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The sweet, pungent aroma of my daughter's feminine musk invaded my spongy sinuses once again, and like before, disabled, blocked, or interfered with the moral and ethical parts of my brain. "Must taste pussy, must lick pussy, must feel pussy and clit under and around my tongue," were the only coherent words between my ears. The rest of me, my body, mouth, and penis, only wanted more of her sexual nectar, infused and enhanced by the salty aftertaste of my sticky, gooey seed previously injected into her womb. The results of my untempered passion backwashing into my mouth as my tongue fought to explore deeper into her writhing body.
It was as if every meal I had ever tasted had vanished from my memory and the only flavors I knew, wanted, or craved was the mixture of her slimy vagina saliva mixed with my gelatinous sticky ejaculation. Our combined sexual mucus coated my tongue and the inside of my mouth, desperately clinging to my tonsils, before my adam's apple massaged it down my throat.
Her sweaty smooth inner thighs clamped around my head, her clenched fingers using my hair to pull my face tighter to her puffy baby soft outer labia. My nose ground against her clit as my tongue squirmed and slithered deeper into her contracting and pulsating vagina. My hands were filled with her butt cheeks, holding her cunt in place as the rest of her body squirmed, writhed, and wiggled on the bed.
That's my favorite part. Feeling my lover's body spasming uncontrollably, feeding my lust in a way her tender sex moistened flesh never could. While the tender flesh below a triangle of thick pubic fur and between her currently trembling thighs fed my sexual cravings, her thrashing and moaning body fed my ego.
Feeling her entire body thrashing on the bed through my hands and reverberating through her legs clamped around my head stimulated my sleeping and sore penis. Having never softened completely after spitting my cum into her womb, I could sense my penis expanding, struggling against the bruised strains of excessive use. Throbbing painfully as my heartbeat pumped life-giving blood into the almost dead organ, invoking a sense of increased weight between my legs.
Unconsciously, my tongue stiffened sympathetically, then began fucking her cunt; in, out, in out. Squiggling and lapping at the insides of her slimy inner walls, doing more inside her than my penis could, but no-where near as deep as I would have liked.
Her legs unexpectantly spread open like a flower to the morning sun. Freeing my ears to hear to her wonderfully loud panicked puffs of passion, each rapid exhale unable to form a complete word, and yet, I knew she was begging for more, at least that's what I knew to be true in my sex consumed mind.
My mouth inhaled a welcomed deep breath, and, with my nose clamped to her clit, I could taste and smell her cum infused musk above the back of my throat. My lips wormed their way between her outer lips, sucking her small but thick, inner lips past my teeth. My tongue retreated, moving to slitter between her inner lips, up and down, back and forth, each transition bringing it's flicking tip closer to her clit as my nose pushed her clitoral hood up and out of the way.
With practiced skill, my lips folded back her lips, and my nose exposed her clit to my eager tongue. My oral snake tempting and teasing her third nipple between my teeth, where I gently captured her slippery knob, holding it in place. With her clit inflamed by the vacuum of my mouth, my tongue began abusing her sex button. Even after our previous extended workout, my tongue was still sensitive enough to feel her clit pulsating as the flicking blows bounced off her fleshy nub in much the same way a boxer attacks a speedball.
Her hands flew away from my head, and her hips became uncontrollably tornadic, even with my fingers digging into her butt cheeks. Her previously spread apart legs began to flail across my shoulders, her heels kicking my back while she spasmed through another orgasmic climax.
Her loud fitful efforts to inhale were powerfully enough to awake the dead; my sore yet eager penis began to inflate to its full stature. The no longer dangling weight between my legs was once again ready to penetrate my daughter's body, hungry to feel her near-frictionless flesh wrapped around it, eager to do pushups inside her until it puked.
