the shag pile rug and stretched out beside each other. Angie shot Bobby a look and almost rasped at him to get his fucking clothes off and come and join us. Just as she finished calling for Bobby to join them she suddenly went stiff because rather than waiting for her to be ready, Mia had now moved her head between Angie’s spread legs and at that particular moment she had sucked Angie’s protruding clitoris in between her lips and had rolled her lips shed exquisite ecstasy to Angie.
Bobby was undressed in record time and as Mia began seriously paying attention to Angie’s cunt with her mouth and tongue and Angie was already rocking from side to side with pure lust. Looking over Mia’s body Angie gasped for Bobby to fuck this horny devil of a tease and make her lose her mind. Bobby wasn’t about to be told a second time as he slipped behind Mia and then leaned forward almost crushing Mia’s slender body; “shall I fuck her cunt or Arse, my lovely Angie?” he asked. With this Mia tried to raise her head and begged Angie to tell him “to fuck her arse as she did not need to get pregnant like this!”
Angie’s face was suddenly creased with devilment as she said, “fuck her cunt but don’t cum inside her, instead when you’re about to cum make sure you blast her face with that white hot spunk!” “Yes dear.” was Bobby’s response. He now took hold of his hard cock and gently rubbed it up and down Mia’s cunt line and as the head began to disappear inside Mia’s cunt he sudden pushed forward forcefully cramming his hard cock fully home in to Mia’s cunt and then for forty minutes he pounded her cunt like an express train only slowing or stopping as Mia appeared to be just about to reach her peak of ecstasy.
Suddenly Bobby pulled his cock fully out of its clutching horny hole and forced it towards Mia’s face and then a couple of quick hand jerks sent his spunk flying towards Mia’s face. The first spurt hit her just about middle of her forehead and the lesser forceful shots began to leave a trail down Mia’s face. The bridge of her nose split one particular shot and it diverted the thick spunk towards Mia’s eyes. The partially sated Bobby lolled back on to his heels and watched at close range as firstly Mia flicked her tongue out and around the area of her lips sucking up any traces of spunk. I suppose not to be out done Angie then leaned forward and licked the spunk of Mia’s face and then when she had the last of the spunk she did something that Bobby would have said she did not know anything about; yes she opened her mouth showing that she had not in fact swallowed the spunk and allowed it to dribble into Mia’s waiting face. The last few dregs she allowed to drip onto her breasts and she told Bobby to lick them clean.
At this moment there was a crisis point for Bobby did not want to be seen as a spunk eating cuckold, but with Mia’s encouragement and promise of nobody else would ever know, he finally leaned forward and scooped up these two white trails of his own spunk.
Now Bobby sat back in the easy chair and watched as Mia taught Angie quite a lot about sex between two women. She taught Angie about rimming, about cunt licking but most of all she taught her about a woman’s g spot. Angie became a groaning hollering wretch as Mia slid her hand up Angie’s cunt and stroked the inner walls of her cunt with a finger until Angie jumped and then she knew she had found her g spot. That night before going to bed Angie learned a lot about sex the feminine way. Mia slipped away as Angie and Bobby got down to what turned out to be their last hard cunt fuck of the night. As they lay in bed exhausted Angie smiled weakly at Bobby and said, “So much for my anal virginity.”
Bobby cradled his one love in his arms and in what can only be described as post sexual bliss, he whispered, “I will make it up to in the morning, my precious Angel!” Moments later the couple were sound asleep, Bobby on his back and Angie with her head on his chest and her left leg almost entwined with his and in her left hand was the manhood that had given her so much enjoyment since they married.
Chapter Four… Finally Angie loses her anal cherry.
At six thirty am, Bobby was awoken by a strange sensation; he almost felt as if he was in a dream and someone was gently sucking his cock whilst almost tickling his balls. He opened his and stared down towards his feet, there was Angie on her hands and knees with his cock disappearing into her mouth and her hand working feverishly on his balls. “Good morning, Angel!” he managed to say but Angie never missed a beat sucking his cock as she was and he received only a smile as acknowledgement.
