Another Night at Trapeze

tagGroup SexAnother Night at Trapeze

Dedicated to Mr. R. I hope it's to your liking
"I'm glad we found a place to sit and relax." The long sofa in the walk-through space between the pool area, private rooms, and couples rooms was empty except the poles embedded in the floor. We sat down enjoying the feel of each other. I can still taste the pineapple from our cocktails faintly on your lips. The drinks worked their magic loosening my inhibitions. I love this song and I'm mellow, lazily tracing your cock under your towel.
You're content to let me stroke for a while. Having escaped the crush of the dance floor and other rooms, the chill vibe in here is a welcome respite. I enjoy the feeling of your warm cock in my hands. My other hand reaches down to draw my fingertips up along your balls. I'm very excited and lean in to suck on your neck while I play with you.
Hearing your groans of approval I quicken my pace. Kissing along your jaw up your neck, my lips brushing the shell of your ear I whisper "Do you like that Daddy". My teeth nipping at your lobe I breathe hotly "Do you like my hands wrapped around you? Do you like how I pump your hard cock in my fist? Do you want me to pull this cum from you, make you cum all over my hands?"
I hear a giggle and turn to see that a couple has just walked in. She is all smiles and clearly enjoying her evening. We briefly catch eyes. The gentleman nods at you and you return the gesture eager to get my focus back. The couple takes in the room and her eyes light up upon seeing the poles.
"Ooo yay! Do you want a show baby?" She's talking to her partner who has taken a seat not too far from us and nods his approval. I am still stroking you but it's clear the new couple has thrown me off. She undoes the towel at her waist and is standing by the pole in a cute matching bra and panty set. She has the cutest little waist flaring into sexy wide hips and thighs that taper into delicate ankles that match her petite frame. She's like a doll. Her short curls frame her face accentuating her beautiful big eyes. She smiles at me and winks before circling the pole.
Her partner sits back enjoying the show as she winds and twists seductively. She bends all the way at the waist, behind the bar, showcasing her ass and the curve of her pussy pressed against it as she looks back from between her legs.
Noting my interest in her performance, you tell me to scoot closer and pull both my legs over your thigh so they dangle over you. Your hand snakes up my inner thigh and brushes past my pussy making me whimper. I shift trying to push myself into your retreating hand only to feel your grip on my neck from behind, stilling my movements. "Just watch" you tell me as you caress my inner thighs and cup my pussy.
She has danced over to her partner and is seductively pinching her nipples through the lace of her bra. I feel your finger slide into my wetness. She is slipping her bra down, slowly revealing her pert breasts and hard nipples. I feel your fingers surge in me. Your voice, a low hum in my ear. "I see you like that."
I nod stiffly.
"Do you want to play with her?" I pause not really knowing what I want. She is straddling his lap grinding. His hand roaming her round ass, squeezing her. I feel your fingers twist delightfully inside me. "Seems like your pussy wants to play with her. You're wet Kitten." I continue watching in silence not really sure what to say.
I'm so focused on her movements I do not notice the appreciative smile directed at me by her beau. You both catch eyes and acknowledge the appeal of each other's partner. A raised brow and nod later and an unspoken agreement has been reached between you two.
She's tugging at the towel knotted at his waist when he leans in to whisper something in her ear. The sensation from your fingers and watching her are making me crazy. I'm rolling my hips wanting to feel more, only to have you strum my clit. The look in your eyes is hungry and arousing. I moan in your arms and kiss you deeply.
When we break the kiss I see the other couple is watching. She's smiling at our play. She stands receiving a smack on her ass from her man and crosses the short distance between us to sit beside you. She leans in against you and strokes along your inner thigh while keeping my eye contact. She licks her lips and leans in to kiss me gently.
When we break I look at you for some direction and get a permissive nod. "Stand up". I do and you proceed to remove my towel. With a quick kiss on my tummy you turn me toward her. She's on her feet and pressed against me in an instant. She is soft and smells like peaches.
