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I knelt down on the floor in the center of our living room, knees padded by the soft wall-to-wall carpeting. The lights were dimmed, and I had set up a number of candles around the room. I knew John was on his way, having received his text twenty minutes ago that he was leaving his office. So I waited patiently, blindfolded and with hands locked in cuffs behind my back. I was filled with anticipation, wondering what he would do when he laid eyes on me as he came in the door. My little Valentine's Day surprise for him!
We'd both been so busy with work and schedules recently, we hadn't had time to connect. The previous week, I had been off on business to the west coast. And here it was Sunday, and John had to spend it in the office due to a big project deadline this week. It had been weeks since we'd had the opportunity to do anything more than say hello to each other as we bumped into one another on our respective paths through the daily grind.
So, while I was out of town, I worked out in my head a plan to give him a little surprise for Valentine's Day—a little something wild, a little something for us to explore together, and hopefully a little something to give both of us a lot of fun and pleasure. The whole week I kept playing out what would happen in my mind. And when I had a spare afternoon, I went and did some shopping to pick up a few necessary items.
I was wearing those items as I waited on my knees for John to arrive. My breasts were wrapped in a black, lacy bra that was mostly see-through but sported two large red hearts over each nipple. Matching panties clung to my hips with a similar red heart standing just above my pussy and another on the back just above the crack of my ass. My legs were encased in black, thigh-high nylons with bright red hearts plastered randomly all over them. And my feet sported bright red pumps, each bearing a frilly heart over the toes. I had pulled my dark hair back into a ponytail and fastened it with a black bow decorated with tons of little, heart-shaped polka-dots. The blindfold mask over my eyes was made of black silk and had two large, red hearts, one over each eye. The cuffs holding my hands behind my back were padded with red fluff, and the final touches included bright red lipstick on my lips, matching nail polish on fingernails and toenails, and a pair of little heart-shaped earrings.
My nerves were a bit on edge as I waited. I didn't know how John would react to seeing his wife decked out in solid Valentine's Day decor. My mind started asking itself questions. Did I overdo it, perhaps? Would this make me look too much like a cheap floozy? Or would he like it? I hadn't ever really dressed up like this before for him. And we'd never talked about blindfolds or handcuffs either. Did I go too far?
How long would it take him to get there? How long had it been since his text? How long did it normally take him to get home? How long had I been kneeling already?
I began to realize how true it is that when you deprive one sense, the others take more prominence. As I knelt there, I could hear the sounds of the apartment building around me. A neighbor's door opening and closing. The soft mumbling of someone having a conversation in the apartment above. The pinging of the hot-water baseboard pipes expanding after the thermostat clicked to call for more heat.
The scent from the candles flowed over me, filling my lungs with the sweetness of vanilla mixed with a touch of cinnamon spice. I breathed in deeply and tried to relax, reassuring myself that John was going to like what he saw when he walked in the door.
And then I heard the key in the lock. I straightened my posture, head up high. My back arched forward a bit to thrust my breasts out proudly. Taking a deep breath, I curled my lips up into what I hoped would look like a playful, seductive smile. And then the door opened.
"April, I'm ho…" John's voice faltered.
I held my pose, knowing his eyes were likely taking a stroll over the contours of my body.
"Welcome home, dear!" I said in the sauciest voice I could muster.
The silence stretched for what seemed an eternity. My heart felt like it was trying to break a speed record.
"Wow!" He finally said. "You look amazing!"
Butterflies fluttered up from my crotch, and my heart thudded in my chest.
I heard movement then. Steps shifting around. The door closing. The crinkle of plastic. The zipper of a jacket being undone. More sounds and more movement. And then even more. Was that the sound of clothing being tossed on the floor? I began wondering how much he had been wearing, or perhaps he was just being very clumsy with excitement? Then more plastic crinkling. And then, finally, the noises stopped, and I sensed him moving closer to me.
Something soft and delicate touched my upper lip just under my nose.
"Smell," I heard John say.
