Are Drugs Bad? Ch. 04

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tagIncest/TabooAre Drugs Bad? Ch. 04

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I apologize this took so long but I lost inspiration for this series and didn't want to deliver something half-ass, just so you all had something to read.
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Tony woke up the next morning to his father standing in the doorway of the bedroom he had slept in. He had thought he had slept in the bed with his mother and began to worry. As he tried to get up, he realized he was handcuffed to the bed. Though he tried to struggle against the restraints, it became aware to him that it was a frivolous effort.
"Good morning baby. Seems your father came home and needs to take his women back," Vanessa said to him, causing him to look at her wide eyed. She giggled at the look in his eyes, "What? You didn't think you could satisfy the three of us, did you?" Vanessa laughed hard as Tony looked over to his father and saw him laughing as well as he moved behind his mother. "Please son. I, and your sister's, have been your father's sluts for a long time. Just because you came back here and looked for help, doesn't mean we are going to save you. Remember son, you are like this because of some drug, not because you are really that attractive."
Tony began to freak out as his mother moaned louder and louder. She told his father that he was so much better than Tony and she had faked enjoying being with her son along with her orgasms. Tears began to fall from Tony' face as he realized that his family had lied to him. Perhaps he should have just offed himself before all of this happened.
"Don't cry Tony," Isabelle said as she crawled up on the bed next to her mother.
"Yeah bro, don't cry. It's not your fault that you were a fat, ugly loser that couldn't get a girl," Jasmine added in. Both girls looked at each other before bursting out laughing as he noticed they were naked just like his mother. "Sorry Tony. I just couldn't help it. Yes, as a matter of fact, it is your fault that you are a fat, ugly loser."
Tony began to freak out as he looked between the two of them, "What? Did you think a loser like you would get to have two hot women all to yourself?" Isabelle asked as she laughed at him.
"B-But you two said you loved me. And what about the tattoos?" Tony asked. His mind was running a mile a minute as his worst nightmare had come true.
Jasmine laughed hard, causing her large breasts to bounce, "First off, the tattoos are fake. Like we would really be stupid enough to get tats on our bodies with your initials. It would be like a couple supermodels falling for some geeky 400lb nerds."
"And secondly, we never loved you. That was just a ploy to get your hopes up so we could bring you down hard," Isabelle chimed in, as she moaned out, feeling her father mounting her and putting his cock back where it belonged, deep inside of her. "Besides, both of us are pregnant with Dad's children."
Tony looked up at the ceiling, "God please just kill me now." This was the worst he had ever felt. Not only did his family hate him, but all that had happened between them was a farce and he was the butt of all their jokes.
"Not happening son. The company will be here shortly to pick you up. We got paid big time to make your dumbass into a guinea pig," Vanessa stated as she felt her husband's cum running down her leg. She moved into position so a big glob of his cum landed on her son's face, hearing her husband and daughters laughing at them.
"Yeah son, Dr. Nikko was all too happy to share the profits with us… Well, that and she is going to get a nice present inside her, just like your sisters have," his father laughed, seeing the cum dripping from his son's face. "You should get used to your restraints though. The company said they are going to erase you so that no one will ever come looking for you."
"Fuck Dad! Your cock is sooo much better than Tony's. I'm so glad that we don't have to keep him around the house and can fuck as much as we want," Isabelle stated as she was brought to orgasm and screamed out.
"Dad. Can you fuck me so that Tony can watch as your cock is buried deep inside me?" Jasmine asked, knowing she had something in mind to go along with it.
"Sure sweetie. You know I love to humiliate your brother and getting a chance to fuck your sweet pussy at the same time, makes it even better."
Jasmine moved so that her pussy was right in Tony's face while Isabelle and Vanessa held Tony's head so that he stared right at it. Their father moved so that his balls rested on Tony's chin as he rammed his cock into his willing daughter's pussy. Within about ten minutes, Jasmine's orgasm hit. Her pussy juice leaked out from the sides of her father's cock and she felt the tell-tale signs that her father was about to cum.
