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Hello all dear friends!!! Myself Mathew and I am residing in Nagercoil. I am a great fan of Kerala Erotic from the day I first viewed this site. I have read nearly all the stories here, but never thought I would be writing something myself. But here I am writing my own sexual experience which I had about a month back. Please pardon me if there are any mistakes in the story because this is my first time writing and also this is my first sexual experience. Now the story….. I have just completed my PG course and so I am in search for jobs now. Last month I had an interview at Chennai, so I was to travel to Chennai by bus. I got ticket for a Volvo which started at 9 PM from Nagercoil. The day came I went to bus stand everyone was on board nearly when I entered the bus. I came to my seat and was stun to see such a beautiful girl about 20 maybe sitting behind my seat. She was in a black kurtha and blue jean, she had a sexy structure and a wonderful smile which made my eyes glue to her. Somehow I managed to take my eyes off her, placed my luggage properly and sat on my seat. The bus started, I usually don’t feel that cold in Volvos but that day I was literally shivering within sometime it was only then I found that the AC went was leaking exactly over my head. I looked around to see if I can find any seat comfortably and saw my girl was sitting alone. But she was sleeping without even pushing her seat back. I didn’t know what to do and was looking here and there. Suddenly I heard that sweet voice “Excuse me!” I turned around and saw she was calling me she asked me, “could you help me with this seat?”. It seems she doesn’t know how to push the seat back. So I helped her and she said thanks now I asked her “can I use that seat? The AC is leaking and I am feeling very cold” she replied “ya sure”. So I shifted to that seat which was near her and near the window. I said thanks and she started to sleep again. I was not feeling sleepy and was looking listening to songs by headphones. This is when the devil inside me woke I saw her sleeping sound and thought of taking my opportunity. She had wrapped herself with blanket. I too wrapped myself with blanket and slowly moved my right hand under both our blankets and felt her hands, there was no response. So I proceeded towards her left breast and gently placed my hands there, still there was no reaction. I started to message her breast slowly, suddenly she shifted position I was terrified and withdraw my hands a bit. Then again I began what I had started this time there was no reaction. I couldn’t get enough of her firm breasts and I wanted to feel them more. So I tried to unbutton her kurtha, I was about to succeed in that when suddenly a hand caught my hand. I didn’t know how to react, I nearly had a heart attack, I am caught red handed. I slowly looked at her face, as soon as I looked up I had the surprise of my life she came close to me and kissed me on my lips. Still I was wonderstruck, I couldn’t believe what was happening. When I regained my conscious and started kissing her back my hands slowly went back to where they were and started messaging her breasts again, mean time our kiss seems to last forever. Her tongue was inside my mouth I was sucking it like a candy. She broke the kiss abruptly and whispered wait someone might see us. She immediately stood up opened her bag and took a big blanket this was so big that it could cover four persons it seemed. We wrapped ourselves with that and started our work again. We kissed again this time it was even more passionate she was hugging my neck with one hand and was kissing hard. I tried to unbutton her kurtha, she helped me unbutton. Now I had free asses to her breasts. I was massaging them hard I could feel her nipples growing harder and harder. She bit my lips out of pain and pleasure. Now I slowly opened her pants and inserted my hands inside her panty, she had a clean shaved pussy which was literally dripping wet. She opened her legs a little so that I had ease of asses. I started to insert a finger first and then two and started to finger fuck her slowly. I found her G spot and started to increase the speed of my fuck. I also started to message her clit simultaneously. She started to moan in pleasure I was afraid someone may hear us so I kissed her. She held my and stopped me suddenly, she reached for a napkin from her bag which was laying down now and placed it below her pussy. Now she asked me to continue I did as before. She bit her lips to reduce the moans. In no time she twisted, her pussy walls tightened and she was cuming. My hand was all wet she wiped all her cum from her pussy with the napkin and put it in her bag. She took my hand and licked my fingers clean. Then kissed me deep I could taste her pussy juice in her mouth it tasted wonderful. My dick was rock hard by now she undid the zip of my pants and inserted her hands inside my jockey and took my tool out and started stroking it, it was oozing with pre-cum. Now she broke the kiss and lay down on my lap. She kissed the tip of my manhood first and tasted the pre-cum a bit. Now she was licking it around and around. I couldn’t take it any more I held her head and made her suck my tool hard. Suck she did man my first blowjob. I believe she must be some expert, her mouth was literally milking my dick. This made me to cum within minutes. I shout a huge load in her mouth. She didn’t drop even a single drop and swallowed everything. She came up we kissed passionately again mean time I fondled with her breasts. We broke the kiss she leaned on my chest and held my hands tight. I kissed her forehead and held her tight. We didn’t speak a word and drifted to sleep at the same position. I woke early in the morning to find her still asleep leaning on my shoulders. I gently caressed her forehead. She woke up slightly I said I will be getting down soon. She woke properly we saw eye to eye for the first time. I kissed her forehead she responded. I asked her whether shes is going further inside the city she replied yes. It was almost time for me to get down I asked her name she said lets be anonymous if we meet again some were we shall share our names. I couldn’t say anything. My stop came I got out waving her bye…. I never ever had imagined that sex during a travel will be this wonderful. I cannot and will never forget this experience in my life ever. I am more than eager and wanting to meet her but only time will say if we will meet again. Sorry friends I believe my story is quite lengthy but hey I told u this is my first. So please forgive me if anything. I am more than eager to hear from you.