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tagIncest/TabooAre Drugs Bad? Ch. 05

Thank you to all of those that stuck with this story. This was an interesting ride for me as it was one of my first stories. But alas, all things must come to an end.
Thank you to WA001 for assisting with the edits on this story.
Two Months Later:
The last couple months had been a whirlwind of emotions for Tony. He was happy to be around his loving family but hated the fact that he could not take his mother or sisters out on the town. Instead, they had some dinner dates at home, with each of the ladies having a date with Tony followed by a romantic dance, movie or other activity before finishing with a night of lovemaking. However, Tony was itching to get out of the house, even to go shopping for things like groceries or… anything(!) with his female family members.
Tony had started at the university that Jasmine was going to, but his classes were fully online while Jasmine still went to class. Tony was majoring in Culinary Arts; it was his dream job to be a Chef at a fine dining establishment. But now, he doubted he could ever work in the field again and would have to rely on his mother and sisters to keep the lights on and food on the table. Not that they would not do it, they would do anything for him as he would for them, it was just that he was a fully capable person and wanted to contribute in more ways than just the bedroom. Cleaning the house really did not help much as his mother or sisters would need to come behind him, thus the only thing he could do was cook or wash the dishes, but his mother consistently tried to kick him out of the kitchen, telling him that it was her duty to cook for her man. He would be allowed to cook certain meals when he was practicing for school, but he did not count those times. What he wouldn't give to get out of the house, just so he could show his professors how well he's come along with his culinary skills.
That Monday, Tony had just finished up his last class of the day while Jasmine was in class, this being one of the days that she went to school for most of the day, and his mother was out shopping, when he heard the doorbell ring. Instantly, Tony got nervous as if it was a woman, or even that policewoman, he did not have any help to keep her at bay. When he did not answer, the doorbell rang again, and Tony came down the stairs to the sound of pounding at the door. Whomever it was, wanted him to answer, and answer quickly.
Deciding to just go along with it, Tony answered the door and saw his father, though he looked to be a little worse for wear. Vanessa had filed for divorce the week after he'd come home and her divorce lawyer was quick to finalize the case, though having the children all over eighteen and no longer as dependents did help. Vanessa had only asked for her home and a third of their money in the divorce proceedings and his father's lawyer was quick to agree, knowing they were not going to get a better deal.
"About time you answered the damn door. Where's that Puerto Rican bitch at?" his father stated, trying to push his way past Tony.
"I have no clue who you're talking about, as there are no bitches here, only lovely women," Tony growled, hating how his father was talking about his mother.
"First off punk, you need to get out my damn way, as this is my fucking house no matter what that whore or her lawyer says. Second, you better not be touching my daughters, or I'll cut your fucking balls off," Jack stated, poking Tony in the chest.
Tony could readily smell the booze on his breath and had found out that one of the women that his father was cheating on his mother with was the wife of his boss. Thus, his father was fired, though he doubted the boss' wife did anything to try and save his father's job and most likely threw him under the bus to save her own ass. "This isn't your house anymore, it's mine now. And with regards to your daughters, well at least Jasmine is mine, though I have thought about taking Isabelle's sweet little ass. That girl is oh so scrumptious in a bikini. I do wonder what she'd look like riding my cock," Tony replied, seeing his father's face turned blood red as his anger spiked.
Jack threw a punch, albeit it was more a haymaker and had no chance of hitting Tony as he quickly took a step back. However, it gave Jack an opening to step forward and into the house. Luckily for Tony, Jack's movement was stilled when a voice behind his father called out. "JACK! What the hell do you think you're doing?"
Jack quickly turned to see Vanessa standing there, having just returned from the store. Vanessa was excited as she'd just purchased some new sexy lingerie that she'd hoped to use that night to entice her son. It had been three long days since she'd felt him deep within her, due to the fact of him fucking her raw, to the point that she was so sore and in pain, she'd needed the three days to recover. But today, she was feeling refreshed and ready to please her son and nothing was going to stand in her way as she took him to bed, especially not her cheating ex-husband.
"Who the fuck is this asshole?" Jack asked, pointing to Tony.
