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Ashley was excited. Her brother Jason was coming home to Wisconsin after having moved to California years before. Despite Ashley only being 37 and Jason only being 39 they both had lost their spouses the year before. She had lost her husband to cancer, and Jason had similarly lost his wife, but in her case it was a tragic car accident. Her brother had one son, Connor 18 and she herself had twin daughters, Savannah and Kimberly 16 years old. Over the previous several months Ashley and Jason had been discussing him making the move back home to help her with the printing business she and her husband had started together several years before. Ashley knew that she needed help and Jason really wanted to get a fresh start with he and his son. It turned out to be a perfect match. The thing was, she grinned to herself, they also had a secret.
Ashley and Jason had been very close ever since their her father married his mother when Ashley was eight and Jason was 10. From that time on they were best friends. It might have been unusual but so was the fact that they started fooling around with each other just a few years later. Jason had actually taken Ashley’s cherry and they continued. to fuck all the way until Ashley met her husband and Jason moved to California. As they had communicated about the impending move over the past several months they also began first flirting, and then sexual messages and then sexting, as her kids called it, the inevitable naked pictures. From what Ashley could tell from the pictures he was every bit as hot as he had been when had fooled around in high school. He’s always been very athletic and clearly had remained so. Ashley was athletic herself and was proud of her body at the age of 37. The curves were a little bit curvier but her belly was flat and she knew she looked hot even if she hadn’t tried to attract another man since her husband’s passing. She had surprised herself when she realized just how much she wanted her brother to fuck her again. Now he was coming home and she wanted him immediately . The only thing that she had to worry about was how to get rid of their kids for a couple of hours. She didn’t think she could wait much longer.
“Connor, after we all catch up for awhile, I want you to take Savannah and Kimberly out to a movie. Your aunt Ashley and I have a lot to talk about.” Jason to his son as they came close to the highway exit that led to Ashley’s house.
“Yeah dad you’ve told me before” Connor grinned back at him.
Jason did his best to show that he was ignoring the grin “As I said” Jason continued “we have a lot to talk about and besides you’ll have fun with a of couple cute girls with you”
“Yeah, yeah” Connor said the grin yielding to a knowing smile “I got it you’re playing it cool and I get it since she’s your sister and everything but I mean you’re not actually related or anything so it’s weird, but it’s not that weird and Aunt Ashley is hot” he looked at his dad with a mischievous look on his face “and you’re right dad, it’s always fun to be with two cute girls”.
Jason caught the implication, but he wasn’t sure he wanted his son to fuck his two young cousins even if what he planned to do with Ashley wasn’t basically the same thing. Ok, he thought to himself, exactly the same thing
“Take it easy Connor” Jason said with a slight smile to his son “this conversation has gotten a bit uncomfortable and you know the plan. Take the car and go to the movies with your cousins. That’s it”.
“I got it Dad, just don’t expect me not to give you a little shit about it” Connor laughed
Jason ignored him and took the turn towards his sister’s house.
It’d been an hour and a half since Jason and Connor had arrived and Ashley was horny. She couldn’t wait for the kids to clear out and she could finally jump her brother’s bones. Besides, she thought to herself, it’s not like the kids were being tortured. The girls looked sexy as hell in short shorts and tight tops, and Connor was an athletic and sexy young man himself. He looked much like her brother did at the same age and Ashley knew that Connor sure wouldn’t mind being seen with Savannah and Kimberly, and they wouldn’t mind being seen with him.
“OK” she said “ do you kids have a plan?”
