Aunt Seduction By Scaring About Breast Cancer

Hi, Let me introduce myself as, Javaranna, 32 years unmarried man from Bangalore.
Let me also thank for this amazing free service to all of us.
My incidence happened 4 years back when I was in hubli and staying with my aunt and uncle.
My uncle and aunt were married for 8 years, but no children so far. My uncle was a business man and used to be out of station most of the times. I was planning to change my job. I was working in a general insurance company, but now wanted to go for a better and permanent job.
I had resigned the old job and hence was free at home. Was attending one or two interviews in a week, and spending rest of the time with my fair and lovely aunt.
My aunt was around 36 years old, with 40 – 34 – 42 structure. She was happy with her husband, but for one thing, no children. This was blamed on aunt by her inlaws. So she used to be upset sometimes when she gets to talk with her inlaws on phone, who were in Bangalore. Day by day I was getting more and more horny when I saw my aunt in kitchen wearing saree and cooking lunch for us.
One day it so happened that, in summer, I was feeling too hot and hence aunt prepared cold badam milk for me. I was looking at her cleavage and becoming horny. She had left her cleavage open for ventilation, as it was too hot. I now planned an idea to work out with her. I made my glass of cold milk fall on her breasts and milk was spilled all over her blouse and boobs. Suddenly I said “sorry aunty”, removed her pallu and saw her complete boobs covered with blouse. I told, “Aunty, milk is god’s gift for human life and we should not waste it like this.” Saying so I started sucking the milk from her blouse and boobs all over. I was taking full balls in my mouth and biting it softly. She too became too horny, but controlled her emotions. Then she went for a bath.
Next day in kitchen, I went and stood behind her and my hard dick was touching her ass. She told,” you have become very naughty javara…” Then I told her, “Aunty, one my sister’s inlaws has breast cancer and as it was diagnosed very late, it was in final stages, and she died in two years. Also it was very painful experience for her in the last days of life. So women need to get their breast checked frequently for any lump in boobs. Also sometimes because of breast cancer there will be no children.” Aunt was shocked listening to these words and her face became pale. I continued further,” as you know, yesterday I sucked your boobs and in that process I felt there was a cyst somewhere. Its better you get it checked immediately.”
She was silent for few minutes, and asked, “should I visit a doctor now?” I said, “No, not required, as I can only check it here, but you should be very frank and open with me.” She said “yes please do it soon. I am really worried about cancer.”
In next two minutes she was lying on bed top less. I asked her to become completely nude. And she became naked and slept on bed again, without hesitation. I explained the process to her,”Aunty I have to check your whole body and I have no other instruments which doctor’s use for testing. So I have to innovatively use my body parts and make sure that you are healthy.” Aunt smiled and said, “okay, but don’t tell this to anyone javara, already I am getting blamed for not begetting children. Now I don’t want cancer.”
In a few seconds time, I closed the bedroom door and became nude myself.  I laid on her and kissed her soft and juicy lips. She was running her fingers in my hairs. I slowly came down to her sexy and milky boobs. I tested them completely for any lump or cyst inside. She slowly started moaning. I played with boobs for 20 minutes and then she told, please check my vagina also, if they are healthy. I understood the signal and told, “Aunty to test for uterus cancer, I will use my soft sterilized instrument. If you feel painful at some time, you should tell me.” Saying this I inserted my dick and started pumping her. Aunt was screaming out of extreme pleasure. I told there is no cancer as of now, in your body, but if you become pregnant now, all your family problems will be solved once for all. Is it not aunty?  She was thoughtful for some time and then said yes, one child from you will be a great help for me.
So we continued the intercourse for some time and I finally released all my sperms in her honey well. She was happy. We both lay on bed hugging each other for an hour. And then Aunt said Please do regular cancer test for me, you do it very good. And winked her eye at me with a smile. I hugged her tightly and whispered in her years, after baby is born I was a healthy and nourishing diet. I mean for some days I will stay on complete milk. YOUR MILK. She felt shy and closed her face.
After few days I got a job in Bangalore. I shifted to Bangalore and after few months I came to know, Aunt was carrying. All were happy in their family. Uncle thinks it is his child and all their inlaws also now loving and caring towards aunty. After one year, I planned for a holiday tour to Hubli. In their home uncle gave me a happy and warm welcome. I congratulated him and kissed my aunty on her cheeks. The baby cried from room and aunt ran inside. I was talking to uncle and aunt brought the baby to the hall, where we were sitting. I took the baby into my arms and pampered the baby. I said baby has all features like uncle only. He was very happy to hear that. He wished me bye, and went to office. I saw aunt, and closed the main door after uncle left.
Aunty’s eyes were moistened and she was bit sad. I sat beside her and kissed her again and asked whats the matter. She said Javara, I am very very happy with my family now, but have a guilt of this baby’s conception. What if in future someone come to know the truth? I consoled her and hugged her. She made the baby sleep in the room and came back to my sofa. I said, aunty you had promised to feed milk for me. She blushed, and then opened her blouse and lifted her bra. I hugged her and started to suck those sweet nipples. I got lot of milk, and I drank everything. I lifted my face and again I saw tears in her eyes. It was for the same reason, fear about the hidden truth. Now I said,” Aunty you are my goddess and I can never harm you in any situation. Even if we both have differences and quarrels between us, even if I hate you at some point of time, I promise I will not use this secret as a weapon. I will never tell this to anyone. And if you wish, immediately I will go away from your family and remain in isolation for whole life.
She was now convinced completely about me, that I am harmless. She smiled and hugged me. I was running my fingers in her beautiful hair, which was let loose. Slowly we had another session of love. I did not fuck her, I did not have sex with her, but I made LOVE to her.
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