Arifa Enjoying Sex With Tina And Tinku

Arifa a blooming girl of 18 was fond of sex. Girls of that age will be more interested in sex. But Arifa wanted to get the taste of the cock of the boy. She had a itchy cunt. She used to try to push her finger into her hole, but it did not go. She wanted to try the cock. But how she will get a cock. Her friend Tina told her that she had seen her brother's cock and it is big.

How big asked Arifa. She further she asked how did you see, did he show you, or did you see when he was sleeping. Tine said that he showed it to her. Arifa asked when and how did you show. Tina was hesitant to reply. But Arifa asked her again and again. Finally Tina said we used to sleep together in the same bed and when the lights were put out she showed it to me.

Oh, tell me in detail, Tina, what did you do on seeing it. and how big it was, asked Arifa. Tina said it is my younger brother Tinku, who is 19 years old. His thing is of the size of 5 inches and it was hard and stiff. He pushed it into my mouth and I took it into my mouth, said Tina. Then what happened, asked Arifa. Tina said he licked my pussy. He licked it hard and it was very nice.

Arifa said please Tina I will come to your house, please ask your brother to show me his cock. I will suck his cock as much as he wants. If he wants he may lick my pussy. Wait, wait, Arifa, let me find a way. said Tina. Tina said then Arifa come to my house tomorrow. I will ask Tinku to stay back. After your coming I will ask him to show his thing to you.

Thank you Tina, I will come at 2 pm tomorrow. Ok. said Tina. Next day Arifa went to the house of Tina, wearing a pink long skirt and a red shirt and a scarf around her head. She carried two notebooks in her hand so that she can say that she had come for combined studies. Tina introduced her to her mother and brother. Arifa saw Tinku and cute boy.

She was nervous and her mouth went dry. Tina's mother went out to meet her friend. Tina and Arifa went to Tina's room. Tina called Tinku to come to her room. As soon as Tinku entered, Tina closed the door and bolted it and told Tinku. Ahe Tinku show your cock to Arifa. Arifa has not seen the cock of any boy. She just wants to see it and taste it. Tinku looked at Arifa.

Arifa was shy and was booking down. Tnku went near Arifa and put his hand on her boobs. Arifa looked up and looked into his eyes. Tinku pulled his zip down and pulled out his cock which was as big as 5 inches banana. Arifa was happy to see a real cock.

She kneeled before him, put her both hands on his cock, pressed it softly softly to test how hard it was, planted a kiss at the tip of the cock, opened her mouth and took the cock in her mouth. Tinku moved his cock in and out of her mouth. Tina was watching the whole performance.

Tina told Tinku, if you want you can taste her pussy. He asked Arifa to lie down on the bed, pulled her skirt up to reveal her leg and stout thighs, asked her to remove her panty. Arifa pulled her panty down. Tinku got on top of Arifa in the position 69, and put his cock in the mouth of Arifa, widened her legs and her pussy was revealed. It had some brown hair on it.

Tinku buried his face inside the pussy and licked it hard. Arifa opened her legs wider so that Tinku may have more space for his job. Tina sat nearby and helped Arifa by opening her cunt lips to show the tiny clitoris. Tinku licked the clitoris and Arifa gave out a gurgling sound and was enjoying very much. Finally she and Tinku had their orgasm.

Fluids flowed from the cunt of Arifa and her mouth was full of the cum of Tinku. Arifa wiped her mouth and the cock of Tinku with her skirt and got up. Tina said, wait, wait, it is my turn now. do the same thing to me and asked Arifa to widen her cunt lips. The cock of Tnku was in full erection. Tina lied in the bed after removing her panty and lifted her skirt.

Arifa widened the legs of Tina. Tinku in the meantime, removed his pant and his cock was hard and erect. He lied on Tina in 69 position, fed his cock in her mouth. Tina pussy was having some hair like that of Arifa. It was fully wet. Arifa wiped Tina's pussy of the fluids and before Tinku starts tasting it, Arifa licked the pussy of Tina just to know how it tastes.

She gave a lick to the clit of Tina just to it a start. In the meantime, the cock of Tinku was well placed in the mouth of Tina and Tinku started to lick the pussy of Tina. Arofa kept its lips wide open, so that Tinku may lick the clit of Tina. Tina was moaning and grunting and Tinku was also giving sounds. The action took more time andfinally they exploded into orgasm.

Actually Arifa was hot and was aroused. She would have wanted one more session with Tinku. But Tina said her mother may come asked Arifa to go so that her mother may not doubt. Tinku put on his pants gave a parting kiss to Arifa and his sister Tina. He said next time he would like to break the seals of both the girls. He told the girls that his friend Ali wanted to fuck a girl.

Should he bring him. Both girls vehemently said no. They wanted to keep it secret and if the news goes out it will give them a bad name. Tinku agreed. Arifa departed to her house, thanking Tina profusely.

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