Savannah answered “yes mom we’re set”
Ashley smiled and looked at the kids. They looked like three models. Connor had his father’s good looks an 6’4” height but with blonde wavy hair to his fathers brown curls, her daughters truly were identical twins at 5’4” with straight blonde hair and thinner, toned bodies than Ashley had ever remembered having herself even if her daughters had smaller breasts than she herself had at 16. “Well, we’ll see you later” she looked at Connor for a second and she could swear he knew about her and his dad, but she figured she was imaging things. Finally the kids shuffled out the door, she and Jason watched the car leave the driveway, looked at each other, embraced and kissed. It was sexual and sensuous as of the kind Ashley hadn’t had in a long time. She could feel his tongue wrestling with hers. She felt his hands roam all over her body and she began to do the same to him. Her hand reached his hard cock which strained against his cargo shorts and her pussy suddenly felt much wetter. She broke their kiss, pushed her brother down onto the couch and dropped to her knees. Smiling up at her brother she unbuttoned his jeans, in zipped his pants and pulled boxers down revealing the big cock she remembered but hadn’t seen 18 years. She put it in her mouth and began to suck. She loved having her brother’s big dick in her mouth again and his taste and his smell seemed just as they had been before. She ran her tongue all over him feeling his shape and then removing her mouth and carefully licking the tip. Then she really started giving him head.
Jason leaned back into the couch and enjoyed the cocksucking his sister was giving him. He had remembered how he maneuvered her into doing it that very first time when she was 14 and he was 16. She fumbled around that first time but was a quick learner. Now, he thought, she was an expert.
“It’s been awhile Ash” he almost moaned “I’m going to cum soon” His sister took her mouth off his cock for a second, looked up at him and spoke two words, and then resumed the blow job.
“Bring it”
With that Jason couldn’t hold back and filled his sister’s mouth with more cum than he thought she could handle. She swallowed all of it.
Jason smiled “Your turn sis”
Ashley had forgotten how good Jason was at eating her pussy as she lay back on the couch enjoying what was being done to her. Her husband was never bad at it but Jason took it to a different level. He knew how to tongue her clit, run his tongue along her thick pussy lips and how to make her cum. As she was blacking out from her orgasm she remembered what her brother used to like to do right as he made her cum with his talented mouth. Right as it overtook her she felt him push all the way into her tight opening. She felt his big cock all through her body. Then he began to thrust.
“Oh fuck Jason” Ashley moaned as she felt her brother pummeling her cunt “ fuck me hard make my pussy come again”. She had loved her brother’s nearly ten inch cock since he had first fucked her when she was 16. It was big for her at first but then it felt perfect. She had. Been disappointed when she got to college, decided to fuck around a little bit, and discovered that not every boy had a cock that large. She was completely spoiled by it but then when she met her husband his was similarly large and she was happy. Now she felt it again deep inside her, moving in and out in and out, fucking her nice pussy so good that she was loving every second.
“Oh yeah Ashley your pussy feels so good around my big hard cock” Jason said not letting up the pace.
She felt him moving her into position and now she stood, bent over the edge of the couch and she felt him enter her again. She had always loved taking it from behind and this time was no exception. In this position she felt him so deep inside her over the edge and she began to cum.
“Of fuck” she heard Jason as if through a fog “cumming in your pussy sis”
Ashley felt his cock bulge in her hot hole and stop deep inside of her. She felt the warm feeling of a man filling her womb with his hot spunk. She collapsed underneath him finally satiated, for right then anyway.
“I’m telling you” Connor said in the car to Savvanah and Kimberly “I guarantee you that my dad is fucking your mom right now” He looked at each of his cousins without taking his eye off the road.
Savannah looked at Connor and then to her sister, in her heart knowing that what her cousin was saying was closer to the truth than the hysterical denials being made by her sister Kimberly.
“You’re crazy Connor” Kimberly said in nearly righteous anger “there is no way my mom would never do that with her brother, I mean even though they’re not technically related there still brother and sister so that’s gross Connor, that’s incest and there is no way. Right Savannah?”
Savannah didn’t know what to say to her sister. “I don’t know Kimberly” she said “I wouldn’t be so sure of all that”
“God, Savannah” Kimberly exclaimed “that’s so gross, I can’t believe you believe that”
Savanna saw Connor glance over at her with a knowing smile “I don’t know Kimberly, I just think it’s possible I are” Savannah continued “ I heard mom on the phone with uncle Jason and I thought I heard her talking I don’t know dirty. I was sure I didn’t hear it right and then like three days later I heard something again. Then when we just saw them together…”
Connor looked over at one sister and then the other “I bet if we go back there right now instead of going to the movie we’ll either catch them or be able to tell what they were doing” he looked again and smiled at both girls “come on, are you game?”