My lungs expanded, drawing in a deep breath. The scent of a rose filled my nostrils, and I purred softly, delighting in the sensation. The rose shifted to one side and delicately slid down my right cheek. The motion was repeated with my left cheek. My skin tingled from the sensation. The rose shifted again to my lower lip and then was drawn down over my chin and my neck. I sucked in breath as the petals tickled on their way down. The rose slid down to my chest, and then lower to my cleavage. My body tingled, and I knew my skin was flushing. Up and over one breast, and then back to the middle and up and over the other.
But then as quickly as it came, the rose disappeared, and I was left yearning for it to come back.
Instead, my husband kissed me, gently on the lips. I could just barely taste mint on his breath before he pulled back. And then he kissed me again, lightly, on my right cheek. And then again on my left. His lips moved to plant a kiss on my chin, on my neck, on my upper chest. I felt a thrill of excitement course through me, and I gasped audibly. And then I felt his hands on my sides, sliding softly up and under my breasts, cupping them, squeezing them. And then his lips kissing the top of each.
He reached behind me to unfasten the clasp of my bra. The material fell loose about my shoulders. But then he could go no further with it, given that my hands were handcuffed behind—a downside, I realized. After a moment of hesitation, he settled for lifting the cups of the bra up above my breasts.
Then his hands took hold of me again, squeezing and rubbing his thumbs against my nipples. I felt the warmth of his breath, then the flick of his tongue, and finally the sensation of his lips clamping around one and then the other nipple.
And then he was gone again, leaving me alone in the middle of the room, my body aching for more. But nothing came just yet. Instead, I heard more sounds of him moving around. There was a tear and then more plastic crinkling. I heard the soft sound of cardboard sliding against cardboard—was he opening a box?
I could tell he was moving closer again, and then something touched my upper lip.
"Smell," he said again.
I breathed in. Chocolate.
I moved to open my mouth, but the chocolate disappeared.
"Ah! Ah!"
I waited.
Then the chocolate touched my right cheek, lightly dancing downward over my skin. Then the left cheek. My chin. My neck. My upper chest. Each time it touched me, my skin tingled, my mouth watered, and my anticipation amplified. The chocolate slid down between my breasts and then circled to the right across the underside of one of them. Then up over the top and spiraling in until it danced around and dabbed at my nipple. It was gone for a moment before reappearing between my breasts again and repeating the swirl around the other breast before disappearing once more. Finally, the chocolate came to rest on my lips.
"Taste," said John.
I opened my lips, slipped my tongue out, and clasped the chocolate between tongue and upper teeth, drawing it into my mouth. I bit down on the chocolate. Gooey cherry flavor burst across my tongue. I moaned in pleasure as I chewed and swallowed the delicious treat, running my tongue over my lips in case any chocolate had rubbed off.
Movement again. But this time, I didn't have long to wait as something else touched me on my upper lip.
"Smell," John said again.
But I already had. And my pussy quivered with excitement as I realized what it was.
A small portion of my brain registered a note of confusion, though. John's dick usually smelled a little bit different than this. Has he been using a different soap, I wondered? Or perhaps it was the heavy smell from the candles, or the aftertaste of the chocolate and cherry playing tricks with my nose. I shrugged it off.
Puckering my lips, I quickly gave the underside of the cock's head a kiss before it pulled away.
A moment later, I felt the tip land on my right cheek and pull down in a straight line over my skin. The motion was repeated on the other cheek, and I realized I could feel the light coolness of a thin bead of moisture being left behind. Then it shifted to my chin, down over it and then under to my neck. The coolness of the moisture continuing to leave a trail marking the cock's passage. I felt my mouth watering again as the cockhead slid down between my breasts, following the path the chocolate had followed before it. First one breast, then the other. Each nipple felt like it got an extra helping of precum left clinging to it.
I knew what was next.
"Taste," said John just as I was opening my mouth.
The cock pressed between my lips, sliding into my waiting mouth. My tongue slithered around under it, bathing it in warm moistness. I suckled on it, drawing more inside as I pushed my head forward. I heard a gasp above me and smiled to myself.
Again, though, a part of my brain registered something odd. John's width usually filled my mouth a little more. Was he not fully hard? Perhaps he wasn't enjoying this and was just entertaining me? Self-doubt began to slowly creep in.
But then I heard his breathing deepen, and he moaned softly.