"That's none of your damn business. Since you couldn't keep that little dick of yours in your pants, you no longer have any rights to know who I have in my house."
"B-But he said he's with Jasmine. Don't tell me he's fucking you too, cause I'll…" Jack started to say only for Vanessa to cut him off.
"You'll what Jack?" Vanessa asked, not holding back the scour in her voice. She stepped up so she was in Jack's face now, "You have no standing here. So, if I want to sleep with my daughter's boyfriend, then I'll fucking do it. Besides, this man knows how to please two women better than you could please one, not that you tried much."
"Come on baby. You know I still love you," Jack stated, trying to sweet talk his ex-wife as he put his hand on her arm and it moved up to her shoulder.
Vanessa quickly pulled away, "Don't you fucking touch me, puta! You gave up any right at calling me baby when you cheated on me you worthless prick." Vanessa pushed past Jack, moving to stand in front of Tony so as to block her ex-husband from touching her son and lover.
"You fucking bitch!" Jack yelled, turning to smack Vanessa but Tony saw what he was doing before hand and quickly moved his mother aside and grabbed his father's arm.
"You need to leave before something bad happens to you," Tony growled, seething between clenched teeth. No man, not his father nor any other man, put their hands on his mother or sisters. No matter what happened with his transformation, that was one thing that would always stay true.
Jack grumbled as he turned away, rubbing his arm from where Tony had grabbed it, and headed back to his car. He wanted nothing more than to make his wife pay for taking his house and the third of his savings, but with that man there, he knew he was no match for him.
Vanessa quickly closed and locked the door, knowing she could get the bags once her ex-husband was long gone. Throwing her arms around her son and pulling him close, she knew this could have gone a lot worse and was glad he came away unscathed. "I'm so sorry about your father baby. I know he loves you, but …"
"I know Mom," Tony stated, cutting in. "He, like everyone else, doesn't know it's me. But that just means I get to see his true colors instead. I'm sorry you had to come home to that."
Vanessa squeezed her son tighter, though she could feel that monster cock of his growing in his pants. "Seems someone's happy to have Mommy home," she giggled, running her fingers over its outline in his pants.
"Well, you are pressing those massive fun bags into my chest Mom. And we both know how much I love to suck on them," Tony replied with a laugh.
"Just like when you were a baby. I hope you know it took you almost twice as long to get you off sucking my breasts than it did your sisters. Hell, I think you enjoyed it even then."
"Of course, I did Mom. What baby wouldn't want to get the milk directly from the source than sucking on some plastic crap."
"Well baby," Vanessa replied, feeling her nipples throbbing as they wanted his lips back on them, "you know you can suck on them anytime you please. Just promise Momma that this cock will always be available to me as well."
Tony did not reply and instead lifted his mother up, her legs wrapping around his torso as she mashed her breasts into his face, though the material of her bra and dress was blocking him from having direct access to them. "Can you hold yourself up without my assistance?" Tony asked his mother, hoping she knew what he was thinking.
"I am a grown woman Tony. Of course I can. Just don't lose your balance and drop me," Vanessa laughed in response.
Tony then released his grasp on her and pulled at her dress. Vanessa caught onto the idea and locked her ankles around him and put her arms up. Quickly, Tony made short work removing her dress and tossed is aside. As he did not have much experience taking off bras with ease, Vanessa took the initiative and removed it, tossing it aside. Now the only thing standing between Vanessa and her prize was her simple black thong. She preferred thongs as it made her feel sexy, even when she was with her ex-husband. But now, it made her feel young again as her son's eyes would be on her more and she did have to compete for his attention with his two sisters, both of which were half her age.
Then, Tony headed over to the couch and carefully dropped his pants while Vanessa tugged at his shirt and tossed it aside. Tony carefully sat down on the couch and his lips quickly found his mother's, their tongues battling for dominance. Meanwhile, Vanessa fished his massive cock out of it's confines and with a quick twist of her hips, she was able to get his head pointed in the right direction. She carefully moved her thong aside as she thrust her hips downward, almost fully impaling herself on his cock. She'd been trying her hardest to take every inch of that massive tool and was finally able to do it a few days ago, hence why she was so sore. It was something that neither of her daughters had been able to do, yet.