Bobby asked his wife to stop sucking his cock for now because if she did not he would lose control and after yesterday’s huge efforts for him to satisfy two horny fuck sluts, he was afraid it may take him till the afternoon to recuperate. Reluctantly Angie stopped and with a fake scowl of her face she pretended to be annoyed with Bobby. However when she was level with his head he pulled her head towards him and kissed her passionately on the lips, savouring a strange mixture of tastes as she probed his mouth with her tongue. Then he realised what it was after their final leisurely fuck last night neither of them had gone for a shower or bath so he was tasting traces of his own spunk and Angie’s cunt juices which would have dried on his cock and then been re-liquidised by Angie sucking his cock just now.
Now with Angie resting her head on his chest he spoke gently as he explained his revised plan, “First I am going to apply some more Vaseline to your anal ring and then you will take a nice hot bath for about thirty minutes to relax your muscles!” he said “Then before you get out of the bath; you will turn over on to your knees and I will apply another dose of the Vaseline. Where upon you will rest in the bath for a further five minutes while I prepare everything in here and then when I call you; you can come and lose your anal cherry like a good little whore!” he concluded.
Angie almost punched him as she indignantly complained, “I am not a Whore, little or otherwise!” Bobby quickly explained he meant nothing bad by the term but thought a little horny pillow talk would turn her on. Angie then smiled and said, “You can call me anything other than that horrid word ‘whore’ and I will be happy but I once heard my dad say that word to my mother just before he spanked her naked arse in front of me and ever since I have dreaded and hated that word!” Bobby immediately apologised and kissed his beloved Angie. She responded by saying, “other than that though the plan seemed a good one and I will be happy to participate fully!”
So they both went to the bathroom and Angie began running a bath but she also kept a good eye on Bobby as he stood in front of the toilet bowl and released a torrent of piss; it intrigue Angie and turned her on to watch him, she made a point that sometime in the future she would mention this to her husband and see watch reaction he gave. She asked him if she should put bath crystals in the water or should she keep the water clear. He turned his head and could not fail to notice his wife staring at his cock. He pinched his cock between his thumb and index finger stopping the flow of urine and called her over, then taking her hand in his free hand he put it over the top of the hand squeezing his cock. Then he withdrew that hand and allowed Angie to hold and direct the last of his piss, unfortunately though he had all but finished when he swapped his hand for hers and only a little trickle came out.
Angie asked if she had done something wrong and a smiling Bobby explained that like herself he had only a limited amount of piss at any one time, his bladder being no bigger than her own, he promised that the next time he needed to go he would allow her to hold his cock and play with it as he pissed. Angie smiled a big beaming smile as she turned back to the bath, he spoke quickly that she should prepare her bath as she would normally do.
When the bath was run, Angie called for her husband and a few minutes later he entered the bathroom carrying the tub of Vaseline. For the first attempt he had Angie spread her legs then lean towards the bath, then he scooped out some of the Vaseline and applied it between her arse cheeks but whenever he tried to push his finger through her anal ring she would almost topple forward. So he told her to get down on all fours but still keep her legs open. This proved far more successful.
He massaged her sphincter muscle as he coated more of his fingers in the jelly and soon he had four fingers sliding in and out of her anal ring, Angie was already groaning and pushing back to each thrust made by Bobby. Suddenly the fingers were gone and Bobby told her to take her soak in the bath. He stood by the sink and washed his hands however most of the Vaseline covering his fingers being water resistant only came off on the hotel towel. He thought what the heck Mia can change these and no one would need to know.
Now Bobby turned and kissed Angie on the forehead and reminded her that she should soak only for thirty minutes and then picking up the hotel towel he had used to wipe his hands on he left the bathroom. He laid the big hotel towel across the bed at right angles to the length of the bed then adjusted its position so some of it hung over the nearside of the bed. Then he went to the brown bag and removed the two vibrators and the butt plug. Returning to the bed he applied a little Vaseline to all of the toys and then amused himself by reading a few of the tales in the anal magazine.
Then after thirty minutes he went to the bed and picked up the butt plug but made sure that his wife would not see it and then he returned to the bathroom and ordered his wife on to her knees,
Taking another scoop of Vaseline he pushed it into her anal ring with his fingers and then he began to push the large butt plug into her sphincter muscle. Slowly the tight anal ring began to spread as more of the butt plug eased its way into her anal canal. Angie was groaning as the fattest part of the butt plug seemed to stick at the expanded entrance to her arse.
