Asshole jock becomes a pretty Girl and get’s forcefully fucked by her football-team

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By Marshian Spencer is an ass, when he messes with the wrong person he wakes up a girl and his friends, not knowing it’s him, gang-rape him.

(CONTEXT: This story follows Spencer (M18) a jock who annoys the weird girl Clara (F18) a bit too much and faces the consequences from his friends, Jack (M18 as well everyone else in the football team who are all 18). Spencer’s dating Margot (F18) and her best friend is Brittany (F18), who Spencer hates.

Clara was ugly, so she was an easy target for bullying. Naturally, Spencer and Jack, the unstoppable duo tore right through her. Throwing stuff at her everyday in class, Spencer’s girlfriend, Margot, the hottest chick in school, the head cheerleader and future prom-queen joined in too, teasing her behind her back and then laughing when she tried to confront them. This time, Spencer had knocked her tray of mashed potatoes out of her hand and it landed square on the floor “You’re paying for my lunch Spencer!” Clara blurted out at him
“He doesn’t have to do anything you say skank!” Margot rushed to Spencer’s defence, gently caressing his chest as she clung onto him.
“Shut up Margot you slut!” She shouted back. This caught the attention of all the passers-by.
“No way you just-” before Margot could spit back Spencer put a hand on her chest, stopping her. He calmly grabbed the mashed potato and said “This lunch?” and then hurled it into Clara’s face, knocking her glasses right off. A gasp erupted from the crowd that had formed. Jack was eager to start a cheer as Clara fell to floor.
“Spencer!” She screamed through gritted teeth “You’ll pay Spencer! We’ll see how you like it!”
The silence was deafening, until Jack broke it by erupting in bellowing laughter, which quickly caught and swept through the school. Clara marched away in a huff and Spencer patted Margot’s backside to get her attention “What do you think she was on about?” he said whilst giggling.
“Who knows.” She started adjusting her makeup in her small mirror “Oh I can’t make our date tomorrow night by the way, did I mention?”
“No. why?” He said slightly pissed off
“Cheer practice”
“I though you only did it on Tuesda-”
“Brittany!” she called out to her best friend interrupting him completely.

The rest of the day went normally, boring lessons, boring Mr Peters, the teacher pervert, boring Period 5, boring Physics. Spencer got home, to a note on the table from his parents “Gone out. Will be back on Wednesday”. “Nice” Spencer thought to himself “Practically a full week at home”. Spencer, feeling unusually tired texted Jack and the other guys that he wasn’t really in the mood to egg their biology teachers house again tonight, and decided to get an early night.

When Spencer woke up the following morning, something felt different, he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was. His back felt a bit soar? He tossed over in bed to see his alarm clock, 8:18. School started 3 minutes ago. He fell out of bed, feeling even more strange, not necessarily ill… just different. He threw on a t-shirt that was lying in a heap on his floor, and some jeans. Quickly running down the stairs, he scoffed down a pop-tart and dashed out the door, tripping as he got out. He landed on his knee causing a big scrape in his knee, his jeans had ripped at the knees as well. Not reckoning too much to it he ran to school.

Arriving 6 minutes late he runs through the front door to be greeted by the great Pervert Peters (Mr Peters, the Physics teacher) “Great, just what I need, Mr Pervert riling me up”.
“Young lady what time do you call this?”
“Young lady?!” Spencer blurted out
Mr Peters looked horrified, fearing getting cancelled over a gender-related issue said “Oh, well… umm. You’re uniform. It’s unacceptable”
“Come on sir?”
“No. Your shirt has writing on it” Spencer sighed as he looked down to see the Nike logo on his chest, whilst in a rush he failed to notice this fatal flaw “and, you’re not allowed ripped jeans” Spencer looked down at the scab on his knee where his jeans had ripped and sighed another deep sigh
“Fine sir. What am I supposed to do?”
“Go to lost property and where some of their clothes”
Knowing that arguing was pointless he followed Mr Peters to the front office where the handed him a plastic bag labelled ‘clothes F’, not thinking much of it Spencer grabbed the bag and headed down the changing room, a environment he was very familiar with because of his football team. He thought about it for a second and realised that practise should be starting soon. He’d go down, get changed into whatever shitty clothes there were, then he’d show Mr Peters to get him off his back, then he’d change into his football uniform and keep that on all day. Sounded like a solid plan. Rummaging through the bag however, Spencer was in utter shock, all he could find was some black cloth thing and a cheerleader costume, they must of given him the wrong bag. “Clothes F” he read the bag label aloud, “F for Female. Ah. Why does everyone think I’m a chick today?” Looking up at himself in the mirror he was caught off guard to see the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Beautiful blonde hair that flowed just below her shoulders, a perfect jawline, a feminine arch to her eyebrows, and feminine lips alongside beautiful green eyes that looked like emeralds. Spencer thought “She’s fucking sexy” and just moved his arm slightly to re-adjust his cock, however he didn’t find it. He got up in panic, and stared at the sexy woman getting up and panicking too. That’s when it set in. He was the sexy woman. But why? “Clara!” he said out loud.

