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Probably there are many people who have not heard of Cap D'agde to give it the full name. It is a coastal town in the South of France. There is a small part of the town which is called The Naturist Village, it is self contained and gated. As the name suggests it is for naturists, but it also attracts a LOT of swingers. The naturist village offers accommodation for up to 40,000 people, half of which will be swingers.
We have been going to Cap for 15 years, sometimes twice a year, we have had loads of sexual fun there, but there is also a great social scene involved. We normally hang out with our Welsh friends, Geordies and Welsh seem to get on very well!
This is a mostly true story (some details have been changed to protect identities) about a birthday party held on the swinger's beach at Cap one summer a couple of years ago. In the story the word fanny means vagina not bum.
We were laid out naked on the swinger's beach with our friends Bill and Kate. Just people watching, the normal stuff at Cap, women sucking men, men fingering women, shagging, group sex, all out in the open on the beach.
The ice cream seller's trolleys standing just by the water's edge doing a good trade as normal.
"I'm off for an ice cream, anyone else want one?" asks John.
"Lemon ice lolly for me," I reply.
"Same for me please," from Bill.
"Kate, could I interest you in a something long and cool to suck on?" says John.
"Just a drink please, I'll keep the other offer for later."
As usual the beach is rammed with naked and fornicating bodies, so John has to pick his way very carefully to get to the ice cream vendors. On the way he stops to say hello to a few friends we know. Sometimes it's odd exchanging pleasantries with a couple that you know while they are shagging each other or in a group. But as the saying goes, "That's Cap!"
Returning to us with all the cool goodies he hands them out then tells us that some friends of ours are planning a birthday party on the beach for the next day and inviting a large group of people.
Because of the sheer number of people who go to the swingers beach if you go down there after mid-day you'll be lucky to find a space large enough to spread a couple of towels and get a parasol up. Or you have to find friends who are already there and join onto their space.
"How on earth are they going to keep enough space to get twenty or thirty people together in one spot, as the most people won't arrive till after mid-day?" I wonder out loud.
"Ah well, as it's Trudy's birthday, Jim has gallantly said he would come down to the beach at ten in the morning with a load of big bath sheets and make a space about five yards square. Then he will stay there with a few cans of beer till the party gets started." John informs us all. "We'll all have to bring beer or wine, a few snacks maybe some spirits. Should be a good laugh.
That news about the party seemed to perk us all up from our relaxed mood. John climbed over Kate till he was sitting on her stomach and proceeded to rub ice-cream into her nipples which caused her to start squealing and trying to buck him off her. Bill and I took one of her legs each, pulled them apart and I rubbed my lolly up and down her fanny, making sure her clit was well rubbed.
"You Bastards!" Kate shouts, trying to wriggle away from the sudden coldness. I see John rubbing ice-cream on his cock end and presenting it to Kate's mouth.
"Here you are, as promised something cool to suck on."
"And I have something cool to slip into," adds Bill as I guide his cock into his wife's nicely cooled fanny.
Another normal day on the beach at Cap!
The next morning at 9-30 we saw Jim staggering to the beach loaded with a beach umbrella and lots of bath sheets, Trudy was walking alongside carrying a coolbox.
"You still alright for the party?" she shouts at us.
"Absolutely, see you there later." I shout back.
"John, you head off to Snacky's and get a couple of baguettes for the beach, chicken would be nice, and if the woman behind the counter flirts with you again, just invite her to the party!"
By the time John returned I had been in the shower, made sure everything was shaved smooth and sorted out the stuff to take to the beach. As to what to wear, that's easy, we go naked!
"Do you want me to take any wine," John asks me, "And what about condoms?"
"Well, I'll have some cider and lager to drink, take extras for other people and best take a couple of condoms just in case." I said after giving it some consideration. "Don't forget the snacks to hand round also."
"OK, we'd best be off to the beach, I've got everything you asked for, plus Brown Ale for me and even thought about a couple of bin liners for the rubbish. Am I good or what?" John says while putting the last of the beer in the backpacks.
As usual when arriving at the swinger's beach all you can see is a forest of beach umbrellas. Looking under and to the sides of the nearest ones everyone is naked and either reading, listening to personal music devices or just lying out in the sun.