Vanessa felt herself being fully impaled on his cock. Her clit rubbed against his pelvis, sending jolts of pleasure throughout her body. Not just because she had a cock back inside of her, but because it was also her son, the son she loved more than any man, the son she would do anything for. "I hope you're ready for this my son," Vanessa stated lovingly, caressing his cheek, "because Momma's gonna fuck you like there's no tomorrow."
"Damn right I am Mom. I hated it that I could not be with you the last couple days and have been itching to be back inside your hot, molten pussy."
"Mmmm! That's what Momma wants to hear baby." Vanessa paused for a second, going painstakingly slow as she pulled her hips up and slammed them back down, squealing from the pleasure. "Now I know your sisters are wanting your child baby, but that ship has already sailed for me. However, it does not mean I can't do everything in my power to pleasure you and show you that I'm worth sharing a bed with you."
"Mom, you do know you don't have to do this. Even if you aren't able to bear my child, I'll still love you no matter what. You are my mother after all, and you are one sexy ass MILF! What guy wouldn't want to have you line their bed, even if you can't bear them children?" Vanessa smiled a smile just like she'd won the lottery and took her son's lips, her hips moving on their own as she coated his rod with her juices, marking it and telling it that this was where it belonged.
Twenty minutes later, Vanessa already had four screaming orgasms and was getting to a point where she could no longer take him anymore, but she was determined to feel his cum shooting into her womb, showing him that she would always be available. Sweat ran down her face and body, her hair was matted and a mess from its normal straight perfection. "Mom! Mom I'm close!"
"FINALLY!" Vanessa screamed in her head, a smile growing on her tired face, "Cum for me baby. Paint my walls with your baby batter. Show my mature cunt who owns it."
Tony grunted and his hips jumped, feeling that wonderful bliss of his orgasm hitting as he emptied his balls inside his willing mother. Vanessa was no where near orgasm but somehow, a massive one came out of nowhere and she could not help but scream out, throwing her head back. "Holy fuck!" Tony yelled out.
It took a few minutes for Vanessa to come down from her orgasm as she was now resting her head on the couch and Tony's shoulder. She struggled to lift herself, that final orgasm being a massive one that shook her to her core. "That good huh?"
"Umm… Mom I think you peed on me," Tony stated, looking down to where they were joined, her chest still heaving as she was trying to control her breathing.
Giggling coming from the left caused Tony to look that way and the sight he saw, made his cock throb within his mother. Jasmine was standing there; her hand was inside her skirt while her other hand had opened her blouse and both her large breasts were out as she was pinching and pulling on her nipple. "God you two are fucking hot together!" Jasmine stated with a giggle.
"H-How long have you been standing there?" Tony asked, not able to take his eyes away as she was still playing with her body.
"Oh, about ten minutes or so. And she didn't pee on you, she squirted."
"B-But I've never squirted before. How is it possible?" Vanessa asked, looking baffled that it'd happened with her son when not only her ex-husband and both daughters had been with her, but also her own brother, with whom she was deeply in love with.
Jasmine shrugged and smiled, "I've only heard of it from friends and never experienced it myself, but I read once that it is possible with any woman, if it's done right. You just seemed to get lucky Mom. But now… now it's my turn for some time with my boyfriend."
"Baby. I still have some things in the car that I haven't been able to bring in yet. Can you help your mother and bring them in for me please?" Vanessa asked, having climbed off her son's lap but still needed to get control of her body back.
"Uggh!" Jasmine groaned, stomping her foot. "Fine. But you're still going to get Izzy as I want my time with him. I've been itching to have him inside of me after those guys at school were basically eye-fucking me."
Tony groaned as Jasmine closed her blouse and removed her hand from inside her skirt before seductively walking over and putting her fingers on his lips. Tony stuck out his tongue and quickly swallowed her fingers, loving how her pussy always tasted. "Give me a few minutes and you can have all you want baby," Jasmine stated before taking his lips, giving his bottom lip a little nibble as she pulled back.