I freed her clit from my abusive oral grasp, rising to stand above her. Her weak legs and bare feet rolled over my shoulders and down my chest like water. My hands caressed the backside of her thighs, knees, and calves until clamping around her ankles. Without thought, I spread open her legs, forcing her thighs to split apart, exposing her puffy bright red slit to my eager erection. The head of my cock kissed her outer lips, spreading them enough to feel the welcoming silky touch of her inner lips. My hips naturally rocked forward and back, sliding my cock through her slippery crevasse, the head of my circumcised cock kissing her clit each time.
She was wet enough, and I was hard enough; I did not need to guide or hold my erection to penetrate her body once again. I pushed forward, my hands holding her legs up and open as I pushed her feet away from me, rolling her cunt up to meet the advancement of my penis sliding between her throbbing inner lips. Her cunt clamped around my cock, tight enough to resist its penetration while reinforcing her cunt's hungered need to feel me inside her once again. Her hands, previously outstretched and clutching the bed, reached up, her arms pulling back on her legs until her elbows pinned her knees to the mattress beside her chest. A recently developed skill that freed my hands and enraged my sexual desire for her even more as I looked down at my cock, taking advantage of its full and unrestricted access to her glossy cunt.
With one quick, determined thrust, my balls smacked her ass, and the head of my penis kissed the bottom of her cervix. Her entire body clenched at that moment; she stopped breathing, her eyes locked on mine, freezing time for both of us. Until my sex-driven hips pull my penis back, then lept forward, striking gold again. She barely had time to gasp when my hips retreated, and then she grunted out what little air she inhaled when the head of my cock slammed into the gateway to her womb again.
Any rational or moralist thoughts were fleeting memories as an overwhelming need to penetrate her body over and over again managed my immediate actions. My brain only had one directive, one goal to achieve; to fuck my daughter's cunt until my balls were empty and my cock was too exhausted to rise again.
I honestly don't know how long or how many times she called out, "Daddy! Daddy!… Please, Daddy… Fuck my ass… Please fuck my ass… I want to feel you cum in my ass Daddy!" before her pleading demands registered. Dazed, confused, and needing to keep fucking my only daughter's flesh, my feet staggered back a step. I watched as her exhausted and sweat covered body rolled over, pushing her perfectly rounded ass up under her knees. My narrowly focused brain zeroed in on her butt crack when her fingers magically appeared on each cheek, spreading her ass open for me, exposing a glistening pink throbbing sphincter.
My twenty-one-year-old daughter continued to beg, "Please, Daddy, fuck my ass… fuck my ass until you cum inside me again. As hard as you can… as deep as you can… I need to feel you inside me."
Her begging me to fuck her was too late. The purple mushroom head of my cock was already pressed to her puckered butthole, my hand holding it steady as I leaned forward. Watching and feeling the head of my cock being squeezed and compressed by her anal sphincter. The little mental awareness remained behind my eyes studied my cock, forcing its way into her willing rectum, another one of my favorites sex acts. My wife gave me her ass on our honeymoon and twice a year after that until our son arrived. My daughter's ass, on the other hand, was not a birthday or anniversary gift. Her rectum had become just another part of her body for my sex to penetrate after I agreed to satisfy her curiosity during one of our extended fuck sessions. Then, like now, she had a fondness for anal sex, and then, like now, I fucked her ass over and over again, enjoying her screams of pleasure and ignoring her pained twinges.
The combination of her slimy pussy juices on my cock, and what had oozed into her ass while my tongue explored her cunt was enough to allow for easy entry. She stretched her butt cheeks apart, granting me a clear view of my cock, slowly stretching her tiny pink opening, force-feeding my cock to her willing ass. Her body stiffened again, and her hips pushed back, wanting more of my cock inside her; or wanting me to penetrate her faster. But I didn't want to.
Whenever I penetrated someone's ass, I like to take it slow, to see and feel the entire process. My daughter's sphincter had a perfect circular grip around my cock, squeezing the head of my penis as I pushed it inside her. I loved the feeling of the tip of my cock popping open like an umbrella just on the other side of that forbidden barrier. Also, as a part of my anal penetration routine, I gently rock back and forth after feeling my cock anchor itself, testing the edges of the head of my cock, feeling the inside of her tight sphincter holding my cock in place like a butt plug before advancing deeper. Seeing and feeling her asshole constricted around my shaft, scraping off the excess fluid as my cock advanced deeper into her rectum, added to my sense of masculinity and my need to dominate her submissiveness.
