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Several years ago, we were taking one of our hikes in the mountains. It was a nearly perfect day, with enough mix of sun and clouds to make itfortable, and a gentle breeze moved through the woods.

At last, we reached a waterfall and its pool of cool water. We washed up, spread our blanket, and had lunch. Then we both went shirtless, basking in the sun, deepening our tans.

Eventually, we started getting a bit hot, and Blue surprised me by standing up, stripping all her clothes off, and wading into the waist-deep water. My otherwise demure wife was obviously in one of her adventurous moods. She looked so voluptuous as she dipped under the water and emerged like a free-spirited vixen, her wet breasts glistening in the sunlight.

Blue invited me in to join her, but I said, “Are you crazy? What if other hikers walk up on us?”

She laughed, and with a naughty smile said, “I guess they’ll get an eyeful!” as she twisted, shaking her titties at me.

I scanned the area, listening for telltale signs of anyone approaching on the trail, but saw no one. Blue added to the temptation as she moved to knee-high water so her sculpted pubic patch was beckoning me. She turned and bent over slightly, teasing me with her gorgeous butt cheeks. It pushed me past cautiousness.

Eagerly stripping down, I waded out and plunged into the cool water, and we embraced playfully.  But before long our passion took us into a multi-position sexual excursion, both in the water and on the blanket. It was one of our most memorable hikes!

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Two years later, we were at a party, with two of our friends, Rick and Vivienne. They asked if we’d been back to this specific waterfall in the mountains. Well, we didn’t remember ever telling them we’d been to that specific waterfall, so we asked how they even knew? They grinned and told their story.

It seems another couple, who know us from a real estate deal, were hiking there after us. They saw our “adventure” and stayed back while we did our thing. Eventually, they shared their voyeur experience with their friends, Rick and Vivienne. So now we’re painfully aware that it wasn’t as private as we thought.

When Vivienne told us, we were speechless. In a minute or two, we regained our ability to think clearly,  and we realized another couple had witnessed the whole event.  Viviennemented on the report of our robust 69 lovemaking on the blanket, which was in full view of our “voyeurs.”

Blue’s face had turned bright red as she blushed with embarrassment. She looked like a kid who’d been caught stealing candy. After all, it was a very explicit, uninhibited lovemaking experience in many ways.

But Vivienne and Rick made light of it, and as good friends, we all laughed together. Of course, they teased us withments like, ” You two should be porn stars!” Rickplimented us on the description of our sexual exhibitions. And Vivienne teased Blue, saying, “Girl, I would never have guessed you were that naughty. But wow, you go girl!”

We still laugh about it every time we get together, but we wonder how many others have heard the account as well. I mean, it is a great story, right?

So be careful, friends; you never know who’s watching… and maybe videoing your sexual adventures.