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It’s been about a week after my grandfather’s passing. I begin to mourn about his loss, and missed him so much. I missed the days when he would let me spend a whole day fucking me. While my mother and grandmother were out shopping.

I did however gave him a few last blowjobs before he passed on. It was now the winter of my high school year. I have been excelling academically. I have been doing well since being molested even though I never liked the term. Even though I have been consenting to my grandpa and his adult friends.

Even as I was growing up, I also did have other sexual experiences with many of the boys in school. Lately, I have also come to explore my sexuality more and discovered I also liked girls as well! I have been experimenting with girls. Latina and some black girls.
I believe I’m bisexual and it might be because when I had been my babysitter and my mother’s friend Jane.

Even though, I have a lot of sex stories to tell on here. I will tell you one of my memorable moments and that’s making friends with a girl will call her Katey.
Sometime, during the fall she transferred in she was a sophomore not really social. She was seen as the odd one out. Since, this is back in the early 90’s. There was still some degree of stigmatization of being a loner.

I then saw her being harassed by the girls from the cheerleading squad in the library. I came to her defense, and of course got beaten up and cursed out lucky enough the librarian came saw what was happening. I got sent back home, mother didn’t like what I did, and we argued with each other which ended up with me being grounded!

I could give less of a damn about being grounded, after that me and Katey became friends for standing up to the cheerleaders. Fast forward, as our friendship grew my mom had found a job that requires her to do overtime. She couldn’t pick me up after school. My grandma doesn’t own a driver’s license anymore as she was now become visually impaired.

I could see if the boys or if the other girls who are friends of mine. Let their parents take me home. I was also debating if I could take the city bus home as well. However, as I was thinking of transportation. Katey shouts my name and was getting a ride home by her uncle! We will call him, Uncle Stan!

Uncle Stan, was a former Navy veteran who served during Operation Desert Storm. I smiled and waved to Katey as I run towards her to hop into his car. As we were on our way to my place.

Uncle Stan couldn’t stop checking me out, and I know I caught him staring at my legs, and tits even Katey’s legs and tits. We continued chatting until we got to chat about our crushes, and I couldn’t name a boy in school that I had a crush on. So my answer was I don’t have any. Because most of the time, I’m a hypersexual girl and I go for any guy and girl!
Uncle Stan even chimes in and said that with the way I dress up, and how fit in shape I am. I may have attracted a few guys!

Katey was kinda embarrassed about what he said about me. But I wasn’t offended at all, but it did got me wet. Katey then told me that I was going to be alone for a while and it might be boring. She offered me to stay at her Uncle’s place for a while, I accepted her offer as her Uncle took a different route towards his place.

We were now taking a route which takes us into the woods. Katey and I exhausted ourselves talking to each other, until I asked her a good question about any girl crushes at school she blushed red as a cherry her expression was one of shock and surprise.
She couldn’t keep her eyes off me. Yes I do! She kept looking at me. I knew it was me, call it intuition.

I got close to her face, and then she kissed me as our lips locked I can feel the speed of the car. Slowing down as Uncle Stan says keep going girls don’t mind me stopping here. He says, and I continue to kiss Katey as I release the kiss I moved down to kiss the nape of her neck. Then I moved my hand down her to her belly as I still kiss the neck I raised her shirt over her.

Taken by surprise, she watches as I take my shirt, and my shorts off, and reveal I don’t wear any panties, as I made it a habit whenever I get horny I tend to masturbate in the school’s restroom between classes or during lunch.

As I stripped my bra off, Katey was stunned by my big tits, as I unhooked her bra off. Our bare tits squishing together. As I make my way from her neck down to her perky tits, they weren’t big as mine. But still they were just right! I licked and sucked on her right tit making Katey moan, as I use my other hand to pinch and squeeze her left tit’s nipples. Then I alternate between the two. She moans out loud as she had her first cum! I went down to move her panties to the side to get a gush of her in my face!

Uncle Stan was jerking off as he watched me going down to lick and suck on his niece’s pussy. He couldn’t help himself and got outta his car and got to Katey’s side of the door in the back. He stands there jerking while watching me eat her out! I licked, sucked and lapped up her remaining juices. Uncle Stan, says how hot this was and that he was beginning to cum as well. I immediately switched from Katey’s pussy to wrapping my lips on his cock! Katey watches as I suck her Uncle’s cock

She couldn’t believe she was watching me blow her Uncle as my tongue swirled around his cock. He then says what a surprise! You know how to suck a cock too! I bobbed my head up and down along his cock. I was completely horny and let my lust take over as I made him cum! Uncle Stan moans out loud and I still kept sucking his cock as he cummed into my mouth gulping each drop! All while, Katey watches me suck him!

Katey, was completely surprised by my reaction, and performance. She asked me this isn’t my first time is it? I then answered that no this isn’t my first time having sex. Her eyes lit up in excitement completely opposite reaction, I was expecting her to be really disturbed by it. She hugged me and told me that I should have same some of her Uncle’s cum!

She immediately entered my mouth and used her tongue to scoop some left overs and released. I asked her so you done your Uncle Stan? She answered yes. That all of this was my idea to get you into getting you into having secret fun stuff! She smiles, but seeing that I have sex with her, and sucked off her Uncle Stan. Like a hidden sex beast!
This changes everything for the best!

Uncles Stan zips up and me and Katey still naked kissed each other while on our way to his house.
We got to work right away in his bedroom. We both together sucked his cock, until he cummed on our beautiful faces. Then as we take a break, he begins to fuck our pussies one, after the other! Then he takes a bit of a break as me and Katey rub our pussies together! Oh how fast our energy recovers when we are young!

Then me and her squished our tit together with his cock between our perky teen tits as each of us lick his cock while fucking our tits! Until he cummed a huge load on our faces! We kept fucking for hours until it was time for me to head home. I got in the showers with Katey and we washed our bodies clean of cum! Then her Uncle Stan drove me home. Where my mother waited for me.

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#Bisexual #Incest #Threesome