"Can you see Trudy or anyone we know?" I ask John.
"No, but I'll guess they must be near the middle of the beach and not far up from the water's edge. Probably in line with the middle ice cream trolley. Let's go down to the waterline, walk along and hopefully we'll find them."
Walking along the waterside and looking up to the beach we see a few people playing with each other, one couple having energetic and loud sex, watched by a few single men who have gathered. Normally the full sex doesn't start till later in the afternoon, they must have been randy!
"There they are, follow me, I think I see a route through the beach umbrellas." John leads the way and thankfully without standing on anyone we make it to the party.
A chorus of greetings are exchanged as we find a bit of space on the bath sheets and started arranging ourselves and getting the beach umbrella up. Looks like most people have turned up already, not much space left in our area. I think about twelve couples, maybe six single guys and two single females, all are in the 40 to 60 year old age group.
"Anyone wanting a beer or cider?" I shout, "still cold out of the fridge."
A few people shout out their orders and I start handing them over.
Trudy and Jim come across to speak to us and a bit of playful fondling occurs. I start rubbing my nipples against Trudy's and wrap my arms around her to get a long deep kiss. I feel a hard cock rubbing against my bum, so I reach round and take hold of it.
"Hi Jim, are you having a good time?" I ask.
"I am now," he says into my ear, "and hopefully more fun later!"
John disengages Trudy from me and kisses her, his hands straight onto her tits giving them a good squeeze.
"Shel, there is a guy over there beside our beach umbrella who you may not know, but have a look at the size of his cock! He's called Paul, from Dorset, we met him at a balcony party last night so invited him to the beach with us today. I'm thinking he might be up me before we leave the beach today." Says Trudy excitedly.
Trudy does like a large cock, so I have no doubt Paul will be deep in her later.
"Wow, yes, that is more than impressive, porn star size, I'd say. I think I'll introduce myself to him in a while, but don't worry, you have first dibs on him." In truth he looks too big for me so Trudy will get it all without any competition from me.
Just then Bill and Kate turn up and set themselves up right next to us.
"Hey, you all good, want a beer?"
So the afternoon carries on, everyone drinking, sharing their drinks around, loads of shuffling around to chat with old friends and meet the people they don't yet know. In the middle of the space is one of my black rubbish sacks filled with crushed empty cans and bottles. Everyone is getting more and more drunk and having a great time, some a bit more than others.
"Right, quiet everyone!" Kate says raising her voice above the hubbub.
Everyone stops talking and looks at Kate standing naked and tall in the sunlight. She is a striking woman, about 6ft 1in tall, short blonde hair, medium sized tits and a shaved fanny which she just loves to show off. Maybe you could describe her as an Amazonian Warrior Princess with an exhibitionist streak. She is also totally sexually liberated, she is not shy in asking for sex and will usually agree if she is asked for sex by the right person.
"I think I have held, sucked or fucked just about every cock in our party today. One or two I have not met before, but I have been studying their cocks. I propose to set myself a challenge. I will be blindfolded, then all the men will stand in a line and I will move down that line sucking each cock in turn, naming the person I am sucking as I go."
"I hope to get them all correct, however, for each one I fail to get correct, I will take a spanking on the bum. Can the ladies swap partners and help the guys get hard, please help out the single guys as well girls, then get them in a line. Please lads, no coming in my mouth, save your spunk for the orgy later!"
Which is exactly what we did. I had Bill hard in a few minutes and he took his place in the line. I then found a single guy and with a combination of handjob and my mouth he was soon also in the line. John was taken care of by a female friend.
Kate had been blindfolded and one of the girls led her to the start of the line and knelt her down at the first cock.
Kate got off to a fine start as within a minute of taking the cock in her mouth correctly identified him as Jim. The next three cocks were sucked and named.
"This is a bit too easy for her," I thought to myself. Then I had a brainwave! Looking around I see that we have gathered a few people who are watching with interest. One of which is a good looking lad in his mid-twenties. Going over to him I ask if he speaks English.
"Yes, a little," he says in a French accent.
"Great, would you like to help with a little joke?" I ask.
He looks a little puzzled, but nods his agreement.