Not yet allowing myself to go all the way, I looked down, watching each advance pushing her anal ring inward, then retreating half as much so I could see her pulsating opening stretching outward when I retreated. I continued to torture her and amuse myself this way until I could no longer see my cock past my stomach. Force-feeding my cock to its full length as I climbed on top of her. The weight of my much heavier body pressing her hips to the mattress, forcing her hands away from her spread open cheeks.
My cock hooked into her ass, forced her to used her hands to squirmed forward as I moved forward before nestling into a position that blanketed her body with mine. Even if she wasn't a willing partner, at this point, I had her pinned down in such a way she could not escape what I was about to do to her if she wanted to.
My hands wormed their way under her armpits, my elbows holding me up and pinning her ribs in place as my face nuzzled into her neck. Blowing her hair away, I found and suckled on her neck like a vampire. At the same time, my hips began to brutally shove my cock into her ass, over and over again. It was a thoughtless, purely instinctive process to advance deep into her ass repeatedly, then pull back a little, before thrusting to maximum depth again. Part of me looked forward to seeing the hickey and teeth marks on the back of her neck the next day, and part of me dreading the evidential souvenirs of our incestual act.
Her arms reached out, clutching at the bedsheets, her body clenched and spasmed at the same time. Her screaming cries of painful pleasure muffled by and echoing inside the mattress under her face. Sanity fades in situations like this (at least it always does to me), manifesting as a singular feral state of consciousness; "FUCK HER… harder… deeper," repeating over and over in my head. Driven by this laser-focused desire to abuse my daughter's sex and mine, seemed to enhance and prolong her orgasmic experience. And, if she were screaming and writhing underneath me in pain, it would not have mattered. Any response she made to the feeling of my cock in her ass would have been interpreted by my sex infected brain as her wanting me to prolong the experience. As such, I continued thrusting my erect penis deeper and farther into her rectum, poking and prodding at her incest forbidden flesh, desperately needing to empty my already drained ballsack into her anal cavity.
Her climax seemed neverending, her head twisting to gasp at our mirrored images on the closet door before twisting back to scream into the mattress. Her body continued to wiggle and squirm under me, accentuated by her hips pushing back, meeting every forward thrust into her ass with equal enthusiasm.
Where-as her orgasms seemed to overlap, the next one starting before the previous one descended, mine, on the other hand, was unusually slow to build. Even though my foggy lust focused perspective, I could feel my balls twitching and clenching, preparing another load of incestual seed to inject into my daughter's body. My thrusting cock seemed to expand inside her ass, growing harder and thicker moments before I felt my semen beginning their march out of my balls, past my prostate, then painfully stopping at the base of my cock.
This unnecessary delay intensified my body's need to fuck her ass, driving me to squish my throbbing balls against her taint as I tried to shove the head of my cock beyond the confines of her rectum. My body, already covered in a thin sheen of sweat, began to leak perspiration everywhere, most significantly above my eyebrows and around my groin. I began to grunt into her neck, not because I felt winded or in pain, more in an insistent effort to expel the pent up cum at the base of my cock. Grunting orders at my seminal soldiers to bail out, to leap into the dark unknown of my daughter's rectum instead of her womb.
My naval forces advanced as commanded, loading and firing themselves through my penis and into the great beyond. Gooey discharge after discharge of parental sperm squirting into my daughter's anal cavity and possibly her large intestine. My hips advanced harshly, thrusting my cock impossibly deep into her body several times as my cock ejaculated load after load. I could feel every throbbing expulsion inside my shaft and my clenching and twitching balls. Every brutal thrust forward was accompanied by a deep, guttural grunting groan from my chest into her sweaty neck.