I hold her head with one hand and kiss her while my other hand roams down her curves to grip her ass. I sit down between you and her partner and she straddles my thigh. I swirl her nipples in my mouth as I run my hands up and down her waist. She is grinding her pussy on me, her thigh rubbing mine in turn. I lick my fingers and slide my hand down to her pussy. My fingers catching her clit, I massage circles into her while she grinds. She moves faster and I press and squeeze her clit as she rocks against me furiously. She shutters cumming on my thigh. I slow my fingers pressing harder and jerking a few more jolts of pleasure from her.
I look up and see you stroking your cock next to us. I smile seeing your cock so hard and my mouth waters thinking about tasting it. I move her off my lap and lean over to grip you. She, following suit, slides to your other side and cups your balls.
While keeping eye contact I lean in and kiss the head of your dick. You can feel her gently tugging your balls as I kiss along the side of your cock. Her mouth joins me. Both of us kissing and licking our way up to the head. As we get close to the tip we kiss trapping your cock between our mouths. Moving up and down together we suck your cock, sleeved between our lips. Your hands come down to hold each of our heads in unison enjoying the feeling of two mouths on you at once.
I break the connection to slowly descend on your cock, my cheeks sliding against your length, my lips widening as I hit the base, your head pressing the back of my mouth. She is rubbing your balls and licking your nipples. I can hear your deep groans of pleasure. When I come up for air it's her turn and she bobs on your cock swirling her tongue around the tip.
When she comes up smiling, I get to put you back in my mouth. I feel her presence withdraw but am enjoying stretching my mouth with your cock. Trying to feel every inch of you with my tongue, I'm moaning around your cock.
I realize it's not just me moaning. I look up and see him on the sofa with her riding his cock reverse cowgirl. Her tits bouncing as her pussy swallows his length. I feel you push me up so you can stand. You walk over directly in front of them and point at a spot on the floor between where you stand and them fucking on the couch.
I crawl over to where you indicated assuming you want me to suck you while you watch with a better view but just as I'm about to take you into my mouth you turn me around and prop me onto all fours as you descend behind me.
I'm so close to them fucking. Her pussy directly in front of my face I can see her wetness coating his cock. I look up to see her smiling down at me. With a single thrust you're inside me. I was soaking. I moan feeling you deep inside me. You start pistoning into me pushing me toward their fucking.
I reach forward and stroke my fingers across her clit. She moans and he speeds up. His balls are so big and full looking. I lean in and slowly lick his balls with the flat of my tongue. I hear him groan. I take one of his balls into my mouth and gently suck, rolling it in my mouth. He spreads his legs wider clearly liking the feeling of her bouncing on his cock and me sucking his balls. Your hands on my waist urge me forward as you fuck me.
I go back and forth sucking each of his balls, enjoying the sight of him penetrating her over and over up close. You've timed your thrusts to his and it's like I can see myself getting fucked. I continue to lick his balls and trail up until I'm licking his shaft just outside her pussy. I suction the base of his cock. I can taste her on him. Your wet finger is tickling my asshole driving me crazy.
My tongue travels further and my mouth closes over her clit. I start to suck her clit and can hear her moaning. Alternating between lapping at her opening and sucking her clit as she's getting fucked has her squealing. She grabs my hair trying to hump my face. She's cumming on his cock. I feel you pressing your wet finger into my ass. Her cunt gripping his cock sets him off and he's furiously fucking up into her. My mouth on their joining is getting a workout. I hear him grunt and thrust into her. His hand is quickly at his cock taking it out and stroking it frantically. A few spurts land on her pussy before my mouth closes over his head. He pumps into my mouth. You are fucking me hard, the force of your thrusts pushing me further onto his spurting cock.
He's too sensitive to stay in my mouth and withdraws with a shudder. I can see his cum all over her mound and leaking from her. He must have spent a bit before getting into my mouth. I swallow. Your grip on my hips is biting and I can feel my juices running down my thigh.
You grab my arms and force me into an upright kneeling position. My back against your chest as you fuck me. Your breathing in my ear. "Did you like that Bunny?" I lick my lips. I hear the smile behind your growl. "Slut".
You stiffen then press my chest down to the ground. I feel you withdraw and the immediate warm splatter of your cum up my back and on my ass. You rub your cock along my cheeks massaging your cum into me. You rock back onto your heels and I sit up. Both couples smiling at each other.
"Where are the towels?"
The End.

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