Taking his cock in my hand and looking him directly in the eyes I start to play with him, very soon his cock is fully erect and a very presentable size. I put my finger in front of my lips to signal silence, then still holding his erect cock I lead him over to the line of men still waiting for Kate to reach them. I silently motion for the men to make a space for our new French friend and guide him into the line. Suddenly everyone, except Kate, understands what is happening and a few people have to cover their mouths to avoid laughing.
Still on 100% success, or should that be suck-cess, Kate reaches our new friend. She takes hold of his cock, guides it to her mouth and starts a gentle sucking. A confused expression crosses her face! She removes the cock from her mouth and runs her tongue around it. Back in her mouth, sucked harder, then held with just her lips. No, she is beaten. I motion for the French lad to step back out of the line.
"This one I cannot identify." Kate announces sorrowfully and moves onto the last three cocks, which she does recognize correctly.
After completing her task she slowly stands up removes the blindfold and says, "Well, I did not do too badly, but tell me, which one of you men had been eating garlic?"
A very mystified expression is evident on her face as our entire group and many of the spectators burst into fits of laughter. Luckily when the French lad steps forwards and we explain what happened she saw the funny side and just called us a "load of twats" in her Welsh accent! Being the good sport that she is, Kate bent over and invited the French lad to give her a bit of a spanking.
Of course the French lad was invited to join the party and given lots to drink, he was later seen with one of the women sitting on his face while another was riding his cock, he seemed happy enough!
I decide to take a drink and join Trudy who is sitting next to her new friend Paul, true to normal Cap etiquette she is gently massaging his cock while talking about the most mundane things.
"Hi, I'm Shel," introducing myself to Paul.
"Loved the trick you played on Kate," he says, "I was surprised she identified me in the line up as it was the first time we'd met."
"That was not a problem for Kate, the size of your cock would be a dead giveaway, knowing Kate she might come over later to meet you again. Do you mind if I lend Trudy a hand with you?"
A nod of acceptance and a wide smile from Paul gave me the go ahead.
"Hey Trudy, I think you will have a real problem with this cock, it's pretty large." It's only when I get my hands on it that I realise that it is hard like an iron bar, wide as a coke can at the base and a good nine inches long. My hands are around the base of it and Trudy has her hands rolling his foreskin up and down. "Do you have to have a special licence for this monster, Paul?"
"No, but I do have indemnity insurance in case it causes harm to the unwary." He laughingly replies.
"Maybe so, but I really want to attempt it, at least I'll have a good audience to watch me try and luckily we do have a real medic in our group as you know." Trudy says to me.
"Tell you what Trudy, you bend over and lick the end of his cock and I'll finger you to make sure you are as wet and open as you can be." Once she has assumed the position I get myself under her to lick her fanny, it's pretty wet anyway, but I try and push lots of saliva up her. She sure is going to need it.
Closing two fingers together I wriggle them gently into her hole with a twisting motion, pushing right in until my hand is hard up against her. I start a scissoring action, still twisting, trying to spread her fanny as wide as I can. Adding another finger, pushing and pulling three fingers now, in and out. I somehow feel that she'd need to be fisted by someone with hands like shovels to properly prepare her! At least she's wet, soaking in fact, and pushing back on my fingers which is a good sign.
"OK, thanks Shel, that's enough. Paul, did you bring your own condoms with you? I don't think the ones that we have will be big enough."
A few people have noticed Paul's cock and once he has it sheathed up and is waiting for Trudy a sort of hush falls around us.
"Which way are you having him?" I ask her.
"On your back please Paul, that way I can control how fast it goes in."
I grasp Paul's cock and hold it upright while Trudy positions herself over it. She lowers herself gently till just the tip is touching her fanny.
Looking at her husband Jim she says, "wish me luck honey, he's going in!"
Still holding the cock I see Trudy's fanny start to open and stretch over the largest knob end I have ever seen.
The watchers all seem to be holding their breath, waiting for her to take it further or admit defeat.
"Oh fuck its huge," she gasps with sweat breaking out on her brow, biting her lower lip she drops another inch. "ohhhhhhhhhh."
"You are doing fine pet, just another seven inches to go, how about if Paul starts pushing up and down gently now?" Looking at Paul I give a little nod and he starts to give miniscule thrusts.
