Arianna Pays for Cost of Living Part 2

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By Ap0wers Up and coming reporter Arianna’s story of brutal gang rape continues.

*Important Note*
The following story is 100% fiction with zero real world relevance, non-consensual sex/sexual assault or underage sex of any kind is wrong and should never be accepted.

After taking her anal raping while getting face fucked, Arianna was shaking and twitching from the abuse. She was praying that they would give her a rest or even let her go but her hopes were dashed immediately as men descended on her as soon as the other two had stepped away. One man lay next to her and dragged her on top of him, he positioned her onto his rock hard cock and immediately thrusted hard into her sloppy pussy which was now dripping with her pussy juices as her body did it’s best to make the rape as easy on her as possible. As he slammed his cock into her another man positioned himself behind her with his cock poking into her ass, she was still super tight from her first anal rape but he was able to get it in easier. The cameraman had still been filming all of this and had an idea to help her, “wait! Make it easier on her! Here’s some lubricant oil I use on my equipment!”
Arianna gasped and turned to him, “Jeff! What are you doing?! Stop them!!!”

”Sorry Arianna, there’s too many of them. But hopefully that’ll make it easier on your ass!”
The man ass fucking her had pulled out and squirted the lube on his cock and squirted it on her ass hole, he worked it in a little with his finger and then pushed his now slick cock into her ass. It certainly did slide in a lot easier, while it meant it didn’t feel like her ass was tearing as much the cock was getting significantly deeper and he was actually fucking her ass with his cock sliding in and out.
“Ahhhhhhh fuck stop!!!! Please it’s too much!!!”

But they weren’t stopping, in fact they only increased their strokes with her cries and the man fucking her pussy was slamming the head of his cock against her cervix and it was turning Arianna on in a way she’d never experienced. She couldn’t help it, her body was betraying her, she let out a moan of pleasure as the men double penetrated her hard. “Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh godddddddd!!!”
The man fucking her ass loved hearing it, “Haha listen to that!!! She’s enjoying getting raped by homeless men!!! C’mon let’s give it to her harder!!!”
The two men got into unison and were pounding her holes as a powerful duo, with each thrust Arianna got more and more turned on. “Oh fuck!! Oh fuck!! Please it’s too much for me, I don’t want this!! Oh godddddd!!!!” As she screamed out her body shuddered as she experienced the biggest orgasm in her entire life, she was utterly overwhelmed by the sensations of being double penetrated in such a brutal way.

The men continued their assault on her holes as she continued to cum, the man in her ass was the closest of the two and was slamming his cock hard into her. Finally his balls erupted shooting his load into Arianna’s bowels, “fuuuuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaaah you fucking whooooooooore!!!!!” As his cock twitched shooting streams of cum into her, Arianna’s ass squeezed down on his cock as she experienced the agony and ecstasy of a man cumming in her ass while she orgasmed. The man fucking her pussy wasn’t to be outdone, the other pair cumming sent him into a frenzy and he slammed his cock into Arianna’s sloppy wet pussy and unloaded all his pent up sexual frustration on the young hot reporters body. His body jerked as he sent his cum flowing into Arianna, coating her fertile insides with his homeless seed. “Haha fuck yeah you slut!!!! Take our cum! We fucking own your slutty holes now!!!”

For Arianna her mind was a haze, on the one hand she felt utterly humiliated and in excruciating pain from the rapes she’d experienced, and yet she felt like a whore after cumming hard to those men’s foul abuse of her. Her body rocked and shook as she started coming down from her orgasm, the two men vacated her holes with cum dribbling out both her holes. She had to imagine she was pregnant now, and if she wasn’t it was only a matter of time. She panted and collapsed on her front praying that this nightmare might end. Instead more men descended on her and got her up for the next round. The men had enjoyed hearing her cries and moans as she got DP’d but these next three men all want a go now, and others were growing impatient. One man lay next to her like the other man and picked her up facing away from him, and dropped her ass onto his cock which he pre-lubricated. Her ass hole was now very open and with the combination of the cum and lube she slid almost all the way down first go. She lay back onto him allowing him to fuck her ass while another man stepped up and forced his cock into her sloppy wet pussy, she was still super sensitive from her previous orgasm and couldn’t help but moan at yet another cock entering her. Other men undid her hand bindings and once free one of the homeless men shoved his filthy cock in her mouth while two others used her hands to jerk them. Arianna was servicing 5 men at once!

They each used her like their fucktoy, moving her around to different positions each getting chances at different holes never giving her a moments rest. 2 of the men came in her pussy, 1 in her ass, while the other two busted their loads on her exhausted face. Being triple fucked and brutalised by multiple men became the norm for her for the next 6 hours, man after man stepped up and used whatever hole they could. They were absolutely brutal with her never allowing her a moments rest, she took more loads than she could count and her pussy and ass were brutalised, battered, and cum drenched.

Lots of the men were drug users and had STD’s most people hadn’t even heard of, she was utterly ruined. After a while the men even started challenging each other to get as man cocks as they could in her, best they could muster was two in the ass and two in her pussy with her mouth being used and her jerking two guys. She was a broken mess. Finally they had all reached a point they couldn’t even get hard and frankly she was out of it, she’d lost her mind in the frenzy from multiple orgasms and trying to switch off from the abuse. She was only barely conscious, her body was covered in sweat and stains of cum, while all over her she had bruises and marks from the men slapping her amazing frame.

They stood back and observed her, while one said, “fuck we really ruined this slut didn’t we!”
One of the others responded, “fuck yes we did, and this guy even got it all on camera!” He pointed at Jeff who had started packing his camera up, Jeff turned to them and smiled. “I’m going to be showing this to all the men back at the station and getting this out on the darkweb. She’s gonna be famous!”

They bound her naked in rope and electrical wire with her arms behind her back, connected to her ankles, while a further rope was wrapped around her neck and also connected to her wrists. This meant every time she relaxed her legs it tug on the rope around her neck making it hard to breathe. She was sticky all over with the cum of her homeless rapists drying out. To finish it off they shoved her in a train cart that they knew would be leaving shortly, and not stopping for at least 5 hours. They closed the door and Arianna heard the men cackling with cruel laughter as the train jerked to start its journey.

She was found 8 hours later hundreds of miles away by a train yard worker. She was barely conscious but alive and he was able to free her of her bindings. She recovered in hospital and never returned to reporting, 9 months after her gang rape she gave birth to her rape baby knowing it’s father was one of maybe 100 men.

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By Ap0wers #Abuse #Group #Pregnancy #Rape