Anna’s Entanglements (Tio Miguel)

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tagIncest/TabooAnna's Entanglements (Tio Miguel)

It was the holiday season, and every Mexican family were doing their traditional activities, making food, hanging out with family. Anna had a big family.
Every gathering usually amounted to about 50 plus members. This year, they headed to her aunt's house. She was her mom's eldest sister, married to a guy named Miguel.
Miguel was a 57-year-old thin man, 5 foot 5 inches tall, and with a brown skin tone. He had a large nose, black hair, and dark, bead like, eyes.
Together, her uncle and aunt had two daughters close to Anna's age, but both had moved out, so they lived alone now, and enjoyed retirement. Anna's aunt was stuck up. She always thought of herself highly, but they made fun of her behind her back due to the choice of man she was with.
Miguel wasn't a bad guy. He was just ugly, but they didn't know what Anna's aunt knew, nor what Anna would find out about sooner than later.
It was the day before Christmas and it was time to make tamales for the big Christmas Eve gathering, where they exchanged gifts. Anna, her mom, and sisters, all went to help at her aunt's house.
Anna arrived wearing leggings and a tight T-shirt that hugged her breasts.
As soon as they arrived, Anna's aunt directed them to where they could help with the preparations. Coincidentally, she was working on her part near Tío Miguel, but to Anna he was just Tío, just like all the others.
"Hola, Tío!" Anna said to him, in a happy tone.
"Hola, Anna, how are you?" he asked happily back.
"I'm good Tío," she said, with a smile, as she started working to make tamales.
Anna never hated her aunt and uncle. They were kind to her. They had helped a lot when she split from her ex, and they were always there for her.
Miguel was like a father figure to her, as her dad was a tough macho man she could not talk to. Unlike her father Tio Miguel was always there to listen and give her advice, and she appreciated that a lot.
They chatted while working, about random things. Anna was laughing, having a great time. Her uncle was funny and always kept her laughing. Miguel though, always thought Anna was a physically impressive girl, as none of her aunts had the assets she had, nor her mom. He thought that maybe she got all that she was blessed with, from her dad's side.
He enjoyed seeing Anna, looking at her cleavage mostly, and her pretty face next to it. But that day, he noticed Anna's ass and hips. They stood out more than usual. He remembered seeing on some posts that she had put on social media, that she had been working out. He always liked Anna's posts, especially the ones of her body progress. He would jerk off to the pictures, sitting on the toilet in the bathroom, where his wife couldn't see him.
"You look great, Anna. I saw that you said you are working out a lot now," he complimented her.
"Awe, thanks Tío! Yeah, I have been. Thank you so much for noticing. My family never say anything nice," she said, giving her family a look.
Miguel left, as he had finished, and was flirting with his wife off in the distance. He was slightly turned on looking at Anna, but didn't want to make it obvious, so he went to his wife to show her some affection instead.
Anna saw them from the corner of her eye, and it hit her. Her uncle was such a nice guy, sweet and loyal to her aunt, something she wanted someday too. It gave her a warm feeling and soon it turned into an urge.
Dating wise, she wasn't with anyone at the moment. She wanted to have some fun, especially during the holidays, but she had no one to do it with.
An idea crept into her mind, although it was a naughty one. She had heard around the grapevine that her uncle was a bit of a ladies man back in his heyday. She didn't know why, as he was ugly. Maybe it was his personality, she thought.
She, as a young girl, had also heard her aunt yell at her sisters when she had drunk too much sangria, about how hung he was. Anna from experience knew thinner guys had it bigger more often than not.
She was attracted to skinny guys, especially the older ones. So she decided to hit on her uncle.
She knew exactly how to put out some bait. He always looked at her pictures on social media and commented or messaged her about how beautiful she was, and how good she looked. She knew what he did with them.
She had a nice picture of herself in a bikini she had tried on. It was on sale and she wanted to get it for the following summer. She posted it, but changed who could see it, and made it only visible to him.
Everyone had left and would later come back for the party, so Anna was in her room waiting.