Jasmine was quick as a fox as she turned around, grabbed her father's cock and stroked it, pointing it right at Tony's face. "Here's a present for you before you leave little brother," Jasmine said cruelly as her father's hips jerked and his cum shot out, covering her brother's face.
Tony could only cry as he wanted to die so bad. Had he not been such a pussy prior and just offed himself, he would not have had to go through this and would have died knowing that his death would not bring his family any more pain and suffering.
As he opened his eyes, he was in some sort of lab. There were multiple people moving around and talking amongst themselves. One person noticed he was awake and walked over to him, "Well, glad to see you are awake now Tony," the woman said to him.
"Where am I?" Tony asked, realizing he wasn't able to move and had multiple things coming out of his body as he looked down, seeing his naked body.
"That doesn't matter right now. What you should be worried about is why Mr. Willy is no longer there," the woman said as she smiled evilly at him.
Tony looked down but couldn't see anything. He also couldn't feel anything down there either, but then again, he couldn't feel his toes or legs as well and just thought it was some kind of numbing agent.
"Oh, here it is," the woman said, picking up his cock and waving it at him, showing him she had chopped it off.
"Please … Please just kill me. You can do whatever you want afterwards. Just don't make me go through this!" Tony pleaded as tears ran down his eyes.
A man walked over as he slapped the ass of the woman, "That is never going to happen. We are going to be keeping you around for a long, long time," the man evilly laughed at Tony. "Now where is my saw?"
The man picked up a reciprocating saw, "Ah there it is." He then turned his attention back to Tony, "Now this may hurt," he started to say before laughing along with the woman. "I'm sorry for that. This will most definitely hurt, but why don't you watch something while we work, hmm."
The man pulled down a TV screen and on it, Tony watched wide eyed while his mother and two sisters were fucked by multiple guys, his father being one of them as the men called the three women everything from sluts and whores to trashy spics and cum dumpsters. He listened as his father told them that they were nothing more than holes to be used for fucking and that they belonged to him. Tony couldn't believe his life turned out to be this way.
Then all the sudden, Tony felt excruciating pain as he looked to his left and saw the doctor cutting through his arm while laughing madly. The woman that was next to him was grinning the whole time while holding his arm down and started using one hand to soak it in his blood and rub it all over her large bust.
Tony sat up suddenly. Sweat was raining down his body as he was breathing hard. Had it all been a dream. No, a dream would have been happy. A dream would have been something that he wished would have happened. If anything, this was a nightmare. A nightmare of the worst kind, one he wished would never come to fruition. Why had he dreamed about that? Was he that worried his father would ruin everything if he came home, or was he worried that everything his mother and sisters had said were lies and they just wanted to get in his pants and after the monster cock he now had?
He looked down his body and saw his mother's head bobbing up and down on his dick. A loud moan escaped his lips as the pleasure he was receiving finally got to his brain and made him not think about the horrible nightmare he just had.
Vanessa froze as she moved her the curtain of black hair out of her way as her dark eyes pierced directly into her son's. "Sorry baby. Mommy needed a morning snack before she got breakfast ready," Vanessa purred.
"You never have to apologize Mom. You do know how hot you are and how lucky I am to be receiving anything from you or being able to do anything to you right?" Tony asked, perplexed as to why his mother would be apologizing. Then again, was part of his nightmare coming to life?
"Come now son. You know I should be asking your permission since I am your mother and …" Vanessa started to say only to have Tony cut her off.
"But I thought, after yesterday, the three of you were my girlfriends? Was that just bullshit or did the three of you mean it?" Tony asked, wondering if all they did was lie to him just like in his nightmare. He was starting to wonder what else from his nightmare could be true. He even started to think that maybe this change that had happened to him was much more of a curse than a blessing. Dr. Nikko had him all but convinced it was a blessing and how he was now closer to his family than he had been before also showed it more to be a blessing, but if they were going to lie to him just to get a ride on his cock or manipulate him, then it wasn't worth it.