Bobby continued to press only a little harder now as he told her to take big breaths and relax her muscles. Slowly but surely the black object disappeared more and more until suddenly her anal ring eased and gripped the slim retaining column of rubber and the base plate was all Booby could see now of the butt plug. Angie turned her head towards Bobby and asked what had he pushed into her arse, he responded by telling her it was the butt plug they had bought yesterday, she huffed and puffed a little before telling Bobby that her arse felt bloated and full. Bobby simply told her that she had fifteen minutes more of soaking in the bath and then he would see her in the bedroom.
Angie felt it strange to be sitting in the bath with this rubber device pushed inside her anus and she just could not seem to get into a comfortable place. That is until she planted her feet either side of the bath plug and brought her knees up and opened them as wide as she could, this meant she was leaning back against the head of the bath and it removed the pressure against the butt plug.
All too soon though, Bobby called her name and told her to come out here. Strangely enough Angie found it more difficult than she expected to get up to her feet and step over the bath side because her natural reaction was that she kept feeling like she needed to open her bowels and therefore she had strong urges to snap her legs together to prevent accidents.
Eventually Angie shuffled through the bathroom door and over to where Bobby was standing, he told her, “Kneel down against the bed with your upper body on the bed!” When Angie tried this she found the bed was higher than the length of her thighs so her knees were off the floor. Bobby quickly grabbed the four pillows from the bed and propped up her knees on these.
Now bobby knelt beside Angie and all of a sudden she heard the buzz of a vibrator and she turned her head to look, Bobby gently slapped her arse and told to keep looking forward, under her breath Angie swore that she would have this out with him, why did he think he could slap her and get away with it! Just then her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden jolt of pleasure as Bobby applied the vibrator to Angie’s clitoris. Even further spurts of pleasure ensued as he now slowly inserted the vibrator into her cunt. He fucked her cunt with slow strokes to tart with and then pushed the vibrators full length into her cunt until just the speed control disc was showing.
Angie almost screamed with sheer pleasure and she did not notice that the buzzing noises had become louder as Bobby now applied the big vibrator to her clitoris, Angie buried her face into the bed’s mattress as she wailed her first announcement that she was cumming. She loved the sensation of her arse being stuffed full whilst a vibrator buzzed away in her cunt sending deep sensations through the separation membrane between cunt and arse. In her mind she kept seeing flashes of pornography and at this moment in time they appeared as two men fucking her two holes in unison. Suddenly she almost groaned in despair for the large butt plug filling her anal canal was being pulled out. Into the mattress Angie screamed no no don’t take may pleasure away.
With a silent plop the butt plug was out and soon the vibrations in her cunt were gone too; however it was not for long because she now felt the bigger vibrator’s power as it was slipped back into her cunt and then her anal ring felt on fire as the smaller vibrator invaded the space.
Bobby moved silently as he repositioned himself behind Angie and taking hold of the anal vibrator in his left hand and the other vibrator in his right hand the tilted them until their pointed heads almost touched on each side of the membrane. Angie’s Sighs and groans increased fourfold and suddenly Bobby had an idea, he took the anal vibrator back out of her arse as Angie swore at him but into the mattress, so Bobby never made out what she actually said.
Bobby now pushed the spare vibrator into Angie’s cunt alongside the other vibrator and then he pressed his cock against the still stretched anal ring and with very little pressure his cock slipped home. Now he began to fuck her hard and letting go of the vibrators he grasped her hips and began forcefully slamming his cock in and out of her anal ring. Angie was in cloud cuckoo land from the very first thrust such had been Bobby’s diligence in arousing her before taking her anal cherry.
Angie’s cunt was spraying it juices everywhere as her body just seemed to be permanently jolting around. The two vibrators slipped out of her cunt and because of the anal assault she did not even notice at first. Suddenly a well-known tingle in his balls alerted him to his onrushing climax. Angie wailed out as the red hot whit spunk blasted the walls of her arse and bobby collapsed forward trapping Angie against the bed. She seemed to go on trembling as her climax finally lessened and her body became limp.
Bobby struggled to move as his cock slipped from her well used anal hole and then Angie weakly twisted her body so as to be able to kiss her husband, with heavy breaths she declared, “That was the best sex we have had so far!” Bobby just manage to nod his head.