Savannah had an uneasy feeling about it but she was too curious now to agree “OK, I’m in”
She looked at Kimberly who looked like she was trying to decide something “ I still don’t believe it but OK we can go back I’ve got to prove it to you guys now” Savannah was thinking that maybe her sister wasn’t as sure as she was letting on.
Connor took the next U-turn he could after both girls agreed to go back and they started heading towards his Aunt Ashley’s house. Even he wasn’t positive what they would find but just from the way his dad was asking he was pretty sure that he was planning on fucking his sister. He looked back-and-forth at his cousins, who were just about as gorgeous pair of girls he had seen in a long time and wondered what would happen if they all actually did catch his father and their mother having sex. He thought to himself that he would like to fool around with either one of them, of course they looked almost identical to each other so maybe both. He chuckled to himself.
Kimberly was feeling uncomfortable. She was already squirming a bit by talking with a boy she barely knew about sex, even if he was their cousin, and now they were trying to find out if their mom was having sex with her brother. She looked over at her sister who, while she didn’t look to be completely comfortable with it, seemed to be at least a little bit more curious than she herself was. Part of that, she thought was that even though her identical twin and she were very much the same they did have different experiences with sex even though they were both still virgins. She knew that Savannah had given blowjobs to several boys and let them touch her as well, while she had only given one blowjob, thought she was terrible at it and had never gone further. In fact she ignored boys for the last three months of school after her dick sucking experience.
“Guys, I’m not so sure about this” Kimberly sad as they quietly pulled into the driveway of her house “it doesn’t seem right if they’re not doing anything at all” she sighed “or I guess especially if they are doing something” she just didn’t have a good feeling. She glanced at her sister and then back at Connor before she was the first one to take a step into the kitchen with the others close behind. What she saw shocked her more than anything she had seen in her young life. Her uncle was sitting on the couch with her mother on top of him while she bounced up and down and she could see where his penis was sliding into her clearly very wet pussy. They were fucking.
“Oh my God mom” Kimberly yelled “I can’t believe you, why are you doing this?”
Her mother jumped off of her uncle and stood up stark naked heading towards the kitchen were all three kids now stood. There was a lot of yelling although not that loudly, and everyone was talking over each other. Her uncle seemed shocked to have been caught as did her mother but both her sister and Connor looked almost amused. Kimberly got a good look at her uncle’s hard cock, glistening from her mother’s juices and she felt her own pussy tingle. She was both scared and excited.
After everybody had calmed down Connor, Kimberly, and Savannah were sitting at the kitchen bar facing the other way towards the living room. Connor was at least a little surprised that neither his aunt or his dad had bothered to put any clothes on. He could see were his dad could be attracted to his sister has his aunt had a very sexy body. She had a shaved pussy what he hadn’t seen before and he could tell that the outside and her pussy lips were still wet from having sex with his father. He couldn’t help that his dick was hard but he could tell that both Kimberly and Savannah had noticed even as they were trying to pretend that they happened.
“I can’t believe you guys” Connor said “You’re just going to hang out talking to us naked?”
His dad was the first to reply “Well there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of point to putting clothes back on, everyone knows what was going on now.” He grinned at his son “maybe everyone should be naked”
Connor was a little surprised at his fathers frankness, but he had a point. Now they all just needed to know what came next. He had previously had sex with about five girls but now his cock was hard from seeing his aunt naked and is very cute cousins right next to him. He wanted some action and he figured it was time to go for broke. Either what he was planning on doing worked or they would say no, go to their rooms and figure it out all later. He grinned.
“Well it would be nice to get my dick wet too” he looked around, his aunt and Kimberly looked stunned, his dad was almost laughing but, he noticed, Savannah wasn’t laughing at all, in fact she was staring at his crotch. He figured it was now or never and he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. “Wanna try Savannah?”