Spencer thought “I have to shove these clothes on quick, show Mr Peters and then ditch school, It’s the only way”. Quickly he bundled through the bag and unravelled the uniform, he threw off all his clothing, stopping for only a second to admire his curvy figure, his plump ass and firm titties. Snapping out of it he put the cheerleader uniform, a incredibly short skirt barely covered Spencer’s huge ass, and a crop-top sat on top of his huge tits, with a low cut to reveal cleavage, he’d forgotten that he asked his girlfriend, Margot to modify to uniform to show more off. “Idiot” he thought to himself.

Suddenly he heard an echo of deep voices coming towards the changing room “Fuck” he thought “I’m in the men’s locker room right as practice is about to start”. The door burst open to reveal Jack and Spencer’s other football buddies, they stopped in their tracks when they saw female Spencer standing in a skimpy little cheerleader outfit.
“What have we here” Jack said a tuneful way.
“Jack. I can explain.”
Jack roared in excitement and said quietly to his friends “She knows my name”. He turned to face Spencer “Are you a fan of mine?”
“No. Jack it’s me-”
“So you’re not a fan of me?” He said patronisingly
“No. Jack you’re-”
“So you’re a fan” He said moving in closer. The other guys started slowly circling around Spencer, keeping their distance
“Listen Jack, it’s me Spencer”
“Spencer? Is that you”
“Yes it’s me!” He said with a sigh of relief
Jack quickly pounced on Spencer. He grabbed him by the throat and whispered in his ear “You do look a bit like Spencer?”
Through a shivering, scared voice “Jack. You know me”
“I think Spencer set you up to this, didn’t he”
“No-” Jack’s grip around his neck tightened “Yes-”
“So who are you really?… Are you his sister?”
Spencer hesitates, paralysed with genuine fear “Yes”
He let’s out a load groan “Fuck yes! First I take his girlfriend and now his sister”
Spencer pulls away from Jack and screams “WHAT! YOU FUCKED MARGOT!”
“Yeah-” Pulling Spencer closer by his hair so their faces are just inches away from one another “I fucked his slutty girlfriend, and now I’ll fuck his slutty sister too”
“No-” a tear rolled down Spencer’s cheek
“What’s your name baby?”
Thinking on the spot, Spencer picked at random “Lottie.”
“You’re mine now Lottie. You’re ours” Lottie looks around and sees all the other guys, 15 guys total, all with their cocks out. “You’re going to start with me. On your knees” shaking, Lottie slowly got onto her knees and stared up Jack, her best friend for 11 years about to fuck her brains out, he had fucked her girlfriend, and was about to fuck her too. Her girlfriend was a slut, and so was she. “Take it out” Jack said thrusting his pelvis into her face. Lottie undid the belt, then the fly and pulled his pants down, springing out was at least 8 inches of meat. Lottie winced as his sprung out “Ah poor baby, you wanna go slow?” He talked down to Lottie, who stared up at him with obedient eyes and nodded her head. Lottie licked the tip of his stiff cock and stared up at him to make sure she was doing it right. He smirked smugly, the kind of smirk he used to pull when she and Jack were about to pull off a particularly evil prank, with that he grabbed a full clump of the hair on the back of her head and pushed all 8 inches far down Lottie’s throat, making her gag and her eyes well up with water. She felt his balls his the bottom of her well-defined chin. He groaned loudly and said “You’re a fucking pro, It’s like your throat was made for this”. “What are you?” He said looking down at her “Are you a slut?”, Lottie shook her head, Spencer was in there somewhere fighting for what little masculinity he had left, “Wrong” he said as he pushed her head back down onto his cock with all his might, she grabbed his waist attempt to pull herself away but it was no hope, Lottie was so weak in her new body, and Jack was so strong. “Are you a slut?!” He yelled
“Yes!” she shouted at him, a trail of saliva leading from her mouth to his cock, what’s left of her masculinity is destroyed.