Instead of dressing the pair weakly climbed back into bed and spooned together they fell in to a deep sleep. So deep in fact that they never heard Mia come in to clean the room, mind you she had not actually knocked assuming that the couple would be out by now. She approached the bed and then she spotted the butt plug and the two vibrators. She could not resist, so she picked all three up and went into the bathroom closing the door but not locking it.
She started by sniffing the butt plug and smiled as she thought of Angie having this large object up her arse as part of her anal initiation; she sniffed the two vibrators and then opened her mouth and licked the sides of the vibrators one at a time. She could taste the dried juices and knowing the cunt they had been up she delighted in licking them clean. She could not resist removing her panties and sliding the largest vibrator up her cunt without turning it on; it felt great so she then gave the end a little twist and the vibrations shot through her like a bullet. She had just begun sliding it in and out of her cunt when the bathroom door opened and there stood Angie.
Mia froze but the evidence was there sticking out of her cunt. Angie quickly called for Bobby to come and seconds later he too filled the frame of the door of the bathroom. Angie turned and said this little whore likes nicking my toys and so I think she should be punished. Bobby never replied so Angie continued, Right bitch get in the bath on your hands and knees. Mia rose and was about to remove the vibrator when Angie snapped leave it where it is bitch.
Once in place in the bath Angie, more confident in herself now, ordered Bobby to get in behind Mia. Curious to see where this was leading Bobby said nothing and complied with his order. Now keeling behind Mia he waited for the next order. Angie climbed into the bath in front of Mia and instead of trying to kneel down she simply stood and opened her legs, Mia thought she was going to have to lick Angie’s cunt but she got a shock for Angie began to pee and directed the stream all over Mia. Not only that but she told Bobby to piss over her from his end too, From sheer excitement of seeing his wife so dominant he began to piss as well soaking Mia’s lower end too.
Angie made Mia lick clean her cunt saying that normally she would wipe her cunt with a tissue but as they had an experience whore who could lick it clean then best we make use of her. Once Mia had finished licking Angie’s cunt she was made to turn around and suck clean Bobby’s semi hard cock. Mia struggled to turn around in the tight confines of the bath tub but managed to do it eventually, now she sucked Bobby’s cock she thought to herself what punishment is this, being made to something she loved doing. These thought processes were suddenly interrupted when the first of ten slaps rained down on Mia’s arse and immediately after the tenth she felt her anal ring being forcefully stretched by Angie’s two hands. Without the copious amounts of Vaseline this stretching was dry and painful but Mia could not speak with a mouthful of cock as Bobby realised what Angie had planned and so he had grasped handfuls of Mia’s hair and pulled her head onto his cock.
The stretching continued until Angie thought it wide enough and then she grabbed the smallest of the vibrators and taking it in her right hand she held it low by the speed control and then thrust it forward into Mia’s stretched anal ring. Angie continued to push hard and soon her hand as well as the buzzing vibrator was inside Mia’s arse. Mia was flooding the bottom of the bath with jets of cunt juice and piss as she simply lost control of her twitching body.
After they had finished and Mia was released Angie warned Mia to stay out her way for the remaining days and a half of their honeymoon. The piss soaked chambermaid simply said “yes Ma’am.” She then trudged off to the housekeeper of this floor’s office and was thankful she had a change of clothing. As she stripped off she popped the clothing into the empty bath inside the keepers bathroom and she could not resist twisting her own hard button like nipples and telling herself she was a fool for getting caught but she also toyed with the idea of deliberately getting caught and being punished again like today.
Chapter Five… more unexpected experiences.
After lunch on the day they had spanked Mia, they had taken a long walk intending to reach the top of Mt. Snowden but had decided as they passed the narrow gauge railway of Festiniog and on the spur of the moment they bought a return ticked and rode the narrow railway to the top. Once there they enjoy a relaxing cup of tea and Angie suddenly realised maybe it had not been such a good idea to leave her knickers in the hotel room, for the breeze on the top of MT. Snowden was stronger than down in the valley base and several times the breeze caught her out and anyone looking in her direction at the time could not fail to see everything.