Encouraged, I pressed my lips further down his length, and then pulled back. Then down again, and back. I pressed down a third time, but then pulled back all the way off, letting the tip slip from my mouth entirely. I quickly thrust my tongue out and lapped at it, sweeping my tongue up the underside of the tip. It bounced about erratically in response, bopping me in the upper lip a couple times. I opened my mouth and pressed forward to take it back inside, but missed slightly, and the cock slid across my left cheek. I giggled, pulled back, and tried again. This time, the tip slipped smoothly back in, and I gave it a few hearty pumps rapidly up and down its length.
I did my best to put on a good show, knowing how John loved it when I lavished his cock with my tongue and mouth. Twisting my head first one way and then the other, I took his shaft at slightly different angles. I let it slip out again, tilting my head back and under the tip so it rode up over my upper lip, resting on my face, cradled by the side of my nose. My tongue slithered out, dancing around the shaft as I pushed further down to the base. Then I laid my tongue flat against it and gave it a firm lick back up to the tip before opening my lips and taking it back inside again.
And then suddenly, John's voice spoke right next to my ear, "Enjoying that cock?"
Given that I could still hear moaning some distance above me, I quickly came to the conclusion that something was severely off in my understanding of the situation about me. I yanked my head back in panic, the dick in my mouth slipping out with a trailing slurping sound.
"What the hell!?!" I demanded loudly and shifted backwards further, trying to get my feet under me.
But my body ran into another nude form behind me. Was it John? Who was standing in front of me?
"April! April! Relax!" I heard John's voice in response as he wrapped his arms about me, holding me to his chest. "It's me, John! It's ok! Relax!"
"John, what's going on? If you're… Who… Who…?" I continued, my voice nervous.
"Hey, let me explain," John said, his voice calm and soothing. "It's ok. It's just a friend. Relax. You're safe." He paused a moment and then continued. "You remember how we talked a while back about experimenting? How you thought it might fun to try having someone else join us? Well, happy Valentine's Day!"
"What? Oh, my god! John!" I was certainly surprised. And I realized after I said his name that the tone of my voice had included a touch of annoyance. I instantly regretted it. But I didn't know what to say next.
Yes, we had talked about experimenting—possibly inviting someone in for a threesome. It was an exciting idea. And it had certainly come up more than once. And it led more than once to passionate love making when it had come up. But it had only been an idea, a fantasy. I wasn't sure I wanted to actually go through with it. After all, how would we find someone we'd be comfortable approaching about it? Someone who was a friend that we could trust but also someone we wouldn't be worried about alienating?
"John, who is it?" I asked again after a moment.
"Mmm… That's my little secret. Just trust me. Ok? It's someone safe and clean. Someone you like. Someone who will treat you with respect." His arms gave me a reassuring squeeze.
I knelt there a moment, letting John hold me. My brain worked through the concepts involved. I did trust John, and I realized he did this because he thought I wanted it. Did I? Did I want my husband to share me with another man? Was my husband ok sharing me with another man?
"I um… Well, I think I just sucked another man's cock right in front of you, didn't I?"
I heard him chuckling right next to my ear.
"Yes, honey. You did. He's still standing a couple feet in front of you, you know."
"Oh. Um… Hi there!" I said and then wondered if that was the polite thing to do in this kind of situation. What was the proper etiquette one should follow when one suddenly discovers they were sucking an unknown man's dick, I wondered?
John chuckled again. "I did tell him to keep quiet so you couldn't recognize him by his voice. So don't try to get him talking."
"It doesn't bother you that I just sucked on another guy's cock?" I asked.
"April, you looked so amazingly hot sucking his cock. I was watching you every moment. You are the most sexy cocksucker I've ever known, and I loved watching you perform your art on another man's cock. Can't you feel how aroused I am?"
It was true, his erection was prodding me in the lower back just above where my cuffed hands rested on my butt. I turned my attention to it, curling my hands up to run my fingertips along it's rigid length. Reaching a little further, I could wrap my fingers around it, stroke it a little up and down.
"Mmm… yes, you do seem to be standing at attention."
"Yeah, that feels nice," John replied. And then he asked, "So, do you maybe want to try sucking on my friend's cock here a little more?"
I smiled. "I suppose I could give it another go."