Ashley sat on the couch, with Jason’s hand on her leg while the two of them watched his son pull out his cock and dared her daughter Savannah to suck it. Ashley was a combination of satiated, embarrassed, and turned on as she watched her beautiful daughter lean over from her own stool and take Connor’s big hard cock in her mouth. Savannah went up and down a few times at Connors dick and then lifted her head and said “mom if you can be bad I guess I can too” she smiled as widely as Ashley had ever seen her smile before resuming her cock sucking. She looked over at her other daughter sitting on the other side of Connor looking both excited and uncomfortable.
“Kimberly honey” Ashley said “you might like it and at this point you might as well try it. You have before right? Isn’t that what you told me?”
“Yes, once” Kimberly said softly “I don’t know isn’t this weird?”
“Honey” Ashley said in a sweet tone of voice to her daughter “yes it’s very weird, but we’re all in it now and you might as well have fun” she was thoughtful for a minute “why don’t you come try on your uncle? You wouldn’t mind would you Jason?” She laughed and she noticed that her brother looked like the Cheshire cat at the thought of getting his dick sucked by a 16-year-old girl. She got up and took Kimberly by her hands and brought her to the couch. She helped her take her top off exposing her beautiful C cup breasts and then the two of them got down on the floor in front of the couch together. Ashley went down on her brother first while motioning her daughter to watch. After one or two sucks she motioned for her daughter to put her mouth on Jason’s big cock.
Kimberly was scared but excited. She kept turning around to watch her sister sucking Connor’s cock but now she was standing up and taking her clothes off. Topless, but still wearing her shorts, Kimberly turned around and was staring right at her uncle’s big cock.
“Oh my god mom!” Kimberly looked from the biggest dick she’d seen to her mother “I mean I had no idea some of them were this big” she grabbed her uncle’ cock but looked at her mother “ I can’t believe this was inside you!”
“Oh believe it sweetie” her mom said grinning at her “nothing like a nice big cock!” One that she figured would penetrate both of her daughters before the night was out, and hers again of course.
At that point Kimberly figured she’d suck her uncle’s big dick. She didn’t think she was good enough her first time but she knew she could do better. She smiled at her mom, pulled the hair out of her face and put her mouth on the hard, almost angry cock in front of her and began to move her mouth up and down. She was surprised that she liked how he tasted.
“Mom he tastes good” Kimberly said momentarily taking her mouth offer uncle’s cock “the first boy I did this to didn’t”
“He tastes like a man” her mother said to her “now get back to cocksucking”
Kimberly smiled. She didn’t think she’d ever be like this yet here she was. She happily resumed blowing her uncle.
“Oh fuck yeah Savannah I’m cumming!” Connor yelled at he blasted his hot spunk in his pretty blonde cousin’s mouth “fuck!” He could feel the cum well up from his balls and fire like a hose into the 16 year old girl’s cute little mouth.
He watched as she swallowed every drop.
“Wow that was a lot!” Savannah said looking up at him with just a little cum clinging to the side of her mouth “I think that’s the most I’ve ever swallowed”
“Well it sure felt good” Connor said as the girl stood up. She had taken her clothes off before sucking his cock but this was the first time he saw her whole body naked and it was beautiful. Her stomach was perfectly flat accenting the V that her legs made pointing right to her little pussy which was surrounded by just wispy blonde hair. He wanted to fuck her badly, but he decided to get her nice and wet first. He stood up, embraced her and kissed her with his tongue deep in her mouth. He felt around for her pussy and felt it’s heat on his fingers. Slowly he began to rub just barely sinking his finger beneath the delicate folds of her pussy lips. He could feel her getting wetter as he sunk his first two fingers in deeper and deeper.
