Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 09

tagIncest/TabooAunt Peg's Panties Ch. 09

Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.
"Hey! Wait up Aunt Peg!" Tyler called out as he ran after his aunt. "Aunt Peg! Wait!"
Peg turned around and waited for him at the door of the mall. "Listen here Tyler. In the mall, I'm just Peg. No Aunt, or Aunty of whatever. Peg. Just Peg." She whispered to him. "We don't want any eyebrows raised by you calling me Aunty. Especially not when we are looking at lingerie."
Tyler nodded and followed Peg into the mall. She seemed to know exactly where she was going and went up two flights of escalators and along a row of fashion boutiques before stopping in front of Xixili.
In the window were a number of mannequins wearing all forms of lacy undergarments. Peg turned to look at Tyler, staring at the mannequins. "Never been to one of these shops before?" She laughed.
"Uh Uh… No… just always walked passed." Tyler said, still staring and not believing that he was going to go into one of these shops. With his Aunt no less. Peg took his hand and walked into the shop.
A salesgirl glided up, almost out of nowhere. "Need any help?" She smiled.
"No thanks. Just having a look." Peg smiled.
"You look kinda familiar." The salesgirl said, staring at Peg and then Tyler.
"Really?" Peg asked, kind of recognizing the girl too but not able to place her.
"Oh! I know. You stay at the same apartment I do. I saw you both on the balcony when I was in the pool. You waved at me."
Peg stiffened slightly but the girl just smiled again and then looked at Tyler, biting her lip slightly.
Tyler gave her the once over. She was dressed all in black. A tight black shirt hanging over a short black skirt and fishnet stockings. Tyler thought her top was a little too tight for her as even her relatively small tits seemed to strain against the shirt, making them seem bigger than they actually were.
"I saw that." Peg whispered into his ear.
"Err.. what.. err"
"You were checking her out!" Peg laughed. "Don't worry about it Ty, I'm not mad. I'd only be mad if you wanted to fuck her."
"I don't. I don't… really. Tyler sputtered out even as he noticed the sales girl smiling at him.
Peg moved to the lingerie on display and picked out a baby blue teddy with white lace trim, draping it across her.
"This is sweet." Peg said. "like it?"
Tyler nodded, feeling his cock already starting to grow. Peg inspected it a bit more then put it back. She picked out another number, maroon, lacy, and crotchless.
"Mmmm…this is better. You can fuck me while I'm wearing it" She smiled at Tyler as she looked it over. Turning it around she placed it on her body. "Its not just crotchless but pretty much exposes the butt as well. You could take my ass in this too!"
Tyler gulped, a little uncomfortable the way Aunt Peg was talking in the shop. He pictured her wearing the maroon piece and lying on her back with her legs spread wide. His cock lurched.
"Pity they don't let you try them on," Peg said as she draped the maroon number over her arm and continued browsing. "Why don't you go over there and see if there are any panties you might like on me."
"Err… Sure Peg" Tyler said, moving across to browse at a bunch of panties arranged in a box. He picked some up, relishing in how soft and sexy they felt. There was all manner of designs. Lace, stripes, patterns, plain and he learnt about hipsters, bikini, thong, t-string, slip, Brazilian, g-string and tanga. Then of course there were boy-shorts and what they called retro that was almost like granny panties. Neither of them looked particularly appealing. Who knew there were so many variations! He couldn't quite figure out the difference between a t-string and g-string though. There were just really sexy.
Personally he felt he preferred the hipster, tanga or bikini style. They were sexy and at the same time there was a lot more surface area to cover the pussy and that meant more juices would collect and they would be so much more delicious to smell and suck on. His cock throbbed hotly in his pants.
"Find anything you like?" Peg came round, flicking through a few of the panties. Tyler held one up, a tiny lacy number. Peg laughed. "Sexy! But that's way too small for me… not my size honey."
"Some of these are really sexy." Peg continued. "See, look at this one, the string is so thin that you can just slide it to one side and then slip your cock into me." She giggled. "There's something so naughty and sexy about fucking with panties on."
She glanced around and quickly felt up Tyler's crotch, feeling his hardness.
Peg chose a few more panties and then remarked almost to herself. "I wonder if I should get some bras…" She paused then leaned in to Tyler, "You don't smell my bras on jerk into them so I guess I can make do with what I have." She came his cock another grope, this time not caring if anyone saw.