Then, like clockwork, it happened. He liked it and messaged her. His message read that she was gorgeous, and her body was really looking amazing.
She responded to him with a private message and thanked him, asking if he really thought her body was nice. She lied to him and said that she didn't think it was.
He replied, saying he loved her body and that she had everything a guy would want.
Anna told him it sucked that the adults didn't get gifts at the exchange, because she thought he deserved one for being amazing to her and offered to get him something he would love.
Her uncle agreed and it was game over.
Later they met again at the lively party.
Anna had a maxi dress on with spaghetti straps and over it a denim jacket. It was quite cold for Florida, but it didn't stop her from wearing something that showed her cleavage. The maxi dress hugged her curves nicely, really showing her figure 8 body in a beautiful way.
They started to eat, and the festivities began soon.
Everyone exchanged gifts, and at some point, Anna saw Miguel off to the side alone, and walked up to him.
"Hey, Tío, I have your gift, but I want to give it to you away from everyone. Don't want them to get jealous," she said, with a cute smile.
"Oka, Anna, hmm, want to go outside of the tarp area?" he asked, curious now.
Anna surveyed the party quickly and noticed her aunt was hammered already and dancing with the nephews, her mom and siblings were also deep into the party.
"Can I meet you at the porch of your house?" she asked.
The porch was off to the side where no one could see. There was a tarp around the party area to keep the cool wind out.
Miguel agreed.
Anna walked to her mom and told her she had to leave. It was an emergency that had to do with her son. Her mom didn't question that. She walked to her car and then went around the side to meet her uncle at the porch. He was there waiting as she walked up the steps.
"Can we go inside, Tío, I'm kind of cold, and I can give you the gift there," she said, in a cute, playful way.
They went inside, her uncle not knowing what to expect.
Anna asked him to sit on the couch while she stood in front of him.
"Tío, you have always been there for me like a father figure. Honestly, I don't know where I would be without you. I know we aren't blood related, but I want to give you something in return and honestly you deserve a lot more for being so amazing," she explained, wholeheartedly.
"Close your eyes, I want to surprise you Tío," she instructed, and Miguel did as he was told, curious about what he was getting.
"So like I said, you're so amazing, and I want to give you something you'll love. You're so supportive with how I've been losing weight and bettering my body so…," she explained, as she took off her denim jacket, and undid the straps of her dress from her shoulders, causing the dress to fall to her hips. She then pulled it down past her legs.
She had on a red, sexy, bra and thong trimmed with white lace. She stood there dressed in only that.
"Okay open your eyes, Tío," she said, in naughty way.
Her uncle did and his eyes widened. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. His niece stood there with only a bra and thong on. She looked amazing. Her breasts wanting to pop out of the bra. Her thong hugged high around her hips, showing the crease of her thighs. She had the sexiest, naughtiest smile on her face as she turned around playfully, showing her uncle his gift.
In awe, her uncle watched. Unconsciously rubbing his crotch, he saw Anna's big, ass wide hips.
He knew what he wanted to do first.
He got up, walked up to Anna, and started kissing her passionately. Anna reciprocated. He groped her ass and breasts as he kissed her. He grabbed her hand and put it on his crotch. Anna rubbed him, curious of what she would feel, and it confirmed the stories.
It was thick and already hard. It felt like it had some girth too. Miguel then undid Anna's bra and her size F breasts dropped perfectly. He grabbed one and started to suck on her nipple. She sighed and bit her lip while her head tilted back. Her uncle kissed her exposed neck and licked it like he was cleaning a plate. He went back to groping her breasts and enjoying them, the size, the softness, and their beauty.
Miguel pulled her towards the couch and sat down. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her over his knee. He grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, slowly squeezing them and playing with them. He found they were soft and meaty. Anna looked back at him, seeing him enjoying his gift, and it made her feel happy. Miguel smacked one of her ass cheeks and Anna moaned and smiled as she got spanked.
