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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}
The phone politely informed me 'User has left video chat', so I went through all the apps again still finding nothing. Reflections are of course just that, reflections. But I swear when I looked over at my computer desk mirror mine was holding up a sign that read, 'Instructions dumbass.' She'd done it again, turned my brain to muck, the only word that I needed, 'Instructions' stuck in the mire.
There was no getting around it, I was Charlie Brown to my aunt's football holding Lucy. I fell for it every time.
Fetching the now almost empty vibrator box I got the instructions for the app but also noticed something. Nowhere on the front of the packaging did it say anything about the remote units, just the cell phone app. My guess was Cathy didn't even know they were part of the deal, but I did. A plan started hatching in my brain, what she didn't know was going to be a lot of fun for me.
The app it turned out, was the chat itself, a drop-down menu at the top had all the commands needed to play along. I considered giving her the same introduction she'd given me earlier, just so she knew I'd figured it out, but decided against it. I'd let her win the wake-up contest, only she was going to get a good healthy buzz in reply. Seemed only fair to me so I just went to bed. And dreamt.
Long legged, big boobed, sexy bumblebees were using their wings to softly tickle my pickle. (sorry, couldn't resist). Yup was having a very surreal dream till I woke up and realized my vibrator was softly humming away. I let her play for a bit before opening the app on my phone, cranking the level up and hitting send. "OH MY GOD, YOU LITTLE JERK!" Loud and clear, with no headset either. Was a short-lived victory, I'm sure you can guess how she responded.
For the next ten minutes we texted like two kids fighting over who was going to give in first. 'Shut it down,' 'you shut it down first,' 'I'm not shutting anything down,' 'Yeah, well me neither,' 'Fine I'll just drive you insane then,' 'I'm already insane, you lose.' To tell the truth if my aunt hadn't of conceded when she did, I would have. She brought mine down to a low hum and I turned hers to the same. The video chat button showed up and I accepted.
Cathy was putting on her headset, so I did the same. She was breathing hard and I loved watching her breasts move up and down. That enjoyment didn't last long before she, (and I'm serious), commanded, "Show me your cock NOW." Her tone of 'Or else' made me comply, quickly moving the phone down near my cock.
A quick zap made my cock lurch, and a giggle filled my ears. I brought the phone up to my ear and she said, "Sorry, just wanted to make sure you were wearing yours and I wasn't the only one getting super vibed." She got that grin on her face again and asked, "So, um, can I lurch you one more time? That was really hot." Rolling my eyes and moving my phone into position, I knew why she wanted to 'Lurch' me again. A certain favorite substance of hers was leaking out of me making my cock head shine.
When I looked at my phone again, she'd moved to lay on her stomach across the bed. Just over her shoulder I could see that perfect butt, her legs bent at the knees and crossed at the ankles. It was her face that really got me though. No lipstick or eye make-up, her hair was tussled, and her hands were clasped together under her chin. She tilted her head, "What's wrong?"
"Nothing, I've just never seen you look like this before." Her head went back a little, a smile on her face.
"Sorry lover, can't be made up all the time. You're seeing the basics at last huh?"
I didn't say anything for a while till she finally asked, "Why are you staring at me? Do I look that awful?"
My eyes blinked, "NO! not at all, you just look how I've imagined you'll look when we wake up after, uh."
I closed my eyes wondering if I should say what I wanted to, Cathy spoke first, "Look you had no problem asking me about my panties in the car right? Just go with that steel."
She was right so I did.
"You look like every morning I've ever imagined us waking up together after we've made love." There was a very long moment where she didn't move or say anything.
"Great, what did I just do."
My aunt moved into a cross legged sitting position, those big au naturel tits almost filling my phone screen. "You want to make love to me?" I just nodded. "You know you just told me you loved me, right?" I nodded again and she just giggled. "Well guess what, I love you too and fantasize about us making love a lot, but…"
I've always hated that word, very rarely was it followed by anything good. "I don't want it to be a couple of hours when your parents are gone. I want us to sleep together after, hold each other, talk till we fall asleep, then wake up and make love again. Spend the whole day cuddling and making love. So, we wait till the times right, agreed?"
I blew her a kiss through the phone, "That was exactly what I was thinking." Cathy had a smile on her face that slowly changed into that grin and my vibrator went off making me let out a grunt. She got the same thing in return.
"Hmmmmmm, ok lover how about we continue our play time? I got a surprise for you, you game?" I moved my phone so she could see my pre-cum coated cock. I heard her giggle. "Good, listen up."
"I'm going to send you a file, just hit install and it'll go to the vibrators control menu ok?" The file showed up and I installed it. "I made a personal program for us that changes the intensity of our toys automatically. It lasts for fifteen minutes and were going to use it in our showers. Got it?"
"Yeah, I got it, but is this thing going to short circuit and steam me a weenie?" Cathy giggled at that for a little longer than I felt comfortable with but finally answered.
"No babe there waterproof I promise." She started giggling again. "I can't believe you said, 'Steam me a weenie'. Hearing it back made me wish I hadn't said it.
"Yeah, ok ok, it was sophomoric. So, who starts this?" Miss sticky tits explained that she would for both of us, and I reminded her it would take some time to balance the water temps, or one of us was going to freeze. "I'll tap on the wall when my waters good all right?"
"Sounds good lover, race ya!"
I wasn't even off my bed when I heard her shower turn on, I just had to smile "Somebody's in a hurry." Once we got the water sorted out, I tapped on the wall and straightaway my cock started buzzing. Had to smile at that too, she'd just been standing there with her finger hovering over the start button. Stepping into the shower the hot water and her program both started to heat me up.