He turned to his boys who had all been slowly jerking their fully erect cocks, “Alright boys, let’s have some fun.” Suddenly they all started clawing at her, they instantly tore off her slutty cheerleader outfit, leaving it in tatters, they squeezed and pinched at Lottie’s unfamiliar nipples, she started moaning in desperation. The flipped her into the doggy position, Spencer was screaming from within “I’M YOUR CAPTAIN, STOP GANG-RAPING ME!” as Lottie was about to blurt that out, Jack’s cock entered her virgin vagina, and she moaned out “FUCK YES” in surprise. One of the footballers blurted out “Shut up whore” and thrusted their penis straight into her mouth, his buddy got out his phone and started recording as he held Lottie’s hair as a handle and made her gag on his cock. A guy came up next to the guy whose cock she was deepthroating, grabbed her hand and forced it to clench around his huge throbbing penis, dripping with pre-cum. A melody of “Fuck yes!” “Take that whore” “You’re such a slut” “I can’t believe Spencer didn’t let us fuck you sooner” “This is so fucking hot” “Fucking take it bitch” “SLUT!” could be heard, the guy who was thrusting into her mouth shouted “It’s like I’m getting head from a sluttier Sydney Sweeney” as he filled her mouth his piping hot jizz. He let go of her mouth and before she even got the chance to swallow his creamy load her mouth was filled by another guy who facefucked her even harder, the same is true of her vagina, which is filled with hot cum and then swapped out with another even hornier guy. She was in doggy position getting fucked in the vagina, getting facefucked and giving a sloppy handjob all at the same time, and the worst part is, by guys she considered close friends, and they didn’t even know that she was Spencer, the guy she was getting facefucked by, had previously helped her with her maths homework and the guy she was giving a handjob to Spencer had helped him get off of steroids. After about an hour, she had one guy left and 14 naked men sitting on the benches in the changing room panting and out of breath watching the last guy fuck her tight pussy as she was moaning out “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me like a whore!” and he was crying “Fuck yeah bitch” whilst pulling her hair from behind, he filled up her pussy with about the 6th load of cum. He waddled over, out of breath to the benches to join his friends, who were passing around the phones that had the videos of her getting gangraped. Jack got up and pulled the out of breath, Lottie into the centre of the changing room where all 15 of them surrounded her, fully nude, and they stood up and started jerking off furiously, they started chanting things to the effect of “Take your reward slut” “You earned this bitch” “Wear this as a tiara Princess Whore” and in about 30 seconds, the first load of creamy hot jizz splattered onto her face, her natural reaction is to looked shocked, she opens her mouth for just a second and cum flows into her mouth, some other persons cum gets tanged in her beautiful blonde locks as he says “Take that you dumb blonde”, another loads lands onto her chin and onto her big tits where cum has been collecting in her cleavage, a pool of cum. She sticks out her tongue and closes her eyes and she feels all the other men’s hot jizz land on her face like it’s a target. The last man standing is Jack, with his phone out, he takes a photo of her face, covered in 14 loads, grabs her chin and says, “Meet me after school tomorrow, okay” and then jizzed right into Lottie’s conflicted expression. Was she really considering willingly meeting the man who fucked her girlfriend and then just organised her gang-rape. “Fuck! Mr Peters!” she thought as the other boys leave wearing their football uniform. “Mr Peter’s is going to kill me!… Unless I had some way to convince him…” looking around, at what’s available to her, she sees her cheerleader dress in tatters on the ground beside her, and then she’s seeing the black cloth, the only other bit of clothing. She unravels it find a black tube dress, barely big enough to rap around her huge tits “Mr Peter’s is going to mad when he sees this… this definitely isn’t appropriate uniform…”

(IN THE NEXT PARTS: Lottie gives Mr Peters an offer to get her out of trouble. Lottie reunites with Jack and has a threesome with Jack and Margot. Lottie befriends Margot and Brittany and becomes the ideal pretty slut.)

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By Marshian #Abuse #Cuckold #Group #Rape