Anita’s Education

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By AlabamaSlamma Anita is a very precocious 13 year old who turns to her only uncle for answers.

Nick is a 25 year old man who is the only male in his large family. He has 5 sister and the two that are married are with the only males in their respective families. This means that he is surrounded by mostly women. His two sisters have children and they are girls as well. Most of them are under 10 years old except for the oldest and her name is Anita. Anita is an only child so she is somewhat spoiled.

Anita is 13 years old and she has just recently discovered that she enjoys playing with her pussy. She likes it a lot and does it all the time. She has actually told her mother about it and her mother, which is one of Nick’s sisters, has explained the birds and the bees with Anita.

This talk led to Anita being even more curious about her body and the male body. Her own body had already began to mature and she already had orange sized tits and a gorgeous ass. Of course she had just began to grow some light hair on her pussy as well.

She didn’t have any guys whom she could trust or approach to answer her questions about certain things with the exception of Nick. She loved Nick and always wanted to sit in his lap when he came to visit. Sometimes he would babysit her so her parents could go out.

One Friday night he was supposed to babysit and he showed up at his sister’s house. Anita squealed loudly as she ran and jumped up into Nick’s arms.

“Hello pumpkin, how are you today?” Nick asked her as she planted little kisses all over his face.

“I’m so glad that you are here uncle Nick! We are going to have so much fun!” She said as she wiggled her ass against his arms that were holding her up.

Anita was planning on getting Nick to answer her questions and possibly get to see her first cock. She knew that her parents were going out of town and she would be alone with Nick all weekend. After her parents left, Nick ordered a pizza and they sat watching TV as they munched on the pizza.

“Uncle Nick can I ask you something!” Anita said as she finished the last bite of her pizza.

“Sure thing pumpkin. What’s your question?” Nick asked expecting something simple.

“How does it feel when you put your cock inside a girl’s pussy?” She asked as she looked straight into his eyes.

Nick immediately choked on his pizza and had a coughing fit. Had she just asked him how it felt when he put his cock in a pussy??? Was he in the twilight zone? Was he on a hidden camera?

“Pumpkin what are you doing asking me such a question?” He groaned as he tried to regain his composer.

“Mommy told me about sex between a man and a woman. I know what it feels like when I push my fingers into my pussy and I was just wondering what it feels like to have a man’s cock inside.” She replied just as serious as she could be.

“Anita I don’t think that you should be asking me these questions. You are a little too young to be worrying about sex don’t you think?” He asked as he tried to not think about the implications.

“But uncle Nick I don’t want to wait to find out. I love it when I play with my pussy. I get so wet and then I have this amazing tingling sensation and I almost pass out. I want to feel a cock in my pussy!” She moaned as she reached her hand into her shorts.

Nick watched as Anita began to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy. He could hear her wetness as it was squelching with the movement of her fingers. She closed her eyes as she breathed heavily. Her breathing turned into gasping as she felt herself orgasm on her fingers.

Nick was mesmerized as he watched his 13 year old niece masturbating in front of him. His 7 inch cock had become rock hard in his pants and was very uncomfortable. Anita opened her eyes and saw the tent in his pants.

“OH GOD do you have a hard on?” She moaned as she dropped down onto her knees between his legs.

“Anita this is not a good idea! I could get into a lot of trouble for this if anyone found out.” He said as she reached out to undo his pants.

“But uncle Nick I’m not going to tell anyone. I just want to see what a cock looks like. There’s no harm in that is it?” She said as she reached into his underwear and wrapped her hand around his cock.

She pulled his cock out into the open as he groaned deeply. Her hand felt so fucking good on his cock. Her eyes sparkled as she looked upon her first real cock. She slowly stroked it as she drew closer with her face. She examined his cock from the tip all the way down to his cum filled balls.

“WOW it’s so hard yet it’s still somewhat soft!” She mewled.

Nick moaned as she worked her small hand up and down his shaft. A large glob of pre cum appeared at the slit. Anita took her thumb and rubbed across the tip smearing his pre cum all over his fat purple head.

“Can I kiss your cock uncle Nick?” She asked as she leaned over and planted a kiss on the head.