Cathy is a lot more vocal than me. I don't know if it's just the way I am, or that she just sounds so dam sexy I don't want to miss any of it. Either way her program had me letting out more than a few, grunts, holy fucks and moans. There was one pattern she'd put in that was killing me though.
Without warning you'd get hit with a full out blast that took five seconds to go back to low then slam up to full tilt again. That happened five times in a row before it all went back and calmed down again. My reaction was the same every time. Hands pushed against the shower wall, arms locked straight, my legs spread (basically doing vertical push-ups) and through gritted teeth I just swore 'FUCKING HELL' a few times.
Cathy wasn't helping either. Every time that pattern hit, I'd hear a mixed bag of sounds designed to drive a man wild. A long high pitched 'Oooooooooo' followed by a series of 'YES, YES', or 'OH-MY-FUCKING-GOD' then a literarily growled 'MORE'. Just from her tones and the way I heard her bang into the shower wall, she'd cum at least twice.
My turn next.
The program stopped, (And yeah, I did look down for a steaming weenie from a short out. You wouldn't?) Her shower went off, mine turned into lava and my fist punched the shower valve. From her shower I heard "That was fucking awesome." I was stunned, this kind of teasing was crossing the line, fuck that, ALL the lines.
My cock throbbed in an all too familiar way, "Oh man not again." Looking down supported my suspicion, the purple beast was back. I toweled my hair and went for my phone; Cathy was going to get an earful for this one. My brain kicked in and stopped me from calling her. I calmed myself down, well most of me down. This was guess work, we didn't talk to each other, couldn't see each other, she had no idea I hadn't cum.
Putting my headset on I texted her, 'So how was it?' She wrote back 'Lover I'm drained, and you?' Just as suspected a video chat button showed up and I accepted. The back of my phone case had a built-in stand. Standing it on my dresser, and making sure there was full view of the end of my bed I asked,
"You tell me." Walking to my foot board, (naked ass to Cathy's view) I turned, planted my butt down, arms to each side and legs spread. Barney my purple peniasaurus was in a full-on rage, sticking straight up between them. My phone was too far to see her reaction, but the astonishment. That I heard.
"BABY! how in the hell didn't you cum? I did like three times. You don't like the toys? I can try something else! Dam your fucking balls are huge. Oh god I'm sorry." She would of went on for hours, but I needed relief. Picking my butt of the bed I went to get my phone when her voice giggled. "Hey, go sit back down and do that again, but walk slower. I did and she said, "Yeah that's a nice bobbing effect." This woman I swear.
Before I could grab my phone, she interjected again. "WAIT!", lover go sit back down just like you were before." This was getting frustrating.
"Exactly when do I get to make the orders miss sticky tits?"
She snorted into her mic, "I have no doubts that someday you're going to make me play little slave for you." I faltered at that. Aunt Cathy had gone through a bad experience once with a guy who liked to beat her. My fetish was bondage. All the pics of women tied up, the forced orgasm videos, she could have easily discovered them if she had looked in my computer. What worried me was if she misunderstood what she was seeing.
My dad's voice thought snapped me, and I jumped a little when it came booming up the stair well. "Hey, were going to town for grocery and an oil change. You two need, or want anything?" These people are going to give me a coronary I swear.
"Yeah, uh, a uh, case of 10-w-30 and a case of tall boys," Only my aunt heard the last part, "And a fucking hand job." She shrieked laughing, there was no way dad hadn't heard that. "Maybe a psychiatrist too."
Pops laughed, "Will do, be back in a few hours."
The sound of dad's truck leaving, and my worry collided. "You went through my folder, didn't you?" There was a soft 'Mmmm hummm' for an answer. "We need to talk about that before anything else happens today." My vibrator went up a notch, "Cathy, I'm serious."
"Ok. So then, start talking lover."
I took a deep breath and started, "Look I'm only into the bondage part, and not the hardcore kind. Ropes, nipple-clamps, ball gags, stuff like that. Not bull whips or even
light canings. I won't spit on or slap faces, no choking either, maybe spanking if that's ok." Cathy would give me the occasional 'Uh-huh', I could hear her moving around her room doing who knows what.
I kept going, "The idea of being called 'Master' or even 'Sir' doesn't appeal to me either, but that would be up to you. Basically, it's like this; If you ask me to hurt you or call you anything along the lines of whore or cunt, it's not going to happen. I do have one thing that, I guess is an obsession, and want to do," She cut me off there.
"Lover you haven't said one thing I don't already know. Anything I saw was erotic and hot. I know you'd never hurt me or degrade me; I'd trust you with anything you wanted to try. I do know one thing though, and I'm totally into it, your obsession is orgasms, forced ones to be exact." I felt my face go red. "Oh, and a certain blow job position."
She had me on that, I couldn't think of what she meant. The look on my face gave me away again, I know because She laughed. "You don't move an inch, give me a few more minutes and I'll show you, ok?" My vibrator went back on to low, I groaned, then realized what I'd just heard.
"Uh…'Blow job position?'… 'Show me?'… HOLY CRAP!!" She wasn't actually going to give me a blowjob, was she? I felt the sleeve around my cock get tighter, which meant I was getting harder. Even with the humming going on, for something that was supposed to give pleasure It was starting to hurt. Cathy was still moving around in her room, "Just how long am I supposed to sit like this?"
"I'm coming now, don't you move." Cathy's door opened and the sound of heels on the wood flooring moved closer to my door. When she opened it and walked in, let's put it this way, how that sleeve didn't rupture I don't know.
I could not believe the way she looked.

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