When they entered the coach to travel back down the narrow gauge railway they notice really for the first time that once in the carriage you could not walk along its length as this particular carriage was divided by the benches you sat on. Just as the train was about to depart, the door suddenly opened and in got a man on his own, there was nothing strange in this except that the carriage was empty apart from themselves.
The lumbering train started to move and suddenly the man leaned forward and introduced himself as, George, to Bobby and Angie, after introductions were completed he changed the subject by saying he had witnessed Angie’s little display in the outside café and wondered if it was intentional or mere a freaky of the winds up there. Before Angie could speak the guy continued, it just the scene I saw was so good I would love to examine it closer.
Angie Looked at Bobby and he then spoke to the man, “look give us a minute to talk about this!” he said. The guy moved to the far side of the bench away from the couple; “It’s up to you babes, after all you were good enough to allow me to have two women at once so it’s only fair!” he whispered to Angie. Angie then looked at him and as she raised her palm up to his face she said, “Only if you’re sure it will not affect our relationship!” Bobby kissed her hand and told her, nothing could change my love for you right now!”
Angie signalled for the man to come closer and she said “My husband and I think it could be fun to agree, but we should point out that we will not carry out anything that illegal or immoral!”
The man moved directly in front of the couple and he leaned forward as he said, “What about a little drive to a secluded area where we could enjoy ourselves!” Both Angie and Bobby nodded and passed the next ten minutes of the remainder of the journey in light pleasant chit chat.
When they arrived back at the main station, the three all walked together and the man led them out to a car in the car park and surprise; surprise it was nothing less than a Rolls-Royce silver Shadow. Bobby and Angie slid into the luxurious leather upholstered seats, meanwhile the man who introduced himself as simply George slipped into the driver’s seat. He spoke and the built in speakers in the back of the car announced “Will you allow me to show you a really secluded spot?” Again both Angie and Bobby nodded their approval.
While Angie leaned back and sunk into the luxurious leather seats, without thinking she allowed her legs to part and as Bobby slipped in beside she took hold of his hand and whispered, “I love you, Bobby!” He glanced at the man they knew as George and then turning back he smiled and said “enjoy your experience my precious angel.” As the car moved off Bobby noticed the driver adjust his internal mirror and instantly Bobby knew why. For Angie’s skirt had ridden up as she sank into the seat and from the driver’s angle he could possibly see all the way up between Angie’s legs. Bobby whispered quietly to Angie who immediately looked up at the mirror in the front centre of the car windscreen and with a little squeeze on Bobby’s hand she slowly moved it between her legs and managed to manipulate Bobby’s fingers into rubbing her still erect clitoris.
As soon as bobby began to stroke her cunt Angie let go of his hand and in the same instant opened her legs wider.
Now the driver could see Bobby’s fingers gently opening the labia lips of Angie’s cunt; just as Bobby slid his thumb into the sweet wetness of Angie’s cunt juices, the car suddenly swerved and the driver apologised and then said, “Look! As much as I would love to watch you play with her horny cunt, I think it is safest if we wait till we at least park!”
Angie reluctantly closed her legs trapping Bobby’s thumb still stuck in the entrance to her cunt; she looked at him and whispered “Look he may not be able to watch without having an accident but now he cannot see anything but I would like you to continue playing with my cunt!”
Bobby looked straight at Angie and said, “babes, you know I would never deny you anything but I think on this occasion, George is right, so please be patient it cannot be much further!”
Suddenly the car came over the crest of the hill and before them lay a beautiful valley and right in the centre was a huge lake. George pointed to what appeared to be a waterside house and he said that’s where we will be secluded for our mutual pleasures.
Five minutes later they drove through an open white 5 bar gate and along an immaculately maintained gravel drive way. The crunching sounds made Angie think of her mother’s first attempts at gardening when she planted the wrong flowers next to a gravel path and three months later it was like walking on s bed of weeds. The car slowed to a halt just in front of a small shack to the left of the stately looking white walled house.
George parked the car and turned back to Bobby and Angie and said, “I think we will be more comfortable in the boat house. Angie looked at Bobby and almost broke out in a fit of laughter but she managed to stifle the laughter and they exited the car and followed George into the boat house. Angie was expecting to see a speed boat or a motor launch moored inside the building but instead she saw a buoyant safety line strung across the water side of the boat house and as the banks of the lake sloped down and away from them, to the left they saw a set of stairs leading up at roughly the same rate as the bank dropped away.
