Are Married Couples Bored Of Making Love?

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You may have a heard it a million number of times that the magic of lovemaking just vanishes after marriage. Have you ever wondered what is the actual reason for couples making love in a lack lustre way after marriage? There are many reasons that lead to loss of passionate intimacy in marriage and if you watch out for them then you can save your marriage from becoming boring. It is not like lovemaking by itself becomes boring but there are a million other things that become more of a priority and finally there is no steam left for the most integral part of the marriage, lovemaking.

Here are some of the reasons for a married couple to lose interest in lovemaking.

Why Married Couples Making Love Feel Bored?

  • First of all the entire load of responsibilities falls loose on your head after marriage. You are not bothered about your financial liabilities before marriage nor do you care if your living room is untidy. You not have the obligation to cook dinner after a hard day’s work either. So all these thinks tire you physically and more importantly, mentally.
  • After marriage couples making love are in a hurry. It is always at the back of their mind that they have to get up early for work and that is why they try to ‘get done with it’ as soon as possible. That kind of attitude kills intimacy in a marriage an makes the whole process mechanical.
  • Lovemaking positions are very important for sustaining the fire in your love life. The more different positions you try the more exciting it is for both the man and the woman. Every time you try a new position it feels like the first time all over again.
  • Couples making love after marriage usually stick to just one lovemaking position and that is the main reason for their boredom. A secret survey says that the missionary position is the most preferred by married couples so much so that they are too lazy to try anything else.
  • Lovemaking is no different from eating, bathing or your other basic human needs. If you eat the same food everyday you get bored. It is the same logic with lovemaking, it has to be made interesting by using some spice up techniques.
  • Married couples hardly have any time to do these extra little things to turn the heat on. No time to pour molten chocolate over each other or having strawberries in bed. Lovemaking becomes routine without these. If stop trying to impress each other intimacy in marriage is lost.
  • Oral pleasure too is a great way to turn each other on. However it takes time and most people have this misconception that it is for unmarried people to self stimulate themselves before marriage so they don’t try it at all.

Take some lovemaking tips from the above points so that you don’t become just another married couple making love in an unimaginative way.