“Oh Connor” Savannah moaned
He removed his finger from her hot box and gently led her back towards the couch, pushing her down. He got to his knees and buried his face in her crotch and slowly started to lick. Connor enjoyed eating pussy ever since his friend’s older sister made him do it to her when she was 17 and he was 14. He loved it every time and was licking Savannah’s sweet pussy and tasting her juices. She just moaned softly.
Kimberly was having fun sucking her uncle’s cock. Her mom was gently stroking her hair while she sucked. Gone was the nervousness that she had had previously, all that was left was the playfulness and enjoyment of sucking on his dick. She like running her tongue up to the head of his cock and feeling the shape. He seemed to enjoy that because he softly moaned.
“I’m going to cum sweetie” she heard him say.
“You’ve got to swallow it all Kimberly “she heard your mother say “men like it when you swallow”
Kimberly braced herself and thought she was ready when he exploded in her little mouth. She realized that she liked the taste as she furiously tried to swallow the whole load. As she finished she looked up at her mom and uncle and licked her lips seductively.
“ I like sucking cock” she said and smiled.
Savannah couldn’t couldn’t believe how good Connor’s tongue felt in her young pussy. She’d already had her first real hard cum and she could feel another one coming. Suddenly stopped. In her sex crazed brain she almost panicked at the loss of the feeling in her tight pussy. He spread her legs even further apart and she felt pressure pushing up against her and she realized that her cousin was pushing his hard cock into her. She felt the pushing and she felt how wet she was as he continued to sink into her. She had broke her cherry with her mom’s vibrator but it was nothing like this. She felt stuffed and she felt like she could barely catch her breath. Finally stopped deep inside her and she could feel his cock all over her body. Then he started to pull back out and then push back in. She was getting fucked, it wasn’t as she imagined, it was better.
“Oh fuck Connor fuck me” she moaned hardly believing she was saying these things, but she felt him oblige by pistoning in and out of her hot wet hole. Meanwhile he was kissing her neck.
“I’m about to cum Savannah” she heard her cousin almost bark. It was then she realized that she had forgotten what her mom always told her about making boys wear a condom. Connor grunted in her ear and sank inside her deep. She suddenly felt warm as she knew he was filling her up with his seed. She barely cared.
Ashley was sucking on her daughter Kimberley’s perfect little tittie while her brother was fingering and licking her little cunt. She looked into Jason’s eyes and realized he was about to skewer the girl with his big adult cock. He stood up, lowered himself on top of her and fisted his huge dick positioning against her teen pussy. She looked across the room and her other beautiful, blonde, twin daughter was getting fucked furiously by her cousin and his hard, virile 18 year old cock.
She turned back towards Jason and Kimberly just to see him slowly push a third of big member into her tight teen body.
“Mom!” She heard her daughter cry out “Uncle Jason is pushing it in me is it OK? Is he wearing a you know?”
“ no he’s not sweetie, it’s too late for that now” Ashley said realizing that hot cum and unprotected teen girl’s pussies were a potent combination “He is going to fuck you now, you know that right? It’s going to sting but then be so nice”
“Ouch” Kimberly said as her uncle reached her cherry.
Ashley moved over and put her hands on her brothers ass just as he was sinking deep into her tight teen daughters body. He had sunk all the way in and was letting the girl get used to his big cock but then he slowly began to fuck her.
Up and down her brothers ass went as he pummeled the teenaged girl. She was moaning and her body was squirming under the intense fucking. After a few minutes Ashley helped her brother flip the girl over as he entered her from behind.
“Oh my God mom” Kimberly turned around to look at her “it’s so deep this way it’s like I feel it all the way to my tummy”
“Her pussy is so tight sis I’m getting awfully close” Jason said looking at Ashley as he was fucking the girl, then to Kimberly “I’m going to fill you up honey”
Ashley heard her brother almost howl as he unloaded in the little blonde “Oh shit!” He exclaimed.
Ashley looked at Savannah and Connor, who had just finished fucking and then back to Jason and Kimberly. “Oh shit indeed” she smiled hardly believing herself what had happened. She and her daughter’s all had a nice load of cum inside of them, and she didn’t think that those would be the last ones of the night.