"Yes, son we meant every word of it," Vanessa responding, making sure to look her son in the eyes the entire time as she moved to a kneeling position. Her nightie was not one that should be worn around the house as it was more see-through than actually covering anything. Combining that with the fact that she did not have a bra or panties on, she was practically on full display for her loving son, which was the reason she was wearing it. "I-I just didn't want to push you into anything you weren't ready for."
"Is it that Mom, or are you just waiting on Dad to come home so you can tie me up and laugh at me while he fucks you, Izzy and Jas while I watch," Tony growled, letting the emotions from his nightmare take him over.
"How could you say, or even think, something like that?" Vanessa asked her son hysterically as tears welled up in her eyes, trying to keep her emotions in check while she tried to get to the bottom of where this was coming from.
"Really? Really? Did you think I would be that dumb to think that the three of you suddenly decided to share your feelings with me, just because I look liked this now?" Tony responded, gesturing to his body. He went to stand, but his mother put her hands on his legs, rooting him in place.
"Where is this all coming from, Tony?" Vanessa asked in a motherly voice. Tony just looked away, not answering her as he crossed his arms. "Antonio! You tell me right now, young man, where this is all coming from or so help me, I will slap the hell out of you!" Vanessa stated firmly, letting out her Puerto Rican side. "Mida carajo!"
Tony looked back at his mother, feeling like he was being scolded for something he did wrong when he was little. Her eyes were wide and looked sternly at him, but there was a mother's love behind them that he saw. Had he let his nightmare overtake his life and start to push his mother away? He needed to figure this out, one way or the other.
He took a deep breath and then told his mother about the nightmare he had. About how it was pulling at his mind, wondering if what his sisters had said about being in love with him was all a farce. That his mother was just biding her time until his father came home and either hurt him or had him collected for some horrible experiments done by the company.
Vanessa's hand went to her mouth, gasping, before she launched herself forward, smothering her son's head in her bosom. She could not fathom how her son could think they would sell him out to the company or even make him feel like that, whether it was with his father or any other man. "Baby, you know we all love you and would never, ever give you over to the company. We know they would do horrible things to you and we would never see you again."
"Even if they offered you a ton of money for me?" Tony asked, barely able to breathe with his head buried in his mother's large chest. Though dying from being smothered by her caramel-colored breasts would be one of the best ways to die.
Though the thought of getting a nice payday would be something to consider, she was not about to ever give up her children for any amount of money. Also, her daughters would not give up their brother either, for anything in the world. "Of course, not sweetie. Though a big payday would be nice, it would never be worth it if we didn't have you to share it with. Plus, you are worth so much more than anyone could ever offer. We are a family; you should remember that first and foremost. And what have I told you about family, son?"
"To love them no matter what, Mom." Tony thought for a second and had to ask something that could upset his mother, "Is that the same for Dad as well?"
"Of course, sweetie. I'm not telling you to not love your father. He is your father after all. When I said I was leaving him and kicking him out, I just meant that I didn't want him as my husband anymore. But I would never keep you from your father if you wanted to see him or stand in the way if he wanted to see you and your sisters as well," Vanessa replied lovingly to her son, running her hands through his hair. And every word she had said was true. She no longer had any love for the man who gave her her children, but she was not about to stand in the way if either side wanted the other in their lives. Her soon to be ex-husband would just no longer line her bed or share a home with her as that job was now for her son and only her son. If the day came that her son no longer wanted her, then she may decide to seek other companionship. But that was not something that was in the forefront of her mind.
"I don't know how I feel about him at this point. From my nightmare, I hate him and never want to see him again. But I know that wasn't real and shouldn't let that control how I feel about him, ever." Tony paused for a minute before continuing, "I guess I will leave it up to Jas and Izzy on how they feel about the situation."