John pulled his arms back, letting me lean forward again. He shifted his hands to my shoulders, giving them a little bit of an encouraging massage.
I lifted my head up and opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out slightly. A moment later the cock returned, landing lightly on my outstretched tongue. I moved my head farther forward, wrapping my lips around the mushroom tip as I drew the cock back into my mouth with my tongue.
"That-a girl," I heard John say just behind me. "Suck that thick cock for me."
I gave John's cock behind me a little squeeze with my cuffed hands as I pressed my lips down the other cock, taking it deeper into my mouth. This time, however, my mind was focusing on all the differences I had brushed off before. Despite John's description of its girth, this cock was, actually, slightly thinner than my husband's. And it tasted different than what I was used to.
I pulled back, letting it slip from my lips again, this time drawing my lips tight into a pucker on the very tip as it came out. I gave it a little kiss, then tried swirling my tongue around the glans. No one was holding it, apparently, so again, it bounced around erratically in response. I pulled my tongue back in and giggled a bit, then puckered my lips and kissed it again.
Then I turned my head back as if to look over my shoulder at my husband.
"John, do you think you could undo the handcuffs? The keys are on the table. I promise I won't peak."
I felt his cock slip from my grasp as he moved away. Turning my head back to the other cock, I searched for it with my mouth. It bumped against my cheek, and I twisted a bit, trying to wrap my lips around the side of it. I slipped my tongue out again to lap at the underside of the shaft, managing to lift it up a bit. And then the shaft slipped up over my nose and fell down across my other cheek.
Then John was back. The snick of the locking mechanism in each cuff released my wrists. I heard the cuffs fall to one side. I took the opportunity to quickly slip the bra off as well and then lifted a hand up to take hold of the cock that was dancing around my face.
Now I was in more direct control. My fingers wrapped around the base, holding it steady so that I could give the shaft a firm lick up the underside. I opened my lips again and sucked the mushroom cap back inside before thrusting my mouth down his length again. I started a steady rhythm, pumping my mouth up and down the shaft, over and over again, my breasts swinging about from the motion. My hand traveled up and down the lower half, matching the tempo of my lips on the upper half. Then I lifted my other hand up underneath to cup his balls, feeling them with my fingers, gently rolling them about.
Now with my hands in play, I could make a few more observations about this mystery lover. For one, unlike my husband, he was cleanly shaven. No hair to tickle my nose or gag me with. That was certainly a plus. And whereas my husband ranked first in the width department, I could now tell this guy had him beat a little in the length department. Not that I cared all that much one way or the other. I was just being observant. The more important factor was being able to enjoy the variety.
Suddenly, I felt something land smack on my right cheek. Of course, I knew what it was at once. My husband was finally joining the fray, so to speak. I gurgled softly around mystery man's shaft and switched my hand from one cock to another, giving John's turgid member a few rapid strokes while I continued slurping on the cock in my mouth.
John, however, pulled my hand away and flicked the tip of his shaft at the corner of my mouth, smacking it a few times. I took the hint and pulled the one cock out of my mouth in order to switch to the other, hungrily sucking it in between my lips. The first cock slipped away then, so I shifted a hand to the base of my husband's shaft. The other bracing myself on his upper thigh.
Then I felt hands on my breasts, squeezing, lifting, pinching. One hand slipped up over my shoulder and down my backside. It reached my ass and gave it a squeeze. And then lips were kissing the side of my neck, my shoulder. They moved down my back, slowly, deliberately. Little kisses left a trail down my spine. A hand slid under my ass, fingers sliding across the crotch of my panties to cup my sex from behind. They pressed up and massaged around in a small circle. A flutter of excitement rushed up through me, and I moaned around John's cock, pausing my oral performance just a moment to enjoy the sensation.
John pulled back then, drawing his shaft out of my mouth.
"I think it's time to change things up. Why don't you stand up, April."
He grabbed hold of my hands as I shifted back on my heels and stood up. The hand on my pussy followed me up, now rubbing more firmly. The pair of lips pressed into one of my asscheeks, planting a kiss on it before shifting right and repeating the kiss on the other one. Then the hand on my pussy, slid back to my rump and was joined by another, both squeezing my ass.

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