She grabbed Tyler's hand and led him to the cashiers counter. The salesgirl who had approached them earlier was behind the counter.
"Will this be all?" She asked sweetly, looking at Peg.
"Yes. Thanks."
The salesgirl rang up the purchases and put the stuff in a bag. She handed it to Peg who then grabbed Tyler's hand and walked out the door.Her hand moved to Tyler's crotch again. "My,my, someones really affected by that store." Peg smiled at Tyler. "You're cock is practically begging to be let out. Was it the store or was it that pretty cashier? What oh what shall we do about it?"she teased.
Peg gave Tyler an evil look as she spotted a restroom. "Let me have a look and see if there's anyone inside. Peg peaked in and finding it empty quickly pulled Tyler in. The restroom was large enough with 5 stalls. Peg quickly checked underneath each stall for legs and then pulled her nephew into one of the stalls and locked it. She smiled at Tyler as she pulled him toward her and unbuckled his pants. Pulling it down she eased his throbbing cock out of his pants. "Lets take care of this," she smiled as she began to suck on his cock.
Tyler moaned softly, grabbing his aunts head as he began to fuck her mouth as she sucked him. The sound of the door opening made them freeze. Peg kept her mouth on Tylers cock as they heard someone enter the stall next to them. There was the sound of rustling cloth then the unmistakable sound of piss splashing into water. Tyler's cock throbbed hotly in Pegs mouth. They heard the stall door open then the sound of running water at one of the sinks and finally the door opening and closing.
Peg took her mouth off Tylers cock. "Did you like hearing her piss?" She laughed as she licked Tyler's cock again. She got up and made Tyler sit on the toilet. Peg peeled off her panties then raised her skirt up to her waist. "Suck on this," she said as she offered Tyler her panties. His cock lurched as he opened his mouth to take her panties in.
Peg eased her pussy on to her nephew's hard cock. She held his shoulders and kissed his panty filled mouth. Pumping herself slowly up and down his cock, her pussy made wet squelching sounds as she fucked him. Tyler moved his hands under her dress to grab her breasts and tease he nipples.
She started to moan softly as she fucked him harder. Driving herself up higher and then smacking herself down. Tyler groaned, his groans muffled by the panties in his mouth. They were so caught up fucking each other that they didn't hear someone come in until the door of the next stall locked. Pef froze for the second time, her nephews cock buried deep inside her and throbbing hotly.
Then they heard it. Soft slushy sounds and soft moans. "Someone is finger fucking themselves" Peg whispered to Tyler. "or doing the same thing we are!"
As the wet sounds and moans increased, Peg began to fuck Tyler again. She no longer cared if she made noise as the sounds from the next stall were louder. Peg was so turned on by the sounds coming next door as well as the hot turgid meat in her pussy. She looked into Tylers eyes and mouthed out that she was going to cum. She held on to his shoulders and fucked him hard almost pleading with her eyes for him to cum.
Tyler grabbed Pegs ass and dug his hands into the meaty orbs just as he felt her pussy start to spasm. He lifted his ass, jamming his cock into her as he stiffened and spurted his cock cream deep into her. Peg convulsed on his cock, biting the bits of her panties that were hanging out of Tylers mouth. Both afraid to make too much noise.
They stayed connected together till they heard the woman in the next stall leave. Peg quickly pulled herself off Tyler's shrinking cock and put her panties back on, feeling the cum oozing out of her. "Get dressed" She said as she she quickly checked to see if the toilet was empty before sneaking Tyler out. As they left the restroom, they noticed the salesgirl from the lingerie shop eyeing them from a short distance away. Her eyes were twinkling as she came over to them.
"You were fucking in there! Just like you were fucking on the balcony the other day!" She said.
"Were you next to us? Playing with your pussy?" Peg whispered.
"Yes. "Watching you two in the store made me think if what you did and I was so turned on I had to finger fuck myself."
"You're really pretty close up…" She continued. "He's a hottie too. If you want to spice things up, gimme a call sometime." She pressed her card into Pegs hands, then looking around quickly, groped Tyler's crotch. She smiled and walked away.
"She knows!" Peg whispered to Tyler. "She knows it was us in the toilet and also on the balcony the other day."
"That's kinda hot!" Tyler exclaimed.
"Yeah… I guess it is… and she gave me her number too." Peg said. "But you know what? I think it's time we went home and fucked each other again. I need a good and proper banging…"
-To be continued –

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