George smiled now as he said my playroom is up there, if you would care to join me. For some reason Angie felt cautious about going up there and she clung on to Bobby’s arm. With George leading the way the anxious couple followed and once inside the room, they saw everything you could possibly want if you were into fetish sex. As they glanced around the room they saw on the first wall a fitted wardrobe the whole length of the wall with plastic and Rubber wear in a fascinating range of sizes and colours. On the next wall which looked out on to the lake, there were all kinds of restraint gear including anchoring points above and below the large screen window. The third wall had a large projector screen and what appeared to be three rows of seating arranged like a cinema. Either side of the screen were shelving with thousands of DVD’s all on an adult theme. The DVD player appeared to be below the screen on a glass shelf. Finally on the fourth wall or rather arranged along it was various bondage trestles’, immediately behind them was the door they had just entered by and to their left was a set of stairs going up. George must have seen their bewilderment as he said, “Those stairs lead to secluded sunbathing area where one could soak up the sun whilst being completely naked! I had better explain I am a dominant male and these things around you are forty years of collecting and dominating males and females!”
Bobby was first to respond, “You mean that people come to you to be whipped etcetera?” George smiled and replied, “I have had both males and females that have needed to be punished from time to time but domination is not really about pain, is about pushing the sexual boundaries of a person not morally strong enough to go the whole yardage on their own say so!” he then added, “Let’s say for example a woman yearns to be the centre of attention in a group of males but fears what those males may think of her, she is under her own self defence mechanism, likely to stop short of her full satisfaction, but if I tell her she must behave like a two bit fucking whore she mentally at least say it was beyond her control and she had to do it all!” he continued further, “you see, anything more than conventional sex has had such a bad press that it falls to discrete groups or people like myself, to remove that barrier that prevents a woman from achieving all she desires! I can promise you nothing and I mean absolutely nothing could shock me and if I can’t provide it I probably know someone trustworthy enough to supply it!” he finally said “know I have said my piece and it’s time to put away my soapbox today!”
Both Angie and Bobby gave a little chuckle at this and seemed to warm towards this man who as far as they could tell had no boundaries where sex was concerned and he seemed to be at the place they both wanted to be with each other. George suggested they begin by have a little explore around the room and check out anything that may interest them and then in half an hour they would decide if they wanted to play or not and by what rules! All parties agreed that this was probably the best course of action and then George asked, While you are deciding would you like some refreshments, I can offer you a very good champagne, or if you prefer a spirit I can just about offer you any kind you would care to name; Or if you prefer a tea or coffee that too is available!”
Both Angie and Bobby asked for a coffee, and George left them to look around whilst he slipped through a door that Angie and Bobby had missed. It was on the same wall as where they had entered the room. Angie immediately wander over to the fetish wear and began looking at the suits. She found a neon pink female suit which had holes to allow her breasts to poke through as well as leaving her arse and cunt exposed. She held it up as was the way of most women when out buying clothing, Bobby smiled and said, “Very revealing, my dear”. Bobby wander over to the shelves upon shelves of DVD’s and began looking at the titles, he suddenly pulled one from the rack and as he turned towards Angie he said, “Here look at this title, Adult Cinema Sex! It say that this actual footage of couples enjoying themselves in an adult cinema with no holds barred sex!” I think I would love to see that, Angie mocking called him a pervert when just then the door opened and in stepped George with a tray of cups and coffee pot, milk and sugar.
George firstly looked over at Angie and said, “My dear I think that is you through and through and if I am not mistaken it appears to be the right size.” Then turning to George and from a distance that made reading the title of the DVD impossible he said, “Good choice that one would really open your eyes to the sex scene in Germany as that all takes place in a German cinema!”
In a second the atmosphere changed as George spoke again, “Angie my little fuck slut, strip and put on the clothes you are now holding and hurry about it or else!” Angie froze and for a split second was almost tempted to tell George to fuck off but she didn’t instead almost as if by automaton reaction she began undressing. George turned to Bobby, “Bobby, you too will strip and we will watch the film together here on the cinema seating, but you will do exactly as I say or face punishments too!” he said and instantly Bobby began to undress without a word to the good.