As she pulled back, a string of his pre cum hung to her bottom lip and connected to his cock. She licked her lips and said “Mmmmmmmmmmm”.

Nick was too far gone to care about anything. Anita leaned back over and took the head of his cock into her mouth as she sucked hard on it. She was rewarded with more of his pre cum as it dozed into her mouth.

Nick watched as she attempted to work her mouth up and down his cock. She didn’t really know what to do but she was determined to get as much of it in her mouth as she could. His hips involuntarily thrust upwards into her sucking mouth and the head bumped the back of her throat.

She barely flinched and he immediately knew that she was going to be an expert cock sucker. After a few minutes Nick pulled her up and removed her clothes. She was now naked standing in front of him. He stood up and stripped off his clothes and sat back down. He had her climb up onto the couch as she returned to his cock and he slipped his hand between her legs.

She moaned around his hard throbbing cock as she felt his fingers slide into her tight little pussy. She was absolutely soaked and his fingers easily slipped into her pussy up to her hymen.

“Uncle Nick can you please show me how it feels to have a cock in my pussy?” She said as she sat up.

Her pointy tits sticking out with her nipples hard as little diamonds. Her pussy nectar was leaking down her inner thighs as she began to straddle his cock.

“Anita you do realize that you can’t take it back once we do this? You will no longer be a virgin and it’s going to hurt the first time!” He said as he tried to stop it from happening even though he really wanted to plow her virgin hole hard and deep.

“I know that uncle Nick and I am ready for your cock!” She moaned as she reached down and grabbed his cock and sat down on it.

The head just barely entered her hot wet tight little tunnel. She moaned as she felt his cock stretch her tiny little pussy open. She whimpered loudly as she pushed herself down further onto his cock until his head pushed against her cherry.

She sat there a bit as she worked to become accustomed to his size. Nick didn’t rush it as he allowed her to go at her own pace. He felt her wrapping her arms around his neck as she lifted her ass up until only the head remained inside her hot wet tight little pussy.

She hissed out loud as she dropped her whole body weight down onto his cock driving it into her depths and ripping her hymen on the way in.

“HOLY FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” She moaned as she felt his cock throb angrily inside her smoldering little pussy.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!” He groaned as he felt her hot furnace envelope and clamp down on his cock.

Her pussy spasmed around his shaft as she orgasmed again from her first cock. He used all of his energy to keep from cumming inside her at that moment. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as her orgasm racked her tiny body.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE I’M SO FUCKING FULL!” She moaned as she began to work her pussy up and down his cock.

Nick gripped her ass cheeks and spread them open as he began to thrust upwards into her pussy. Soon she was slamming herself down onto his cock as he sucked and chewed on her nipples.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE NICK FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE!” She screamed as she thrashed around on his cock driving it deeper into her spasmodic pussy.

Nick hung on to Anita as he flipped her over onto her back and pushed her legs up against her chest as he began to hammer into her tight little pussy from above. Anita screamed out as his body slammed into hers.

Nick’s cock pistoned in and out of her pussy, her lips obscenely stretched around his shaft as the lips clung to his cock. Streaks of her blood mixed with their juices coated his cock. Anita squealed loudly as he manhandled her like a fuckdoll.

His balls slapping her ass as he held her down onto the couch and drilled her pussy. Anita took everything that Nick gave her. She was in extasy as she was finally feeling what it was like to be thoroughly fucked.

Nick grunted deeply as he felt his cum boiling up his cock as it spewed his incestuous seed deep into her womb.

“FUUUUCCCCKKKKK MEEEEEEEE I’M CUMMING!” He groaned as he pumped stream after stream deep inside her smoldering little pussy.

“OMFG YEEEEESSSSSSSSS I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING!” Anita squealed loudly as she grabbed his ass pulling him deeper into her pussy.

They stayed like that until his cock shriveled down and slipped out of her pussy. Nick watched as his cum came running out of her battered pussy and ran down the crack of her ass.

“THAT WAS AMAZING UNCLE NICK!” She moaned as she worked to catch her breath.

“I’m glad that you think so pumpkin!” He said as he leaned over and kissed her deeply and passionately.

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