Vanessa released her hold on her son and Tony looked his mother in her beautiful dark eyes. He could not fathom how a man could ever cheat on such a spectacular creature. His arms moved around his mother's body and up her back pulling her close as her hand went to caress his cheek. "My handsome young man. How am I so lucky to have you line my bed?" Vanessa whispered to him before they embraced each other in a powerful kiss.
Tony felt his cock begin to come back to life as every nerve in his body fired off at the same time. It was like he was being pleasured all over with just a kiss with his mother. Everything about her radiated how sexy she was, and he easily thought she could have been a model had she had the opportunity.
Once their kiss ended, both were panting as they tried to regain their breath. "I'm the lucky one Mom. FUCK! Why do you have to be so god damned hot!?" Tony replied with a sly smirk as their foreheads were touching.
"Well, I don't know about you, but it is getting a little uncomfortable having your big cock pressing against my ass," Vanessa said as she smiled mischievously at him.
"Yeah, it is. I bet you have someplace else you would rather have that cock, don't you?" Tony asked with a sly smirk.
"Hmmm," she replied tapping her chin, "I bet there is someplace I could put it that would be much, much more comfortable for the both of us. And pretty pleasing as well," she finished, giving his nose a lick before she rose onto her legs and gripped his cock, holding it right at her entrance. "Mamma has been waiting to have this monster back inside her."
"And I can't wait to feel your sexy pussy wrapped around my dick again Mom," Tony replied with a smile as he watched his dick slowly become engulfed by his mother's warm furnace. "HOLY FUCK!" he yelled out. It felt like his dick was going to melt as Vanessa went further and further down, taking as much as she could inside of her.
"That's an understatement baby. I can feel you filling me sooo much baby," Vanessa replied through ragged breaths as she moaned loudly. She had not been able to take him all the way their first time around, but she was determined that her dildos had done their work in loosening her up enough so that she could finally get him all inside her. She wanted to be the first to take him all the way inside her cunt. Just like she knew her youngest, Isabelle, would probably already have taken him all the way down her throat, given her lack of gag reflex.
Vanessa bounced on her son's cock, loving how it hit all her sweet spots at once. Even though she'd only been with her son twice, he'd never failed to please her and bring her to orgasmic heights, something her soon to be ex-husband failed to do in their many years of marriage. How could it be that her own child, a man that was barely half her age, could satisfy her so much? Was it due to the massive tool he had or was it the incest angle? Was she so perverted that incest turned her on this much? That could be possible given how she fell for her brother and now wanted to be with her son as well.
"Baby! Mamma's gonna cum!" Vanessa yelled out as she felt her orgasm start to flow over her, feeling that blissful state again as her walls gripped on his cock like she never wanted to let him go.
As Tony watched his mother throw her head back as her orgasm crashed over her, he placed his hands under her thighs, near her buttocks, and took over the thrusting himself. He wanted his mother to enjoy this as much as possible. For her to feel not only loved, but like a woman again. An attractive woman that he saw every day.
"SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!" Vanessa screamed, "Tony slow down … I'm too … sensitive right EAAAGGHHH!" she screamed out, as her second orgasm hit her harder than she had expected. It shook her down to her core as she felt her juices run down her canal as her body shook, forcing her to fall forward on her son. Luckily for both of them, her head fell right on the pillow and to the right of her son's head.
Vanessa could barely think straight as she felt her body shaking. Her son was relentless on her poor cunt and she needed him to stop so she could compose herself, "P-P-P-eas s-st-st-stp," she stuttered out, trying to form something that was coherent enough for her son to hear, though it was a problem as she was drooling currently.
Thankfully, Tony had understood his mother's plea and stopped pumping into her. He still needed to hold onto her so that she did not accidentally fully impale herself on his cock and end up hurting her. He knew that each of them wanted to show that they could take all his monster cock, but to him, it was more about being with them that he cared about, as he knew this change would eventually go away, hopefully for him.
Vanessa felt her muscles struggling as she pushed herself up, "Fuck baby. You definitely know how to please me better than anyone has ever in my life. Why couldn't I have met you years ago before I met your father?" she cooed as her hand rubbed his cheek.

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