AS soon as they were ready he told Bobby and Angie to sit side by side on the front row of the cinema seats. He inserted the DVD and pressed pause. Then he took his seat on the row behind the couple. A small table was about twelve inches in front of Angie and Bobby, it contained the hot coffee drinks, and George told them they would have the drinks in the interval. George then used a small remote control on his key ring and a large blind slid down over the large single glass pane which faced the lake. The room would have been immersed in darkness just like a real cinema would be except the lights came on automatically, and pressing another button the HD Projector kicked in the white square on the wall in stark contrast now to the darkness in the distant corners of the room. George leaned between the two of them and told them to relax as if they were in Germany at an adult cinema. Before pulling his head back he suggested they do what they would have normally done at one of these places.
Then George dimmed the lights by his remote control and then clicked play for the DVD to start and the house lights faded to almost nothing and the big screen flickered into life. Suddenly the room was full of grunts and groans as the main film on the DVD began to play. Angie could not believe that they allowed DVD’s like this into the country as the images showed a white woman with large breasts being spit roasted by two men. Her tits bounced back and forth as she shuttled between the cock in her mouth and the one in her rear. Bobby nudged Angie and whispered just look at the nipples on that woman; Sure enough now Angie looked and nodded as the woman’s nipples were totally out of sync with the rest of her body. They were at least one and a half inches long and about three quarters of an inch round.
Suddenly Bobby leaned towards her and as Angie expected to hear his voice she was suddenly a little shocked as Bobby slid his hand up the inside of her blouse. As he had asked that morning Angie had agreed to go without any underwear so there was nothing to stop his hand now finding her stiff little nipples; well by comparison to those now one the screen hers were minute. Angie whispered, “Darling you are going to tear my blouse, let be unbutton it and then you can play with me as much as you like!”
Bobby simply nodded his consent, pulling his hand free from under her blouse, Angie forgot they were not alone, and eagerly unbuttoned her blouse. She soon had it flapping open and her breasts on full display. Suddenly George leaned forward, “Remove your blouse while Bobby you remove all your clothes!” he said. As if in a trance Angie complied straight away and Bobby was much slower in removing all his clothes. Angie even slipped out of her skirt and then they both re-took their seats and began to engross themselves in the film. Now the woman had white strands of spunk on her face as the guy fucking her arse suddenly pulled his large hard cock out of her anal ring and spurts of strong white spunk flew in an arc before splashing onto the woman’s back.
Bobby slipped his left hand onto Angie’s thigh and then with her not offering any objections he slipped it between her thighs and began stroking her erect clitoris. As soon as Angie began trembling, George moved one seat to his left and brought his hands over the seat and he slipped his hands around her breast and found her nipples. Now he pinched them tightly and suddenly he twisted them. A short sharp shock shot through Angie’s body and it was not just pain but it heightened her arousal like nothing she had ever know.
George then told Bobby to stand in front of Angie and prepare for her to suck your cock, Bobby nodded and immediately stood in front of his wife of less than one week and he placed his hands by his side, when George spoke again, “Bobby do not move at all and Angie open your mouth ready to take his cock!” then he quickly leaned forward and gripped Bobby’s balls in his right hand. George the spoke up so there was no possibility of him not being heard, “Bobby, have you ever had another man suck your cock?” Bobby tried to step back but George’s grip on his balls was too tight, immediately a sharp ache spread from his balls all the way to his brain at lightning speed.
As the pressure on his poor bollocks increased, Bobby found himself having almost lean forward, then George opened his mouth and pulled Bobby by his balls towards himself. Thinking about it Bobby reasoned that there was no difference between a man sucking his cock and a woman doing the same. Except the man seemed to know what was needed to bring the maximum pleasure from that cock. After a few sucks, George then kissed Angie’s still open mouth and pushed his tongue down her throat. Next George told Angie to stand and turn around to face the back of the cinema, before asking Bobby if he wanted mouth or cunt. Bobby mumbled without thinking I would like her mouth and he suddenly felt George’s hand around his balls slip away and without being told he moved to the end of the row and walked back along the row of six seats but one row back.