It takes a while and from the noises Trudy makes as she slowly sinks down on it I'm not sure if she is being shagged or giving birth! But eventually she has as much cock in her fanny as she can physically accommodate.
With an expression of triumph she looks around the watchers, "Wow, I have never felt so full, this is going to be a gentle ride, no way could I take a pounding and survive. Right Paul, nice and slowly does it please."
Within a few minutes the effect of the huge cock in her fanny is bringing her close to an orgasm, I have seen her come many times so know the signs. Her clit is engorged and begging to be stroked so I reach in and do just that. Well, what are friends for?
"UUUUGgGggGGGGGGgGGG!!Fuck Me, Fuck Me, ooohhhhOOOHHHHH!" Shouted at the top of her voice, causing more people to look around, she comes and comes and comes.
"I'm coming!" Announces Paul, straining upwards into Trudy. His face contorts and the veins stick out on his forehead, but otherwise he is silent as he pushes and pushes.
I think it was the last thrust that did it, but Trudy literally collapses forwards onto Paul's chest and faints! A cheer goes up from the spectators! After a few seconds Paul eases his now deflating cock out of her hole without dislodging her.
She is out for about a minute, then slowly starts waking up with moaning and groaning sounds. "What the fuck happened to me?"
Jim takes hold of her, gently kisses her and lifts her off Paul. "Come and sit over here and drink some water, you've just had the ride of your life!"
"Bloody Hell, my fanny is still fluttering deep inside, yet I feel wide open and loose on the outside. I can feel the breeze blowing across my fanny lips. Paul, that was amazing, not sure I could ever do it again though!"
As I look round I see all the females looking at Paul's cock, now deflated, but the expression each of them has on their face is saying, "Should I? Could I? Dare I?" I know I couldn't get that monster up me, I am much too small and tight in that department, no way am I risking it.
The afternoon wears on very pleasantly, people sharing drinks and snacks, but as more drink is consumed some folk are getting bit more randy. Some are openly playing, a few have formed a group and are busy shagging and swapping.
Peter loudly asks if anyone wants some Cava to drink. A few people, like me and John, hold out empty glasses expecting some of the Spanish Champagne to be poured into them.
Standing laughing in the middle of our crowd Peter shakes his head and shouts, "No glasses required!"
With that Mary, his wife, does a hand stand in the middle of the bath sheets and spreads her legs wide open. I'll just explain about Mary. She and Peter are British, but live in Spain. They are both early 50s, Mary is a professional Yoga Instructor and hence very limber and flexible. Very attractive, loves sex.
"Form a queue," say Peter as he slowly fills Mary's cunt with Cava. "OK, first customer please."
With that a lad called Gary steps up, lowers his head and with a loud slurp sucks as much Cava as he can from her hole, licking all round it to make sure he gets every drop.
This is repeated with each person who wants a drink. When it's my turn I do the same thing, but being greedy and loving licking her I demand seconds!
Mary drops down from her handstand when everyone has drunk from her nicely shaved cup, gets a massive round of applause from us all and does a cute little bow.
We are sitting with Kate and Bill again, when Kate perks up and says, "Right John, your turn to be blindfolded, then lie back and think of England."
I slip the blindfold over John's eyes and Kate pushes him flat on his back, then puts herself in the 69 position over him. He immediately reaches up and puts his arms around her bum to guide her fanny onto his face.
Kate meanwhile is busy giving John a good sucking and gets his cock really hard. I am confused when Bill hands her a bag of small marshmallows. Pulling John's foreskin down, Kate puts a few around his cockhead and then pulls his foreskin up over them. Pushing down with her hips she traps John's head completely under her.
"What on Earth are you doing?" I ask Kate.
"New idea I've had, I'm going to suck just the tip of his cock then lick up and down it. When he comes I'm going to pull his foreskin down and get the marshmallows into my mouth and chew on them when my mouth is full of his spunk. Spunky marshmallows, think it will catch on?"
It didn't take John long to come! I think the combination of the tip sucks and Kate using her tongue on his shaft sent him over the edge. She pushed down onto his cock with her mouth to get all the spunk at the same time pulling down on the skin of his cock.

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