Are Men Attracted To Pregnant Women?

The sagging breasts and tummy bump are always a sign of attraction? That’s what most men say and fall for. To them, the extra’s in the body are always a sign of vulgarity, wild and wannabe. Remember Silk Smitha? Her bulgy body literally made men look with open mouth. It seems many of the theatres got slippery after a strip tease of the item girl, that’s the power of big made women.

Recently, two politicians got held for watching a strip tease in their mobiles. The TV channels spoke about the video for hours and if you had observed, you could see a fat Indian woman dancing and taking off her clothes. The lady’s personality made men forget who and where they were.

How can one forget the fat look of Vidya Balan in ‘Dirty Picture’. We could see the theatres being houseful even for night shows. That’s the secret of plus size figure. Now, Vidya Balan is planning to get hotter and sensational with her pregnant woman role. Her baby bump is highlighted even bigger than the title of the movie. The reason is simple, the flabby body affect the hormonal production in men.

The new trend of the generation is getting married before twenty five. Naturally they will have kids very soon. If you have close watch, you will know that most of these couples have two children in a span of two years. The reason is undebatable, their partner would have got attracted by the bulgy figure. And after being deprived of lovemaking from a long time, there is no wait post delivery. This can be the only reason for the smaller age gap in kids. 

If you commute in public transport, you will get a better picture of this. Most men who travel in crowded buses like to rub their bodies with women. They fall unnecessarily and peep into the deep neck blouses and thin sarees of women. You may also sight a man looking at the lady nursing baby. Such is the frequency of attraction to pregnant women.

You may not believe but the breastfeeding videos in youtube have equal searches as the lovemaking videos. What does this say? The fact is that men are attracted to post pregnant women even more than the normal ones (virgins).

Women too are equally attracted during this phase. They try to wear small blouses that may tear apart any moment. Wear the petticoat of the saree below navel. Dress up bright and wild just to show that they can attract even while having a baby. They like being called Hot! And naughty aunty. With all these points being soo true, it is an open truth that men like women however and whatever they are!.