Now George grabbed Bobby’s cock and gave it a few quick thrusts with his hand before guiding it into Angie’s mouth. He then told bobby not to start thrusting until he was in position; George then walked around to the front of the cinema seats and came up behind Angie. Then he ordered bobby to fuck her mouth hard and Bobby did not need telling twice. Then without any waiting for permission, George unzipped his pants and pulled out a cock that a donkey would have been proud of, it was easily nine inches long and quite thick. Bobby declined the invitation to feel it but Angie slid her hand around it and barely managed to touch thumb to index finger.
Suddenly George’s tone changed as he now became much sterner, “Bobby, take hold of my Fucking Cock or I will force you onto the floor and fuck your mouth with it!” Bobby’s resolve disappeared and he found himself like an automaton his hand not responding to what his brain was saying and before he could blink an eye he wrapped his hand over his wife’s and then she pulled hers away. George’s voice returned to the soft tones of before as he said, “See it doesn’t bite does it?”
Bobby found himself nodding not yet trusting his own voice not to betray his weak will of just now. In his mind he just wanted this to be over and he actually feared for his new wife. Now George rubbing his cock head along Angie’s cunt lips making sure to spread them with only the plum coloured head of this magnificent cock. Angie moaned but with Bobby’s cock still repeatedly invading her mouth it came out more like a gurgle than a groan.
Suddenly Bobby felt Angie swallow all of his cock as she lurched forward and she nearly bit his cock as she shrieked as George forced his cock up her cunt. That split second of pain preceded twenty minutes of pure lust taking Angie to a peak she had never seen let alone felt. Just as she was coming down from ecstasy she felt the cock in her cunt throb and then it seemed her whole cunt was burning as he pumped her cunt full of spunk. Pulling out a laughing George told Bobby he better get round here pretty damned quick if he didn’t want to be raised a bastard child.
Although Bobby wondered what he meant he was quickly round replacing George. When he looked at Angie’s cunt from her bent over position, he saw exactly what George meant, for he had not used a condom and her wide open cunt was awash with white stringy spunk. Almost in a panic, Bobby asked “what can I do?” And the words that came back from George will haunt him for the rest of his life; “Suck the spunk out, bobby cuckold!” George almost taunted.
Reluctantly Bobby knew he had to do it, for he knew Angie had no other protection against getting pregnant, he knelt and began to suck hard with his lips in contact with her cunt lips, he felt the first sticky load coat his tongue and despite his first reaction to baulk he found the taste was not as bad as he anticipated. In his mind he asked himself, “Could I really be a cuckold like he said, for I don’t mind the taste of another man’s spunk mixed with my wife’s cunt juices!”
Angie for her part already only just coming down from an intense orgasm was suddenly thrown back up there with here husbands tongue catching her clitoris and she produced even more cunt juice which then flooded Bobby’s mouth making him swallow more and in that process his tongue would catch her clitoris again and start the ball rolling again. Eventually Angie cried out enough, I can’t take any more!
George simply said let yourselves out as he disappeared through the door, George found himself having knock on a door marked private, in-order to ask George to please drive them back to the Festiniog railway so he could retrieve his car. A smirking George now told Bobby the price of his taxi ride back to the station. “Bobby, you have to get down on your knees and suck my cock until I come, in front of your sweet wife, Angie!” he said.
Angie pleaded with Bobby not to do it, we will find another cab, she uttered. George’s smirk became a broad smile as he said, “Firstly you have no phone, secondly it’s at least twelve miles to the nearest village and thirdly its nearer 25 miles to the railway station you left your car at and finally, maybe this will teach you not to go off on fool hardy jaunts just to get your kicks, Now what is it to be make your mind up as I am wasting time standing here!”
Again reluctantly George knelt in front of George and began sucking his cock, now though he felt bitter about doing it but later in their hotel room he had to admit it was not as distasteful as he had anticipated. Bobby swallowed his second load of another man’s spunk and true to his word, George drove them back to the station although there was a marked difference in the atmosphere for this journey. George did not help much when he dropped them at the station by saying, “Goodbye, my sweet slutty Angie and Goodbye my cuckold cock sucking Bobby.”
As they drove back to the hotel they declared they would never ever again involve a third person in their sex. But friends the seed was sown, No Angie was not pregnant but their love making in future lacked that special something that would get them both over the climax line.

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