"Oh, Anna, your ass is perfect. You don't know how long I have wanted to give you the spanking your parents haven't given you, mamacita," her uncle exclaimed, in a deviant tone. "So what can I do with my gift, mija?" her uncle asked.
"My body is now yours Tío. Enjoy it," she said, sexily.
Her uncle excitedly moved her off him and onto the couch.
Lying flat on her stomach, wondering what would happen next, she looked back at her uncle as he undid his pants, dropping them and his boxers to the ground. His cock was about six inches long. It wasn't the longest Anna had had in her life, but it had girth and it was the widest she had had up to that point.
She bit her lip as he got over her from behind. He spread her ass cheeks, exposing her wet thick pussy. He slowly put the head in, and Anna gasped.
"Fuck, Tío! Mmmm!" she screamed and moaned, as he penetrated her.
Slowly he started to work his cock inside her, hearing the sound of squishing as he did.
He could see his wide cock struggling with the snug fit that was Anna's tight 25-year-old pussy. Her juices were getting squeezed out as he slid in and out, getting deeper and deeper by the second.
Anna loved the stretching. Feeling it was blissful and pleasurable. She lifted her ass slightly to help her uncle get a deeper penetration.
"Si, Anna mamacita, just like that. You're such a good girl," he whispered, into her ear, as he lay on top of her back, slowly thrusting in and out of her, while she lifted him slightly with her wide ass.
The thrusting got a lot faster and rougher after a few minutes. Anna lay there, taking it, moaning with her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her uncle rode her like a horse. His face was filled with pleasure from the feeling he got from his niece's tight, soaking wet, hot, pussy. His hands gripped her small waist as her ass pushed up after every time her uncle entered her. He couldn't believe he was fucking his niece.
"Yes, Anna, I can't believe it. Your pussy is so good and you're so sexy, mija. Ugh, you don't know how long I've wanted to do this to you," he groaned.
Anna's pussy was stretched beyond her belief. She lay there listening to her uncle enjoying her and feeling him inside her. She couldn't believe she was letting him fuck her and that it was really happening.
Soon the thought and the stretching were too much, and she came hard on her uncle's cock. Her uncle felt it and slowed down his strokes. He lay on top of her, still inside her, slowly pushing into her as he did.
"Did you like it, mija?" he asked.
"Fuck yes, Tío, you're amazing. I love you," she said, as she turned her head to look back at him.
They both kissed passionately while he lay behind her, still pushing into her slowly.
"Can I taste myself?" she asked him.
Her uncle got off her and she started to get off the couch.
She got on her knees, and he stood there and watched, as his niece started to lick her juices off his hard shaft, with her eyes looking up at him. He exhaled and tilted his head back, looking at the ceiling.
Anna started to deep throat her uncle, taking as much of him as she could, deep into her throat.
Her head bobbed up and down making gulping noises with her uncle's penis and her throat. She stared up at her uncle, and he stared back into his niece's beautiful eyes. The feelings and sight were becoming too much for him, and he could feel himself about to explode. Anna pushed her head deep onto her uncle's penis one more time, to the point where her chin felt his balls, and her eyes got lost in her uncle's eyes.
Her uncle finally exploded deep into Anna's throat, and he grunted out loud. He clutched his niece's head down onto his shaft as he unloaded into her, not wanting his penis to come out of her hot, wet, throat.
Anna could feel her uncle's seed spewing down her throat, as if she were drinking hot honey. It slowly warmed her up, first down her throat, and then down into her stomach.
She forced a smile with his cock in her mouth, looking at him.
Her uncle stood there, tired, looking back at her.
As he panted she sucked what semen was left in his shaft doing it a couple times, sucking the head to make sure she drained him of every last drop. After that, she kissed her uncle's penis and stood up.
As she did, her uncle smacked her ass one more time, then watched her get dressed.
Anna smiled at him in a naughty way, "Did you enjoy your gift Uncle?"
"Oh yes, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you so much and I can't wait to enjoy it again," he replied, grinning.
Anna got dressed and left.
Her uncle did the same and headed back to the party.

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