Jasmine quickly got the items out of her mother's car and put away the groceries. Once Jasmine was almost done, her mother came out and grabbed the clothes that she'd purchased, making sure her daughter did not see them. "Oh. I didn't know there was stuff up there too Mom."
"No worries baby. This is something that I wanted to bring in myself, away from prying eyes," Vanessa replied, being as secretive as possible.
"Ooo. Are you planning something special for a certain man?" Jasmine asked, wondering if she could join in on their fun.
"Maybe, maybe not. But don't you think about getting in the middle Missy. This is for my time with him, not yours," Vanessa stated sternly.
"Oh phooey. You're no fun Mom," Jasmine replied, sticking out her tongue at her mother as she walked by. "Oww!" she yipped, as her mother swatted her ass.
"That's what you get for sticking your tongue out at me young lady. You're not too old to spank yet, little girl," Vanessa replied in a teasing voice.
"Promises, promises, Mom. Though you should know, I do like a good spanking. Especially when given by the right person," Jasmine replied over her shoulder giving her ass a little wiggle, trying to tempt her mother.
Jasmine got her run on her brother but did not last as long as she thought she would, since it was him taking over and fucking her doggy style, making her cum twice before her third orgasm thrust her off him as she screamed out in pleasure, her body shaking as she could not stop grinning like a mad woman.
Tony still had not finished, but with his sister a blubbering mess, he knew there was one other woman in their house that he may be able to rely on. As his mother was currently napping, due to her massive orgasms, he took it upon himself to go pick up his sister.
It had been a while since he'd been out of the house, other than going down the road to the park, but that was only when no one was there and they were only able to stay a little while before the pheromones, or whatever they were, were caught on by other women in the area. Tony was just glad these pheromones were not affecting his sisters and mother that he could tell. He'd had another call with the two doctors and Dr. Lemans was able to tell him he was working on a way to reverse the effects he was having on others and from what he could tell, it was not spreadable to others. Maybe after a lot of time it was possible, but whatever was causing the females around him to go bat-shit crazy with lust, would only affect their senses and not on a cellular level. This gave Tony a sigh of relief that he would not permanently put his family in danger.
However, Dr. Nikko had told him that Stacie was starting to go crazy being there. She was itching to find out where he was and even had become violent at one time, but quickly apologized. On multiple occasions, Dr. Nikko had caught Stacie masturbating in the office and screaming in orgasm from the bathroom. One time, she'd even caught Stacie on her desk, one hand in her pussy and another in her ass, screaming out Tony's name as she came over and over again. Tony asked if there was anything else he had to worry about with Stacie, not that what was happening to her was bad enough, and Dr. Nikko asked that he stay as far away from her as possible but also that her other student, the male one, was shunned by her at every turn and she would not doubt that he may try to come after Tony for his own selfish reasons. She'd even released him, just so he would not have access to Tony's files anymore, but for him to be careful.
As Tony pulled up to Isabelle's school, he made sure to keep the windows closed and even for safe measure, was wearing a long-sleaved shirt and gloves, not that it would help but anything was possible. Isabelle was busy talking with her friends when she came out. She was wearing jean shorts and a top that barely covered her midsection. Tony licked his lips as she looked so sexy in her outfit. Nothing too slutty, but not too conservative either, she was perfect. As Isabelle was chatting with her friends, an African American girl with a plump round ass and a blonde that looked to be the cheerleader type with long sexy legs and large breasts that were just begging to burst out of her top, "Fuck it would be hot to have all three of them together, writhing on the bed as they came on my dick … NO! You can't think like that. You could infect those two just like Stacie and that policewoman. Better not to ruin anymore lives if possible," Tony said to himself, she looked up and saw him wave at her. Isabelle waved to her friends and dashed to their mother's car. As she hopped in, her friends dashed over as well.
Instead of Tony driving off before they could say anything, Isabelle rolled down the window. "Sorry ladies, gotta go home and take care of my man."
"Mmmm! Well doesn't he look like the lucky one," the African American girl said, a glint of lust in her eyes.

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