Spent, exhausted, and desperate for oxygen, my sexually satisfied body pressed its entire weight down on my daughter's frame. I felt her elbow under my ribs, pushing me up and her down just enough for her to inflate her lungs as she panted, "More Daddy… Please… fuck me again… Please Daddy…"
I felt my dominating sexual satisfaction of having her pinned under me drain from my body almost as fast as my cum had. My bruised ego imagined the bed soaking up my accomplishment like a sponge, the same way it seemed to consume the constant flow of nectar from between her legs.
I then felt several fingers caressing and pulling at my shoulder and my wife's soothing voice calmly offering, "You need a break. I'll take care of her until Junior wakes up from his nap, then he can take over for a while."
I reluctantly nodded into our daughter's neck, rolling off her unsatisfied body, accepting my wife's assistance as she helped me sit up on the edge of the bed. Resting on the edge of the bed, I watched my robed wife in the mirrored sliding closet doors as she approached our daughter from the other side of the bed. Pressing her mouth to the younger woman's mouth, silencing her begging pleas for me to mount her again while pinching and pulling at one of our daughter's inflamed nipples. Looking up at my reflection, my wife nodded her eyes at me, and the restraints mounted into the four-post bed's frame.
I stood up on weak legs, turn around, and secured our daughter's wrists to the padded leather shackle on my side of the bed. My wife did the same on the other side. We both secured our daughter's legs to the ankle straps before I put my robe on. I observed my daughter's mother from the doorway as she gently worked a vibrator into our daughter's cunt. She then velcroed a wall-powered massager to our daughter's inner thigh.
"Thank you, Mommy," our daughter whimpered from her restrained spread-eagle position on the bed. My wife smiled at our daughter as she turned on the thigh mounted massager, manipulating its placement until the rounded head pressed to our daughter's clit and rested on the exposed end of the vibrator inside her cunt.
Both of us watched as our daughter's body trembled, shook, then seemed to relax as another wave of continuous orgasms began to wash over and through her body. I looked at my wife, and I could feel the disappointment and failure glowing on my face. She saw it too; and replied, "It's ok. We'll get through this just like we have everything else life has thrown at us. I made some sandwiches for lunch. Get something to eat and sleep as long as you can. I'll keep an eye on her while I edit the video and post it. If she gets to be too much for me, I'll wake Junior and let him take over.
I nodded, looking down at our convulsing daughter's body, appalled at how our family's repeated incestuous abuse of her condition had become our primary source of income. I was also ashamed of doing the things I had done to our daughter; beyond today's late morning session. I was more ashamed that I wanted to do what I did to her over and over again. Visual and sensory laden remembrances and long-forgotten sexual fantasies joined forces to make my sore cock throb with anticipation.
"There are some cold-packs in the freezer," my wife said, looking at my groin from the other side of the room, "The coldest ones are on top; the one Junior used before his nap is on the bottom."
I nodded, closing my robe and knotting the belt around my waist. Before stepping out of the room, I watched my wife stripped out of her robe and snuggled next to our daughter's writhing naked body. She caressing the hair off of our daughter's orgasmic face before teasing her nipples, fondling her breasts, then tracing her ribs along the side of her body. Her gently teasing finger flowed down to her hip before curving up and over her waist and into the patch of fur above our daughter's cursed cunt. A slight grin lifted the edges of my mouth as I allowed myself to appreciate that my wife enjoyed feeling the pubic fur of her lovers between her fingers as much as I did.
I found the pre-made sandwiches in the kitchen, taking one and a half for myself, and a wine cooler from the fridge. After making myself comfortable in my recliner, I placed a fresh ice pack on my groin as the TV started up. Feeling my cock and balls retreating and relaxing, I reminded myself, "A father is supposed to want the best possible future for their children, but I know… I know in some deep, dark part of my mind, my lust is hiding in the shadows, making me want more… more sex… more sex with my daughter… more sex with my wife… more sex with both of them… and our son… all of us… fucking each other… as a family."

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